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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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3/14/2006 16:15


3/15/2006 19:13

I realize that we all go through trials, i believe that we are suppose to learn from them. But Lord i hope that my mariage survives it. My husband and I have been seperated for three months now and it is very hard on our relationship. We are starting to question each others fidelity. I am faithful to my husband but i have my doubts about him. We have nopt been intimate since oour son was concieved, our son is one year old. I know he is a man with needs so i find i hard to believe that he has remained faithful through all this time. I am having some issues that i really can't expalin and i think i am starting to work through them, but iask that he be a little more patient and i feel like he is pressuring me. I guess i am asking that he is faithful and will be patient. I love my husband and want our family together again. Please pray for us.

3/16/2006 01:51

My marriage of 25 years just ended less than a yr ago. He left for a younger woman- 19yrs younger. I read that the best way is to pray for those that hurt you. i have been blasting eddy and his girlfriend with prayers that My wonderful Lord will bless and protect them. I ask God to plz help me forgive them and forgive myself for the walls i built against my husband so many years ago. I feel so much of the pain you express in your prayers for your marriages. Plz know, i will and am praying for you that are hurting. May God allow you and your husband or wife the clarity and peacefulness to honor and respect one another so that you may see each other as God sees you---with a loving, willling, and forgiving heart. Lord i pray for these couples to have empathy with each other. Having empathy means listening, really listening to one another. Lord plz guide and protect these marriages. Embrace and sheild them with your love. May their faith in you Lord ease their hearts because Lord "only good can come from this" For we know God that you are in every situation----and only good can come from this. In Jesus name Amen.

it has been a tremendous year. Lots of pain. But God is soo Good! If anyone wants to email me i'll share How great God is with all that I have gone through and the love and prayers i want to pray with you! God bless and hug you, cathy:

3/16/2006 13:50

Dear Lord
I come to you to and ask that you have mercy on family. Right now there are so many dark clouds over us right now. I want to especially pray for my sister, Miquita, her husband Eddie, their children, their proctection. Lord in your mighty name Lord rain down your mercy on them right now. Lord they need you. Lord strengthen my sister heart to and mind to endure. The storm is the darkest hours before the break. Lord I beg of thee to have mercy on Eddie. He is a good man, a great father and has did everthing to provide for his family. He has been a good brother-in-law. Lord don't let his deeds go unheard. Lord judge his heart and not his deeds. Lord help the Thomas Family.

Each and every pray warrior out there I'm ask for your prayers for this family. Please pray with me, give us all strenght to make it through these dark hours. In Jesus name, Amen.


3/16/2006 13:56

Me and my husband did not get back together instead we are going to go head with divorce. It's hard, but right now I don't even have the strength to think of my own situation, I am n=more concerned about my sister and her family. All I know is I asked God to remove him and let his will be done. For I have no more to give to this, no more talking, no more strength. I cannot let this keep me down. I got to get up and keep going. I have to have enough strength for my sister. I cannot break, not now, so again all keep me in your prayer and I thank you all for each and every pray that you all have been in agreement with me on. God knows what is best. Not I! In Jesus name, Amen!

3/16/2006 21:22

Hello all and god bless,
Lord jesus i come here today not for myself but for my family,Saint of this circle i ask that you join me and mrs grigsby in prayer for the situation that is going on in our family,Lord jesus you know our hearts you know our worries,lord jesus look apon Miquita and eddie and the kids you know there situation.Lord jesus look apon my children's father's and teach them how to pray lord jesus because at thgis point you will be the only one that they need to hear,lord jesus i ask that you just grant them the knowledge of prayer lord jesus i ask that you keep you angels around all the children that will be affected ,all the mothers and wifes lord i just ask that you have mercy on all of us.Lord jesus i ask that you forgive me for the mean thoughts that i had in regards to my childrens father's ,Lord forgive me.Cassundra i love you with all of my heart and im still praying for your marriage i ask that god let his will be done!I'm praying for Miquita i love her also with all of my heart and inspite of our ways i love you both.We are a family and WE have been threw some times but god has lead us in the right path and he has never left us.So i bind satan out of our path,i bind every un clean spirit,every fowl spirit,i command them to leave in jesus name.Every messy sprit i command you to loose us in jesus name.saint please keep us in your prayer's.And Cassundra i dedicate Yoland Adams threw the strom album to us.


