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please pray for my daddy johnny parker who has lung cancer he will be 75 on april 24 and he also has a open ulcer on his left heel that won't heal but though pray all things are possible please pray for us.

please pray for my daddy johnny parker as we go through this vally of fighting lung cancer, because he will not be receiving any treatments, (his request not to) he believes that god will take care of him until his call to go home. my daddy is still amazing all his doctors because he has no problems breathing on his on and the tumor on his right lung is 8cm in size. he also has a ulcer on his left heel big open wound they would like to remove his left leg but are unable to because the risk is to big due to the lung. my daddy is still smileing and in good faith he will be 75 april 24. please pray that god will contuine to give me the strength to take care of my daddy at home and keep down all infections in his left heel. i am not one with a goog stomach but i pray daily and god has given me the stength and courage to be able to clean and change the bandage on my daddy's foot twice daily.
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4/13/2006 11:45

I like to add my daughter-in-law to the prayer list who has also been diagnosed with cancer.

I pray for all who are sick and that the Lord take them all up under "His" wings.

May the "Good Lord Bless Them All".

4/13/2006 12:14

Dear Lord, I pray for physical healing for Johnny from this cancer. Please lead, guide and direct him and his family and give them daily strength and comfort. In Jesus name, Amen.

4/13/2006 12:16

Dear Lord, Please wrap Johnny in your loving arms. PLEASE allow him to live the rest of his life free of pain. Please give his daughter the stength that she needs to get through this difficult time. In your nam I prayer. Amen.

4/13/2006 12:24

Dear God,

Have mercy on both Johnny and Helen his daughter. Though we are here for only a short time, we experience joy and pain, and cry out to you during our most profound experiences. Please bless and pour out your healing onto Johnny, and minimise his pain and discomfort. Help his body fight off infection and find a balance between its functions and the presence of the cancer. Dear God, if it is your will, heal Johnny, but even if it is not, continue to keep him in your love, grace, and peace. Uplift the spirits also of Helen, bless her mightily as she cares for her father, and give her the strength to keep going, without wearying or feeling afraid or desperate. Let you peace be in her heart, and help her to fear nothing, but know that in her heart, you will meet all her needs, material, emotional, mental, spiritual.

In the name of Jesus I pray,


4/13/2006 14:03

Lord, Touch Johnnys body today,fill him with your awesome love and spirit,let nothing that touches him harm him in any way. i f it is time for you to call him home to be with you, then I pray that he is ready and that his daughter knows he is! Lord I also pray for strenth for her today, a day of good memorys, aday of telling of tales of the old days before family members started their journeys home to be with you! I pray she will write them down, for future telling, they will be important to future generations.Give him a time of peace now Lord if it is almost the end of his time here with her so that she wont just remember,the pain,and the hardnes of careing for a loved one with such an awful disease!Help thim to have time to remember Mama, Chidhood, to say Im sorry, if they need to, but most important to remove any doubt, if there is any thig between daddy and you, oh God have Mercy,as you did for our daddy, Thank you, for the 8 weeks I had to get to know him again, to listen to his silly songs, and write them down, to hear stories, that i had forgotten from my childhood,and write them down, to be priveleged to be there when he saw the Angels the 1st timt, and told them he couldnt go with them if his baby girl was there crying.To hear him singing this world is not my home im just passing thru, my treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue, the to finally be able to stop saying dont leave me daddy, Im not big enough, and he would always say, when the time comes Joybells,God will give you the Grace, you will be big enough, I could finally not stand the pain for him, and could say with tears pouring down my face, as you will too, daddy im big enough now, when the Angels come for you again, when it hurts so much, please go, He made all of us girlsleave, after he told mama(now 90)How much he loved her @ how much he thanked her for almost 70 years, and pinched her on her rear one more time(he had to come out of a coma for that)but he kept only my oldest brother, and my oldest brother-in-law with him, he wanted every one else to go home to rest for church the next day!He slept most of the nigt,very early, before dawn herose up in the bed , and told my brother to watch over our mama, and told him hoe proud he was of himand how much he loved him, and the same with Johnny,that he had always been a son to him,then started up,Bill asked him, daddy what are you doing , dont you see them , he asked, with the most beautiful glorified look on his face. see what bill asked,the angels daddy, said, gave them ahuge smile that the mortictan could not get off his face,and was gone. Was it easy? No, did that make it easier?Oh,Yes! I miss my daddy every day, do i think God caused the accident that caused me to lose my careere in 2 seconds, so thet the next time mama called and said, daddys in the hospital,I had o on my dayrunner,and could go.but I do know that God knows where we live and he knew that I would never get over it if I had never reconnected with the daddy I followed like a peppy all my life, and let him die alone. it has had a great impact on me,in ministry,personally,and spirirually,I know this has been very long but for some reason i felt like I needed to tell you. I pray that somthing I have put here will help you or someone! may God bless you ! I will be praying for you and your dad

