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Today I am grateful for...

God, thank you for this day of life and for...

stopping the fires in Montana and bringing cooler weather to my town.

dariaMcB -9/6/2000
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11/5/2001 12:17

Our Gracious and Heavenly Father,
I thank you Lord in advance for this beautiful day once more. Once again I can see the beauty of the precious things that you have created upon this earth. I thank you for taking me out of the darknest and bringing me in to your marvelous light once more. I thank you for the breath of life, and for the opportunity to come to you each and every day until your return. You alone is all I need, for you are my comforter,healer,provider and strenght.
For with out you I am nothing but with you I am who you called me to be and I love you Lord. Thank you for my Family this morning,guide them and protect them as they set out to do the things that needs to be done.Wash and cleanse them with the Precious Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Put a hedge of protection over them and send forth your Angels to watch and guide them as well.I thank you for the fresh annointing that is sent down from your balcony in heaven this morning.As we step out into this world,I thank you for the armor of God that I may know that my assurance is in you always. You are so ever loving and so merciful thank you Lord for your Blessings. I thank you Lord for the many Sisters and Brothers around the WORLD that today is a special day, for it's another day we can come to you and give you praise once more. Bless them right where they are at and their families as well. Bringing everyone together in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen Lani

11/5/2001 16:04


11/6/2001 23:00

Our Gracious and Heavenly Father,
Lord I thank you for the Family that I do have and for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon me.
You are so ever loving and merciful and the love you have for all of us is so amazing that our hearts over floweth with the thought of your presence that is around us each and every day of our lives. I life you up right now giving you thanks for your son Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior for dying on the cross so that we may have life.
Sometimes Father I just cannot wait for your return so that we may leave this place. And be taken home to the place where there is no more problems. But until then Father I thank you for the Blessings of the people that I do know in my life today. In Jesus Name, Amen

11/7/2001 02:39

Dear God thank you for letting me be a mother, thank you for the protection you have given my son and my sitter, thank you providing for them while i am away, thank you for guiding them and me as well, thank you for giving my son and i the opportunity to start a great new life again,thank you for strengethening them while i am away and when i am with them, thank you for putting them under the cover of your wings,thank you God for the new father that my son will have, thank you God for bringing my fiance together from miles away and for showing me that nothing is impossible for you, thank you for the new family. Thank you for this day and for your provisions and divine favor.Thank you for reminding me that you are always there for me and for us no matter how sinful or how much sometimes i seem to forget you especially through good times, Than you God for reminding me that we need to communicate.And please do not forget that i still need you alot cause you are the only one who was there for us through the dark pit and you pulled us out of it.Thank you for my best friend who is always there for me through thick and thin, thank you for blessing her abundantly.Amen

11/7/2001 04:05

Thank you Lord for this beautiful Day,for keeping me and my family safe last night and for maintaining us in good health.

11/8/2001 04:59

Dear God,
THank you for this day, thank you for the provisions of this day, thank you for my fiance Marcel who is so loving and kind, he is truly God sent. Thank you for protecting vittorio and the sitter veronicah, thank you for covering them under your wings each day, moment and second, Thank you for MArcel's family who are so loving, caring and kind to me. Thank you God for working through there hearts and there acceptance into the family for me and Vittorio. THank you God for your strength and confidence that you instill in me each day, thank you for intervening in all of our situations, thank you for the prayers that you are about to answer dear lord, thank you father for up holding us each single day.I still need you dear God , in good times and troubled times, Amen.

11/8/2001 22:33


11/8/2001 22:35


11/9/2001 02:27

Lord, I wipe away the tears as i read the prayers and testimonials.I have always believed in you for as long as I can remember, and you have shown me more than once of your ever loving care.I thank you every day for all the gifts you have bestowed upon me and my loved ones and you know how much I thank you for my vision as I jouney the roads of my daily work,seeing all the beautiful wonders of your work.I thank you for everything, my children,my brothers and sisters,my job,my ability to work,good health.All my needs are being met and I thank you. pLEASE continue to be with us and forgive us for our sins.I thank you and ask you,in the name of your son Jesus,amen

11/9/2001 04:13

Dear God,Thank you for this day and thank you for Allan and his wonderful heart, thank you for the great things that you are about to do in his life, thank you for sending him to be with Vicky and Veronicah, thank you God for letting me know that you are still there by letting me know this morning that My son and the sitter are doing fine, thank you so much, for protecting them and guiding them and putting them under the shadow of your wings, thank you. Thank you for always providing for us, thank you for your grace and mercy to me.In the name of jesus christ. Amen

11/9/2001 08:38

Heavenly Father,
This morning I come to you giving you thanks for everything that you had given unto me.
For I am truly Blessed as a Wife,Mother and Grand-Mother. It is you my Lord that gives us the things that you know we would want in life. And for this I Thank You. I give you Praise,Honor and Glory all the days of my life. With every breath I am given I shall Praise you.As you watch over your children,you
always provide us with nothing but the best there fore I shall not worry about the out come of life, for you are in the midst of everything.Just knowing that greatest hands in the universe carrys us through our toughest moments
in life, we shall not fear for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is near.
And for all these things I say humbly I Love You Lord. Amen, Lanigirl

11/9/2001 08:44

I am eternally grateful and thankful for my loving and supportive family and for my best friends who are always there for me. I am also thankful for living in an age and and a place that I can be myself and have my own beliefs without fear of persecution. Thank you God for loving me.