3/16/2006 21:27

Lord jesus i thank you for giving me the right mind to want to be saved and lord jesus i thank you in advance for saving me! Lord jesus i thank you for guiding me back to the circle again ,,its crazy because i was at work today and tryed to get on line 3 times and it had an error but thanks be to god i have a computer at home LOL!!! Well saints me and my husband are okay we have gotten a little closer since court witch is a good thing.I love him and i am still praying that the justice system have mercy on him.I am praying for each and everyone on this circle

God Bless

3/17/2006 19:24

Lord I come to you once again. I know that I am not even worthy even to ask for a prayer request. Lord if you can hear me I ask that you look upon the Thomas family. Lord in your mighty name I ask that you bless Mr. Thomas as he enters that court room on next Wednesday. Lord you have the final say. And if you are not present and bestow your mercy upon this man and his family then no one can. Lord you are our strength we have nothing without you. You allow us to be able to do the things that we do, so that you can get the glory. You also sit back and let certain things happen so that we may recoginze it is you and only you that provides, loves and ables us. Lord I ask that you have mercy upon each and everyone of these young men that will be appearing in this court room on Wednesday. Lord you are good and so merciful and Mr.Thomas is a good person. Touch my sisters heart as I'm really getting worried about her. I know this is a tough time for her Lord, but show her that in you is her strength,power, provider, proctector. Lord you have keept them safe thus far and you will continue. In Jesus name I pray these things amen.

Prayer partners I know this might not be the correct circle for the prayers that I'm asking for, as there are so many hurting with their marriages, but my strength and faith has always come from the particular circle and been uplifted, as there are so many strong praying people here. I ask that you all continue to pray for me, my family and my marriage.
God look upon each and every request that is brought forth here today. Lord lend an ear, restore, guide the lost spouse back onto the path of their union. Lord look upon each and every child the is a midst a troubled union. God bless Natasha, Sharon, Lashonda, Julie and each and everyone of you that come here for comfort, strength, guidance. May God grant us what we need and it be his will!

God Bless you all


3/18/2006 19:07

i pray that all marriage will grow strong in faith and health ,Amen

3/20/2006 18:46

Thank you Lord yet for another day. Lord I thank for your blessings. Lord help me to depend more on you as a lil child depends on it's mother. God bless each and every marriage. Lord Bless Eddie. Lord look upon Claudie.
God Bless each and everyone that comes here in faith seeking Gods divine purpose. In Jesus name, Amen.


3/21/2006 10:33

Dear Lord, I pray for the reconciliation of my marriage of 32 years, & the return of my wife, Diana. She left me & says that she must find herself to find if she still loves me. I know that we have been through some troubled times, but we raised 4 children together & I know that through Your love & guidance, that we can make this marriage work, too Your glory. I also pray for all of those here who are having trouble in their relationships, that You will consider each & every one, & that You will intersede in all of their lives. To You be the glory, Praise You Lord, Praise You Father, Thank You, Amen

3/21/2006 14:30

My husband and I are going through something also, Satan is trying to destroy families. We need to continue to pray and fast. This is the only way we can beat Satan at his game. We know that God Ordained Marriage-So lets unite in Prayer and Fasting and knock the Satan out. Stems

3/21/2006 16:05

Hello all and God bless,

Lord Jesus i come today with a heavy heart lord i haev so many things going on in my head right now.Lord jesus i thank you for waking me up this morning and giving me the right mind to be saved.Lord jesus i still come to prayer for my husband lord let that judge have mercy on him when he makes his ruleling lord you know what we deserve ,lord let my husband be able to be a free man he has paided his debt to society lord let him know how it feels to be free as it has been so long...he was only out for a short while before he had to go back to jail on the same case...Lord jesus let me continue to be strong for him,let him continue to be strong for himself.lord we know that everything happens for a reason,and lord you are the head of our lifes wheather we choose you or not ....Lord jesus i just thank you for being a forgiving god lord,a mercful god,and everlasting god,lord i need you and i ask that you save me lord and bring em back into the house of the lord ,i want to be saved but my flesh is so weak...teach me to be strong lord saints of this circle i ask that you pray for me as i will do for you

