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David D.
My Darling Husband --The most wonderful person in the world

My husband is currently in the hospital suffering from an extremely painful and difficult to diagnose medical condition.

I would be so grateful for any and all prayers for my wonderful husband. He is in an extreme amount of pain and his team of doctors are having a difficult time figuring out what exactly is making him so ill. My prayer is that this is something treatable and that his suffering will be eased immediately. Please pray especially that there is no cancer involved and that his liver enzymes will return to normal.
He is the most wonderful, sweet, kind, thoughtful person in the world. There isn't anyone who doesn't love him. He is the love of my life and the most precious person in the world to me. He is a bright, shining light in this world. Your prayers would be SO appreciated.

Thank you.

Septembergurl -1/10/2006
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1/11/2006 13:07

Dear God I come to you humbly but boldly to the throne of grace for your child David. God take away the pain right now in the name of Jesus. Send your holy spirit to comfort him, guide and protect him. God give the physicans who are caring for him wisdom beyond wisdom, understanding that surpasses all understanding. Open their ears so that they can hear from you. God allow them to seek you for answers and to seek your help for clarification on the situation that David is faced with. God you are so good and powerful. We just praise, thank and glorify you for who and what you are. You are so wonderful. We just love you and honour you. May you comfort David's wife and wipe every tear drops from her eyes. Wrap your loving tender arms around her and let her know that you are right in the midst and you promise never to leave nor forsake her. God strengthen her in faith and allow her to call on you for her husband's healing. God your word declares that by the stripes of Jesus, Christ we are heal. We just thank you for the manifestion in David's life. We just thank you for allowing him to be a testimony of your miraculous healing power and deeds. We pray your riches blessings upon David and his family in the mighty name of Jesus, Christ, Amen

1/11/2006 14:27

My loving husband has type 2 diabetes. He can not get his sugar under control. He has done all of the oral medications and is now on the insulin shots but it is still not down low enough. He is an ex drug user and it is very difficult for him to have to take these injections every day. I have told him he needs to take the shots or die and he does take them but still does not like it. We have 4 children and I worry for them since now diabetes runs on both sides of the family. Please pray for us and that he will be able to get this under control.
Praise the Lord

1/11/2006 18:51

Dear Lord please help to ease the pain of this man let your love fall upon him and heal him let the doctors discover the nature of his ailment and please not let it be a cancer or a life threating disease please be with him and his family during thier time of need in Jesus name we pray Amen

1/11/2006 19:41

Dear Lord,
You are our healer. You sent your only son so that by his stripes we are healed. I ask that you send your blessings on this husband and wife who are in need of your healing grace. Please open the eyes and minds of the doctors who are working on his case so that there can be a diagnosis. With the diagnosis please allow for healing. Deliver and heal him from the pain.

1/12/2006 01:47

Dear Lord
I pray for your healing hand on David and your presence among him, his family and those who provide his medical care.
I ask for relief from his pain, and that this illness is treatable and curable.
Lord, shine your light and give your peace!

1/12/2006 03:16

Jesus, I pray that your healing power embrace David. Lord, relieve his pain and cure is illness. Please, let both David and his wife feel your Holy presence. May their faith and hope in you be strong and let them know that you are always there. I know that nothing is beyond you, and I pray that you will send your spirit to help this couple. Praise and Glory to you our loving God. Amen

1/12/2006 03:50

I send all my positive thoughts and feelings to David with faith there will soon be a definitive diagnosis that does not include cancer. All my positive thoughts and sincere caring go to David and his family to have strength and faith. I have dealt with may families in your situation and personally understand the agonizing pain, fear, dread, and often feelings of hopelessness. As an advocate for David, Septembergurl, remain strong in knowing you are never alone and contine to pursue and ask questions of doctors and nurses, helping David to help the professionals help him. May all healing prevail in your family, come rapidly and reside in your home forever.

1/12/2006 05:24

Loving heavenly Father, I ask for your mercy and grace upon David so that his suffering may be relieved. I ask for wisdom so that his doctors can diagnose and treat him well. I ask for strength and courage for his wife and family to have faith in your providence. Lord, you made our fragile bodies from dust and you know every hair on our heads so I believe that you can and will heal David.

