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A Loving Family of Three A
Praying for a second child.

A loving family of three, praying for a second child to add more love and life to our home.

We are a loving Christian family of three: mom, dad and 2 and 1/2 year old son. We have been praying for a second child for over a year. We were blessed with a pregnancy last spring, but miscarried in July. Since that time, God has healed our deep pain of loss, however, we continue to hope for another child and companion for our son. Our son continually asks us for a baby sister. We have told him only God can grant his request and we are hopeful that his little prayers will be heard. Please pray for us that we may again be blessed with a pregnancy and a baby. We are hopeful that another baby is God's will for our lives. We continue to pray and hope to soon be a family of four.

debbie7 -4/18/2001
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8/4/2001 23:57

Debbie and Scubagal

There was a time in my life when I was exactly were you are now. My son was 2 1/2 and I desperately wanted another child. Each month I would cry when I found out I was not pregnant. About 8 months passed when I heard a song on the radio. The words "some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." hit me like a ton of bricks. In the middle of the freeway, I started crying uncontrollably because with those words, I realized that it was not God's will at that time for me to have another child. It took another several months before I finally became pregnant. My daughter is now 9 1/2, beautiful and healthy. Well worth the wait.

I will pray that it is in God's will for you to have another child. Please be patient and don't lose your faith. Let us know when your prayers have been answered!

8/9/2001 10:02

Father God, I come before you asking that you heal these women of their pain filled hearts, that you show them peace in their wait, for your word. In your time all things be done Lord and we honor you and glorify you during the waiting period Lord, through the tough times may we praise you loudest. These precious women Lord, desire to grow their families, and we come asking humbly that you give them these most precious blessings of life to raise up in your presence, praising and desiring only you. Lord, We come against Satan in this difficult period, grant them serenity to be patient, remembering you know us best and what is best for us, Please bless them Father.
In Jesus' Precious Name,

9/14/2001 10:10

I try never to blame God for the bad that happens in our lives. I have had (7) miscarriages in a row each month praying that this one will hold. Although I do not know why God allows bad things to happen to his people,but I have to trust in him and know that he has reasons. It hurts when someone has 1 or more children and they lash out at God why they can't have more and why?why?why? I have none I am 30 and I would be blessed with just having one. I don't know if I will ever get to feel a baby kicking and moving and it hurts everyday I suffer and pray very hard hopeing that God will hear me. These women that have abortions have no idea what they are doing,its wrong!! As far as why others have so more I know that I have more than others will ever have,I
have my riches waiting for me in heaven.
I need not what the earth has,but what Jesus has waiting for me in heaven. I hope that all of you will pray for me. God bless those of you that do. Please remember that God loves us all, not just a few. Please praise him and thank him. Don't just pray to him in a time of dispair,but pray to him and thank him for all the good that you may never see. Sometimes its good to "Thank God for unanswered prayers" May God bless you all!!!!

9/27/2001 09:42

I pray to God withchild2 to have faith in our Lord.God never leaves us in agony.The blood test is a sign for you not to suffer more but it is your choice if you didn't have the blood test you could have never known about the down syndrome get an amniocentesis done.I know how you suffer because my 5 1/2 months pregnancy was terminated 50 days before because of dawnsyndrome result after amniocentesis.I cried for a month.I had had 2 miscarriages before.I had the same feelings as you have now but never lose faith blood test can be misleading sometimes but amniocentesis is definite maybe nothing will come out and you will have a healthy baby.If a negative result comes again be happy yhat you have been warned before there are many mothers who didnot have the chance to have these tests and gave birth to angels with medical problems and lots of sufferings. please be calm and strong.I pray to God to help you and lift you up.AMEN