3/21/2006 16:49

I would like to request prayer for my marriage. I would especially like to ask that anyone who reads this pray that God will reveal to my husband what an awesome creation he is and that his trust in man is never going to result in the type joy and comfort he longs for. Satan has been telling my husband since he was a child that he isn't capable of success - real success. Unfortunately, some of his closest family and friends have added to the curse. Now my husband refuses to trust in anyone or anything that confronts him with the reality of his stinking thinking. Rather than see that his Christian friends are genuinely concerned about him beyond his imagination, he lashes out by calling them all hypocrites. He has made some really strong statements about Biblical authority and God's instructions for living in the past couple months. My husband sings in a Southern Gospel trio, which only compounds my dilemma. He locked me and our 10-year-old daughter out of our home the first week of February. His dad actually did it. Please pray for them, too. They don't realize the curses they have placed on their own son, his marriage, his wife, their grandchild...allowing Satan to get an even tighter grip on my husband's heart and mind. He is so full of anger and resentment. I want God's best for him. I want him to feel God's grace and be able to boldly stand before man and say that he didn't succomb to the devil's tactics. I love him more than he could ever imagine and know that I need God's healing and correction as well. I just know without a shadow of a doubt that God's will for us does not include separation and divorce. That's Satan's plan. Please pray that my husband will listen to, understand and act on what God really wants him to do rather than trying to force his way into a ministry that at the present time is really going nowhere. Pray that he will see and be willing to submit himself to God's direction in our marriage and then in the ministry. Please pray that he will receive the prompting of our church Elders and others he associates with in Christian circles as an indication of God's love. Pray that he will be encouraged and strengthened by the scriptures rather than intimidated and that he will be led to meditate on those passages that apply to his weaknesses and our covenant promise to abide in Him as husband and wife. Please pray that the curses that have been and continue to be spoken by both Christian and non-Christian friends and family be covered by Christ's blood and yielded powerless over us. Pray that I will receive wisdom, that God will place a guard over my mouth and that I will do what he says do and not do anything that would affect our situation adversely. Thank you in advance for your prayers and know that I will make mention of all of you in mine that you would be blessed for your faithfulness to His call. Lora<><

3/21/2006 17:37

Lord thank you for another day. Lord I come here my heart is so heavy today. Lord I come to not for myself, but for my sister and her family. Lord in your precious name I beg for mercy for Eddie and Miquita Thomas. Lord I need your help. Satan is attacking my family from left to right. Each year it seems that my family is dealing with some thing tragic, are parents are chritian parents. Why?? I just don't know what is happening to my family. My cousin just got sentenced to 56 years for a vehicular homicide, but they charged him with 2nd degree murder. Mom was attacked in 9/05 and is blind. Now my sister and her husband are being dragged down by the FEDS. Lord feel like I'm about to have a break down. I'm trying to stay strong for my family but I feel like I'm falling. My mind is weary, if I never needed my husbands comfort, I need it now. My husband is gone, divorce is in affect. I pray, but I know nothing else to do. Please pray for Eddie as he goes to court tomorrow. God judge him to according to his heart and not his deeds. Lord he has been a good man, father, husband, son, borther-in-law. He has always been there for as many as people as he can and now you can barely count on one hand those that are willing to be there for him. I just ask that you all come together in prayer with me and Mykalih (Natasha) for our families. Lord lend ear to each and every request that has been brought forth today. Lord guide the lost spouse back onto their right path. Lord restore, touch souls, minds, heal, have mercy. Lord I don't mean to sound hopeless, and faithless, just tired.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


3/22/2006 08:21

OUR church handed us about a month ago a book by RUTH MYERS called 31 DAYS OF PRAISE, just got done reading this for the 23 DAY--LET IT SPEAK TO YOUR HEART. Thank You that You plan to use for good the struggles my loved ones face-including their disappointing choices, their unwise or even harmful way of thinking and living, and their side tracks from going Your way 9as I see it-and, Lord, I know I could be wrong!) I praise You in advance for the part these difficult things are going to play in Your good plan for us-in eventual deliverance and growth and fruitfulness. I"m grateful that in all these things, the battle is not mine but Yours...and that the final chapter has not yet been written. how good it is that I can call on You to give me wisdom to know what to say or not say, what to do and not do..and that You live in me so that I can love with Your love, even when it's hard. Thank You that these trials force me to trust You more! I worship before You,my King and my GOD. i'M GRATEFUL THAT yOU COMMAND VICTORIES FOR your eople...and that 'all things are Your servant,' Your're a GOD who acts on behalf of the one who puts his hoope in You. Thank You that You are at work to answer my prayers in Your good way and mine. Thank You for past victories You have won in my loved ones'lives-for progress and growth and answered prayer-and for the victories we will you see in the future, to the glory of Your Name. I praise You that as time goes by, in new ways You will show us Your goodness in the land of the living. And we know that GOD causes all things to work together for good to those who love GOD, to those who are called according to his purpose. ROMANS 8:28

