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Louise Garza
The Loss Of His Wife Alda Garza

Louise Garza lost his wife Alda Garza on Dec.19,2005

Louise Garza lost his beloved wife Alda to Cancer after many years of marrage.
Thru thier marrage they had two daughters Susan and Sharon. With Susan Alda left three grandchildren who she loved very much.
Louise is very lost without his wife and misses her teribley and we all pray that he will continue on without her. They were partners in life that did everything together.Louise may God help you your children and grandchildren thru this loss and help you see that thier is life after death! Alda went before you to prepare a place for all of you. May he help you with your pain and suffering.
Her memories will carry you thru and her spirit will always be with you.
Louise may God grant you the peace and comfort that you so richley deserve my dear neighbor and know that Galen and I will always be here for all of you!
May the Lord be with all of you thru your time of need.

Cathy5058 -12/21/2005
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12/21/2005 10:21

God have mercy on our souls and guide us thur this life to live as you would want us to live untill the day we decent up to heaven to be with you amen

12/27/2005 13:05

Dear Lord, I pray you bless Louise with strength and daily comfort. Please help him and his family thru their grief and help them to be joyful and happy again. In Jesus name, Amen.

12/27/2005 16:45

Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus, asking for You to heal the broken heart of Louise and his family. Please give them all the strength, comfort and peace they will need right now to get through this ordeal. Thank You. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

12/28/2005 00:30

Please help guide Louise's family through this difficult time of loss. Please protect her children and grandchildren, and especially her husband of several years. I know that it is a hard time now and hope everyone pulls through strong!! Remember, Jesus loves you! Amen.

12/28/2005 02:21

Dear Friends, My Prayer For all is to Trust In The Lord..He will Bring Peace when there is Confusion, ..He will Bring Love when there seems to be None..He will bring Forgiveness to the Unforgivable...Strength when You are weak, Comfort and Solace for a weary spirit..There is Hope and Promise in Him and though it may not seem like it right now., "Roses will Bloom Again" I Lost my Beloved Husband 4 years ago and God has been with me through it all..He will Show You the way...May God Bless and bring You Comfort and Peace

12/28/2005 04:17

Dear Father I pray that you will be with Louise and his family during their of grief and let them know that she is in a better place with You and is happy and will be waiting for him to join her and be happy together when You call him home. Let him know that his family loves him very much and would like him to be happy.

12/28/2005 08:48

Dear Lord - we pray for our friend Louis. Comfort and ease his soul, lighten his heart, and give him the courage and strength to live life again. His dear departed wife would not want him to give up, and her spirit is still with him. Help him to feel her presence and yours every day, and help put joy back into his life.

12/28/2005 09:09

Lord, I lift Louis up to you knowing the greif he is going through. I lost my son and I know how unbearable the greif seems to be at times. I ask you to be with both of us as we share in this greif. Civer us with your love and guide us through the most difficult of times. These things we ask in your name. Amen

12/28/2005 09:12

God, father of all nations, I strech my hands to thee in total praise. For thou are worthy of my everlasting glory and honoured for your unconditional love.

In the name of Jesus, I pray for the sick and shut-in. May they be blessed at their time of need and may your wing of protection keep them in the stronghold of your faith.

Blossom the love that we possess for you so that it may be unquestionable. For you are worthy of total praise.

May the window of your light forever shine in the day that you have made. Bless our lives, our families, friends, co-workers, soldiers, our leaders, the children and the homeless, poor and hungry. That we may enter into your kingdom someday. That we may live in peace and harmony as we dwell on this earth. That we find hapiness in all that we do and count our blessings in knowledge that what we have is all because of you.

Forgive us of our sins and create in us a clean heart father that we might walk with you and be in your goodness.

By the power of the holy spirit, Bless us as we enter into the new year. That the year that you bless us with may be safe, in good health and in proseperity.

And I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, the one which you have given to us that we may be saved. Grant us the peace of the unity of your kingdom, that we may live forever and ever. Amen.

12/28/2005 09:27

Lord, God almighty, we give you thanks thorugh Jesus Christ our Lord. I honor and adore you for simply being you. Because of the sacrifice that you have made by giving up your only son, who died that we may have everlasting life, I know that I shall forever live. Bless those who have recently died. May they be at peace in heaven. Thank you for the life that they did have in which you blessed them with. For it could have been a lot worst. May their families live through them and live happy knowing that they were once part of this world which you have created. Shower them with joy and release the hurt and pain which they bear.

