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Darryl T
beautiful 4 year old with autism and his siblings

Darryl needs prayer to help him with his communication (talking) and sharing of emotions. He has autism. His siblings do not always understand and they feel cheated by not getting a "brother"

Lord Farther
Please help Darryl to talk more and socialize appropiately. Help him to be spiritually, emotionally and intellectually sound. Help his siblings understand his disability and love him because and inspite of it.
I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen

Darrylsmom -2/19/2006
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2/19/2006 21:17

I believe in the power of prayer. Please join me in lifting Darryl and my other children in prayer.

2/24/2006 18:40

Dear,JESUS the lord does not make mistake Darryl was put on the earth for a reason i just pray that his bothers or sister will understand that the lord made him just a little differant for a reason he is still your brother but just in a differant way you are the ones that will help through life journeys and everything he will go through i will Pray for the whole family on my daily private time jESUS WILL BE WITH YOU ALL THE TIME COMFORT THEM AAMEN

2/24/2006 19:00

Dear Lord;
you made Darryl special for A reason.
I pray that those who do not understand why he is different than they will be kind to him and love him all the same.May they not be mean and ;cruel and bully him.
it is difficult enough for the child who does not understand what is going on without having the hurt of others tossed his way.Bless this family and encouurage each one in the way you would want them to live.might thy will be donein Darryl's life and permit Darryl to be able to live somewhat a normal life despite his handicap.
might he remember he is not the only one afflicted with this handicap but there are many others that perhaps could be A supportive to him in ways that he might need.
thank you Lord'that you are there in the difficult times as well as the good and that you never leave us or forsake us.In thy name Amen.

2/24/2006 21:45

Father, God, please help this family by giving them the comfort of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' Holy name. God we know that your divine order is perfect and that you are limitedless and eternal. Help this family understand that eternity is the realm in which you perform all your work for the sake of salvation. Their son is a gift from you of Love and his purpose will bring glory into Your Kingdom. I pray that you will touch those who don't understand your divine plan. I pray that they will see You inside of little Darryl because you make no mistakes. However,if it is your will,God,let this cup (illness) pass from your child. I pray that our Lord and Savior will plead healing upon this child on behalf of his parents and all who love him. Stretch your arms out and embrace your child dear God for we believe in miracles and stand unwavering on faith knowing that at the blink of an eye You are to change any situation. I intercede on behalf of this family and all their children pleading the blood of Jesus over Darryl for complete deliverance in the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen, Amen, Amen. Janetabc

2/24/2006 22:03

Hello Angels, I ask you to embrace Darryl T. and his family. Send them the White Light of our Father in Heaven. Send them love, understanding and peace. I pray that this family find a special moment to sit in relaxed meditation and listen and receive guidance as to how to cope with this beautiful 4 year old. Angels, let Darryl's siblings understand that just because Darryl is different, that he understands love and beauty in all ways. I pray that you lead Darryl's siblings, and Darryl's entire family to research that will shed light on autism. That by directing their thoughts in a helpful way, they'll learn new ideas and ways to make Darryl's autism a new kind of loving, positive challenge. I pray that you help communication flow easier. I pray that Darryl receive all the possible help there is to help him be the best he can be. God bless this loving wonderful family. Thank you Angels.
Ilove you, L

2/24/2006 22:39


2/25/2006 06:44

Lord, help Darrryl's brother's realize that they have a very special child in their brother. He is one of God's chosen few. It is so hard for them to realize how special he is. God created Darryl for a reason and help them to realize that he is more special than they can ever know. Geve them pateints to love and try to understand him but most of all to love him and cherish him in the way the Lord would have them too. Amen

2/25/2006 07:07

Good morning heavenly father and blessed angels! Lord, you have seen to bestow a special family with a unique child. It is sometimes so difficult for us to accept others who are different. Help them to look for Darryl's gifts, because as a mother of an autistic son, I KNOW he has them. Each day, Lord, I thank you for Marshall's differences because they help our family to see the world in a light we would otherwise have ignored. Teach this family to respond in a positive way to Darryl so that he may grow and become all that you intended of him. Teach them not to dispair, but help them gain understanding of Darryl's world. Nothing is impossible through you, Holy Majesty!

