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sheree g
going through divorce and custody fight

this prayer is for all those moms who are alone.

I just want to pray for a struggling mother who is in need of financial help. Husband took all and left her with nothing. Now he wants to keep their 4 year old. I pray that the lord will bring her son back to her where he belongs. Father had money and mother didnt during divorce so she felt she no choice but to settle. She is struggling with depression and could use prayers for relief. She is 1300 miles away from all family so there is no source for immediate help. Pray that the lord will work in her x husbands heart and soften him so he will cooperate with the kids. She also has no money to get the kids christmas or even a tree. I know that your prayers will be felt within her heart during the holidays. jesus name i pray amen

growingsmrtr -12/20/2005
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12/20/2005 08:09

may god bless you and life will straighten out

12/28/2005 10:17

Dear Lord,
Let Sheree feel Your presence and that you are in charge. Allow her to pull out of this dark place. Soften her x husbands heart so he may act according to Your will. Pour Your blessings on this broken family. I ask for this in Jesus name, Amen.

12/28/2005 10:48

our Most Gracious loving Father it is in the name of Jesus that we lift up your daughter Sheree unto you. Lord you know how she is hurting, felling abandoned and alone. Lord you suffered all alone so we would never have to feel alone. Lord send someone her way that can give comfort and an ear to listen. Touch her Spirit Lord like only you can and give her Your Perfect peace. In this time of uncertainty, let her know for certain that all things work together for Good for those who love the Lord. I also pray that peoples eyes will be opened to any lies that the enemey wants to be seen. he is a liar and has been doing it longer, but You Oh Lord Are On The throne and you know the truth. In this time while Sheree is away from her children, use it for her to gain your strength and wisdom. You are the healere of the broken and we thank you in advance for what you will do in this home. We ask all this in The Wonderful Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.W.W. J. D., if you study the word you will see that Jesus always prayed to His Father. I too had to learn this when God delivered me from an abusive marriage. Sheree, God will rescue you and you will be so much stronger for your little boy. He can do All things. Say often, ALL IS WELL, again and again until it sinks in. You are not alone and you are Loved

12/28/2005 11:31

Almighty Creator,
Please bring Your grace into the life of Your servant, Sheree. Please lift her up from the despair in which she presently dwells. Please provide her with all that she requires to become empowered and live the life to which she is deserving. Grant her financial wealth so that she may provide those things for her children that any parent has wish and right to provide. See her through this terrible tribulation and bring her to a life of fulfilment and satisfaction living according to Thy will.
Father Who Art in Heaven, may women everywhere be released from every cultural and societal oppression so they may walk and breath free as You have intended for all.
We offer Thee our thanks, dear Lord.

12/28/2005 11:43

Dear God we pray for your child Sheree. You know her downsitting, her uprising and her thought from afar. (Psalms 139). We thank you for your grace and mercy and we thank you for letting your will be done in her life. We thank you for strengthen her in faith and allowing her to lean not to her own understanding and ask you to direct her path. Thank you God for restore her faith and taking away that spirit of depression from her right now in Jesus' name. God uplift her sprit and cast all of her worries and burnden on your shoulders. We thank you for wrapping your loving tender arms around her. We thank you for being her provider, lover and friend. We thank you for being her pavillion that she can run to in the time of trouble and despair. God your word declares that a broken and contrite heart you will not despair. Thank you for delivering Sheree out of this situation. Thank you for encouraging her and lifting up her spirit. God you are so good and powerful and we give you all the praise, glory and honour. You are the giver of life, hope and peace. We seek refuge in you. Thank you for your grace and mercy towards Sheree. We asked your riches blessings of comforting, provision, guidance, delivering of Sheree in the mighty name of Jesus, Christ, Amen

12/28/2005 14:00

Father God, I come to You now in the precious Name of Jesus, asking for You to move Your mighty hand in this situation. Make the ex-husband realize that the child needs both parents in his/her life. Please bless Sheree in all areas of her life, especially in her finances right now, God. Thank You for being her Provider. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

12/28/2005 16:07

Dear lord, please give her the strength to continue on and believe that you will help her do what she needs to do. I know that you are very mighty and believing in you and prayer will bring her towards her new beginning and please I pray that her ex husband and her son will acknowledge what has been done and what needs to be done without loss of love in all. In jesus's name I pray Amen.