1/12/2006 05:37

Dear Heavenly Father I come to you asking that you would be with David, father I ask that you would touch his body with your healing hand and heal him from the physical condition that is causing his pain. Father I ask that you would be with the doctors and nurses help them find the cause of his pain. Father I also ask that you would be with the doctors and nurses to give them the knowledge that they need to use the medical equipment and medicine so it can help David. Father I ask that you would be with David's family and friends, give them the strength that they need to be there for David and each other. I ask these things in Jesus name, Amen.

1/12/2006 07:00

Dear Heavenly Father, Please see David's pain and take him into your holy hands and comfort him. Help his family to become aware of the condition that he has, so that it can be treated very quickly. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen

1/12/2006 09:16

Dear Lord, I pray for physical healing for David from this pain and whatever is causing it. Please give him renewed strength in body, mind and spirit. Please give him and his family comfort in their time of need. In Jesus name, Amen.

1/12/2006 10:11

Dear Jesus, I bring before your feet your son David and pray that you heal him so your name can be glorified through him. My heavenly father I pray that you touch his body and heal him. Thank you Jesus I praise you Jesus all the glory and honor to you Jesus. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

1/12/2006 10:52

Dear lord Jesus:
I pray you will meet David at the point of his need.Free him from this pain and agony of whatever this problem is.You are able to deliver and We beleive in our hearts you truly will.Bless this family and permit that they may bee able to enjoy many more years of happiness together.Lord;you are the one,the only true physician.Thank you in thy name Amen.

1/12/2006 12:06

Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus, asking for your powerful, loving and healing touch to come upon David. Please make him whole and complete in You. Your Word says that You want us to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers. Your Word also says that by Jesus' stripes we are healed. And I claim, decree and declare that healing for David right now, God. May NO weapon formed against him prosper. Please give the doctors wisdom as to how to treat David. Thank You for being his Healer. And thank You for giving him the strength to get through this ordeal. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen. Here is something that may help you:

Prayer for a Sick Person

O Father of mercies and God of all comfort, our only help in time of need: We humbly beseech thee to behold, visit, and relieve thy sick servant ______ for whom our prayers are desired. Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy; comfort him with a sense of thy goodness; preserve him from the temptations of the enemy; and give him patience under his affliction. In thy good time, restore him to health, and enable him to lead the residue of his life in thy fear, and to thy glory; and grant that he may dwell with thee in life everlasting; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

source: Book of Common Prayer 1979

May God bless you and keep you safe in His loving arms.

1/12/2006 12:10

Dear Lord
I pray in your name to watch over David and his family,and bless his doctors with healing hands to help him during this hard painful time, in your name I pray.

1/12/2006 13:12

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Just having gone through a very difficult time with a close family member, I know what you are feeling. Angels, please wrap your healing light around David. Send the knowledge that the doctors need to get him through this. Also, wrap your light around the family, and give them the comfort they need to get through this difficult time. May God bless you.

1/12/2006 13:54

Dear Lord,
Please be there with David and surround him with your love so that he may heal and get better. In your name we pray, Amen.

1/12/2006 15:44

Heavenly Father,I come boldly to Your Throne of Grace......I know Father that You know every need before we ask of You.I am asking that You would please consider my dear brother in the hospital.Father please forgive him of his sins.I pray that Your comforter will be with him and that he will have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.Father,Your Word says that once Your Word is spoken it will not return unto ou void but must accomplish that which you please and prosper in the thing it was sent to do(isa.55).Your word says by His stripes my brother is already healed in the name of Jesus.I know that YOU are able to pull down strongholds.Please allow my brother to be a testimony unto your name and grace.I stand faithfully on Your Word Father,not mine and I am expecting the turn around in Jesus' name.I give You thanks and praise right now Lord in Jesus' name.Praise God Praise God,amen and amen Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!Thank You Jesus for my brothers life and freedom from pain.Now I join these others in the prayer of agreement:where two or more are gathered together and agree as touching a thing they shall have it by their Father in Heaven.Matt.18