4/13/2006 21:18

DEAR LORD, Please put your healing hands on Johnny and make him well. He needs all the love and prayers and lots of comfort from everyone. Johnny just remember you have a guardian angel with you at all times. Don't give up because prayers are answered.

4/13/2006 21:19

Pray for me that I have to take a test to keep my job i took the test missed it by 1 point pray that when i take it again on april 29 that god will give me wisdom this time to pass it.

4/13/2006 21:59

Dear Lord:
thou knowest our every need so To do you know Johnny's need right now.
I pray that your love,peace'grace and mercy may abide with Johnny and his loved ones each moment of each day.
might thy perfect will be done whether it be to heal Johnny or not.Let him continue to be free from all pain and complications and grant him Strength for each new Day.might he be ever closer drawn to thee during these difficult Days.please be with Any others who are sick and hurting and need A special touch from thy mighty hand.I give you alll the glory and thy name Amen.

4/14/2006 00:29

With God all things are possible. We believe this and thank you in advance for the things you will do for this family. In Jesus Name... Amen

4/14/2006 05:55

I pray for healing for all those diagnosed with cancer and I also pray for strength for them in this time of trial. I also pray that the friends and family of those diagnosed would have peace and healing emotionally and spiritually.

4/14/2006 06:52

Heavenly Father, we thank you for giving Helen the faith and strength that you have given her. She must be one fine christain aand has her faith in the right place. Thank you for the strength you have given her to do the things she needs to do for her daddy. God bless this family and be with them daily. Lord, we praise you for your love and your goodness. We praise you for giving Helen the strong faith she has. hank you father for helping her care for her father. Father we will continue to offer up our prayers to you on behalf of them. Go with them through this day and show them your love. These things we as in your Holy Name. Amen

4/14/2006 10:08

My dearest Lord--Please heal and bless Johnny-a loving father--to all his family. Make him strong to endure all his treatments as you have my Loving and wonderful finacee. Please let them regain health and enjoyment of life. I say this in the name of the Lord always. I pledge to add Johnny and all inflicted with cancer to my personal rosary daily. I am a survivor--It will happen if you "Let God!" God Bless you all and continue to enjoy life as it be. Unfortunately, my Kevin and I are not so lucky but our love grows stronger each day. Love to all!!! Be Happy!!! Mergi

4/14/2006 10:24

Dear Father in haven, I pray for Johnny's healing if this is your will.
And if it is not then please give him, his Family and friends the strength to except your will! I also pray Dear Lord for Korin and her unborn child and that you will heal her baby and not allow this her first to die or be born ill. If this is not your will then please give her our family and all involved the strength to except your will. In Jesus name I pray, Aman

4/14/2006 10:24

Dear Father in haven, I pray for Johnny's healing if this is your will.
And if it is not then please give him, his Family and friends the strength to except your will! I also pray Dear Lord for Korin and her unborn child and that you will heal her baby and not allow this her first to die or be born ill. If this is not your will then please give her our family and all involved the strength to except your will. In Jesus name I pray, Aman