11/9/2001 13:30

I am grateful for life. I am so gratefull for waking up everyday and living my bliss. I am grateful for the opportunity to build an ongoing practice of bliss, incorporating all that I am and have to offer the world. Thank God for a beautiful place to live, a garden in which I am growing. I thank God, for all that I am this moment, for it is enough. I thank God for health and well-being, and knowing how to be patient and accepting of myself when I discovering aspects of myself I don't yet understanding, knowing that is perfect this moment. I am so grateful for everyone here and in the world. The world is so full of beautiful souls. I thank God for a wonderful family of friends, relatives, and acquaintances who have joined me here on this spirit journey on earth. Thank ou for all you are and all you choose to be. Thank you for the beauty that is in the world in all things, and the eyes to see it and feel it. I love you. Amen. Namaste. Blessed be the Mother and Father. Unity. Love. Peace and Equanimity. Thank you.

11/10/2001 11:35

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for another day here upon your precious earth. Thank you for taking me out of the darknest once again
and bringing me back out into the marvelous light.
This morning I come to you asking that you forgive me for all of my sins.
And cleanse me with your Precious Blood,
once more.I come to you asking for fresh
annointings this morning, poured down
from your balcony in Heaven.
Saturate me as I humbly stand before you
Give me all that is of you, give me
knowledge,courage,wisdom ,love,peace,joyand understanding.
Holy Spirit I thank you that you are always around me to bring comfort to all situations, I thank you that you live. Lord I ask that you guide my path this morning and make my feet walk on the right road to you.
Minister to my Heart,Mind and Soul always, leaving nothing out.
I thank you that your hands are upon my Family and no matter where their at your Presence shall be known.
Clothe every one that is connected to me
with the Precious Blood of Jesus.
As well as all of my Sisters and Brothers around the WORLD. Lord this morning I pray for all of my enemies that has come against us Past and Present.Bless them right where their at as well as their house-hold.
Soon I will be leaving my home to Alaska for 3 weeks.
I thank you in advance that I shall not worry for I know that you will keep my Family together until my return.For my trust is in you always.May the doors open to relocated my whole Family in Jesus Mighty Name. Bless my Husband and be with him as he sets out to take this test on Wednesday when we arrive there.
I claim that every man and woman in my House-hold shall have new jobs in Jesus Mighty Name. These things I lift up to you, that it may bring Glory to Our Father in Heaven, in Jesus Precious Name
I Thank You LORD. Amen,, Lanigirl

11/10/2001 20:33

Lord, I thank you for this day in my life that I can spent it with my son. Thank you for my son and thank you for allowing him one more day. He is feeling much better although the future looks like he will lose his transplant, thank you for the time you granted him to live without being attached to a machine. Thank you for the wonderful heart of a daughter who unselfishly gave her organ to help her brother. Thank you Lord for all your blessing.

11/11/2001 20:07

Beautiful weather, my six dogs and 3 cats, my home, a meaningful job, health, good friends.

11/12/2001 15:58

thakyou for my family,friends,and all those around me especially my parent after they lost my sister 4 years ago as there still greaving also my son so that he grows up full of your love and mine also.please pray that i will understand the alpha coarse and gide me each week and day.also please help me with my problems in my life.thankyou god for loving me

11/13/2001 04:39

I give thanks to the Universe for my life and opportunities of compassion, creativity, and change.

11/13/2001 20:22

I thank God for my family, for all He has given me, for each day, for the beauty in the world I see all around me & for the good people He has allowed me to know. I ask for forgivness of my many sins & the ability to do my best each day. I pray for my husband, our children & grandchildren--that they will lead productive lives & be safe each day. I ask God to care for them in times of conflict & confussion--let each one of them know Your love! Thank You dear Lord for listening to my prayer!

11/13/2001 21:34

I thank god for his son jesus,and the hope he gives,even in time of trouble.

11/13/2001 22:31

Today I am grateful that I have hope. Even though I am feeling a bit lonely right at the moment, I know I am truly connected to people and the earth in important, meaningful, sustaining ways. I am grateful that I am able to remember that when I am feeling lonely and more isolated than I'd like to be. I am grateful that, as someone who provides spiritual support to others, I understand what lonliness feels like--and what hope feels like as well. I am grateful that I am able to feel the presence of God even in such moments. Maybe especially in such moments.

I am grateful for the opportunity to live a life consistent with my values that draws on my true gifts and challenges me to grow in faith and compassion for myself and others.

11/14/2001 14:30

Thank you, God, for the blessings you have bestowed on us. Love encompasses them all. We've become much stronger.

11/15/2001 15:16

Dear Lord, I thank for the gift of life that you have given me. I thank you for my family:Father, Mother Sisters and brother. I THNK YOU FOR YOUR HELPING HAND THAT has got me out of many troubles. I espcially thank you that my faith did not fade in the middle of tribulation. Bless my family and friends and make me an instrument of you Love so that those who do not find a meaning in their lives may come to feel how much you care and love them. I ask this through Jesus' name. Amen.

11/16/2001 08:26

Dear God, thank you for the love and support of my family and friends. Thanks you for my health, and the enlightenment to sincerely want to give up smoking. Your guidance is all that I need.

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