1/12/2006 20:12

Heiress2thathrone, I am in total agreement with your prayer as touching this healing for David. As touching the healing ability for him be normal, out of pain and whole and restored to his wife and family. In Jesus' Holy Name! Amen~ Praise God on High. I am expecting a miracle because Jesus said in Matt 18 verse 19 that: If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it SHALL be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven! Praise God! Praise God

1/12/2006 20:36

Dear Leemomof4, I am also a diabetic. I take two kinds of pills and insulin. It is not the end of the world unless you eat too much or you do not take care of yourself by taking the medications right. They must be taken exactly as ordered. Also, if he is snacking late at night, that can make for bad check ups. Diabetes is not fixed by insulin nor pills unless te diabetic diet is followed as well. Some get mad if they have to give up certain foods. I will pray that he gets the glucose under control. Hopefully he checks his glucose daily (at least 2 times, AM and PM). You need to read some good information on diabetes. He will need your help as well. Lucky for me having diabetes that I am a nurse. LOL! Anyway, Diabetes is no laughing matter. It can destroy the kidneys and put him on dialysis. I know, I dealt with multiple dialysis patients for 7 years. It is no fun! May God bless! Get a glucose monitor and you monitor his glucose for him. It should be a help. He also needs to keep a diary of all the foods he eats so he will know why he is having such high glucose readings. Also, look up online all the free info you can get on diabetes. The American Diabetes Association,(look up diabetes and Kidneys online for sites to see) these will help you understand what he is going through. Iknow when I am not following my American Diabetic Association diet, or just cutting out sugars and fats (diabetics are terrible about having high triglycerides, fat in the blood) it helps me a lot! That is something that diabetics must adhere to. No matter what. At least until they get the weight down. He also needs to be seeing a good endocrinologist. That is a specialist in the endocrine glands of which the pancreas is a member. So, think about this and get some materials where you can help him learn. Teaching him and letting him know that you cared enough to help him fight that horrible disease. There are many good foods that diabetics can eat now and they are pretty good. There are new items daily that help us feel better and deal with the glucose better! May God bless!

1/12/2006 20:39


1/12/2006 21:36

Dear Lord,
Thank you for always being attentive to our prayers. Thank you for taking care of your children. You are so wonderfull, awasome, kind. Because you are who you are and for what you have always done for your children, I ask you to please hear David D.'s wife petition/prayer and whoever is doing it for him. Please Lord, allow the doctors to find out what is going on with him. Please, do not allow to be cancer or an incurable disease. Please help him to get his enzynes to normal level even if this may not be part of the problem. I am scared now because my enzynes are high also and I don't know if this have to do with the pain David D. is suffering. Please dear God, help him and his wife to get the strengh they need during this time and the release that only you can provide. Have them let us know how it turn out and how the enzynes have to do with his pain. I am curious and scared. However, I am hopeful on you, dear Lord. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

1/13/2006 09:45

Dear Lord, Please stay with David at this time. Help ease his suffering through your healing touch. Give the Doctors what they need to find and treat what is ailing this beautiful man. In Jesus' name, Amen.

1/13/2006 10:32

Our Father, who art in heaven, we humbly come before Your throne of grace. We praise You, and worship You, in Spirit, and in truth. Lord God, we thank You for the blessing of this day. For waking up right on time, for finding our families still in the land of the living. For our portion of health, and strenght, for hearts full of praise to you, for truly God, You are worthy. Father God, we thank You for the blessing of our dear brother. You said in Your Word, that by Your Stipes, we are healed. And we claim healing in the matchless name of Jesus. Strenghten him Father, as only You can. Bring him back to health, that he may witness to someone else that suffers, of you restoring mercy. Forgive us our sins Father. Against thee, and others, intentional and unintentional. We know we've fallen short of Your glory, but by Your grace, we are saved. We'll be forever careful to praise and serve you. We love you Lord. You are the one and only true Sovereign God, in Jesus name we pray these and other prayers. Amen

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