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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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1/30/2002 18:52

Pray for my mom. She is 80 and alone. Pray that her financial needs be might and that her dreams of doing just the needs of maintaing her home be met. Pray this wonderful lady gets the blessings she gives to her family. Pray to remove he fears and ask her guardian angel to strengthen the joy and comfort surrounding her. This lady really deserves prayers to be answered. She has cared for 5 siblings that were sick and passed. She cared for my dad with cancer before he passed. She has had a daughter and son-in-law with cancer the last five yrs. She has gone thru a grandsons divorce and custody battle and many other tribulations and through all she is and remains the mainstay of this entire family and I pray that she will get a most wonderful and needed blessing in her life just to brighten her life.

1/31/2002 13:40

My son has never had a father. He lost his before he was born. He is almost eight. I pray and know that one day my son will have a wonderful, loving, supportive, spiritual, physical father. But also I pray and know that I will be provided with a paycheck while I am out recuperating from a hysterectomy. May someone from a state agency offer me vacation days for my shared leave. I am open and receptive to my good. I give thanks.

2/2/2002 04:51

that god will sheild me against those who will come against me granting me what is rightfully mine that he place angels with me and reveal to me what i should do i feel alone that he bless me
and gives me strength that he blesses me with school that he would give to me once more love that i lost.give me joy in my heart and love .

2/2/2002 05:11

that god gives me victory in what i'm facing that he place angels to sheild me against those that god guides me what i should do where i should go places me in school show me things i need to learn i ask god for joy that he gives me a glow that others see and that he gives me the love i lost god knows what i mean gives me hope and sweet sleep i need rest god i lay the things i can't handle god at your feet all my worries an you know what they are ...thank you jesus for giving me these people to pray for me ....jamie

2/2/2002 05:26

i ask god to please not let me be alone for the rest of my life ,that he send someone to me .thank you god in jesus name .

2/2/2002 22:46

May you feel an angel beside you with every step you take offering encouragement, love and independence.

2/3/2002 05:52

my prayer is first thank you my god that you have been so good to me..the things you have given me god i'm afraid being alone you know my fears everything about me you already know..but i come to you in prayers and ask all these people that read this to pray with me so i ask of you my god to be open to me i want to do things for you god not just in exchange for what i want you would already know that tooi want so badly to be in nursing school god i know i can do this and now that jim is gone altho i loved him with all my heart unconditionally god i want to excell in my life but i want to do something for others that can't do i feel this so strong in my heart god you know the wrong things i do god i ask you help me with this and i know god that i have to face when i have to get off my crutch please god help me with this i need your help i can do this if you would help me god you've carried me thru bigger things than this i need your strenght badly at this time i pray god that you touch me make me glow in my darkest hour because i feel alone and people are cold god making it feel even colder god the same sun that meltss the wax hardens the clay godas the rays of your sun shine down on me help me to chose to soften into love instead of hardening into bitternesssend your angels to watch over me to sup with me to stay with me it makes me feel better that way god i want to get so close to you but i don't deserve special treatment god but i want it from you god i think thats a good thing thank you for your time with god if there is some one special for me whenever that may be thank you for him i ask for a sign from you god that i will be ok that your with me and your angels god you know how i feel in my heart about jim my baby aaron who is with you my sister an dad i feel them i know jim and aaron are with me i feel their presence i ask you for joy in my heart altho i feel empty inside please change that god i ask you for vision god direct me what i should do where i should go thank you my god for forgiving me in jesus name amen

2/3/2002 07:56


I have continued to pray and draw hearts for each and everyone of you.

Right now, I need extra prayer. My daughter undergoes surgery on Monday, 2/4/02 and my Mother is currently in the hospital, I feel, in the last stages of kidney disease.

Regardless of the WHY..I need prayer to keep me strong to see that all is done as needed and best for my daughter and Mother, everyone involved..and for me.

As you know, I am a Light Living Alone.
Ofcourse there is my precious little dog, God, and you.

And I am ever grateful. I love you, you are needed, your prayers and writings work. never stop using them.