12/28/2005 19:10

Dear lord;
you see and know Sherlee's need.might your presence surround her and each problem be resolved according to your will and way.
encourage and strengthen her ; might all work out and the conflict be resolved in A way beneficial to All.
might you be Acknowledged in All their ways.and your perfectlove Abound in the lives of All these involved.thankyou for being our inspiration And hope in difficult times and thy name Amen.

12/28/2005 21:52

Creator of all, bless Sheree. Care for her and give her the knowledge, strength, healing and love that she needs to help her through this great time of need. May the Holy Spirit come to her aid and guide her so that joy will come into her life like no joy she has ever seen. I pray for Sheree as others have prayed for me. You have always been there for me. My all the Angels, Saints take watch and give her the strength that she needs. Hope, Peace, and Love to Sheree and her children. I ask all this in the name of the Lord Jesus who intercedes before you on Sheree's behalf. Amen

12/29/2005 04:32


12/29/2005 07:27

Father, we lift Sheree up to you in her time of need. Father, let her know your love always surrounds her and that if she turns to you, you can do all things. It may seem impossible to her now but you know her needs and can comfort her if she will only let you. I know at times it is hard to let you lead, that I am learning the hard way. Give both of us the guidance we need, Sheree's to heph her deal with divorce and mine, to help me deal with the death of my son. Lord, I know you know best for both of us. Just Please Lord, let us open our hearts to you and follow your will. Forgive us our sins, help us to walk closer to you. In your name we pray. Amen

12/29/2005 09:59

Loving Father,

Please bless Sheree during this time, to be emotionally comforted and receive aid, from friends and families and others, and for all to work out for the best in her custody fight, for her and her ex and the children; and please help them during this season, and help all others in this kind of situation and all who need You everywhere. And thank You, Mighty Lord, for all that You have provided,

In Jesus' Name,


12/29/2005 10:00

Dear Lord, I pray for Sheree and her ex husband that they can work together to better the future of their children. Please soften her ex husband's heart to adhere her and her family's needs. I pray you bless Sheree with emotional, spiritual and financial healing. Please continue to lead, guide and direct her and her family and supply them with all of their needs. In Jesus name, Amen.

12/29/2005 10:20

Lord, please allow Sheree to feel your presence. It is so important for her to know that if it is your will that her children be with her, then you will give her the tools. Nothing hurts worse than the loss of a woman's child lord. The pain is deeper than any person can know unless they have been there. Lord, give her strength and resolve. Lord, lighten her load for a short time everyday so they she may rest from the pain. Lift her up off the floor and remind her that you will see her through this and that when she comes out the other side of this tunnel, you will warm her body and soul with your sunshine. Lord, we pray for Sheree in the name of your son, AMEN.
Sheree, I know the depth of your pain. You can and will survive through this painful ordeal. Strive always for what is best for your children and not for yourself and the Lord will get you to a place of peace.

12/29/2005 11:15

Dear Lord, I pray for you to be with Sheree at this time. Please help anyone you can ,to direct them in her path to get her through this. Keep her hopes up in knowing she can make it. Help her find a church for her to be closer to you and your family. Give her a family in Christ to show her and guide her in the right direction. I also pray for you to soften her husband's heart. Help him see his little boy needs his Mom more than ever. Have him see it's not about him, but his son and how much Sharee loves him. She needs all her children with her in this time. I hope for them both to come to agreements for their children and what is best for them. It's about the children. I pray Sharee finds the help she needs for her deppression. There is help out there for her and I hope in my heart her struggles will be few. In Jesus' name, Amen.

