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Sara Green
Person is going thru a difficult relationship breakup

This person is going thru difficult times and dealing with an emotional breakup.

Actually this prayer is for me. I have just recently ended a relationship I have been in for the past 8 years (not my choice, his). The pain I feel and the anger is sometimes unbearable. Please pray for me; pray that God will hold my hand thru this time and help me hold me tongue and thoughts. I need to know that this is his will. I know there is a better person out there if I am patient and just WAIT for his answer. I am 56 years old. Thank you


Sara864 -10/3/2007
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10/16/2007 10:48

My son is in a relationship; the gal he is with is such a nice girl, but he is angry with her and wants out. She cries and writes me all the time. I am betwix and between. I LOVE my son, but my HEART goes out to his girlfriend. She is all alone, very smart, attractive, presents herself well and starts a new job today. BUT she does not have enough money to make it on her own in Vancouver, Canada. I pray my son will realize that he professed his love to this sweet person; so where did LOVE go? I know people split up and it is not the end of the world. BUT my son seems to disprespect women. He is handsome and thinks he is Gods Gift to Women. I just wish he would be able to settle down and not be so insensitive to woman. I am going to visit them next week and I have never met his girlfriend, but she writes me all the time. I am sure she is a great person, why can't he see that the grass is not always greener on the other side. All I pray for is that at least he will give the relationship one more try, before he throws it all away. I LOVE my son, but I have a "soft spot" for women who truly love and think they are to blame for just being themselves and loving a man. I pray that my son matures and can look at himself and see that sometimes it is not always the other person. Takes 2 to tangle and 2 to love.....I pray that my son finds PEACE & HARMONY, instead of anger he seems to harbour.
Thank you all for your prayers.
May God Bless you all.
A MOM who aches for her son to find true peace and happiness.
LIFE was not meant to be a struggle.

10/22/2007 22:26

I have been married for a least 6yrs now myhusband wants out he has found someone new on the compter and he is play to uproot our life and sell everything we have I do love this man but it is getting harder evryday he has call the law on me for no reason he has nothing on me I go to school and church and to the store and home I have pray and pray and I have ask god to do what need to be done and I have left in it in his hands the big misake of all of this I still love this man god has put us toghter in his well we are to stay togher but he wants to lesve for this other woman at least our children are of age Please pray for me and that iam making the dession.

11/6/2007 01:06

I have been a relationship for about 3 and a half years. We had talked all day while I was at work and it seemed fine. I got home that night after she called me to ask if I wanted her to make me muffins to take to work the next day I said yes,thanks. She said she was going to the store. I got home and there was just a note saying don't try to contact her. Who does that? I finally saw her and the only explanation was she didn't know what was going on in her head. She was off her prozac for about a month and started them again, but at a stronger dosage. This was the same time she left with the kids and just says her mind is crazy and unclear. It hurts to see her like this. I told her I don't hate and nor was I made at her. I was just concerned and confused. I miss them all and I am trying to stay strong but this is my family. Only God can help guide her home and all I can do is pray for there safety and hope she knows I do still love her very much. The kids are sad and want to come home. Please any prays guiding her back home would be a blessing. Thank you and God Bless.

11/29/2007 13:46

I could relate to your situation sara I to was in a relationship for about 5 years but we knew each for 20 years and we started off as friend really close and then we started to dated and it became serious we even talked of marriage but one day he made up excuse for me to find somebody else to love and my son who lives in florida as excuse for us not to be together anymore but I really called him on the real reason which was he is afraid to commit but I never pressured him for marriage but the point is this he profess all these years that he loved me an I like a fool believed you dont love somebody one day and breakup the next. I am so heartbroken by his action I just e-mail and told him I can't be friends anymore don't contact me and I won't contact him ever,I just at this time told him I cannot forgive or forget. An slowly but surely I have been praying for god to give me strength to go on each and every day and healing me of a brokenheart with forgiveness for him one day. It help to read passage in the bible that is a help also.Psalms 34:18 109:16 147:3 Isaiah 61:1 I read them over and over along with others this a great comfort to me and it will also help you. I am 52 years old. But life goes on for us we will find healing eventually. God Bless. Snowwhite

1/13/2008 19:19

I ask that God sends to me the love of my life.My first marrage I had 6 children with him ,he is an achoholic I divorced him and remarried.My second husband left me 5 years ago,He couldn't take the kids and the games the x played and felt that I didn't support him,but I am still in love with him....I cannot let go.I pray that God helps me to let go, or reconcile us.He and I are friends now and that makes it harder.

