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Lights Alone
Those Living Alone

I ask for prayer for those of us who live alone and are suddenly faced with a situation, chronic illness, accidents, disease or any dis-orders or loss that limit or seclude us more than we would choose.

Once we were free and strong, helping others, now we pray for someone special to rediscover us, that we may share the things that in their most simple form have become ever more beautiful.

We ask that you do not forget us. We still "are" .

Remember us at bedtime, when you say goodnight to another, that we may feel your prescence.

Lift up our Animal Children for blessings, as they give so freely of love and devotion, and pray that we may run with them again.

Hold our hand within your heart as you might hold a beloved, and pray that we may again one day, find our hands clasped with another.

Libralight -7/7/2001
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7/9/2001 15:49

Thank you for a brand new day and the chance to discover a wonderfriend to share the miracles on Earth.

7/11/2001 18:42

Courage-fear that has said it's prayers!

I am grateful I still have courage to meet another day, to allow the miracle of friendship into my life.

7/12/2001 20:30

Sending positve energy to everyone who is lonely tonight for any reason. Some people feel alone even in crowds. There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. May all the lonely discover another that they both may share the Light.

7/14/2001 09:59

I thank you that I awoke this morning with a sound mind. Help me not to feel bitter because I am alone. Give me the courage and strength to pray for others and to appreciate what I do have.

7/14/2001 21:44

I pray for you...

7/16/2001 01:06

Thank you for the lovely people who added to my Prayer Circle. I came here tonight because my heart is broken. My lil cat who is so special, loving and devoted just left this Earth in a terrible way. He slept at my feet and when I was sick, he stood guard by my head with a concerned look and placed his oaw on my shoulder. He was like my guardian angel. Since he was a little kitten, he always held his little paw to the pulse of my heart beat on my neck. He never failed to do that when I picke him up, and he did it on his last day with me.

I feel so so alone.

He was special, he was love, he still IS.

God bless us all.

7/16/2001 06:23

you are never alone. don't be afraid. the love you seek is inside of you waiting to be manifested on the outside.

7/16/2001 17:06

Thank YOU so much for the sweet responses. Before this blessed circle, I never had responses. I was always the one responding for somone else.
Gypsy said our love inside is waiting only to be manifested on the outside. I pray that I have the belief in myself to make that come true. I think the magick wand is to love ourselves as deeply as we do others. But I guess somehow I don't and so I mess up my own Wishes.
I know the Magick Word is BELIEVE, and I thought I had finally learned to do that in myself, but now, I know that although I KNOW the ingredients, somewhere inside I really don't believe in me.
I pray that we all learn how to live The Secret of Loving Ourselves and then have courage to Live it true.

I send so much Love to all of you who have read my heart and added yours here.
At night I draw "heart candles" in my journal to always be "lit" for every LovelyLight in this circle. You have blessed me and I thank you. It is like finding a note from a Guardian Angel.

7/17/2001 17:13


7/18/2001 09:29

Find love inside yourself, as I try to do the same. Remember that all events have divine purpose.
I pray for you.

7/21/2001 14:40

Where can lonely people go, when they have already exhausted the usual options? Lonliness is like starving.

7/21/2001 20:43

I understand. I feel this lonliness most of the time. Its sometimes hard to cope but not impossible. Its easy to fall into despair, and hard to get out of it.
What helps for me is to acknowledge, but not dwell on what we have lost or don't have. To remember that all events, positive and negative, give us an opportunity to forge a closer connection to the Divine. To accept these times as a time for personal and spiritual growth. To learn to nurture love. Besides, God is with us, so noone is ever alone. Above all, remember that the darkness dosn't lasts forever.
You have my prayers.

7/22/2001 07:07

Libra, I believe that our guardian angels are always with us, and as I am Christian I also believe that we are in the midst of a cloud of witnesses who have gone before. Your kitty had joined THAT crowd, but he waits for you.

Talk to him as you do your routines. Talk to your guardian angel also, who loves you dearly. Talk to all the lonely people everywhere using your angel as your connection. With every action think of them and send them a message of encouragement. For you are correct, loneliness is like starvation.
God made us to be in groups, families, bunches like grapes so that even in pain and squeezed together in sorrow we would make the wine of joy. And when you do this, as gypsy said, you feed yourself on the rich food within you.