Please check out this AOL link that I received just yesterday regarding a special child. Each one of these children has a special gift!
God Bless!

2/25/2006 07:20

AMEN AMEN!Dear Daddy God, thank you for loving Darryl and his family so much. I thank you that Darryl is a blessed boy with full of your grace and favour upon him. Lord, U spared not your own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall you not with Him,freely give us all things..including healing & restoration of speech to darryl boy?Lord, U said in your word that the seed of the rightoeus will be delivered, as we your children is the rightouesess of God in Christ Jesus, i pronounced Darryl is healed and whole becoz we are the rightouesness of You, yourself! Thank you Lord that by your strips u bore on the cross, this authism is taken away by you also spoke not while being scorged and stripped!U spoke not so that Darryl can speak well and good! Thank you Jesus for your great love with which U loved us! We believed therefore we speak the Word of God into Darryl's life - i pronounced him Healed and whole in Jesus' name and by HIS BLOOD!
dARRLY'S MUMMY, in Righteousness u shall be established,for you shall not fear from oppression, sickness and evill. No weapon formed against U and Darryl shall propser and every toungue that raises against u(bad medical report on darryl's condition)U shall conderm..for this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their Rightoeusness is from me, says the Lord.

2/25/2006 08:30

I not only believe in the power of prayer I know first hand that it works. My 2-year-old grandson has ALL a form of leukemia and prayers have kept him with us and enabled him to have made it to one and one half years of his three year treatment plan.
Dear Father, Please lift Daryl in Your loving arms and help heal this affliction he has. Help him to enjoy a normal life with all the emotions every person experiences. Let him grow to be an adult that has beat this disease and attest to Your power and Love. Please give his siblings the understanding of their brother that they need right now, and let his mother not lose faith, as that is what gets you through. Amen

2/25/2006 08:56

Heavenly Father, keep Darryl and his family in your shelter. Give them all peace and understanding, health and happiness. May Your healing hand be with Darryl as he finds his way through life. Comfort this family, Dear Lord and help Darryl find his voice! In Jesus' name I pray...Amen

2/25/2006 09:31

Dear Lord, I pray for Darryl and his siblings that they learn to communicate, enjoy and embrace each other despite their differences. Please lead, guide and direct this family and supply them with all of their needs. In Jesus name, Amen.

2/25/2006 09:56

Hi Father I'm asking for understanding and confort for Darryl's Mommy I also have a son with Autism it is an dificult thing to understand for the whole family and I still have times of greef over lucas's Autism but I know that God has a plan and it's bigger than mine I also pray every day for Lucas to be able to talk his brother and sister have a hard time understanding and so do I him but, they love him and are very close so my prayer for Darryl's family is that your Grace would give them understanding and love and also for Darryl to be able to comunicate better with them however if you have another plan may love increase and abound abundantly in Jesus name I pray Amen.

2/25/2006 11:05

Lord I am asking that Darryl be delivered in you name. You will and it will be done. Jesus help his sipplongs to understand that family is the key and the strength to all and their love and support is needed. Jesus you are a way maker and I thank you for what you have done for this family and you have in store for them. Thank you Jesus, Amen

2/25/2006 11:42

Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus, asking for Your miraculous, powerful, loving and healing touch to come upon Darryl, Lord. Make him whole and complete in You. Autism is just a "name", but Jesus' Name is above all other names. Therefore, Autism must bow and flee at the mighty Name of Jesus. I claim, decree and declare complete and total healing for Darryl. Please give his siblings wisdom beyond their years, Lord. May they have knowledge, understanding, revelation, discernment and patience. May they never feel like they've been cheated, Lord. Thank You for bridging this gap in their lives, Lord. Thank You for being Darryl's Healer, Helper and so much more. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