11/26/2001 12:27

I am a 32 year old married lady and have been trying for 5 years to conceive. God has not allowed me to get pregnant yet. Before I gave my life to Christ I thought that it was a curse on a woman not to have a child. I have done all that I can do to get pregnant. I am not seeing an infertility specialist and he has diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I want a child so bad. Seeing the specialist is expensive and the money is running out. I am asking all that read this to please pray that the Lord allow me to get pregnant with a healthy baby and please grant me a financial blessing so that I may be able to afford the treatment. I believe in asking God specifically for what I want. The bible states you have not because you ask not. I am a Christian and I believe that there is nothing too hard for God. NOTHING. I have enough sense to know that God knows whats best for me. I am not going to doubt God, I am going to hold fast to my faith and expect a blessing. I am instructed in the word, that the prays of the righteous availeth much. I am asking for your prayers. I am new to this cite, but I have read the prayer requests and I am praying for all the people requesting prayer. Please lift me up in prayer and pray that I stay encouraged and keep my hands and mind on God. I thank God daily for finding me because I was truely lost. I am not perfect, I have a long way still to go, but I thank God I am not the same. God has a special calling on my life and my greatest desire is to serve Him continually, please pray for me.

1/9/2002 00:01

To all of you who are in pain because you want a child, I'll pray for you to have faith and that he will bless you with many children. Please remember to talk to him daily, especially when things are going good in your life. I tend to forget that myself. Someone very special once said "Waiting' is the toughest thing to do for humans." My mom always tells me that the lord is never early but he is never late either. I will keep you all in my prayers. In Jesus'precious name,hunnybee

1/9/2002 01:01

I have been trying to conceive my second child also and did have a misscarriage in may, and for the longest time i wanted the right medicine the right shot for my infertility problem but what i realized that it is on gods hands not the doctors so i just pray every night that he will hear my prayers and if its in his will i will have a second child godbless all of you ladies too keep the faith.

7/1/2002 10:52

god plz bless this family with a 2 & my husben have been praying for moor chiledre too for 4 years.i no that when it is the right time it will helep us get thor this time we have become minters for my sons friends,& my coison macks me & my husben fell grat to no that we can mack a diffins in theas kids lives.some of them dont have faters,some dont have nobody besids us ,& thier gradmother,some have both parents but nither their mom or dad have time for we try to be their for them every child needs somebody that will be their for son loves that caues he& his friends no that their lots of love,joy,happens& prays here in this home.they no if they need a ear to listen to them then we,r here for themor if thy need a shoard to cry on that theirs 1 son knows at 6 years old that god does listen.god i ask in ur name that u will bless thes ladys with moor kids,and plz give them pastef things to keep them beasy untill their new babby gets here .thanky you in ur name i ask plz bless u people. i no god can give u moor my son is a mireal child hislef.i pary for 10 years befor i found out i was pergent with i no god will give u moor dont losse hart !!

1/9/2003 16:55

I pray for those trying to have more children, and those trying for the first time, and those who have lost children. I pray that God gives you all strength, fertility, hope, and love.

6/7/2003 14:53

Forget Satan, he has nothing to do with this
Forget everything you know, every thing you ever learned about the human body
Forget your hurt for just one moment
Instead feel.
Feel serenity
Feel calm
Feel joy of waht you have
Two children, two heavenly creations
Feel nothing but yourself for only a moment
You will sense your spirit crying
Do not hold back the tears, they heal
Do not hate your body, I sense that you do
Love it, care for it
A child will be given to you by the God to whom you pray when you both are in total serenity
I believe that you are now in a state of great grief, naturaly, I know how you feel. I am only 22 and has lost two babies early
I hated my body, and fell into a black place where I wish not to end up again.
I found that only when I let go, when I stopped hating myself and started to bring myself to loving myself, I got pregnant. When you are in harmony with your body and mind, your body will be ready to recieve a new blessing.
I know this may not be what you want to hear, but that is the way Nature works. Chaos creates chaos. Harmony creates harmony. Harmony creates life. Life creates,well life
Bless your heart, mind and spirit

8/4/2003 16:51

I have only one piece of advice for you. Please continue to pray. I can not guarantee that you will be blessed with another child but you will be blessed with God's everlasting love and trust. He can only do right by you. If you don't ever have another child...thank God, because it was a decision he made for your life for his reasons. He saved you from something. I pray that you will get what you want but I also want you to keep your faith if you don't. Love him always!

