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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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10/5/2001 17:42

Msgulfus -I got your covered. I will pray that a hedge of thorn surrounds your husband and he turns around. I also would recommend a website for you to visit. - I really like it. Check it out - God bless you - Love, Carol

10/5/2001 17:48

Dear Prayer Partners, I thank you for all the prayers. They are really working. My husband has decided that he wants to try to be a family again. I know that we have a lot to work on, but with prayer and GOD things will be okay.
I pray for all the wonderful families that are being torn apart by satun. Please put a hedge of thorns around the men who are cheating and make them see that only you DEAR LORD are the way. All these things I pray in your name. AMEN

10/5/2001 18:00

Hrgirl4, You are very welcome for the prayers. If you need to talk, you have my email address. I know that things will be better for all of us.
My husband came to see me last night and told me that he wants to try to be a better husband and father. I know that he can and he will. I have prayed for so long to be a family again. Now, with the love of GOD and prayer, it is coming to be.
I know that your depression may make you feel like you don't have a worth in the world, but believe me you are worth a lot in GOD's eyes and mine. Keep your chin up and believe that god will heal you and your husband.

10/5/2001 21:10

Dear hrgirl14, Thanks for the prayers. I do need all of them now. This is so hard, I just dont know what to do. I do go to the website you mentioned every day and it helps but right now I dont know. I ask Jesus to give me a sign He is hearing me. This is the worst time in my life. we have been married 23 years. I pray for you and all others on this site. Please remember me in your prayers. Thanks again.

10/5/2001 22:18

Msgulfus - I will pray a special special prayer for you tonight. The Lord will show you a sign - be patient. What should you do? Have continued faith and continue to walk humbly. Love to you. Lift my sister in Chirst's heart to you, Lord. Take this pain from her. Show her a sign of hope. God Bless

10/6/2001 07:23

Please God show me a sign that my husband wants to make this work. Give me the strength not to keep pushing him. He wants friendship. We are obligated to go to a formal fundrasier tonight - together - please let it be light and let us have a good time. Please Lord change his heart! In your name I pray

10/6/2001 17:02

why is there selfish people in the world?we have been married almost 25 yrs but since my husband mother passed away he has built a wall between us by becoming very negative and attiude that no one like him or helps him.mother died almost two years ago,so guess what found a woman friend with the same attitude so we get an affair.our kids are going to be very sucessful a daughter a pharamicst and our son a enginneer of course see the same thing that i did because he hadn.t left for college. but because we have made a business together for over 20 years he doesn.t want to leave and then have nothing years ago our doctor said that his properity our messed up and i can see the truth in that like my son says he has become very very selfish let me be happy and you just follow boy i am motive now to forget and forgive him but i think what would jesus do and he said to forgive turn th e other cheek and pray but the bigeest thing is the harrassing call from his long lost friend but yet she was never there when mom died. his answer is people change. i have so much hate and anger now will it ever go away thank god for friends and my son,because of this my son will become closer even tho dad will say that its my fault i am turning boy away from father son relationship I need lots of prayers why are people selfish bless me jesus. becky

10/6/2001 19:12

I also need your prayers,my husband of 7 yrs says he doesn't think he is in love with me anymore.We have 2 little boys and i am working 2 jobs to pay the bills,barely.Only 1 month ago i became a reborn christian,i thank God for the pain my husband caused me or else i wouldn't have found my way to the Lord.I have prayed for my marriage and God brought my husband back saying that he knew we belonged together because God would want it that way.But it only lasted 2 weeks,Satan is tugging at my husbands heart and he has began dating a young woman that is keeping him from Gods word.Please pray for my husband to be strong enough to see that she is sent straight from Satan to keep him from doing what he knows is Gods purpose.He knows better than what he is doing but keeps being pulled up and down.He comes home and leaves again,and i can't take it anymore and it's not fair to my boys either.Please pray for us and i also keep you all in my prayers.I know God will take care of all of us,we just have to be eachothers guidence to keep the faith and never give up on our Lord.Bless us all!!!

10/6/2001 20:26

Pray for my husband and me. We have been marry for nine years. And now another woman has came into ours lives. This woman is marriage also. And she is in another state, But my husband feel that she will leave her husband and come to be with him. We have three children together, the youngest one is nine weeks today. We were having problems before the baby came and sometimes thing happen. But I know that the lord will fix this marriage because I ask him to and that I beleive in him. I know that his word can not come back to me void. He is a god that can not lie. Please keep me and my family in your prays. And let us watch together this mircle that god will do.