I know that with the love that you give, I do not have to fight the battle on my own.

I trust you Lord and ask that you give me strength to walk with you and know that I do not have to be afraid or worry. Your love is the greatest love I've ever known and the gift that keeps on giving.

May your life and sorrowful passion for us give us light to be mindful of all you have done for us. May we find peace through the things we do not have and not dwell on the things that do not seem to go our way. Because we are so blessed to see the day you have made, I know that tomorrow is another day and that you, Lord will be there to help me in this war against the enemy.

I shout out your name in praise and thank you for the new song you have given me to sing. May your blessings shower down upon us and make us strong to walk in the shadow of your wing as the spirits of the one recently departed enter into God's kingdom.

"Into your hands, I gove you my spirit. Make me better Lord the God of truth." (Psalm 31:5)

And I ask you this and everything in
the name of Jesus, our Lord and savior, who is, was and ever shall be our mighty fortress and protection worthy of all praise and adoration.


12/28/2005 09:37

To Louise, I pray that God with give the strength to carry on, even though it will be hard, but through him all things are possible...he'll never put no more on us than we can bare, just trust in him and he will see you through...I send my condolences to you and your family, my prayers may be with you. Amen

12/28/2005 09:55

Dear Louise there is no pain or hurt that heaven can not feel. Look up to God for hence cometh your strength (Psalms 121).

God we thank you for another day we thank you for the blood of Jesus. God we thank you for the life of Alda and may the memories of her life live on within the hearts of her husband, Louise, daughters and grand children. We thank you for allowing the comforter to dwell within Louise and comfort, strengthen him during this difficult time. God there is no way to prepare our hearts, and mind for death especially when that someone is so near and dear to us. God I asked that you fill the empty space that Louise is feeling right now in the name of Jesus. Fill the empty space that her daughters and grand children are feeling right now in the name of Jesus. Mend their hearts, mind and soul right now and wipe every tear drops from their eyes and let them know that you are in the midst of this and that you would carry them through this. We thank you for wrapping your loving tenders arms around them. We pray your riches blessings of comfort, love, and strength upon Louise, his daughters, grand children and the rest of the family in the mighty name of Jesus, Christ, Amen

12/28/2005 10:56

Benevolently Wise Creator,
What anguished ache can be left in us when we must return the one we have been allowed to share back to the care of Thee, Lord. We know that their spirit now lies in Your embrace knowing the greatest of all love, and, still, we grieve inconsolably. May Louise's suffering be alleviated by the comfort that he has had such good fortune to have experienced this wondrous companionship. May he come to see, that Alma would want his heart to be lifted and not stay in the darkness of the pain he undergoes. Please, merciful Father, fill the emptiness in Louise's heart with the fullness of Your love and the blessed memories of the life he has shared with his, wife, Alda and, therein, find the comfort to return to life and live it once again.
Father, mild and ever-giving, we thank You.

12/28/2005 11:34

Dear Lord,

Please help Louise with his loss. It is difficult and painfull. Please be there and guide him through this time.Be there and support him, watch over him. I ask this of you.


12/28/2005 12:07

God my Heavenly FATHER,

I come before you, asking that you cover and protect the heart and mind of Loiuse and his family during this time of mourning. Surround him and his family with your love and strengthen them to understand that this life on earth is temporal and we are only here to prepare for our eternal home in heaven with you. Bless them to rejoice that their love one will no longer suffer with this terrible disease any more, she free of all pain and stress and one day he/they will have the opportunity to reunite with his precious wife and began an eternal life together. Lord allow him to become strong YOU and know that the LORD will never leave nor forsake him.

1 Thessalonians 4:13
But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.

1 Thessalonians 4:13

12/28/2005 12:54

I just pray right now for Lousiethat he will gwt through this and there will be alot comfort and peace that will come over him and he will find out that she is okay and that she would want him to go on living and not fill sad all the time she is out of pain and she is looking down on him to make sure that heis doing okay pleasecomfort lousie family and this time and allways I will keep you in my prayers Amen.

