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Gratitude Daily
Today I am grateful for...

God, thank you for this day of life and for...

stopping the fires in Montana and bringing cooler weather to my town.

dariaMcB -9/6/2000
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2/3/2002 20:48

Today I am thankful for my husband and unborn baby. I thank god that we are all still healthy after being in a car accident yesterday. I am thankful that He watches over and protects us.

2/3/2002 22:41


2/4/2002 07:51

Thank you dear heavenly father for this day and all the blessings I have recieved and the ones that are in store for me today. Thank you father for allowing me to spend this weekend with my two great nephews and little niece. Please Lord, keep them safe, healthy and always in your care. I ask that you would always keep them in my life and that my niece will always allow me to visit with them. They are truely a joy to me! My the blood of your son Jesus Christ be a covering for all that post on this site and thank you for allowing me to find this wonderful place.

2/4/2002 09:09

Holy Spirit, You who makes me seeeverything, and who shows me the way to reach my who gives me the divine gift to forgive, and forget the wrong that is done to me, and You who are in all instances of my life with me...I in this short dialogue want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you, no matter how great material desires may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory Amen....Thank you for your love for me and my loved ones...(Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days without asking for your wish...after the 3rd day your wish will be granted and you must publish this prayer immediately) S.H

2/5/2002 03:30

Please remember Feb. 16, 2001 and pray for the innocent victims of the U.S. and British bombing of Baghdad and all since, on both sides. Also, pray that peace may soon prevail in our Nation (USA) and that the United States may soon return as the symbol of Peace, Liberty, and Justice to the whole world.

2/5/2002 08:16

Iam thankful today for a warm home,a warm coat, gloves and hats to keep me from freezing and the blessing of beingable to wake up with no aches and pains. Thank you father.

2/5/2002 09:43

Thank you, Jesus, for dying to save my life!TO SAVE ME!!!!!wow! What a sacrifice, Jesus, Thank you! Thank you for entrusting to care for and raise, in your image, two beautifull children!Thank you for the ability to feel, Lord, and for feeling pain, suffering and happiness.

2/5/2002 10:04

I am grateful for being a woman of God, charged to do his will and help to carry out the vision of the shepherd of the house.

2/5/2002 12:57

All wise and Almighty God my Heavenly Father, I come to you in prayer at this hour, first of all thanking you for your son Jesus who hung, bled and died for my sins, thanking you for your sons body which is the church, the only true church, the ground and pillow of truth. I want to thank you for life, for my family, for my health and strength. I am having some health problems, praying that you will heal me, bless the sick, bless the bereaved, bless those that are prison bound. Lord, I ask all these blessings in Jesus's name. Amen

2/5/2002 15:25

Lord I would like to thank you for opening my eyes and bringing me out of sin. Lord you didin't have to do it but you did! I was a drinkin, pot somkin young lady living to enjoy the day and to find the next party. My choices finally caught up with me. I was shacked up with a man that abused me in every way. Faceing eviction and couldn't see anyway away from this in fear everyday. I finally broke down one day...I hadn't been to Church or in prayer in over seven years. I couldn't handle it any more and didn't know where to turn..I got down on my knee's and asked God for help. I went to Church that sunday after begging my live-in-man to go he said I could and there was a man at the Church who got up and came to me and said. "You've been worried about your life style, where you gonna lay your head, how you gonna get away from the troubles you've bought on yourself. God wants me to tell you, He is going to bring you out of this, He is going to give you a home full of new things, He is going to take you to places you've never seen, and bless you with a husband that lives by His word. Worry not and have faith in God!" As time went by I forgot all about this and settled back into my worry. These things came to pass in two years time, and I'd forgot all about this. I was up doing my Saturday cleaning listening to 2001WOW C.D. I started polishing my brand new cherry wood six seating table and I looked around at this beautiful home, the German countryside outside the window, my best friend of seven years and husband and remembered what this man said to me. I fell to my knees in Praise and Thanked God for all he has done! I've given up the pot, parties, drinking, curseing and acting less than a child of God. We are blessed, happy and serving the Lord. I didn't know that man...never seen him again. It was at Rhema Christian Center in Columbus Ohio at the time, and I just want to tell that man..because I didn't believe him, he was, is right and God has done all He told him He would do and Thank You! May God Bless you who ever you are!Thank You LORD JESUS!

2/5/2002 16:08

i just want to be thank you for life and even if i dont have job yet i know god is with me at al times and he is always by my side i been looking for a job fr a yr now but i am still thankful for my children and iam able to see them in everyday life. i pray everyday my son and daughter well take care of each other and we well always be a family that prays together.thank gog for life patiene and inspiration

2/6/2002 22:20

Thank you, God, for long time friends who aren't scared off by my feelings. Thank you for blessing me and my situation, however it turns out. I am so grateful for the wonderful blessings even just the past week has brought my way. I just wake up feeling grateful everyday, and Thank you for the fact that I am able to feel my blessings today.

2/7/2002 03:03

Dear God,
Thank you for yet another day alive.Thank you for every breath I take.Thank you for answering my prayer for a companion to spend the rest of my life with.I have yet another plee, a prayer for my sick uncle.Today I learned that he was diagnosed a bipolar/manic depressive. He has been struggling for many years with alcohol and drug abuse. He has three children to think about know and i would like to ask for a prayer chain in asking for a little help in changing his habits and life style.Rick you are always in our prayers.