8/6/2003 14:46

Bountiful Mother, grant your daughter fertility, that she may bring new life upon the world and so honor your gift of creation. Bountiful Mother, may her belly swell with new life, may her womb fill, may she be as fertile as black earth. Bountiful Mother, please give this woman more children. Innana Asoreth Bridgid Yemmana, with harm to none, so mote it be.

8/21/2003 05:36

My first child was born after 7 years of trying and my daughter came 6 years after, please don't obsess about this, but enjoy the child you have now, at least you were blessed once, please be happy with that and concentrate on the good things you do have now.

8/21/2003 05:44

Message to "with child2" I beg you to go and work with children with down syndrome, they are loving, sweet and giving little children, and they need special, loving parents, accept all who may come into your life for what they are and not what you hope they would be. They are not a burden but a blessing.

9/23/2003 17:41

I just want to say I can relate with debbie7 because I had a miscarraige two years ago. It broke my heart to know that I had lost the baby I was 12 weeks.The reason I had, had a miscarriage was because my placenta was bleeding because it had a hole.They Dr. couldn't do anything. My husband and I have been trying since and we have not had a baby yet. Our seven year old daughter wants brother or sister also we pray with her so god could bless us with another baby. Sometimes I wonder why god won't answer my prayer but I also think he may have his reasons. I continue to have faith in god and continue to pray. maybe one day he will bless us with a baby. Please keep us in your prayers just like we will keep you in ours. May god bless you all.

2/26/2004 14:42

Please pray for me. I am praying that the Lord will bless me with a miracle baby. Years ago I made the mistake of getting my tubes tied. I had 3 children at the time, and I didn't think that I wanted any more. I should have just left things in Gods hands, but I took matters into my own and had my tubes tied. Since then, God has taken my son to heaven to live with him. It's been almost 7 years ago. I now really regret getting my tubal. I am longing for another child. I ask the Lord daily. I know that if it's in his plan for me , then I will conceive again in spite of everything.

Please keep me in your prayers. May the Lord bless and keep each and every one of you.

10/10/2004 00:50

To all you that are wanting a child, I pray to God that he answers your prayers. Praise him for all the blessings he has given you. God is Good All the Time! Especially when we don't get our way. I think the hardest lesson I've learned is to not expect things when we want them. If God is going to answer our prayers they are going to get answered when God feels we are ready. Every month that went by for 3 or 4 years that I wasn't pregnant, I was devistated. My sister-in-laws and friends were getting pregnant with no problems and it hurt. I wanted nothing more in life than to be a mother. My husband and I went through all the infertility testing and tried some fertility drugs and needed surgery for endometriosis. Finally we decided to persue adoption. It was the very best decision we made. Even when we were close to adopting, I didn't think a baby was ever going to come. I remember the day that I finally let go of trying to conceive (that was the day I did conceive). We received the most wonderful news, we received a placement for 6 wk. old twins, a boy and a girl. Two days later I did a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant. The Lord sure does work in mysterious ways. Imagine having no children one day and 7 months later having 3! Our biological daughter came 10 wks. early, weighed 2 lbs. and is a beautiful, healthy miracle and our twins are equally as beautiful, and miraculously joined our family. The first 5 years were so difficult and very stressful especially for me the mom, at home all day doing the best I could do raising them, but I wouldn't have changed a thing even if I could by turn back time and plan one child at time and nicely spaced like lots of couple do. God's timing is always right!! God Bless all of you women and couples praying for a family. I hope you all will consider adoption if you can't conceive. Believe me, there is absolutely no difference between the love of a parent and a biological or adopted child in my opinion. They are all God's children.

4/1/2005 12:36

Please Bless this family God. Thank You

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