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Eric Trouerbach
Homeless by Katrina

I am asking anyone to pray for my brother and his family that have been terribly affected by Hurricane Katrina. Leaving them separated in different states due to their home being destroyed

My brother Eric, his wife and children have been affected by Hurricane Katrina.Leaving the family separated since the Hurricane.The entire contents is damaged(all of their belongings, the entire interior to be gutted out due to freestanding water of 7 feet)My brother, Eric is staying in Mississippi and his wife, Mary is in New York caring for their 4 year old, down syndrome daughter and 10 year old son alone. Due to the house unsuitable to live in) Their insurance is not covering the damage, leaving only my brother working during the day, and by night,trying to rebuild his home all alone with very little money. Please say a prayer for them, in hopes that some type of miracle will come their way. They are in dire need of prayers giving them hope, help with finances and friendship to guide them through this horrible time. I love them very much and hope that your prayers will draw god closer to them.I thank all that are praying for them.

HomelessbyKatrina -1/6/2006
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1/6/2006 13:14

Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus, asking for You to show this family favor. Please reunite this family. May they have unlimited blessings and finances coming from unknown sources (knowing all the while that the ultimate Source is You, God). Thank You for sending godly people into their lives to help them get through this ordeal. I not only pray for this family, God, but for all families who were affected by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. I thank You for all that You have done, all that You are doing and all that You have done that we are unaware of. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

1/6/2006 13:20

Dear God,
Please help this family who needs your help. Please raise their spirit and wrap your loving arms around them as they live during this trying time. Please watch over them and others in the same situation.

In Jesus name we pray,

1/6/2006 17:05

Father God we come to your throne of grace to ask for your mercy and tender blessing upon Eric and his family. Like many others they have suffered loss of home and property, but they are bound by family love and care. If it be your will, reunite this family - this mother and father and their children. Let this tragedy in their lives make them stronger and draw them closer to Thee. Help us to remember them in all that we do and in our prayers, and we pray that your Angels will hover over them until you see fit for them to be reunited and in a family home again. Amen.

1/6/2006 20:17

Dear Lord,
Be with Eric and his family.encourage them and help them in their time of desperate need.Provide a way for them where right now they may feel there is no way.permit them to soon have A new home and new hope and be together again as the loving family that they are.might they be ever drawn closer to thee and realize you have not forsaken with other families as well who find there lives in similar situations.Might thy perfect will reign supreme.Encourage Eric and help him to know better times lie Ahead for him.thou can and will supply every need.for you never forsaketh your own ever.Thank you And in thy name i pray Amen

1/7/2006 06:13

Dear Lord Jesus, Please bring this family back together and bless them with the answer to all their material prayers and allow them to get back into their routines of daily living. Allow the friendship of others during this time as they adjust to their current living arrangements. May their goal to be back together be fulfilled and may the hand of God comfort their every need. In Jesus' name. Amen

1/7/2006 06:28

Dear Mr. Trouerbach:
I pray that your brother and his family may soon be reunited. I pray that you and your family may soon be
able to join and visit with them!

I lived in New York during 9/11/01.
Nobody then knew that this tragedy would become part of everyone's history. At the time, I could only think that people would soon forget this occurance, and that the people most hurt by it would, sadly, soon be forgotten, just as the victims of hurricanes and tornados are in the news for a while.....and then the world forgets them. In fact, between the time the first and second towers fell, I actually called up a radio news station, and begged them not to forget, or let their listeners this tragedy as the days wore on! The gentleman at the other end said they wouldn't, of course.....but my mind went to the victims of previous hurricanes, tornados, Mt. St. Helens, etc....and I thought that even if the events were remembered, the victims quickly faded from others' minds....
Well, I have given what I can to Katrina Relief....and my heart aches for you, your brother, and his family.... It will continue to ache for you until I find out that you are all together once again. My prayers are with you, and will stay with you, until that wonderful day arrives. And then there will be a smile in my heart!
Wishing you all a quick, safe, and
happy reunion!

1/7/2006 07:01

Dear Lord,
See that help comes Erics way, financialy and emotionaly. Reunite this family and heel their wounds. I ask for this in Jesus name, Amen.