12/28/2005 13:02

Dear Father in Heaven,
we come to you today to pray for Alda whose soul has come to join you in the home You prepared for her. Lord we pray for the family, Loiuse and the 2 daughters and their extended families, Lord fill them with Your comfort and help them as they live through this difficult time. Lord we know the void that has been left in their lives is deep, but Father, You alone know the plans for us. Jesus, please bless this family and let it be that they continue to live and grow in Your spirit and continue to love and serve You till the time You choose for them to be here on this earth as Your stewards.
In Jesus' mighty name we pray, Amen.

12/28/2005 13:23

Father....You care so much for us when we hurt and when we suffer. We are never ready for loss. We try to be brave but we love deeply and loss is so hard to bear. Give Louise and his family the courage to take the grief an hour at a time. Thank you for the daily tasks you give us to help us move through our pain. You have taught me that a bad morning doesn't mean a bad afternoon ....grief is a process and one that you created to heal our broken hearts. Comfort this family and each and every person online today who hurts. We love you, Lord. Because of Jesus, Amen.

12/28/2005 15:43

God strengthen Louise and let him remember his beloved is waiting for him just inside the gates of that holy city...near the mansion that God has prepared for them...waiting for him to come to her. Ease his lonliness and help him to remember the sweet times and let his grief pass quickly...for she would not want him to cry...she is so beautiful and so happy where she is.

My marriage is broken, dear Jesus, but not over...please help me to be patient until you restore my husband's faith in you and confidence in my love for him again. Though a judge granted him a divorce from me only a month ago (Nov 30th) circumstances has made it possible to be in the house with him and show him in word and deed that I do love him...though bitterness about the past is blinding his eyes to my love for him. Let him see the present and future and forget the you are teaching me to do. Please let these lonely tears pass...and let him realize he still loves me. Help him to not be afraid to love me again...I love him so much...I thought I could let him go...but life is nothing without him. It is so hard, to walk as strangers in the same house and go to separate bedrooms with no physical touching. I long just to hold him...but he will not let I just keep cooking, cleaning, and telling him I love him and I am here when he wants me again. It is so hard in this lonely place and as night do the tears. Still, Jesus, you were my best friend before I met this man...and you will be my best friend forever. Teach you to love and you loved...for I failed him...and he will not forgive me...we failed each other...but I forgive him. Teach him the beauty of forgiveness...give him this gift dear Jesus.
I love you Jesus. Karen

12/28/2005 17:35

Dear Lord,
Comfort Louis in his dark hour. Do not let dispair and lonelines take hold of his soul. I ask for this in Jesus name, Amen.

12/29/2005 03:02

Almighty God,
Tonight I come to you to ask you for Luis Garza and his family so your love fill their empty hearts and each other can find the comfort they need during this time. I have only experience the lost of my dear mother-in-law, two months ago, and I know it hurt, it hurts to think that you can not share your love, your thoughts, the laughs, the grandchildren and all the things they do, not to be able to see that person anymore. I can imagine how Luis must feel without his wife, his children withouth their mother and the grandchildren without their grandmother because I have not experience anything like it. However, dear Jesus, you already carry on the cross this pain and lost, and your father knows how it feels. Therefore, I am asking you to please comfort them and carry them in your arms when they think they can not cry anymore or they can not stop crying for their lost. YOu are the Shepperd who take care of the sheeps, take care of these ones who feel lost without their lost love. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holly Spirit. Amen.

12/29/2005 11:17

Der Lord, Please help Louise get through this lonely time. Let him feel all the love and grace you and his family give him, to help him feel he has so much to give to them still. In Jesus' name, Amen.

12/29/2005 15:46

Dear Lord, Please help Louise and his family get through this terrible loss. Please help them heal by staying together and comforting each other and knowing that you are there for them and comforting them. Please help Louise start piecing his life back together and hopefully you will turn this sad event into a new learning experience for him in many ways. Stay with them dear lord and comfort them. In Jesus Christ our Saviour's name Amen

12/29/2005 23:57

Dear Lord help Louise in his time of need. Lord give him the comfort,and peace,that he needs at this time. Lord we don't always understand the loss of a love one,but you will make things bright again. Lord at this time,he is feeling a great loss,and only you can help him. Lord let him know that you are with him all the way. Lord also remember their daughters,and let them know that their mom is in a better place. I too,lost my mom to cancer,three years ago,and the Lord has brought me through. The Lord never does anything wrong,but for the good. The Lord will show you as a family the way,and strength to carry on. You have my deepest sympathies,and I will continue to pray that the Lord will be forever with you,and your family. Asking this prayer In Jesus Name,Amen.

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