2/7/2002 08:29

I thank you Dear Lord, for this day-an opportunity to be part of my little girl's life. I'm grateful, too, for being blessed with another child. I pray for our health & strength so that i may be of service to YOU.

2/7/2002 09:41

My Lord,

Thank you for the opportunity to bring a new life into this world, and for giving me a chance to love my child as you loved me.

2/7/2002 09:42

Thank you, Lord, for this glorious, wonderful, beautiful, magnificent day! For ice in the trees and no school, a wonderful child to spend the day with, good friends and the love of family. You know I've got challenges today just like any other day or any other person, but this morning I don't feel them.....and that too is a blessing.

2/7/2002 19:37

God, I cannot find enough words to thank you for all the wonderful that you have brought into my life. You've always led me through the right path, even though I fought you some of the way. Thank you for not giving up on me even though I had given up on myself. Your unconditional love is wonderful- your blessings devine.
Thank you for my beautiful daughter. You intrusted me- ME!- to take care of this beautiful and perfect creature, and I only hope I've done a decent job:-) Thank you for bringing true love into my life, and showing me what a healthy relationship can be like. Thanks for the chance to go back to college and finish my degree. I feel privileged that you have given me the opportunity to touch lives, and I hope I honor your name through my work. Most of all, thank you for each and every day of my life that I wake up and find a new opportunity to get a little closer to you. I am so far from perfect, but I know deep in my heart that your love is steadfast, and that keeps me charging ahead through my life.

2/7/2002 20:05

Thank you, Father, for being there for me and my family, and especially with us.

Thank you for giving us new joy and mercies every morning.

Thank you for making us realize that we can only take care of TODAY.

Thank you for providing for us when, right now, all seems dim and hopeless!

I just want to thank you and most of all, allowing me to say "Thank you," allowing me to PRAISE and WORSHIP You daily -- all through the day! Thank you, Lord!

2/8/2002 21:52

God, i thank you for you son Jesus.God I give you all the glory,and honor.God, I thank you for this moment,this very breath.amen.I thank you for my family,god you been so good to us ,keeping us safe 24-7.God you are an
AWESOME GOD.I thank you for that, and
all my many blessings.I appreciate you
loving me, and my family. God I thank
you for peace,understanding, abundance, wisdom guidance,protection, your unconditional love.God I thank you for this web site its the best.Lord, hold
me close today and everyday,help me to stay in your presence. amen. God I thank you for giving me the strength I need to make it everyday.God I thank you for awakening me from my sleep.
God, I thank you for my friends, coworkers, church family, and most of
all me. I thank you for my two sons, who
are not in no kind of trouble,THANK YOU JESUS,PLEASE KEEP MY 2YOUNG SAFE.I THANK
YOU FOR MY LIFE OF 41 YEARS,ITS A BLESSING.Thank you GOD for everything
Please GOD keep all of your children safe, and close to you, all times.

2/8/2002 22:29

Thank You Lord for blessing my life with opportunties for my soul to stretch and grow. Although I might not realize the advantages of my trials at the moments I'm experiencing them, I have to admit to you that most of them brought me closer to becoming the emotionally, spiritually, and mentally strong woman you have always know I could become.
I'm so grateful that I have my health this winter as I have been ill in the past.
I'm grateful for all my freinds and the ways they have brought me greater prespective on the human experience as they have shared their trials.
I'm most grateful for my husband. He is about the most wonderful, patient, loving man that I have ever know. We committed outselves to each other three years ago and still feel the love, trust, and passion that is part of a healthy marriage. Thank you for bringing him into my life. I'm grateful for all the many ways your power has touched and transformed my life for the better!!

2/9/2002 00:44


Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all
you lands!
Serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing.
Know that the Lord, He is God;it is He
who has made us,and not we ourselves;
we are His people and the sheep of His
Enter into His gates with THANKSGIVING,
and into His courts with Praise.
Be thankful to Him and BLESS HIS NAME>
PSALM 100:1-4


2/9/2002 09:43

Dear Lord

Thank you for my real friend Ang. She accepts me just as I am. She doesn't force herself on me. She respects me if I don't want to talk about certain things. She offers no solutions. She just listens, hugs and prays for me. I have told her everything I can about myself and she does not criticize or judge me.

Ang is the 2nd true friend I have.


2/9/2002 16:44

When I am able to see the sun rise and see my husband, and 2 children, who are healthy and well I am so thankful. Lord sometimes in my human mind I may forget everything around me and take for granted that they will still be there tomorrow. Humble me Lord so that I may see just how fortunate I am. The crosses that I carry are meanial and when I feel sorry for myself please forgive me. Thank you for my brothers and sisters who add their prayers of thanksgiving to You. Please accept all our prayers as wonders of Your works. AMEN

2/9/2002 20:21

- Being Alive
- My Human Children
- My Pet Children
- My Book
- My Daughter is still Alive
- My Son is really a Wonderful Human
- That I can be Independent Still
- That I got a pretty good "word" about
a cancer recurrence
- For a breast cancer support group
- That I have a roof over my head,
food to eat, and things others in
this world do not have

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