I am scheduled for surgery on Aug 1. I don't even have someone to drive me right now. But maybe I will drive myself and pick up my car later. Or maybe in three days I'll be able to drive home. God has granted me many healing energies as I think positively and try to feed others, visible and invisible with my love.

My daughter, my only relative is going to drive from Mass to PA to be with me but she is very important in her job and holds up TWO offices so she may not get any time off as we had originially planned. So, I feel doubly alone right now. And I was unable to do more than write recollections of her first year for her birthday on the 20th. So I feel at a disadvantage since I've never been very good at giving her the presents I wanted to give her. Oh God, have mercy on me.

Furthermore on my mailing list their talking about death and burial articles. (Not too auspicious
So I would appreciate all the prayer power I can get going here. But, yes, whether you're Christian or Wicca, the key is that God is love within you and loving yourself as a gift enables you to give good gifts (perhaps invisibly) to all the others.

7/22/2001 12:06

You are never alone. The Guiding friend in you is looking after you, always.
The loneliness we feel is because our mind sometimes forgets his presence.
I always love you. and I am with you always

7/22/2001 22:30

To Judy: I certainly am sending prayer and loving Light your way, I can feel how alone you must feel. My daughter, like yours, has two full time positions and so I don't get to see her often. I want her to have a full life as I'm sure you wish for yours, so I don't tell her how hard things get at times.

During illness, I do feel more alone. I start worrying about what if I can't drive myself to the hospital, things you are going through now.

I just try to feel that a much Higher Love is with me and will be, even if not visible to the human eye, visible within the heart.

When we are confronted with illness and feel alone, it is so easy to get sad. I try to "talk" my prayers and messages by writing them in a journal at bedtime. It keeps me from feeling totally lost.

I sometimes wonder how many people are out there, sitting, lonely and hurting as the world goes by, not knowing. There must be alot. It seems there should be some type of group or gathering for lonely people, other than a singles club, dating type place. Everyone needs to be with others as you said, and give and receive kindness and caring energy.

Thank you for adding to this circle and know you are blessed.

To TVS: Thank you for reminding me about the mind, how it forgets and seperates. Thank you for validating me and adding your love to this Circle.

I wish you Love.

7/24/2001 03:42

It is now 4 months since my beloved wife left this world in Gods love. I pray that she is enveloped in the loving wings of the Lord and that I may remain faithful to her and to Jesus the Christ so that when my appointed time arrives I may join them for all eternity.
Until that day, easy the burden of my broken heart for as I know she rests with the Lord I feel the terrible anguish of our parting. With confidence Lord, I pray that indeed your way will be easy and your burden light while I await your call. Amen

7/28/2001 23:37


7/30/2001 03:14

My love reaches out to dear FredFour and Patyanaya.

Your loved ones still ARE. I know you miss seeing them and I know you still do, within your hearts. You hold many heart pictures.

Love does not die, it lives on forever.
They still ARE, but the world is sadder for us that they have moved onwards to a Higher realm.

I am so lonely too, all day today my heart was just breaking, like I could feel it. I have tried so hard to meet good decent people and somehow, I always got conned. So, I don't try anymore on my own, I am honoring my body, mind and spirit by protecting them from people who would only bring harm.

But it is hard. Especially when you are ill or in mourning. And without family.

So, my prayer is that the Divine One, the Essence of Pure Love, will hear us and send someone special to help ease our pain. That a Higher Power will guide me to caring people.

I am so glad you found my little Circle and added your sweet prayers. My heart reaches across the miles to you.

Sometimes I sit and think about how many lonely souls we must pass by every day, feeling just like we do here, in grief or just lonliness for the compassion of another human being.

I think we all need at least one genuine person who can offer compassion.
It is like the air we need to breathe.

I wish I could reach out and give it to everyone in this Circle. I will draw heart candles in my journal for you tonight, they will never extinguish.

For Love

7/30/2001 08:16

I ask for Love and Light be sent to those who live alone and who are lonely. May they be comforted by the prayers sent out to them today and everyday. Blessings Be.