10/6/2001 22:57

Please continue to pray and send positive enery to me and my precious wife, She spent the night at home with me last night and most of the day,We talked and cuddled for allmost three hours this morning it was great,but she says she loves him and I push her away by tring to be physical with her. To me that is one of the only real ways to communicate my spiritual connection with her. We talked alot and she helped me understand why she has come to where she is in her life,she even said if she can get him out of her system she'd consider tring to go on with me. This gave me alot of hope,but my faith is not very stong that she will let him go. I love her more than ever and don't know how much longer I can go on like this,I can't sleep,or eat,or even funtion as well as I should ot work and I've been getting warned to staiten out & stop bringing my personal life to work. I simply can't, she's all I think about,and she has always been my inspiration,I don't care about her past All I want is a future with her. Please understand that I'am no great catch and I have been abusive,Not so much physically but alot verbally,I could'nt help it it just came out. In my heart I always loved her, But my mouth was in-excuseable.Please help me to show her that we are good together and pray that she will let go of bad of the past and let her heart feel the good for 24 hours a day instead of three.And help him do the right thing and go on with his life at his home so we can go on together better than ever. Today was great when she was home but now she's with him again, and I'am dieing inside I stiil have'nt been served divorce papers,Help us rebuild our lives together before its too late and she gives up on us completly. Thanks again for this morning keep up our faith.

10/6/2001 23:07

P.S. The miracle of last night was that she had told me not to expect to see her most of the weekend,But then he(the "boyfriend") told her to go home,Pray that happens again and that we can get along,and get closer. We are great together and I know she loves me. Pray that she'll feel more real love and that I won't make her feel like she has to escape with him any more. Pray that she'll be happy at home again like she did this morning. Help us re-connect our spirits and souls with the up-lifting,loving warmth our love has brought us in the past.

10/7/2001 01:20

22 allmost 23 years of marriage,Please all of you,Please continue to pray and send positive energy and thoughts to me and the only woman I have (and I fear ever will)ever will love. Try to open your hearts and don't judge her or myself. We are good people and have just gotten a little off the path. I cried for her alot,but now I realize she did'nt believe what she was doing was wrong,She is starting to see that now. When she is home she tells me she is sorry,But then he leads her astray and she gets angry and afraid to trust.She has alot of pain to deal with and that takes alot of strenth. She is too confused right now to be strong,and that also weakens me and our bond. Please help her to come home, we all still need her. We still have two children living at home and they love her very much. They are afraid for her too. When she is at home she is loving and warm,When she is with him,and then comes home we have to tread very softly or she gets definsive and goes back to his world. If she stays home long enough she warms up and seems to enjoy being here. This morning was great,Thanks again She is a very loving and warm person please pray for her to come back to us permanently.Help me to help us.

10/7/2001 11:34

Well I actually got some sleep last night,About 5 hours,The most I've gotten for a while. She did not come home last night,She stayed with him again. Please someone advise me on what to do . She used to be such a good person, and she was even a good christian, Her Dad is a preacher and I think that's part of the problem,You see he molested her when she was in her early teens. So she lost all faith. I don't think I was ever a good christian But I've tried to live a good life,We both have. She says we have not been married for quite a few years.She said she was going to tell him to divorce his wife in Mexico but she's not sure that matters,She say's if he is married (leagally) that's on him. But she does'nt even know if they got married through a church.We did. Please help her to see that a marriage is sacred no matter what. I've about given up on her,I don't know how much more I can take. I'am I wrong for holding on?? I can't seem to get her to see how wrong this whole thing is. If she would just look at it I know she'd see how wrong it is, but she seems to think it's something special,Pray that she at least stops seeing him untill our marriage ends. She still has'nt served "my" Divorce papers on me. This gives me some hope, something to hold on to,But I am begining to wish she would serve me so I can move on somehow. The more she stays away and especially when she is gone, The more I think I am wrong for loving such an immoral person so completely. That scares me, Is'nt love supposed to be forgiving,Am I just trying to let go to protect myself.Besides right or wrong I just can't let go,I love her,I love us. Even if we don't make it she is hurting herself too much with this whole thing. She says he is an alcoholic,She hardly ever drinks and she says that she should break it off with him. I don't drink much. Niether of us does drugs and we try to live a clean life by eating right and respecting our bodies and we always said we'd do nothing that could or would cause harm to anything or anyone, So why can't she see how much harm this is and will continue to cause??We bought our first house together back in January, The children and I are still living in it, A thirty year contract.I am afraid without her help we may loose our beautiful home. We bought aour first new vechicle in Febuary,Why would she commit to that kind of commitment and not honor the most important one two people can have?? Why won't she serve me the papers if she feels we have'nt been married for years??And that we are over??I need advise,I still belive in our love,she must too right??Or else she'd serve me the papers.Please, we need help,Our youngest boy is turning 15 tommorow and he still does'nt know all of what's going on. I try to be strong for him but I also don't feel its my place to talk to him about her all that much, I tell him the normal stuff keep the faith,She'll be alright because she is good inside,But he is losing respect for both of us over this.I hate that the childrens veiw of how sacred marriage is might be altered by all of this. If she could just open her heart and feel our love agian,and stop distrusting it I know we'd be able to make this marriage even more beautiful than it has ever been.She says it tears her apart every time she leaves,Please help her to trust that she never has to leave. I pray every time she comes home and say's how much she loves it that she'll stay,And it kills me and the boy's every time she leave,She promised that she'd only be gone a few hours yesterday,And we believed..God this is too hard Please help.

