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terry gallagher
i am a 49 yr old female who needs alot of strong prayers to end my liver d isease

i am a 49 yr old female who needs alot of prayers to get well.

i am a 49 yr old mother with 2 children and have hepatitis c. i am on pegetron treatments which involves 5 antiviral pills a day and 1 heavy dose of interferon per week. am losing weight and hair and find myself more and more tired and lack of muscle control and the interferon atrophies the muscles. it has also caused other problems because of the hepatitis and the treatments such as stomach problems, depression, kidney problems. i pray every day, but PLEASE I NEED ALL THE PRAYERS I CAN GET.

terrygallagher -10/1/2005
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10/4/2005 16:38

Almighty Creator,
Please look upon Your loving daughter, Terry Gallagher, and rid her body of this horrid pestilence. Help her to endure the treatment whose side effects can be nearly as intolerant as the disease itself. In truth, the suffering of the therapy can be an indication of its effectiveness, so it is not so much its alleviation which I ask for her, as courage, tolerance and patience. Send Your angels to guide her throughout this difficult walk. May her medical providers use all their skills to see her through to a place of healing. Let her look to her children and see Your love reflected in their faces and therein find encouragement. Please, may Your mercy pour fourth upon her and restore her to health once more.
In the seeking of Thy will, with gratitude I pray.

10/5/2005 06:48

Most High God,
I thank Thee for sparing this dear servant's life thus far, and am so confident that Thou will continue to bless and sustain her to live for her children. Thou art the Master Physician, when doctors ask how did this happen, the answers are found in Thee, the Omniscient One. I thank Thee right now for Terry's healing, and when she receives grace and mercy through Thee, The Omnipotent One,let all praises be given unto Thee for working through the doctors, who has rewarded her for diligently seeking Thee in the time of need. "For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Thus saith the Lord.-Hebrews 4:12 This is my prayer, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

10/5/2005 07:03

Good morning Terry-I pray that you read this prayer. I would like for you to try Milk Thistles from the health food store of 3- 3x's a day, it help an individual over 3 years ago who didn't have long to live. Try it with the help of prayer not man. (YOU MAY EMAIL ME)

Let us pray: Oh Heavenly father, Oh Gracious King, an Awesome God, I come this morning praising your Holy Name and giving you all the honor and glory that you so graciously bestow upon on. Lord, Terry needs you right now in the name of Jesus. Let your Holy Spirit and anointing dwell within her right now, let her begin to feel the difference right now and when she awake, she will feel different. I rebuke this liver disease right now in the name of Jesus and I also rebuke the cause of the disease, we cannot remove the disease without the cause. Thank you Lord.Not only do I command this disease to go but I command it not to return because you said by your stripes she has already been healed and you have healed all diseases. Lord you said in Mark 16:17 "And these signs shall follow them that believe; IN MY NAME THEY SHALL CAST OUT DEVILS....HEAL THE SICK. You also said that whosoever call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered, deliver Terry and let her begin to just call on the name of Jesus because there is healing in the name of Jesus, there is deliverance in the name of Jesus and above all there is Power in the name of Jesus. Amen Amen Amen

10/5/2005 08:14

Lord, we come to the cross with Terry, praying for a blessing that only you can give and asking for mercy on her frail body. We know that those who minister unto her can be led and guided by your spirit and your will - comfort her Lord and let her know that peace, mercy and forgiveness are at the cross. If it be your will, heal her and let her live to testify to your love and mercy. Amen.

10/5/2005 08:15

Dear Lord, please keep Terry close to your healing embrace.Help her get well in her unfailing faith of your works. In Jesus name, Amen.

10/5/2005 08:43

Dear Lord, I pray for physical, spiritual and emotional healing for Terry. Please give her strength, guidance and comfort and help her continue to turn to you for all of her needs. In Jesus name, Amen.

10/5/2005 08:54

Dear Lord,
Please, I beg of you to take charge of Terrys frail health. Heal her broken body. Comfort her soul and give her the faith, strength and hope she needs to walk this path. I ask for this in the name of your beloved son Jesus, Amen.

