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Marriages everywhere
People who are experiences troube in their marriages

Father God, I pray for marriages every. I pray that mates everywhere will join in praying for healing and restoration in marriages all over the nation. I pray father for all mates that are experiencing trouble in their marriage. amen

mjlove -7/7/2001
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9/17/2005 21:48

appledelight24, are you sure that it is you that can not have a child? Has your husband been tested? I believe that if your husband truly loved you that it would not matter if you had a child with him or not. There are always other options to having a child, like maybe adoption? I pray that your husband will put it all in Gods hands and if you both are meant to have a child together then I know that God will give you that child. Tell your husband to leave it in God's hands. I have known people that have tried way too hard and could not ever have a baby, but once they forgot about it and didn't think about it all the time before they knewit they were having a baby. God bless to all of you.

Dear Heavenly father,
I pray that for whatever the reason is that these two precious people are unable to have a child right now that you will please give them the child that they ever so want and deserve. I ask that you make them both fertile and bless them abundantly. In Jesus name, Amen.

Put it in Gods hands and leave in his hands, I asure you he will answer your prayers in one way or another. If you feel like talking you can e-mail me @ Love to you both and God Bless you and your family!!


9/20/2005 14:12

Father God, I come giving you all the praise, honor and glory. I ask you to bless those marriages that are experiencing troubles, may they come together on one accord. And may the spouses who do not have a personal relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ find salvation. Amen.

9/24/2005 00:32

Dear Heavenly Father, be with all of these precious spouses in need of your guidance. Help all of us to show love when we are hurt, joy when we are suffering, understanding, when we are outraged. Help us to show the love you have given us toward those who do not show it to us. Help us to remember our children before we speak and to keep,forgiveness and kindness in our hearts. If it is your will Dear Lord. In the Name of Jesus and for his sake. AMEN
In these last days people are franitcly searching to fill their hearts and are not sure what the need. It is the relationship with God for which they are searching. Many do not know, the peace that comes from Him. Many will not find it. We need to convey that peace. Pray and KNOW He is listoning. Be at Peace.

10/4/2005 16:53

Last week was my 5 year anniversary and I spent it alone. My husband Marc has filed for a divorce and I ask and plead that you pray for my marriage. I love my husband so much and I want for my marriage to be restored. My husband's behaviour is so distant and he leaves out of town frequently. I don't hate my husband, I just ask the Lord for his mercy and love. I am thankful that during this difficult trial I have accepted God back into my life and I have a renewed faith but my heart still aches for my husband. I pray everyday that God gives me the opportunity to be with my husband again. Mary

10/5/2005 08:25

please pray for my friend and her husband, the devil is trying to take over their marriage. Her husband wants to seperate after 8 years and can't give her a reason.Pray that God will step in and take control of him.

10/14/2005 07:58

please pray for me and my husband and daughter, my husband left me two and a hafe years ago for my sister, we have a small business together, i work in the office , and with him everyday, we have been married for 20 years, he dont want a divorce , we have a 19 year old daughter that works in the business as well, my husband dont beleave in god and my sister he lives with we have been going to church as kids and got away from it , at times she beleaves and time she dont, i got away from god as i got a little older , when my husband left us that brought me back to god, i lost a baby when he left and was so depressed my daughter took care fo me, my sister hates me and alot of my failmy tells me i am nuts for standing for my marriage, i have faith in god. my husband tells me he never promissed my sister anything nad told her to live day to day because he dont know what will happen, i do not ask him anything or when he is coming home, this killed me when he walked out as well as our daughter that attended a christain school and she is the one that took me to the bible when her father walked out, but she will not turn to god at all know , when i ask her if we can pray together she will tell me why what has god done for me but take my father and give him to your sister, it has been a rough road , lots of prayer on my end and faith in our lord, he treats us like a family while he is with us during the day, but when we all go to get in are cars at night to go home becomes someone i dont know. he will tell everyone well we get along better now then we ever did, that is because we never seen each other before he worked 7 days a week and was never home, pray for us and my sister,i call my sister that lives with my husband to make sure she isok and tell her i pray for her all the time because she has become sick all the time , she will ask me about a christain cd if i have it and she could borrow it, i have forgave them both, god forgave me . my husband will not have anything to do with my sisters son that is 11 years old, he is so confussed and scared , he loves god and going to church , i do not get to see him anymore but he will sneak me a phone call from time to time, he tells me that my husband dont treat him right and yells at him all the time,i know god has a good plan in all this , i dont beleave in devorce at all and will stand for my marriage , i get weak at times and think oh after two and a hfe years why but god brings me back to the right fram of mind after a all night prayer and no sleep. i pray for all that are going through something like this because we get to a point this would never happen to me and then when it happens for no reason we think we are alone and i still feel alone at times , my mother is in church all the time and has went through alot with me and my family but is to the point she will pray for all of us and the rest of my brothers nad sisters but will come tome nad tell me i am crazy stop standing and move on , i get vary upset at her we can not talk anymore, she has got to the point with the rest of the kids she yells at them when they come to visit and is pilling away from us all , but she will have only something to do with my daughter they are close and my sister that is with my husband, pray my sister will come to know god, i do get a little angery because my business is keeping my sister she has never worked a day in her life , that is me letting anger take over at some points but keep my mouth shut and ask god for help.. email address is siden thank u so much for allowing me to share with u , because i know i am not alone , thank god for this site