10/7/2001 19:15

I have come accross this web-site not by accident I am sure. God intended me to find this and be able to pray and encourage one another through the restoration of our marriages. Please keep me and my husband Steve in your prayers. We would be celebrateing our 7th anniversary next month if we were together. Steve moved out the last week of May of this year 2001. It has been heart breaking for my children and me. God has given me a new heart and I love Steve more today than the day he walked out. This in itself is a miracle from my Heavenly Father. I pray that Steve will be able to forgive and his heart will be softened for me and our children, but most of all God. Divorce is not God's plan. He called a week ago and said he would be filling for divorce pretty quick. I told him thank you for letting me know in advance and told him I would continue to pray. Please join me in prayer that my husband does not go through with fileing for divorce and that God will intervene on our behalf. Also, please pray that he give up his habit of drinking. I will continue to pray for those of you who are hurting like I am because of the devil trying to take control of our marriages. With God all things are possible. In Christian Love,

10/8/2001 07:51

Dear Heavenly Father, please give us all the courage to face the day. I thank you for giving me and my husband the chance to be a family again. I know that he will be home soon because of you and Prayer, Dear LORD. I pray for Sparky7860 and the others that they will be reunited with their spouses like you are letting me be. All these things I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

10/8/2001 10:53

This may sound funny to some people, But I am Believing for god to use his will and move in my son's father marriage. They are having problems and are now seperated. But they do still talk. I pray that God will move in their marriage. And let them see his light.

10/9/2001 01:18

Thank you so much for your prayers!! She came home yesterday and spent the night at home with me!! We shared so much it was great!!We got along real well and even shared a few of the most precious hours together we've spent together in perhaps a year.Everything just seemed to fit together. Unfortunatly while we were at work today she went and saw him, It's 10:00 P.M. and she just went back over to his house,And she said she probably won't be back tonight. I don't know how to react, She say's I push her away when I get upset and hurt because of him, She say's I drive her crazy when we are together in public because I allways want to show her affection. I don't understand, We have allways been (Tastefully) openly affectionate. She calls a kiss on the cheek or a hug too agressive. We shared hours of affection together yesterday behind closed doors, So I don't understand.Why does she allways get so mean after she sees him. She even told me she was concidering giving us a chance again,But now she is going to him again, Help us!!!!! She is so gentle when its just the two of us, But then she goes away and turns against me She told me on the cell phone that she does'nt want to spend time with me to shoot pool or go to a movie because I drive her nut's .This is too hard I can't do it anymore, I want to go tell him to get out of her life forever,But if he did,she'd resent me forever. She said if I tried to keep her from going tonight she'd move out permanently tommorrow.I don't understand yesterday was as close to being perfect as we've been in so long PLEASE Pray for us,And him if he'd back off she'd probably be more willing for us to work. She said that to me yesterday.Help I am not even sure how I should react,I just know I can't "roll over and play dead,How can I fairly fight this battle?? Understand that I can exist in this life without her,and take care of my responcibilities, But without her I am dead inside. Please continue doing everything you did to make yesterday so wonderful, And pray for me so that I can see what to do to improve myself for the benefit of myself and my kids.And so I can see what it is she is needing to see in me Thanks again for yesterday!!Lets pray for many more day's like it and even better.Let's pray for a life of commitment and love for us and all the other couples that are going through this kind of grief. Thanks< I keep you updated.

10/9/2001 04:32

Well it's 1:30 A.M. She just called and said she won't be home tonight, This is so hard on me,I keep praying that she'll feel the love I have for her and come home to stay,But I guess she never will.I am burning a candle for her,Doing everything I can to send her positive energy but I fear she'll never recieve it. I allways believed if you have faith you can do anything, But she still does'nt feel the pure, undieing love. I have truly forgiven her for all of the pain and can love her for who she is,But she is not reciving my love. I feel so empty Is that what she feels?? My emptyness.Please send her your warmest thoughts and feelings of love. Thanks again for Sunday. I have to try and sleep I have to go to work at 5:30 Thanks in advance for the next miracle.