3/22/2006 08:33

I do ask the LORD to lighten the HEARTS this a.m. to help each and every one here to handle the things that are burdening them down and every problem is your problem to , let each and every heart LORD that is crying out for help this day to see there own doors open for their future, put the confidence in their hearts LORD that you ae always their and that you are the one that is more important LORD because as long as we have you LORD we can walk on through the storms of life as long as you are there LORD. Once we start realizing LORD that it is all about you nothing else seems as important. You LORD have shed your LOVE abroad by the power of the HOLY GHOST and so to day we ask that you start filling the hearts of all the unsaved ones of these people's family here on this site LORD. Put your LOVE , let it pour LORD from heaven on high, let it soak them up so there problems also seem to just begin to roll off their backs LORD. KEEP ALL OF THESE PEOLE SAVE LORD. IN JESUS NAME AMEN

3/22/2006 10:16

Dear Lord, in Christ's name I ask that you drive Satan from the holy union of marriage that you created. Please use your strength and power to revive and strengthen the unity of marriage. I ask that you return love to my marriage and open Meredith's heart to accepting Christ as her savior. Please soften Meredith's heart and give her the capacity to stick with our marriage with the knowledge that that is your desire. May your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. In Jesus Christ's name I pray, Amen.

3/22/2006 15:26

Please pray that God will speak to my husband this weekend as he travels to Chattanooga for the Southern Gospel Music fanfair. Please pray that he will listen and hear the voice of God over and above that of the music, the lights, the recognition, man and of course, the Liar himself. Pray that he will have a true mountaintop experience that will renew and refresh him in such a way that he will return home with a softened heart and new desire to get on the same page with God rather than break up our family and thus allow Satan to have dominion over him. Please pray that he will sense my love and prayers while he is gone. Please pray that he has a safe trip and that he is surrounded by true believers who will not only hold him accountable, but also encourage and love him. Lora<><

3/23/2006 00:03

Hello all and god bless!
Lord jesus i want to thank you for waking me up this morning and giving me the right mind to be saved.Lord jesus i thank you for being a mercuful god and a forgiving god,lord jesus i ask that you guide me threw this marriage and this streesful time that i am having,lord i ask that you continue to be a mercful god to my husband in his time of need,lord i ask that you grant the judge to have mercy and thoughfulness on his mind as he makes his final rulling.lord i ask that you teach me to be a good wife and friend to my husband.lord i ask that you guide me without pride but with tenderness in my heart.Lord teach me how to live the way your word says i should .Saint i ask that you pray for Miquita & eddie keep there marriage strong threw these hard times teach eddir to pray lord and lord speak to miquita and let her know that it is okat to belive in you ,to talk to you keep her lord guide her as you do for all of us.Lord jesus i need you.


3/23/2006 12:29

I ask that you pray for peace, love and undertanding in my new marriage. I married my highschool sweetheart just weeks after his divorce (marriage of 8 yrs to his prior wife.) He contacted me the day she left via email. We quickly rekindled our love, unexpectidly got pregnant, and I agreed upon the decision to move to his state. He was called to active duty to go to Iraq until November. Please pray for his safety while at war. And please pray that I will eventually be at peace with these life-changing events I'm adjusting to. Thank you and bless you all.

3/23/2006 16:27

in response to babygrl 1
Lord I do pray for her to have a happy marriage and Lord I pray for her husbands safe return home to her and her unborn child. I pray that she will adjust to her new life Lord and I pray that this be your will for her life. Lord I just pray for her peace of mind Lord I pray this in jesus name Amen
you can email if you want to talk

3/25/2006 00:20

My Lord,I praise You and Give You all the glory.I humble myself and ask that You please let my husband see that what he is doing is wrong.He is having an affair with his co-worker.Please Lord make that woman go away,she has cancer and is not ashamed of what she is doing.I don't know how much longer I can take this,It is killing me.Please hear my prayers and let this woman go away in your name Lord Jesus I pray.Amen

3/25/2006 00:27

Lord,Please Let my husband hear You tell him that he should mend our marriage with your will it can be done.I humble myself to you and i praise you.Thank You for bringing him home but he sleeps in another room and will not touch me.Lord let him see that he is killing me everyday that he does not speak to me,and everytime he is with her let him know that it is wrong.In Your Holy name Jesus Christ Amen

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