10/5/2005 08:54

I am about to begin these treatments, like you. I would be pleased to have you as a mentor during this process, as I am afraid of the effects. Please feel free to contact me at my email address. God bless you....
Precious Lord, Thank you for your love and blessings. I pray for Terry, for the relief of all pain, suffering and disease, and I believe wholeheartedly of your Power to heal Terry completely, ridding her/his body of this virus and all of it's effects. Please give her/him strength to endure the trials of healing, keeping strong in body and faith, with full knowledge of the relief soon to follow. My praise and love for you Lord, in Jesus precious name I pray, amen.

10/5/2005 08:57

I am about to begin these treatments, like you. I would be pleased to have you as a mentor during this process, as I am afraid of the effects. Please feel free to contact me at my email address. God bless you....
Precious Lord, Thank you for your love and blessings. I pray for Terry, for the relief of all pain, suffering and disease, and I believe wholeheartedly of your Power to heal Terry completely, ridding her body of this virus and all of it's effects. Please give her strength to endure the trials of healing, keeping strong in body and faith, with full knowledge of the relief soon to follow. My praise and love for you Lord, in Jesus precious name I pray, amen.

10/5/2005 09:26

Dear Lord
please help this woman and all people that have illness of the liver.Please have mercy on her and recover her of her illness. Thank You Lord for all that You have given us. Amen

10/5/2005 09:34

Good Morning Terry, there is no ills, pain or sickness that God can not heal. This battle is the Lord's. Nothing is to great for God. He can fix or heal anything. I Hear the holy spirit saying to you to read Psalms 121.

O Heavenly Father, Most Gracious and Loving God we send up a prayer request for your child, Terry. May you heal her and make her whole. God we just thank you for taking away her pain. God please send your holy spirit right now in the name of Jesus to comfort her. We love you and honour you God for who and what you are. We lavish you with thanksgiving. You are so awesome and powerful. Heal her liver right now God in the name of Jesus. God take away all other complications right now God in the name of Jesus. God, King David asked that you remember him during his afflictions. God we are asking you to remember Terry during her afflictions. God because your word declares that by the stripes of Jesus Terry is healed. God we thank you for healing her from the crown of her head to the depths of her sole. God we pray for her children may you comfort and strengthen them that you are right there in the midst of this and that you are going to see their mother throught this. God we pray your riches blessings upon Terry and her children right now in the mighty name of Jesus, Christ, Amen.

10/5/2005 13:26

Father i cime in the name of Jesus thanking you for hearing and answering our prayers for your dear child Terry who is suffering from this disease of her liver. Father we know that you are our healer, and we put this disease in your hands, for you promised us if we would keep your commandments and your statues none of these diseases would you put upon us, so i'm asking you this day on behalf of your child Terry to remember the words that you have spoken to your servent and rid her body of this disease in Jesus name. Now father i ask that you keep her and her family in perfect pease, strenghten them in all their ways and give them patience to endur whatsoever they must endure until your work is completed. Just know that Jesus is a keeper and the power of the Holy ghost will help you do what you cannot do for yourself. Thy will be done in terry so that the glory of god may be made known upon the earth. AMEN

10/5/2005 14:17

I have family that has gone through just what you are today, I said prayers for them and light candles and they seemed to have helped.
Terry I will do the same and even more for you.
Take Care and May god Bless you each and everyday.
Terry I will say you a rosary every night and I know that this will help, just have faith . I di dthis for a ver close friend and it has heled a grewat deal he is now getting back to work and feeling much better.
In closing I would like to say I hope the very best for you and your children

10/5/2005 14:21

Lord God,

Have mercy on Terry who is suffering from this debilitating disease of the liver. Please pour down your almighty healing power upon her and help her directly and through the efforts of her doctors to make a complete and full recovery. Alleviate her discomfort, help and uplift her spirit as she faces the challenges of every day life, help her to provide for her family, and grant her peace and a complete absence from fear and despair. Grant that she will shake off this time of suffering soon, give her strength and the absolute assurance that you are in control of her life and will prosper her and her loved ones. Grant peace to her and to all her family and friends who care for her, and suffer as she does.