2/8/2002 03:43

The Light of the garden lives within...
the Light of God living....
and will continue to live on all planes of existence.

but light must bear it's soul from within our souls. And our souls must be a reflection of the immensity of it all.

External and internal.
Only, though, will Light manifest through the open door you leave to your heart... for the Light must enter through an open door.
Open the door to everything.
Open the door to what life forces upon us.
Open the door to sending someone into the Light if that is what's required,
or bringing them back if that's what's ordained.
Walk strong...

we hold the hand to the handle.
we hold the key to the lock.
we hold all that must be...
trust your hearts....
but more than that, trust your soul...
and the Will of the Light of God will prevail....
no matter what....
you never walk alone.

*you are loved libralight...and a white candle burns for you and all of us here.
still..... burns...... beautiful...
all will be ok...
no matter what.

2/9/2002 03:50

hello, my name is mike and i am new here. first time. first time too to be alone. i am a 62 year old man and my beloved left me on 12/16/01. i pray for her happiness, safety and welfare but know that i shall never see her again. i think someone mentioned that loneliness is like starving. i am starving to the point of depression. i have my faith but what greater joy would i have if i could share my life with someone who would love me as much as i love them. i miss you my beloved but i know that God has other plans for you. me, well i think i have just about completed all my homework and ready to go home. my grades may not be good but i have always been considered a late bloomer. goodnight my beloved, wherever you might be. you will always have a special place in my heart. i rest my case with God, Judge and Jury. with a broken heart, i pray that this prayer be heard. not so much for me but as for the one who left me..mike

2/13/2002 03:00

I have been lonely. All of my friends seems to have lovers of their one and i have nobody to share my life. All i wish is just to have a companion of my own. Please help.

2/13/2002 03:04

Why every human beings in this world have to suffer illness and diseases they do not want. For me, i have been having asthma for a few years already. I have taken medications which has no effects on me. I am tired of taking medicines and always going to the hospital during emergency.

2/13/2002 10:46

Dear God:
Please answer my prayer to get a house partner to live with me in my home now that my daughter has bought her own home. I miss my grandchildren and most of all, I miss a live human being around me. There is nothing as cruel and depressing as absolute loneliness.

I hear every sound in the house and I'm afraid all the time; that's not normal. This is the first time in my life that I have ever lived alone and its deadly. Now I know what older people go through. Now I know why people commit suicide; because why should you live if you have no one to share your life with. I am 61 years of age and I have reached out to many people asking them to help me in this situation; to no avail.

I pray that your Holy Spirit will stay with me. That my angels are still looking after me, that Jesus still loves me and that we will develop a stronger, personal relationship. Please help me for I can not live like this. I can not do anything without you. Praise your holy name.

2/14/2002 15:19

Solitude can be a state of mind, especially when one is quarded by His court...

2/15/2002 00:58

how do you get to write to people out here if someone wants to find a possible mate or match to start the healing process? not that matchmaking is a final solution to happiness but it can be a email address is if anyone is interested in meeting me. i am 62 years old. my 42 year old common in law wife left me 2 months ago and i am having to start over. don't drink but do like my camel regulars and 3 cats. i smoke the camels not the cats..haha..hopefully, mike kelly

2/15/2002 09:48

I need your prayers for both myself and the people who live upstairs from me. they are horrassing me with their cigarette smoke which comes down stairs and I breath it in and it affects both my chest(pains in my chest,a burning feeling and also above my heart and down my arm(left side). Not only smoke but all kinds of scents that they are using to manipulate me somehow for some reason. I can't sleep at night because they
are puposely doing this. I stood up for myself after not doing so for a long time after Cole yelled at me for no reason. He has done this for a long time and I finally
gave him a bit of his own medicine. So now he and his roommate are doing what I explained earlier. I can barely breath a full breath because of this ,what ever is in the air. Please pray that they will either get sick of their own behavior or move themselves. OR for what ever seems appropriate to pray for. I need your help here. I feel like going up there and giving them----, but I don't think that would be a good idea. I am
at the brink of getting angry but I don't want to do that. either. Probably would make it worse.
Please help!