1/7/2006 07:34

Father, we lift Eric and his family up tp you knowing that you are the almighty power that can make every thing right again in their lives. We ask that they put their faith in you. Lord, a grain of mustard seed is so small and that is all the faith we need to trust and believe that you can fix eveything. Forgive us father, when we hav sinned, let us come to you with a pure heart so that our prayers might be heard. We ask that Eric and his family trust you to answer their needs. Wepraise you for what you are going to do because we know in your almighty power that you will make their lives what you want them to be. Give the the faith to wait for your answers but Lord, we do ask that you let them know that you are there and all they have to do is call upon your name. These things we pray in you name. Amen.

1/7/2006 08:54

I love you Lord, and I thank you for all the ways you are going to bless this family. You know their needs and their concerns and I know that you will never leave or forsake them. Allow them to feel your love through the pouring out of blessings upon them. Allow people to offer themselves even if they don't understand why they want to help. You are my mighty, wonderful , powerful God and I praise your holy name for all the wonderful ways you are going to show yourself to this wonderful family. All will come about in your timing and let them remain peaceful and joyful during the wait.... allow them to remember the verse of you saying that trials and tribulations will come to this world but behold I have overcome the world. In your most precious, heavenly name I pray, Amen

1/7/2006 10:23

Dear Lord, I pray for emotional, spiritual and financial healing for Eric and his family. Please lead, guide and direct them and supply them with all of their needs. In Jesus name, Amen.

1/7/2006 11:40

Dear Lord,
We know how you value the family unit. The family has been your creation from the beginning. Please bring this family unit back together. You have told us to ask anything in Jesus name and we shall have it. We are asking, seeking and knocking for this family. Please provide them with a home that they can live in together. Please provide the finances so that they may meet the needs of the family. Remind them of their spiritual bodies so that the burdens of this physical life on earth will not consume them in grief and despair. Please give them the patience they need to continue and unburden their hearts from their pain and let your light shine in.

1/7/2006 13:22

Jesus I come to you praying that you heal these people soul Take away there pain there hurt and give them the light of your spirit let them be together and live in Joy with there child Jesus show them that you are walking beside them and that you are there with them thank you Jesus Amen...also Jesus I was want too Pray for my Aunt Linda she is in I.C.U with something wrong with her Lungs, Jesus I ask that you take your hand and heal her lungs I know you are the healer Jesus and I thank you Jesus for everything you have done for me and my Family thank you....thank you Jesus in your loving name...Jesus Amen

1/7/2006 13:56

Dear Lord, Please watch over this family, and help them to rebuild their lives so that they may have the life they once had. Please help something come about so that they may have a new home soon, and so that they may all be together soon also. Dear Lord give them all strength and help them manage until our prayers for them are answered. I believe in my heart that you will help them soon. In Jesus Christ our Savior's Name Amen

1/7/2006 14:15

Dear Lord, I pray for Eric and his family that they know better days are ahead and they will be blessed by the Lord. Please Lord help Eric and his family to be strong and bless them with the ability to rebuild their home. We thank you Lord. Amen.

1/7/2006 14:17

Dear God, please help this young family to rebuild their lives and to be together again. Please help them find a way to get the funds to rebuild so thatthey may all be together again, Amen.

1/7/2006 14:56

Gracious Creator,
Please hear our prayers for Eric, Mary and their children. In the wilderness, Your people walked until You led them to their home. Please, I pray, bring cessation to this family's walk in the wilderness and allow them to be reunited under one roof which they can truly call home. So much suffering continues for those displaced and effected by this behemoth of a storm. Let us not forget them. We know that as long as we keep You in our hearts, we are never without shelter, for You are our refuge. But may this family celebrate the home found in Your constant love within four, safe, warm, secure walls of their own. Send blessings and bounty to rain upon them in place of the rain of destruction which they have known. And, in the meantime, may Your angels deliver messages of love between these family members and from Your ever open heart so that the anguish of separation they feel is assuaged.
Thank you, Father, for the generosity of Your bounty.