In the name of Jesus I pray,


10/5/2005 14:35

Dear Lord, Please wrap your healing arms around Terry and heal her body and soul. Give her strength and courage to overcome this with your blessings and give her time on this earth to see her children grow. Please bless this family I pray in your name AMEN

10/5/2005 15:21

Oh! Father God I come to you on the behalf of one of your children, Terry Gallagher. I pray unto you asking in the Name of Jesus that you will allow your healing power to touch her complete body and make it whole as you had designed it from the begining. Allow her body to be pain free without the help of any medication, only your Devine Touch! I pray that in any manner that the enemy tried or tries to attack her body from this point on, that it will be cut off by the power of God, in the name of Jesus! I pray that the smiles of comfort and peace will resurface in her life and she will continually give God the praises. I pray this prayer, in the Name of Jesus.... Amen, Amen and Amen.

10/5/2005 16:18

Dear God,
In the name of Jesus now Lord I pray for the healing of Terry's liver disease. Please touch her body right now with your awesome power and restore her health.

10/5/2005 17:26

Dear Lord remember Terry this evening,and give her a Mighty Healing. Lord you are Healer,and Keeper of All,and there isn't anything too impossible for you. Lord let her not be in any pain,or suffering. Give her a peace of mind,so that she doesn't feel depressed. Give her strength,peace,and understanding to carry on. Let the doctors,give her medicine,if they have too, to let her feel better. Asking this prayer In Jesus Name,Amen.

10/6/2005 08:43

Heavenly Father, Just 4 monyhs ago You took my 45 years oldd son to be with you from the same illness we are asking you to save Terry from. Lord, I know you needed Jeff in your heavenly kingdom, but Lord if it be possibel, please leave Terry to live her life out with her family. Savem them from the pain and heartbreak thet we are sufering. Lord, we know that through you all things are possible and we ask the if it be your will, you will make this possible for Terry. You said where two or more are gathered you will hear us and we know you do hear us. God, be with Terry each and every minute of her life, In your name we pray. Amen

10/6/2005 11:09

Dear Lord, please send Your healing touch to Terry Gallagher. Please make her completely whole in the name of Jesus. Please remove all of the disease from her liver and ease the pain from her body and mind. We thank You, Lord, for we know that by Your stripes we are healed. You shed Your blood to cleanse and heal us in all areas of our lives. Nothing is too for You, not even hepatitis. We thank You, for hearing and answering our prayers. We claim healing victory today, in Jesus' name, AMEN.

10/6/2005 16:36

Terry, Back a few years ago I went through the same treatments that you're going through. My Hepatitis was Hep C2b. My treatments lasted 6 months and now I'm totally cured! My blood actually shows antibodies to the virus! If you would like to be in touch, please contact me at I pray that your treatments will be as successful as mine were!
Take care,

10/8/2005 09:07

father, i am lifting terry up to you in prayer. she needs her liver to be healed and her depression to be lifted. please father, in jesus' name i ask for terry's health to be restored so that she can be a vibrant mother to her children and a witness to your glory and goodness and compassion. thank you for hearing our prayers.

11/25/2005 10:59

Dear Lord, Loving Father to Us All,

Please bless Terry in this difficult time, to be healed as much as possible of her various health ills, and to find more energy and wellness and comfort to live out her life with her children; and help them as well through this, and all others who need You everywhere, in all ways. And thank You, Lord, for all that You have done and provided, including any chances Terry has for recovery;

In Jesus' Name,


1/28/2006 20:53

Dear Terry.
I pray for you healing alot of it is the way we are brought up! IN THE NAME OF JESUS, & His vine I pray for you health. GOD Bless You in the Name Of Jesus Amen.


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