1/23/2008 15:07

I too was with a man on and off for the past eight years.. We met in College, when he was 19 and i was 21. and even though i shouldn't have fallen in love with him, becuase he always left me, i did. I gave this man, my love and support during the hardests times in his life. I was there for him when he was overseas fighting in Iraq, there when his mom had a heartattack, there when his grandfather was is the hospital and died, there when his grandmother was is the hospital. I am always there for him and i continuously forgave him and let him back in my life when he left me and wanted back. But when i needed him he was never there for me or he was gone. I believed in him and us. I believed him when he said he was sorry and that he loved me and that i was the love of his life. I believed him when he told me that he wanted to take me to the synagogue and present me as his women and that he wanted to teach me his ways to be with him. I thought that because he was God fearing and a Jewish man, he would be a better man, but i was wrong. he betrayed me and lied to me and continuously abandoned me. I carry a lot of angry, disappointment, and bitterness, and not just at him but for myself, because i continuously placed my self in that position, and he never changed. this past August was the last straw, i broke it off, because I know that God does not want me to be with someone who hurts me and makes me suffer so. I deserve better. Its was very hard to let go. But i accept that this God's will.

I pray that God gives me the clarity i need to forgive myself and him. That HaShem give me the ability to let go and be free. That God bless me,redeem and renew in everything that i have lost and given freely and completely. that he bless me with happiness and peace. that he hold my hand and carry me in his arms on the days and nights when my depression, loneliness, frustration, and pain are too much for me bare on my own. That HaShem light my path so that I may walk forever towards him and towards all that he has in store me. I pray for of you here that God blesses you and your families, and friends. Amen

2/4/2008 17:27

I have just come to the end of the most wonderful relationship I have ever had with a man who has been the love of my life, we have been in a relationship for 8 years. He has been going out with and only out with someone else for 15 years but he had always been clear that he only wanted a companionship relationship with her. I moved to live next door to him 5 years ago 3 years after our relationship started, it has been very difficult to cope at times as he has spent time going out with her and then come home to me. There were issues that mean't it was impossible for him to declare me as his partner, mainly because I was friends with his first wife and knew his children well, his elder daughter has not spoken to him for 8 years since she saw us talking together at the local shops he told his younger daughter whom he adores that we were only talking, if she found out we were in a relationship and I lived next door to him I know for a fact that she too would not speak to him, added to this he is twenty years older than me and I have 2 children, and I do not think that he would cope with living with them , and I can understand that. I am sure when I am 63 I will find it difficult to take on young children (8 and 12) We have been extremely happy as we were then somebody told his other friend about me and she came to my house and questioned me , she confirmed that they have not had any kind of physical relationship for the last ten years but because of their age they were companions for day trips and holidays I know lots of people say he has been having his cake and eating it but reality is that he has cared and loved me very deeply and also cared very much for his other friend - i know if i saw someone else in this situation I would think they were crazy but it has been good as i have had moral support, practical help and a very loving relationship far far more so than my marriage since living next to him I cannot wait to get home to him everyday. Now all this has been ruined as the other lady he has been friends with has sent her family to see him and told him he is the biggest let down, he has been so scared to lose her companionship and to lose our relationship I have been so so worried about him as he has been totally distraught not knowing which way to turn, he feels responsible for her as she has always believed they would end up together when they retired, In my heart I had tried to accept this but because of the way this has happened we have all been torn apart, he is despite all this trying to be a good friend to me although, I am not sure this is in his best interests. I opened my bible today and I opened it on the story of Solomon with the two women arguing about who owned a baby, it so broke my heart but I believe the right thing to do is to let him go. I know I will never love anybody as much again and I have been very sick and fainted this morning which i think was panic. Please pray for me that i will find the strength to carry on and to let him go, the last thing I want to do is burden him with any guilt , he has enough already. I will miss him always and will grieve for a long time> I pray we will all receive strength from God and find peace again. Annie

3/10/2008 18:53

Honey, it sounds to me like your "man", friend has been having his cake,his pies, his muffins, oh yeah! And YOU TOO the fool to fall back on. I'm a bit confused, you said that you moved next door to be closer to him? Then when did you two move in together? And why did u not "protest" when he chose "companionship" with her but kept coming home 2 u? Hummm? ever thought about getting tested?

3/29/2008 13:51

Relationships are so hard. I have just stopped a relationship after 6+ years, because I realized ultimately it wasn't right for me. Your situation sounds very convoluted and a lot of lying and hiding from the truth was involved. Let go of all of that and remember that real peace is inside of you. You will be a better person for letting it go, and if it was meant to be, you both will work it out, family included. Sometimes when we are lonely we fall into things and situations, and before you know it they are habit. Habits are hard to break. Be good to yourself and give, letting go, a chance. Look at who you want to be, and I am sure that settling for living next door and sneaking around is not what you wanted for yourself. To be your best person, you have to find the right partner, that will lift you up and would never have let this go on for so long. It must have been very painful to have the man you love go trips and out with this companion. If she really is just a friend, can't you be with your man and you both be friends with her? This is supposed to be a prayer, but I am not sure it is...but the message is, look inside yourself, you know this hasn't been the ideal thing for you. I am struggling with loss of a relationship too, but for a long time I knew it wasn't right any more. I need God's strength to do the right thing and so do you. He is there for us. Take care.