10/17/2005 09:37

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you will help each and every person with there marriage Lord so many people are having a hard time with their marriage. Lord help them to turn to you during this time and not lose faith.Also Lord be with those wives and husbands that have lost each other because of the hurricane. These people need pray and I hope that everyone remembers them in pray. Lord just help all these people thank you Jesus in your name amen

10/18/2005 08:15

i just wanted to share a little something , how god moved last night with a few guys that work for me and my husband, after the guys come in from working all day we sit and talk to them and listen to how the day has went,one of the guys that works for us is my husbands cousin, this is the longest we have ever stayed in the shop and talked , after 4 hours of talk last night my husbands cousin looked at my husband and said i have to ask u something boss man, and my husband said what, u have a wonderful wife i know this is none of my business but it has been on my mind for weeks, u have a wonderful wife and she is sweet and loves u, i know i cheated on my wife back in 1991 and should of never done it and dont know why i did it, but would never do it again because i am inlove with her , nothing is worth lossing your family over not another women or fighting, so i need to know if u are ever going to go back home and make this right with sandy and love her as much as she loves u, my husbands face was red and eyes was watering, he said well who know about the future, all i ever wanted to do was build a future for us, i got a lump in my throat and tryed so hard not to cry, he looked at me and said that is why i worked all the time 7days a week to give nad build our future, i looked at him and said i understand that now, but at the time i needed to to feel like i mattered to u and feel like something to u, i told him in front of all the guys , i love u and guys i have to let my husband do this on his time when he is ready , but he knows i am hear for him , i understand the stress he had and still has , before he would not let me in to know all this but know i run an office and deal with alot of people , i know what he did everyday, the guy that started this conversation, said u know dont miss something as wonderful as family, then just like that another guy ronnie spoke up and said ya boss man we would all love to see u and your wife back together , the twinkle in your eyes when u are around her is something , we all see it........... so god in his own way gave me a sign.. trust hope and faith in god with out that we have nothing, dont get me wrong i get upset and angery , but i have to remember i am not in control of this god is no matter how much we want things to happen now and will dow hat we feel we should do to make it happen , only god can make our marriages happen and in his time, god waited on us to come to him , so now we have to wait on god to work on our husbands and in other cases men wifves, i do cry alot of nights and at times feel alone , but i got a email yesterday and was reading it and thank u prettygirl, email me anytime good bless nad never anyone how reads this never give up , i know it is hard but our god is a wonderful god and a trusting god, we all have to remeber that no matter how hard it is, i have to remind myself at times god heals marriages not hurt them

10/18/2005 10:19

You are very welcome, It does take time for things to work out and a lot of faith. Sometimes we need to pray for faith because so much bad stuff happens we kinda give up. Sounds like your husband is coming around don't give up on him. And you can also email me anytime I hope everything works out for you God Bless You

10/18/2005 20:56

Please pray for me. My husband and I are going through some rough times. He wants a divorce, we have 3 small children. We have been married 8 years and he says we have only tolerated each other that we are not in love anymore. I can honestly say that I have fallen out of love but I still love him and want to work on it. He is miserable and sad and had turned to someone else. To top it off we are living out of state due to a job transfer of his and now he wants to move the family back. Trouble is he wants to probably leave me after we get settled. I'm so sad and have tried asking him to go to counselling and he refuses. I have been praying every day that God warms his heart and brings him back to me. He is not a believer like me and I pray for him that he will be saved. Thank you.