2/25/2006 11:46

I just wanted to share. my sister has two children a boy and a girl. both have autism. ninas is assbergers which is the mildest form as well as bi-polar. she is extremely bright. when working with the right people. tommy has a more severe form he is 5 years old. in a 11 months at summit he has come up from a 13 month old child and now he is tested for a 4 year old he is now communicating. now in sign language. with flash cards and with words. i am speaking with my sister her best piece of advice is to talk to him like a normal child. to treat him like a normal child he needs some kinds of consessions but he needs to feel normal through home it will take longer for him if he starts to feel different. a lot of people think they have an autistio child as punishment she looks at it like God felt she was strong enough to take this on. where some one else may not have been able to handle it. you may email me at i will get you her number she could be a good support person for you.

2/25/2006 12:53

God has already blessed Darryl.... in His wisdom he has created an beautiful boy...not a handicapped boy. Darryl has his own special gifts. Some may seem locked inside and they may emerge. He is different than society "norms" but that makes him not LESS special...but even more special I think.

I pray his siblings learn to understand what a precious gift he really is... how a whole new world will be opened for THEM too.

I pray for Darryl.... that he is happy in his world and frustration levels decrease...and the love he carries shines through.

To Darrylsmom... I pray for peace, patience and understanding for you and all of your children.

God doesn't make mistakes.... he doesn't make *garbage* either.... so smile at all of your children and loved ones and let them FEEL your joy.

Many blessings,


2/25/2006 13:19

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today asking you to be with Darryl and his family. I know that you can preform miricles. You have performed them for me. When the doctors told me that I'd never be able to talk again, you gave me my voice back. So Dear Lord, I know that you can help Darryl with his talking. All we have to have is a mustard seeds worth of faith and we can move mountains. Dear Lord, I have that faith for Darryl, and I know others do too. We stand together in our prayers for him. And Dear Lord, help his siblings understand that they DO have a brother. He may not be a typical brother, but he is their brother. And he is even more special than a typical brother. God gave them a special brother that will love them unconditionally forever. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers for this child. In your most precious heavenly name, Amen.

2/25/2006 13:21

Dear Jesus, I pray for Darryl, his siblings, and his parents. Have compassion on them--show them your mercy! May they feel your boundless love and peace. Help them understand that you work with intention. To you, Lord, I lift this prayer. Amen.

2/25/2006 13:45

Lord Jesus i pray that you may lift this family up...Help this child speak,think and understand.Help his siblings to love and understand him always.I know that you answer prayers and work miracles...and i thank you in the name of jesus...AMEN AND AMEN

2/25/2006 13:52

I know what your boy is going through. I'm living with autism, too. I will pray in empathy: Dear Lord, help this child to become happier in himself. Make his siblings understand and accept him as a human and a brother. The love of a family can strengthen even those at their weakest. I pray that Darryl, to, gets sufficeint help so he has a chance to grow up to be efficient, and productive. There's nothing quite as emotionally taxxing as being left out of society. I pray that Darryl will be given opportunities for growth and learning. I also pray that the educational system improves so that all children (minors) like him (and "worse") are giving the same opportunities as those who are psychologically, mentally, and physiologically sound. To you, Lord, I lift this prayer. Amen.

(p.s. I said that last bit because I like the way it sounded.)

2/25/2006 21:51

this is not a prayer message although i will include your son in my prayers but i want to tell you about something i had read about an autistic child being cured. it had to do with her listening to classical music. i can't remember if if was anything in particular but maybe you can do some research on this. i'm so sorry that i can't remember anything more but i think it would be worth looking into.

2/25/2006 21:58

Dear Father in heaven please hear this prayer It is not for me but for this child named Daryl heal him and bless him in your divine love though our lord and savior jesus christ for him to grow up and be comforted in all his daily life for his mother and siplings to have patients and show him guidance in his living with them help the therpist help him in speech and may he always be in your life as a child without suffering in Jesus Christ name Amen

2/26/2006 03:22

God always watch over children and i pray he take your child under his watchful eye and heal him.

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