12/29/2005 11:43

Sheree, God is in control...I pray that God will put it on your ex-husband heart to let you have your child back with you, I've been where you are at, you have to let God do his job, he loves you! lean on him for support, not a man! God giveth and he taketh away, what he gave your husband, he can also taketh away; remember that, just keep the faith, he will answer your prayers in his own time (don't worry).

12/29/2005 19:10

I am thinking about you and your children and have you in my prayers. You are not alone. God loves you and He will take care of you.He knows your every tear and pain and He cares. Don't lose hope and rely on God and have faith. He will not let you down.

12/29/2005 20:51

Dear Lord,remember Sheree,at this particular time,in her life. Lord make a way for her that,her ex husband have a change of heart,and give her son back. I lost a son,but not through divorce,and it was very painful. If it wasn't for the Lord,and my family I wouldn't had made it. Hang in there Shereee,help is on the way. The Lord is by yourside,and on your side. Look up to the hills which cometh our help,our help cometh from the Lord,which made Haven,and earth.(Psalms 121:1,2). Lord you give Sheree,peace,strength,and the understanding that everything is going to be alright. Asking this prayer In Jesus Name,Amen.

12/30/2005 08:45

Dear Lord, give Sheree peace and faith. You will not abandon her and her little ones. Help her understand that you are who she needs to hold on to. Lord take all her worries away and soften her x husbands heart and have him return her baby to her. In your name I pray not only for Sheree, but all the mothers that are going through similar things. Protect them and their children. AMEN

12/30/2005 12:24

Dear Father in Heaven, Please be with Sherlee in her time of need. Provide her with what she needs and help her to know she is not alone, she has You right beside her. I know when you get separated or divorced, you feel very alone, but that is not the case. Give her the strength to hang on and brighter days will come. Please speak to her ex-husband's heart and help him to realize he is not being fair to her or his children. Amen

12/31/2005 15:58

Father, this situation must sadden you as well. We live in such a broken world, with broken individuals, families, states, and countries. Lord, please hear the prayers of all who so desperately cry out to You. I desperately cry out to you for this woman, her children, and her former husband. Please extend your hand and intervene as it pleases and serves you. Please give this woman Your peace in her situation -- that peace that surpaces all human understanding. We wait on and trust in You, Lord. In Jesus name I come before you.

1/4/2006 21:35

Dear Lord, Please give this mother peace and comfort and her kids. A mother should never be away from her kids and they should not be used as pawns in this adult fight. Let her husband see the right thing and keep peace for the sake of the kids. I pray in your name AMEN

1/8/2006 08:02

Dearest friends in Christ- God the father knows your heart and he is collecting all your tears in a cup. Please read Psl. 91 for immediate comfort. Please contact me so I can pray with you and support you for however long it takes..I am going through the EXACT same thing and God spoke to me by putting your name on my heart. He wants you to know you are not alone. I for you now, that the Holy Spirit's peace will fill you, that you crawl up onto the ROCK and let HIM carry you. His word says he will never forsake you and HE clears your path each day. GOD bless the children and put a hedge of protection around them (Psl 139:5) to insulate them from the waves of this divorce. We know both parents love the children, your children, but the bond of children and mother will not be broken. Praise your name Father for your endless love. My friend, things will be alright. I hope you are able to contact me so I can be of support and strength for you at this time that seems like all is lost. Keep looking up and we will not let the Advisary take control where God is actually in control. Your friend in CHrist-
Lynette L. Connelly

1/24/2006 22:02

Lord, Father, we come to you in agreement for the provision and protection of this woman, your child. Lord, the covenant of family is important to you. Lord, I ask you to let your will be done in her life. Jehovah Jireh, you are her provider not only for material things but emotionally . She needs strentgh at this time, she needs direction and guidance. Lord, we accept and claim these things in her life in Jesus's name. Amen

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