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jeremy e
J. suffers from severe depression

I am requesting prayers as i struggle with some heavy depression.

I am struggling with some intense depression...when it gets this bad, the nagging suicidal thoughts kick in. I will never listen to them but they are very seductive and sometimes I cannot see the realistic options that I do have. I was hoping some fellow Christians would pray with me.


bat70 -9/20/2007
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11/1/2007 09:21

prayed for you jeremy no one should ever feel like they want to commit suicide. there is always another option even if you cant see it right now you will.

11/9/2007 08:53

I feel your pain and pray that you find
a way to overcome this disease. Along with prayer educate yourself so that u
understand depression because there is power in knowledge. When it gets intense find a way to trick your mind.
Read an inspirational book or make yourself watch a funny movie. It will be hard but if u try to make it a habit it slowly becomes a little bit easier. I wish I could make you feel different but only you can do it. I like to think that the reason people feel such pain is because we are gentle souls in a world that dosn't know how lucky it is to have us in it. Find your purpose and
it will all make sense. Good Luck

11/10/2007 19:12

Jeremy, I have been there. I'm learning to stay away from that place. (I take medication for depression and anxiety, and have ADD I cannot medicate because of high blood pressure.) I will not ever try to take my life, but occasionally I pine for "the finality, the closure" of never having to feel bad again... But it is dawning on me that the antidote is gratitude and to accept that life isn't supposed to be comfortable always, and respect that the days I am uncomfortable are among the ones where I learn the most and deepen my faith the most.... Am I making any sense? My therapist has me working on "mindfulness" meditation, noticing and setting aside thoughts, and just noticing how many are negative (sometimes most)... and discarding them as false. I am not these thoughts, she says, and my homework these days is to let that sink in.... Perhaps with our resources and access to the love of others, we can (both of us, all of us) let go of compulsive negative thinking--maybe even replace it with compulsive positive thinking! That's my goal. I'll pray for you; please pray for me. Peace out. Paul

11/22/2007 23:12

Jeremy, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I ask for you to please send me your wishes for strength and healing too. I need support. This wsa a terrible Thanksgiving for me - alone and hurt by a dysfunctional, destructive family who struck me arill more blows. Sometimes it seems that will be fatal - or that they already have been, and I am just waiting for them to play themselves out.

I know there is great good out there, though, and I pray that you can know it first hand as I pray the same for myself and others like us who struggle with sadness and sorrow. I extend my hand to you, friend.

Loving thoughts,


12/4/2007 09:53

How dare you feel like you can just give up. Don't you see that you are a human being, I mean it is good that you are reaching out for help but DO NOT DO DIE. Everyone is put on Earth for a purpose and I believe the same for you.

Jersey Joel
12/19/2007 10:35

My wife and I are disabled on S/S> We could use a little more funds each month.
I have an invention for sale. My prayer request is to get the funds to get it stated and pray it sells.

1/5/2008 13:31


I have dealt with mental illness most of my life, as I was a victim of verbal physical, emotional, and sexual abuse during childhood and adolescence. Now, I am also 100% disabled and unable to work or do most physical activites, in part because of Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue(ME, but mainly damaged caused from from falling through a floor, because of a negligent landlord. Like you, I have dealt with thoughts of ending my pain, on occasion, although I know I would NEVER act upon them. I hope that, perhaps, something I suggest may help you, in some way.

When I become very depressed, at the first thought about ending my pain, I think about the heartach ending my life would cause those who love and care for me, and all the beautiful things we have in this life that I would miss, like the change of tree leaves in Fall, the Aurora Borealis lights in the northern parts of our planet, the ability to love and be loved, and what it is like to feel pure joy. These thoughts, along with a good cry and a hug from a friend, stop the bad thoughts dead in their tracks.

This next suggestion is something that, with practice, may keep you from even reaching the darker depths of depression. I have made a good friend, via the internet. He is in the reserve military and has served one tour in the first Gulf War, and two tours of duty in the current war. He told me how he always enjoyed the sunsets over the desert, because they were very colorful and peaceful. But, watching the sunrise was even more wonderful, because it meant that he was still alive, and able to enjoy all of the good things that are here for us. He taught me this: at some point every morning, think of one good thought, something that makes you feel good or, even, smile inside. If you start to feel down, remember that good thought and it should turn your mood around. Every day, I practice this and, since starting, I have not had one thought of suicide and, although my days are often rough, I find myself feeling better about myself and life.