8/2/2001 07:52

May we all take the time to bring into our lives a lonely elder whose life has brought this Universe great Love, Light and Wisdom. May we give these wonderful people our love and let them know how much they mean to us. May they always remember their great achievements and know the contribution they have made to this Universe. Blessings Be.

8/5/2001 02:35

Voyd2, WaterSong, and all the rest who had sincere blessings and prayer to this circle, thankyou for adding your Light and Understanding and may you all find love within and without.

I have to see a new doctor on Monday, Aug.6th and 2PM, EDT, I would be honored if you could hold me in your hearts and prayers at this time.

I have been battling some rare illness-condition that started last Novemember, when my doctor puched me to take a medication I did not feel I needed.

But to oblidge her, I foolishly did. That medication can start chaos in certain people, with a gene that has not been activated.

Obviously, I have that gene, and the medication sent me in less than 12 hours to near death. It altered my entire natural body mechanisms. It became life threatening. My body is fighting to get back to normal, but can't. The immune system was also damaged. And doctors know little of this.

It has ruined my good vision, shanged the shape of my hands, caused me to not be able to use my hands much for small things, everything is too heavy to me now..I was always a fighter, pushing onwards, now my body has changed, and some days I can't make it across the room. And it causes insomnia..three days at a time of no sleep..and headaches, and my body went dry, inside and out, my skin just spontaneoulsy starts bleeding or breaking out in painful knots and markings all over.

My balance is off, I trip to the left side, my left ear has turned from soft skin to hard like rock.

I was once strong, and courageous, livng alone and working hard..then zoom..all of a sudden I am turned into an old looking woman..very old.

I have always had healthy diet and excercise, but no matter, now I can't excersize..I start gasping for air.

Not having anyone to help me drive or do physical things, lawn care, house care, is so hard. I was always a nice housekeeper, but now, lack of energy and the ability to move and use my hands gracefully, I have to let dishes sit for a month a times..I get so disgusted..I sit them in a bucket oudoors.

I had a natural graceful movement going through my work and evey day life, and quick good mind, now I am all stumbling and no consentration, and I'm getting scared.

MY primary doctor..who caused this with her insistence, was supposed to be collecting all my lab work from specilist and putting together some type treatment plan..I call to see whats up..and they tell me she left the practice weeks ago!!

No one told me, she left me saying I had a life threatening disorder, and hanging by a shoestring..I felt abandoned, I've been going to specialist since last November,2000 regularly, when this happend...and I have not yet been offered anything to ease the severe pain, advice, answers, nothing.

I had to research and come up with some self care to make it through..Its been a shock to me..and I'm getting weary...

I was ask if I wanted to make an appointment with the old dox replacement..and I said, I have no choice.

All I know is its a man. I just wants some answers and advice or what to do and not do, to try and salvage some qualtiy life.

Forgive my grammar mistakes, I am upset, and the lack of energy, the aloneness, and all these months and no one is working with me..but against me.

I so hope those with loving family or mates or friends appreciate the gift another human's support. For it is a treasure. We all need one good soul to enter our lives.

My love and prayers continue to be with all who comes to this Circle in aloneness.

Love and Light

8/7/2001 09:44

I thank you Father Mother God for your Divine warmth of light and Spirit. Watch over my friends, relatives and associates near and far. Know father that long as our undying faith remains in you that we are never alone. We know that your love is endless and we know God that you give us what we need when we need it. Cause you God are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I love you God. Peace and Blessings of the Divine Love of God.

8/9/2001 21:54

right now im living in an unescable state of lonelyness. im trying hard to make it through each day. in the past it was just depression, now i dont even have anyone one to connect to anymore. sometimes i wish i was taken away, but part of me pushes me to keep on keepen on. i never was that spiritual in the past, but a lot happened to me to give me great faith, and my faith grows each day. but even with this faith i still find it hard to shine, i just pray someone will find me and save me from this state. im only 20 years old and i feel like im being locked inside of myself. please send your prayers.

8/9/2001 22:39

my son chris speer to do good in school both grades and getting alone with others please pray he lost his dad at age 8 he is now 13 thank you

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