10/19/2005 13:59

my heart is so heavy today , all i want to do is cry, i seen my sister that lives with my husband yesterday, she looks so bad , i ask her how she was doing and she cryed and cryed , she said all i want to do is kill myself , my heart sank , i said why what s wrong and if u dont want to tell me u dont have to , she poored her heart out to me, she said her son is the one that is keeping hef from killing herslf, and she knows by saying killing herslf is wrong she will go to hell and dont want that, i told her i would pray for her and that she has to seak god, she said i miss u and i miss my neice, my daughter , i feel everyday i want to pick the phone up and call your daughter nad spend time with her nad go do something, but i i am so scared to call , and i told her all u have to do is call her that is it she and i missu and it is as hard on us as it is u, but i am with god nad this is all inhis hands , she siad i feel bad about myself i am on so meny meds. it is not funny, tears are running down her face i have never seen my sister be this way, she said i am listening to moms cd called country gospel , i was saying in my mind oh lord give me the right words, i said well wendy all i can say and will say is i love u and and god loves u to u need to listen to what god is telling u and open your heart to him , she said well sister i am trying i am trying hard, i do not know what to do anymore, i talked a little more got out of my truck gave her the biggest hug i could and told her i loved her nad she could call me anytime, told her unconditional love is what i have for her nad my husband no matter what and told her as well u know i have forgive u and i have forgave my husband as well, she walked away from me and said i love u , i have prayed all night and at my sesk today ,i can not work at all this is so heavy on my heart, my husband went out and worked today , i feel soemthing is wrong with him as well, my brother has called me and told me he took my sisters little boy home with him last night he felt something was to wrong for the little boy to stay with our sister, hshe told my brother it was fine that her little could miss school, then my brother said she cryed to him as well on the phone and he told her sis u have to remember what comes around goes around , i cryed god is working on my sisters heart and she is pulled so bad between my husband she is livng with and god and she dont know what way to turn , pray for us all i am a mental basket case today and i ams ure my husband and my sister are as well , god is moving in my marraige and in my sisters heart , god bless u all

10/21/2005 22:23

Father God, I'm at the end of my rope. I love my husband so much despite the fact that we're 4,000 miles apart and that he is too afraid to join me. I don't know what else I need to say or do to get through to him. Sometimes, I think that we're not meant to be together and that deep down inside, he doesn't really love me like he says he does. If he did love me, he would move heaven and earth to be with me. Why must everything be so difficult for me in my life? Why do some people have all the luck? Father, I know not what to do for I have tried everything. I relinquish my control and worry of this situation, into your hands. You know what's best. You always take care of me. Help me to yield it all to You, Father. Help me to be patient and understanding that whatever happens, it's Your will that it is so. I'm lonely, Lord. I have such a strong need to be with my husband. I don't want my marriage to end. I want the Holy Spirit to transform his mind, heart and soul so that he has conviction and courage to come to the U.S. and start a new life here with me. In Jesus' name, I ask you humbly and with humility, to please hear my cries. I need Your hand, Father God, to touch and heal my marriage. Amen.

10/23/2005 09:51

GREETINGS TO ALL OF YOU: I had been coming on here as shinninggold , but for some reason could not post as that, so i had to get a new name in order to get on. I just wanted to pray for all of you, but couldn't get on last night , had to wait til this morning even to get on, SO JOY DOES COME IN THE MORNING. This reminds me of something my precious mother used to say (i lost here to breast cancer 7 years ago) she used to say SLEEP ON IT and then see how you feel. Makes sense to me. You know I felt so led here while back that the LORD was saying to DREAM , I know it does work to "DREAM BIG ENOUGH TO MAKE ROOM FOR GOD", there are other things that need to be done in our lives, and GOD does have a plan, GOD does have a plan for all of us. GOD does want our ALL and HE does want to be FIRST, in our lives. He is such a GOD of LOVE, oh yes, HE will turn us around if we get on the wrong path. HE does allow us to get off path at times. I don't know how many here have heard of STORMIE OMARTIAN she has books that are availble in WAL-MART-the one i am now reading is JUST ENOUGH LIGHT FOR THE STEP I'M ON. There is lots in that book that some of us need to find out about that. I went to high school with STORMIE the author of that book, she is a lovely lovely person. And she knows what works. So i recommend her books to all of you that have never heard of her. DEAR LORD, i come humbly to you today giving thanks for each and everyone that you have brought here in this time of need, give them special blessings for that LORD. Cause i know what your word says GOD, it says to SEEK GOD AND LIVE, you do know what we need LORD before we ask and you do know what the future holds for us if we got what we pray for , so let your will be done LORD in the lives of each one that wants pray here for LORD,bring it to pass that each husband here inherits salvation LORD, and i do ask that you keep your MIGHTY HAND on ones that are seeking you and looking to you for the answers,you do know each heart induividually LORD, JUST WRAP YOUR LOVING ARMS AROUND EACH ONE LORD so they know when you speak that you are so close to them, i do ask LORD that you show each one the path they need to go, and just love them LORD ABUNDATELY, SHOW MIGHTY FAVOR TO EACH COUPLE HERE. IN JESUS NAME- AMEN