4/25/2008 14:10

My boyfriend after years left me for someone else, they left him eventually. From that point he has been in and out of relationships and yet none of them worked. After years of separation we are back together again. And he not such a nice person. I do all the giving and the taking. example I buy dinner 30.00 drive 30 min and he decides he wants something else. Yet I ask for a 6.00 salad and he says it's too expensive. And so much more. Of all he's dated, noone is there. Why I'm not strong like them. I want so much to leave and stand up for myself, but then a part of me says give it a chance. I walk on egg shells daily because I never know when he will get angry. He's a schoolteacher and in the public eye he's perfect but behind closed doors it's a different story. I work in the legal field and I can do many things but this has got the best of me. And then i think if he's thinking of me or this or that. I'm tired mentally. I just lost a loved one and now my father's sick. I'm only 37 and I feel the world is too heavy. I want to honestly happy. Moreso prove to him I can be without him. I don't need man's validation. Please pray for me.

5/5/2008 23:45

I have been in a five and a half year relationship with my other half. We balance each other out with our differences and enjoy each others company. He graduated college in December and I will graduate in May. We are in a transitional period in our lives when we have to discover what is right for each other. He has searched for God to give him answers and he keeps explaining to me that God is telling him to break up with me because he has a feeling God is going to present him with a challenge that he is going to have to deal with on his own, without me. I will do anything for this man and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I know that I have to be patient and wait for him to figure out his position in life before I expect him to want to have me in his life, it's just hard to understand because God keeps sending me the message to not give up on him but to stay by his side and support him in what he is doing. I am torn between what he is telling me and what God is telling me and I am so lost. I graduate in May and I should be happy planning our lives together, but I keep searching for an answer to my broken heart. In my heart of hearts I know that I need to refocus my life on myself and let him figure out what he needs to figure out, and we will be a better couple because of it, I just need to find patience to let it happen. I ask that you pray for God to grant me patience in this time of unknowing. Thank you and God Bless.

God and Me
5/16/2008 23:27

You are all in my prayers. I don't freely give advice only suggestions and besides, I have had too many unsuccessful relationships and frankly, I am wearing tired of getting hurt; whether it was my doing or theirs, and I am struggling in a relationship now that may end soon. So...There are 2 prayers that help me tremendously on a daily basis that I learned in the fellowship of AA. The Serenity Prayer and the 3rd Step Prayer - "God, I offer myself to Thee, to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will. Take away my difficulties that Victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Thy Power, Thy Love, and Thy way of Life. May I do Thy will always. Amen." I welcome prayers also. Pray for the other person also, that God ministers to their issues and their heart & spirit. You guys made me cry ya know. God Bless you all, my heart goes out to you.

5/21/2008 12:47

Well, goodness gracious,sakes alive!DUMP THESE GUYS!!!***************************
Any guy that's telling you God wants him to leave you, is lying through his teeth. He just doesn't want you to know the real reason. And all these other women with the same problem, get rid of them, you're only setting yourself up for more pain and suffering if you don't. I know it's not easy, but are WE Women, are are WE doormats??? I include myself here, married 3 times before I concluded I have a flawed selection process! And to any one out there in an abusive relationship, whether it's verbal or physical, save yourself, leave and hide from him. Don't tell him anything, this is your own life you are saving. God Bless you all, Rebecca in Tucson, AZ

6/1/2008 23:33

I was in a relationship for 8 years and my then boyfriend broke up with me, I am trying to give it a chance again but I don't think I'm in love with him anymore in the way he is with me. Please pray that God will guide me to do the right things and for this man that is very special to me.

6/11/2008 18:16

I have been in a relationship for 6 years we have 2 beautiful girls and we were even talking about marriage but he decided ge wanted to marry someone else am hurt, confuse and really upset I was pregnant with my daughter when he told me he was leaving me and he wants us to have dual custody, I wish I know what to do and how to start the healing process without letting my feelings spill over on my children

7/22/2008 02:16

I've been in a relationship for 7 years we've lived together for 2 1/2 years now i just found out that he had been cheating on me i found out through some emails that he had wrote to the other woman & vice versa i had suspions that something was going on i have confronted him once about her but he just said i don't need to feel threatened theyre just friends we have been having problems in our relationship he has been abusing prescription pain medications he told me he couldn't have sex with me because he was impotent i believed him he has back problems so the pain is real so i have been suffering because i wasn't getting my emotional physical needs met and am growing increasingly frustrated he doesnt even try just ignores me then i found these emails and i confronted him and come to find out she is his highschool sweetheart and shes married herself i am racked with so much pain, anger and resentment that i don't know what to do with it i told him i was moving out he had the audacity to suggest that since its so expensive to live on my own why don't i just stay there he owns a house and i can just sleep in the other bedroom are you kidding me!!! i said no absoutely not i have to stay for another month to save up to move and i don't know how i am going to get through it i have been praying i really need support please pray for me to find some sense of peace during this time.

7/24/2008 18:25

Prayers to all of you. I too am trying to get over a break up and trying to move on. The sadness is overwhelming. I have to believe we all will heal.

7/29/2008 22:24



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