1/7/2006 16:28

Father God, in the precious and Holy name of Jesus. You are the alpha and the Omega. You alone are Holy and you alone are God. I give you praise, I will continuously bless your name at all times.Hallelujah to you Jesus, I pray Dear Father God for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I pray that you will continue to display your love, and your mercy. I pray that God you would comfort those who have lost their homes,lost their family members on such a time as this. I pray for your mighty hand to touch those who are weeping right now Oh God. Give your sons and daughters comfort right now in the name of Jesus. Unite those who are alive by your will and your way in the name of Jesus I pray Dear God in the name of Jesus. Lord, Oh God, please send healing,restoration, hope, and peace to your people right now in Jesus name. Amen

1/7/2006 16:28

Father God, in the precious and Holy name of Jesus. You are the alpha and the Omega. You alone are Holy and you alone are God. I give you praise, I will continuously bless your name at all times.Hallelujah to you Jesus, I pray Dear Father God for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I pray that you will continue to display your love, and your mercy. I pray that God you would comfort those who have lost their homes,lost their family members on such a time as this. I pray for your mighty hand to touch those who are weeping right now Oh God. Give your sons and daughters comfort right now in the name of Jesus. Unite those who are alive by your will and your way in the name of Jesus I pray Dear God in the name of Jesus. Lord, Oh God, please send healing,restoration, hope, and peace to your people right now in Jesus name. Amen

1/7/2006 19:29

Dear God, Most beneficent Creator of all that is real. I humbly ask for the rememberance of your promise that where 2 or more gather and agree on (anything) that you are present and will grant their request. I know you withhold nothing good from your creation and I accept the abundance and joy that you "are" at this moment giving this family and all others that believe and accept your ever present abundance. Thank you in the name of Christ. Your humble servant, Amen

1/8/2006 00:11

Lord, Jesus Christ. Heavenly God Our Father, We know thru Faith that everything somes thru the Almighty Father. You have said Ask and you shall receiv, Seek and you shall find. Knock and it will be opened to you. God has bless you with a wonderful down syndrome child. Only Special parents can care for a gifted child as this child. We thank you Lord for all of our blessings. We love you Lord God Almighty. We love you Lord Jesus Christ. We thank you for you great glory and all of the blessings that you have bestowed on us. Lord the Hurricans this past summer have caused a great deal of sorrow and suffering. Let us all accept these family tragedies as a means to get closer to you. Let us all understand that our faith and prayers will bring about good things that maybe we cannot yet see. Many are homeless. Many are without jobs. Many do not know why and may never know why, but I know Lord that you are the only way out. Without you we can do nothing and with you all things are possible. My Lord, My God
we are Blessed, because you Bless us. Thank you for for all of your Blessings.
YOu live inside of me and I thank you. I thank you for all you are doing for all those who are suffering. I worship You Dear Lord, Jesus Christ. I Glorify You Heavenly King. You are the Great I AM and without You, I know I am left suffering. I want You Lord to Guide me all the days of my life and open my heart to You because You and only You are the Great I AM. Bless Katrina victims and bring them to truly know You God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ, so that by knowing You and Praying to You and accepting You and the Almighty you will showers those less fortunate with Blessings after Blessings. AMEN

1/8/2006 09:33

dear lord, i pray for this family, allow them to see the wonder of your reasons. let them know the footprints in the sand are yours.

1/8/2006 09:57

Dear Heavenly Father, I Praise you and worship you this morning, You are almighty God of the universe and you hold us in your hand. I ask you Lord to help this family. Lord, show them a way to be reunited. Help them rebuild their home Father. Let your angels comfort them Father. Show them the way. I love you and praise you Lord. All these things I ask in your Holy Name. AMEM

1/8/2006 10:25

Dear Lord
Please send Your Angels to protect this family. Please bless them and send good health, and wealth to them. Thank You Lord for all that You have given us. Amen

1/8/2006 14:00

Dear Jesus
Please help this family in this time of need and help bring them back together again. Please let them know that things will be ok and that you are there to help them with whatever they need. Let them know that there will be financial and emotional guidance to be there for them. Thank you for blessing all of us and being our savior!!
In Jesus name........AMEN!!

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