10/24/2005 09:30

Dear Heavenly Father, I just want to pray for stranders family and specally her sister Lord that you would show her the way to you and that you would give her strength and wisdom.I pray that you be with her husband to Lord that you might come in to his life to Lord and change there change all there hearts to live for you as stander already does. Lord I pray that you keep her strong when dealing with all this and keep her faith strong to lord I pray in Jesus name Amen

10/26/2005 09:00

good morning, just want to share a littl ethis morning , thanks for praying for my husband and daughter and my husband, that means alot to me.. yesterday was kinda of a bad day i got the news my father that is ill had congested heart failure, he has lived over his time the doctors have give him , my sister that lives with my huband gave me the phone call about it and told me if anything haband her or my husband no matter what time it would be in the night would call me, thank god all was calm last night with my father, my father is a saved man but at some points during this time can be a vary hard man, and he can not look at me or even talkt o me to much because what is going on in my life with my husband and my sister. i listen and watch what is going on in my life nad my sisters life nad her wanting to kill herself . the prayers that have been going out for her nad my husband god has moved with my sister , she told me yesterday when she called she was sorry for even talking like that , i told her no need for sorry i know it ishow she felt at the moment and we all have feelings that she needs to lean on god , at a point she changed the subject, that is ok with me because i know in my heart she knows i am telling her the truth.. she is telling my brother if my husband want s to leave and go back to his family he will go she will not tellhim to go because he pays the bills , and knows she will never be number 1 in his life, god is moving in his way, pray that both her and my husbands heart will open to god along with my daughter, my father i am not sure how much time he will have with us nad no matter that at points he can not look at me, or even talk to me because he sees the hurt and reminds him what he has done to our mom and his kids he tells me the guilt hurts him and it hurts him to see my family like this, he told my oldest brother the other night he is paying for what he has done to us kids nad our mother and made the biggest mastake of his life , and is paying hard for fathers heart is working only at 25% nad it is working on over time he said no more surgery he wants left alone, a few months ago god gave him back to us kids and i tell god it is in your hands father what your will is i can not change but be with my father , my sister nad husband have been so god at keeping me informed and i thank god for that , i go and see him but he will not talk much , he will tell me he loves me, and hold my hand , today i kinda feel empty but that is my heart is hurt and scared a little , that i know is wrong because i do have all the faith in the world in god that he is doing what is right..i feel kinda alone today , but praying hard and i will have time alone in my truck going job to job check on the jobs and then back to the office, pray that this empyness will leave and that god will touch our family, i have to run now i am praying for all no matter that i feel a little out of sorts today, all are in my prayers......god bless u all

10/31/2005 08:42

stander I know that your sister will start walking with God soon it seems that she has a great teacher you.i have been praying for your family all the time and i believe that everything will work out i will pray for your sister and her salvation
Dear Father I pray for stander sister lord that you would step in and let her learn about you show her that you are a God of love and that you forgive that do wrong Lord I pray that you help stander to show her the truth about you and that her sister will want to listen i pray in Jesus name amen
well stander you have a great day
and God bless you all

10/31/2005 16:14

I feel so alone. Marriage problems ans sometimes it just seems like God is not listening. God is Good all the time and I need to Trust. Please pray for my marriage, please pray for me. I've read some of these petitions and some of the them have given me encoragement. In God's name, Jesus.

11/3/2005 08:52

hi yvonne66 i know sometimes it seems like God is not listening he always listens and always pray just in his own time. It has to be his will. he already has a plan for us.
you really need to have faith in jesus and if you don't you need topray for it i will pray right now
Dear Father
I pray for yvonne66 Lord that you would help her with her marriage lord i don't know what the problems but lord you do I pray that you lay hands on the both of them in their time of need. Lord I also pray for her faith that you would help her with that lord and reveal yourself to both of them Lord. Lord I thank you for givig her the encoragment to come on here and let us pray for her lord I pray in Jesus name amen.
if you want to talk you can email me at
God Bless remember keep the faith