10/9/2001 17:40

Sparky 7860 - go to this website right now. - You are doing ALL the wrong things. Just relax. This is not what the Lord wants for you. You are completely co-dependent on her - LIKE I AM ON MY HUSBAND. I understand. I am driving him away everytime we see each other. My husband sees a very needy unhappy person. It is not attractive. You need to go to a counsler to help you through this. You are as panicked as I am. Trust me - I have been going the same pace you have been going for 4 months now. It is not working. My husband left me with a 5 month old baby. I am completely devasted. He doesn't want to come home - and he is being a total jerk. Your wife is not being very nice. She is confused and frustrated. You need to pray for her and you need to relax. God is with you. I know it does not feel like it. But, please relax. You are making things worse. Please go to that website. Please Please Lord I give you your son's pain - that he can function at work, and relax -and let you work in his marriage.

10/9/2001 21:00

I sincerely hope all of your prayers are answered. I too am having a problem in my marriage. My husband and i have been married for 13 years and have two sons. We have known each other since high school. I began to suspect that he was involved with someone else and through some investigating i found out it was true. He has lied to me and been deceitful and destructive to my self esteem. When i think of life without him (even after all of this), I cannot imagine it. I feel alone and isolated and desparate and angry. My father-in-law is a pastor and he told me to pray for both my husband and his "friend" and to ask Jesus to touch all of us. I have done so and have found some relief however, I fight with my own angry demons everyday. Please pray for him and for me and our family. Our names are Audrey, Larry, Jarred and Kyle.

10/9/2001 21:16

Sparky I have read your e-mails and am praying so very hard for you to find peace. I know how you feel. My spouse has not been as uncaring as your wife seems to be however i have seen many a person brought to their knees once their arrogance slaps them down. Pray for him and her and you will see that you will feel better and realize that it is all up to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Kiss your children for me and pray for comfort. I know it will come.

10/9/2001 23:13

First I want to thank you all for the kind words and all of your prayers. I think I got a sign today and I feel as though I am going to be given another chance to make this marriage work. I found out today that her "boyfriend" Is going back to Mexico and he told her to come home to her family where she belongs,He is leaving on Thursday. He talked to me today and I believe he does want her to be happy,And he said he might not ever be able to come back. His wife and family are down there, And my wife belongs with me and our family. But then he told her he did not ever want to see her again because of the pain in my eyes. She was livid she said she hated me and I would never ,ever see her again. I reassured her that I loved her and truly wanted her to be happy. She belived that they were meant to be and I distroyed it. I told her the truth was that he knows she is truly unhappy and he also wants to fix his life.He told me that she tells him she does not love me any more,But her eyes lie. I hope I can convince her of my true and undieing love for her and help her to trust again. She tried to convince me that we were over and she did'nt want me in her life anymore. Anyway we talked for about an hour on the cell phones and she finally admitted that I had a small chance of winning her heart back, She said she was going to get all of her belongings back from him. I have'nt heard much back since then except that she could tell he had been lieing to her and she was tired of trusting and then getting hurt. I told her I will be here for her and she is welcome back at home. We have'nt talked since. What do you think?? Is this a good sign, or am I fooling myself?? He quit his job and seems sincere about wanting her to come home. Please advise and keep up the good prayers, We seem to be talking more and she seems to need to share her thoughts with me more and more, I felt so close to her on Sunday. I'll keep praying for all of us, Marriage is sacred

10/10/2001 08:19

Please pray thst God heals my heart. I am in such great pain. I am lost and lonely and have become quite deseperate. Msgulfus -DeansLove -thanks for always watching my back. I am scared.

10/10/2001 08:35

Thanks again for all the prayers and positive energy, She called me last night and told me she'd be home today for good,then she repeated for good!I told her that was music to my ears and heart, then she said well, Maybe not for good, But I won't be here, I'll talk to you later. That was around 9:45. Its about 5:30 A.M. and I slept like a baby!! I have to leave for work soon.Please pray harder than ever now that we can work on this marriage and make it work. I have more faith now than I have in years that it can.Please pray for him that he let's love back into his marriage and pray for her that she will acccept my love back into her heart. Pray also for me,That I can show her my love and compassion and help me love her purely And patiently. Pray that all of the people in her life will help her see how sacred our marriage is,and that they will encourage her to work on it. I love life more today than ever, Thank god for everything he teaches and know that you will all be forever in my thoughts and prayers. Please know that I want to grow and learn to accept life for all that it is and that she is the one I want to share it with.I am getting strong enough to face life alone if need be ,But I pray that this is a very good sign. I have to leave for work now, Thanks again, and keep it up. We need more strength now than ever and she needs To be able to let him go in order for us to work Please pray and send her positive,warm loving thought of the two of us together. I'll keep praying and updateing I believe the meaning of life is love.

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