I hope these ideas will help you, and I will keep you in my prayers. Remember, as well, that it is not selfish to pray to God on your own behalf, so praying to get better certainly won't hurt.

May you not only find peace of mind, but peace of heart.


1/16/2008 08:58

I am praying for you because I do know what is like to be in depression. When you do feel that way. Get your thoughts on the blessings of God in what He have done in your life. The evil one who is the devil wants you to feel defeat, despair and like you can't go on. You can go on because God is with you every step of the way.
If you need to talk to your Pastor of what have been troubling you for a long time. That is okay too.
I had to go to Therapist to talk about my problems and other issues. Because when you do feel depressed. That is the time that you don't think anyone cares about you. Just find the right person who you do trust.
Peace can only come from God. Read His Word.

Francine Dozois
2/23/2008 09:31

Oh, Jeremy, it is so easy for me to relate with your pain. These days, I try focusing on understanding that, frankly, ALL my fears are false and depression-bound. It is not easy but I seem to get "there", for a moment or two, then the fear pops up again. I acknowledge its presence and I tell it that it does not have much longer to live. I feel, I am taking one more step in the right direction, every day. Even the odd step back helps. Last night, as I was taking my shower, I could have just as well wash with my tears, I was crying so hard. Right after, I sat at my desk and wrote this. It calmed me right down and even made me smile :


I owe no such a thing
As one more tear
And I've got in me,
No more pain to give you.

I owe to myself
A world of wonders
That I intend to take
To share with you.

I never again will make me cry.
I'll never again cause you sorrow.
Consuming fear'll never again run wild,
In my crazy heart, tired to the bone.

Francine Dozois

searching to give/get help
3/12/2008 20:43

Hi Jeremy, my name is Deb. I have been diagnosed w/clinical depression myself and am on several meds. I SO know what you're feeling about death but would never (?COULD never?)do it. When I first started seeing a shrink & she asked if I ever thought about that, I said yes, every day; doesn't everyone - I was serious. She replied: actually no,people DON'T think about death when they're sad - THAT's the difference between "feeling sad" or "feeling depressed" as opposed to actually being diagnosed with it. I am so in tune with you as I, too, am experiencing several different issues, one which could possibly leave me disabled or partially disabled for the rest of my life. Thankfully, I had two great parents who brought me to Church every Sunday and had a strong faith. I'd be lost (or not here) w/out that.
Here's what I think about when I think about death and ending the pain: What it would do to my Dad, my daughter, family, friends,those who care about me. Second: God put each of us here for a purpose, and it's not over till He says it's over. Third: I think about how much Jesus suffered his entire short life - even before he was nailed to the Cross! And last: I say The Serenity Prayer often, every day, and contemplate my situation for each verse.
These things, along with the hope and faith that when it is my time, I will live eternally happy with the Lord all help me each day. And that's really all any of us can do: live one day at a time. Otherwise... imagine how overwhelming and depressing THAT would be! And that comes only from living by the 10 Commandments, being a good person, and ya know, I find if I can help someone else feel better: listen to a friend's problems perhaps - that it makes me feel better and more hopeful and able to cope. And then I can think about death - my natural death- with a picture of living eternally with The Lord! I will keep you in my prayers. And think about what I have written to you.

If you would like to correspond back & forth,contact Beliefnet about how to go about it, or write to me through this forum.

4/9/2008 11:31

I wasn't sure were to go for this pray request, so please for give if this is in the wrong group. .my brother Toby suffers from serve depression ,I want to go into all of it now, but he is in bad shape. His health is getting worse everyday,he has alot of phyical problems . He is bed ridden,and his best friend is a dog names chico, well this morning they had to put his best friend chco to sleep. He is not doing to well, please pray for my brother, we are so scared he is going to hurt his self. Thank You,Donna T.

7/10/2008 11:49

I pray for Jeremy to be delivered from the spirit of depression in Jesus Name. May he put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name. In Jesus Name. Amen


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