2/15/2002 09:57

I would like to also ask for your prayers for my healing about my Dad's passing away in October. I am grieving him right now and periodically feel good but then things start right back tofeeling the pain of his loss. He came to visit me two weeks before he died
( I feel so greatful for that but I also know that it is important for me to allow myself to do the grieving process. I have been in a number of groups lately
that have said exactly that. Please help me to get tthrough the pain and loss of his not being around any more. Also please send your prayers to my step mother, Joyce and sister Carol who both live in Massachusetts. One in Western Mass and the other
in Boston Mass(my sister living in the latter) They
need prayer now as much as if not more than I do.
Thank you.

2/15/2002 11:15

I thank you Father for being (single)alone>>Through being (single)alone, I have learned myself again. And have built a more stronger, intimate and reliable relationship with you..In my being single>> I have learned that I am never alone because you,Father are always present!! Always there to comfort me in my times of distress; always there in my time of storm and need>>No matter what state of mind I am in you always lift me up and out!! And Father God, I just want to Thank you in advance, because I know that no matter whom you send my way>>be it for a reason or season>>I will definitely make the best and the most of it, with your guidance. I pray that my sisters and brothers can do the same, in Jesus name I pray..
Much Love Everyone!!

2/15/2002 14:16

First of all, what a blessing to join this prayer circle! I live alone with my dog (god spelled backwards!) and at times find it hard to "just be". I long for someone to love, yet if we are alone, it may be because god feels we need to work on ourselves and begin to trust him and love ourselves more. I was laden with despair as I walked in the mountains alone in grief about being so alone and having to endure so much pain and hurt in my life, but then I let go and let god. He said to me, literally, "Give me your heart, let me carry it around for you for awhile" and I saw my little bruised heart on a stretcher leave my body and when I did, I felt so much lighter and happier. The magical thing was, when I looked around me, there was a field of huge green clovers on the mountain path. My dear ones, you are NEVER alone. God is with you always as well as all of us in this circle. Let go because all there is to fear is fear itself. I pray for all of you living in fear and depression which I have returning to me at times, that the light of god, the white powerful light flood your wonderful hearts so that you may all walk tall and begin to really TASTE life again. Try smiling when you feel sad and laugh when you're crying, and most of all breathe - breath is strength and it restores health. God bless you all and know there is plenty of love out there for you! Peace.

2/16/2002 18:51

Please pray for Joyce, she is 35 and hasn't been married, the desire of her heart is to be married and have children, she is a paralegal and is a good christian, she is suffering from a respiratory infection and having problems with her asthma right now, Please pray the Lord will touch her
physcially and grant her the desire of her heart to find her soul mate. I ask this in the sweet name of Jesus. Amen

2/17/2002 07:07

The powerless will be powerful with Him.

2/17/2002 07:18

I have to be strong.
So lonely.
The only man I ever loved was married, and God hates divorces.
The only man I loved never loved me.
How can I still be happy if nobody loves me?
Please pray for a girl who tries to bring herself to the right way...

2/18/2002 11:07

Lord, We pray for joy in our hearts, laughter in our lives and peace in our minds. We ask for angels to show concern, compassion and assistance with the many challenges manifasted as circumstance in our lives. Lord we ask for a miracle manifested as holiness in the form of renewed life, resurrected dreams, new loves, recognized purpose, abundant prosperity, income and cash. We love you, Lord, you are our Source, our Refuge, Guide and Protection. We surrender to your Will, Divine Love and Light. We thank you. We ask for blessings from the Holy Spirit, forgiveness in our hearts and peace in the world. Thank you, Lord, for hearing and answering our prayer, us the ones who live alone and feel lonely.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.

2/18/2002 12:39

Elena GG,
What a beautiful message you have blessed us with. You ARE loved, by everyone. That man did not love himself, hence he could not love you! HE did not deserve your love. YOU DESERVE YOUR LOVE!! When you truly love yourself, you will ALWAYS be safe. Peace and a prayer for you.

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