4/14/2006 12:01

Father I pray for Helen ,to have wisdom & strength to help her dad. If it be your will please help Johnny get through this .I also pray for Helen to be able to give it to you and let go .I too have just been through some really rough treatments .I have lost 7 aunts
mainly to lung cancer & 4 uncles my mother comes from a family of 12 children .She is the only one left and suffers everyday for 12 years w/ lung throat cancer & emphysema she also has a trach & nasopharyngeal carcinoma a rare cancer for us ,it's mainly found in asians .. I am italian & russian.I too have just completed treatments for this cancer ,as well on my mom's side my cousin has the same cancer which spread to his lymph nodes as well as his lungs .on mom's side I lost 2 other cousins from lung cancer & have one in remission ,On dads side my grandmom passed from liver cancer & grandpop lung cancer.. it's a horrible disease and the treatments knowing first hand are probably worse . we all need strength to get through and only through the grace of God, will we get this strength .. I pray for us all for our Lord to have mercy and I pray for a cure to be found .. My mother was given 6 weeks to live ,10 years ago ,Miracles are real. We need to believe and give it to God .We need to pray for a cure for this wretched disease ..I ask this in Jesus name .AMEN

4/14/2006 13:56

Please keep Johnny and Helen in your loving arms and help them and all families who are stuggling with cancer and other illnesses. --Amen

4/15/2006 07:50

Dear Lord,
Please help Johnny and his daughter walk the path You have set for them. May Your divine will be done. I ask for this in Jesus name, Amen.

4/15/2006 14:20

Dear Lord,

I hope this person can find peace in and with you. I hope this person can find hope and get all the companionship from you. In God, Mary and Jesus. Amen

4/15/2006 19:38

pray foer healing for a family that is having a family problem with a son that is a non-believer and we pry will be lost if he doesn't turn to the Lord heis not good to his children and his parents

4/16/2006 16:16

Dear Heavenly Father God please be with Helen, her father and loved ones. please give them peace in their hearts that you are always with us no matter what the situation and that you never leave us.I pray Father that you will use Helen and her father for your glory. In Jesus Holy Precious,Wonderful Name I ask this of you. Thank you Father for what you have done for them,what you are doing and what you are going to do for them. In Jesus' Name Amen LadyOfTheLord

4/17/2006 06:32

Heavenly Father, Thank you for this family and the closeness that they share. Help them to understand your will and comfort them in this trying time. Bring them the peace that only you can give. In your son's name, Jesus Christ, Amen

4/17/2006 11:17

"Holy Father" I come with your son,Johnnie who as you know,is suffering from severe illness-and,has decided to place all of his faith and,trust in you"Lord"rather than under go treatment.As you come to your son,sitting down by his side"Jesus"-please take his hands in yours and,allow your "healing blood"to flow from your veins into his,bringing about
a"miracle healing"-I know this is still done by you"Lord"for a year ago this coming May 23rd,I became very ill,was coded at the hospital,but you "Lord"had other plans for me--that,to continue forth with my prayer ministry,which brings to you glory and,praises you so deserve,as well as working for the rights of all animals,so I know your power and,that you can bring about "healing"still here on earth and,I claim this now,for your son,Johnnie a betterment of health and,for anew life beginning,one filled
with freedoms from all pain and,a healthy body with renewed hope for a bright and,beautiful life ahead of him-
I ask too,for your "angels"to always be near to protect him with their wings of loving gentleness..Be there also,"Father"for his family who have taken care of him with their supports of love and,care,giving to them all,a inner peace of comforts.
Thank you "Jesus"for your sweetness of loving grace-
Your daughter in love-elizabeh

4/17/2006 14:38

Lord,please give mr.parker and his family strength and courage to get through this storm.I ask that you cover them with your grace and healing power dear lord.In jesus name Amen

4/17/2006 18:41

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord be with John in his sickiness ( Cancer). Touch his body Lord and heal him.

I have faith and trust in you to have a miracle happen.

Prayer is the Source to you!!

Please touch him Lord !!

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