11/12/2005 16:09

i need prayer tonight , i am still at the office i am alone , i think i just found that little weak side of me this evening , my sister wendy that is living with my husband ask my daughter to dinner tonight and do a little christmas shopping , i told her to go this is gods way to meand things between them two , they was so close, my daughter nad my sister u would of sworn that at one time was sisters that was best friends, well this afternoon my daughter cut of work early went home got a shower and ready to go and came back to the office to visit with her father nda me for alittle until it was time to go, she looks really nice, my husband had left to go to get a shower nad go to a birthday party, i felt kinda wired because we always did that kinda stuff together, but i went nad bought the cards and girfts, the bday part is for my husbands best friend, anyhow i felt wired that i was not invited, but my sister called the office for my daughter and my daughter was so excited this afternoon to go and her father was excited that she was going with my sister , he told me it is about time them two get along, i said ya it is nad he ask me if i was ok with it, i said yes , and he gave wendy my sister he lives with money for our daughter nad her to go eat out, well beleave it or not i feel like crying , even though this is gods way of letting my daughter nad sister start to heal with all that has went on , i am sitting int his office feeling sad, i am so sorry i should not feel that way , must just be a thing with me tonight , pray this feeling leaves me , i thank god this is a open door for my sister nad my daughter to heal , i just feel wired for some reason, my husband when he left the office tonight peeked in and said hey i will see uin the morning and are u sure u are ok , i siad yes nad told him i loved him and he said ok talk to u tomorrow right? i said u know it, smiled at me and went on to her apartment, i will never give up on my marraige , i just feel wired and alone tonight ........

11/12/2005 17:13

Me and my wife have been married for 13 years, we have 4 wonderful children ages 12, 10, 6, and 3. I love all of them very much. Well 2 months ago we seperated, this is not what I want. I wish you could please pray for God to allow our paths to cross again and give us a wonderful marriage. I love my wife and kids so much, it hurts everyday with out them. Thanks Dennis

11/14/2005 17:31

i want to thank u all for your prayers , u know it felt good when my daughter came home and said she had a good time with my sister, they did not talk about anything but christams and how my sister missed her and me, my daughter said she acted like she was so starved for conversation with her and that she knows she really misses her, i was happy when i heard that, god is opening a new door and i am excited about that, now on the other hand my husband that lives with my sister is not liken it one bit at all, he came in to work wiht an attitude and tolod me that what goes on in this office stays at this office and our daughter better keep her mouth shut, he stund me all the way i am not to sure where that all came from . but i know god is working on my marriage nad the help of all the prayers, and to u dennis i know nad understand the pain, i have been married to my husband for 20 years , the hurt can get u to a point that u just cant take it anymore , seek god and pray, the love ones hear are praying to , make sure u give god time to work on your wife while he is doing that work on yourself , the people that i have got emails from are wonderful here, i love them all , just do not give u. god bless u all keep praying my husband u might think this is funny , but he is eating himself to death and getting sick , he is sleeping all the time he is telling me and gained so much weight and so black under his eyes that he never looked like this before, i love him but something is total wrong in him , he told me today that all he is doing is sleeping nad eating , i feel god is working on his , and he is not listening , god bless u all , thank u sandy

11/16/2005 09:15

Lord i pray for all these marriages that are going bad we know that you did not attend this but it is happening Lord and we pray that you help these people to seek you for wisdom for grace ect. Lord i lift Dennis up to you in prayer that you would help him and his wife get on track Lord I pray that you help to seek you and your wisdom Lord and LOrd reveal yourself to both of them. I pray for there path to cross again. Lord I also pray for sandy lord that you would help her through these hard times that she is having still with her family life and lord if she is doing something wrong reveal it to her lord i pray in Jesus name amen
Dennis seek Gods help he will help you may have to be patient

11/21/2005 14:38

My husband all of a sudden is taking Viagra,he says it is for me.He does not have the pills at home,he is lying to me about everything.He has his own p.o. box number,Please Lord Jesus help me.Is he having an affair again? my husband is 60 yrs.old I am afraid for him because he is taking this pill.What should I do?I am once again so depressed and hurt.Dear Lord lead me to the right decision.YRW

11/21/2005 17:06

saturday and today have been such a bad day for me, i do not know if my husband is taken his anger out on me, just seems like i can not do anything int he office right for him, i am not doing anything any diferent, he yelled at me so bad today all i wanted to do is cry.... then i got angery and said to myself well if u would of not took my sister shopping friday night ( he lives with my sister) and out to eat u would not have all this anger and taken it out on me, then i thought well when ug et to her apt. tonight yell and scream at her like u have done to me these last two days and see what she tells u, my daughter told me i am taken it to personal to just leave it ride, i am letting ride but wow he just started to be angery like this . god help my husband with his anger nad open my husbands eyes , save him and my sisters soul. i worry so much about them not giving god a second look........ with the holidays coming it is maken me just want to sleep the holidays away, he comes over to our home on christmas and spends the day but it is so hard when he leaves. our daughter just crys nad she is sad the rest of the day. pray for us ......... i thank god for all the people that pray and are such wonderful friends , god bless u all

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