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Nikki f
Need prayers for family adopting. Evil is in her back ground.

Daily Christian Wisdom Let nothing upset you, Let nothing frighten you. Everything is changing; God alone is changeless. Patience attains the goal. Who has God lacks nothing; God alone fills all their needs.

We are kin-ship foster parents. Our daughter is the love of our lifes. We have had her almost a year now. CPS placed her with us because the grandparents where not taking care of her needs. She WAS pretty delayed when she came to live with us. She had just turned 3. She was in dipers on a bottle, sleeping in a crib and pinned in a play pen for more then 8 hours a day. She didnt walk well nor hardly spook when she came home. It has been a long hard road. She now sings laughs and shows an amazing love toward us. We are bonded forever. Her mother has past on, wasnt in her life much. She depended on drugs and men. Nikki's father is a beater, uses drugs and drinks, He has only seen Nikki once w/ CPS. We are getting ready for the adoption part of our case. Nikki's family has a LONG LINE of all types abuse, drugs drinking more.. Nikki has come forth stating that the grandfather sexual hurt her with his fingers. I hurt so badly typing this. I ask that you pray for us.

theflynnfamily -6/23/2005
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6/23/2005 04:28

After rereading the prayer I see I mis spelled some words. I am sorry as its early in the morning and sleep hasnt been my friend.

7/1/2005 17:22

Dear God, please send Your wisdom and guidance to this family. Comfort them during this difficult period. Give them the courage to weather all of the difficulties adopting a child with special needs means. You are our strength and shield. Heal little Nikki physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Make her whole in the name of Jesus. Lord, please just supply all the needs of the family. Thank You for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus' name, AMEN.

7/1/2005 20:59

Eternal Father, strengthen and guide this family throughout the adoption process and all the following days of their lives together. Help them to grow in love for one another and for You. Give them the wisdom and understanding they need to deal with past injustices. Heal their hearts and bind them together forever in love. We ask this in the name of Your Son.

7/2/2005 03:19

Lord, I lift up to You Nikki. This little girl has had to bear the heaviness of a wicked world in her few years. It is by Your Grace that she has been placed in a loving family, who has nurtured her thru to a better life. I pray for Nikki and her adoptive parents, that Your will continue to be manifest in this family. I bind Satan and all his realm from these people of God. Help for the helpers, too, Lord; may they continue to get the help and support that they need. "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so." May this be the song on Nikki's lips. I ask all this in Jesus' Precious Name, Amen and amen.

7/2/2005 04:52

Dear God,This is for my little Angel Nikki who has already in her short period of being alive has endured a very sad situation that will effect the rest of her life.To you little Angel,I send my Angels,Whom protect me from all Evil,To now protect even the littlest of all persons...God,Michael,Raphael,Gabriel,Serephim...Please Protect this Baby Girl from all of the evil that lurkes now and in her future.Keep her Safe from all things Bad,And As she grows please,Stay by her side forever more.Also,Protect the people whom gave they`re hearts to save this baby from the devil itself,My Love and Heart go out to them for they`re gift of being her Saviors in her time of need.Nikki My Love,I have been here In my lifetime,I was not so lucky baby girl.My Soul cries for you,I understand Sweetheart,May all Good Beings,God Almighty Himself,All of my Angels who came to my rescue,Just later in life...Are now with you,As I Am sending You my very Life....I will give It to make sure you will never endure that again,Rest my Angel,For you are now in the arms of Safety,Thank You,God,All Angels Of Mine and To All who Joined this Prayer Circle,I give my Love to all of you.Once Again,Thank You.Cherokeemarshall

7/2/2005 06:29

Lord, we lift Nikke and this family up to you. We ask that you take away her pain and any remembrance of the bad things that happened to her. Lord, I pray that this family is grounded in your love and in your faith. Give them the ways that this little girl should be taught to love and honor you. I pray that all will go smooth in this adoption and that your will be done in their lives. These things we ask in your name. Amen and amen.

7/2/2005 06:51

Dear Lord,
Grant these parents the adoption they seek. Heal little Nicki and her new parents of all the pain and sorrow they have endured. Heal their souls. Grant them the Joy in Christ they seek and need. Cast away the demons that have taken charge of her biologic family. I ask for this in Jesus name, Amen.

7/2/2005 08:05

Father - Thank you for placing Nikki with the Flynn family...for giving her a loving home. Please guide her through all her life, so that she never chooses the ways of those who brought her into the world but rather, grows in and extends the love she is now receiving through your blessings. Be present with the Nikki and all the FLynns, always Father, in Jesus' name i ask. Thank you for hearing my prayer Father.

7/2/2005 08:37

Jesus loves the little children and He is concorned about every detail of Nikki's life. Ps. 91 is what I pray for her and I hope she'll grow fully aware of how much she means to our heavenly Fathers' love for her all the days of her life, in Jesus name, amen.

7/2/2005 08:44

Dear Lord, I pray for Nikki that you will heal her physically, spiritually and emotionally from her past abuse. Please help her to continue to grow healthy, strong and happy. Please give her family strength, guidance and peace. I pray for her old family that you will help them to overcome their addictions and pain, and turn to you for healing. In Jesus name, Amen.

7/2/2005 09:00


7/2/2005 11:19

Dear Heavenly Father,
I ask you this morning not only for Nikki but for her foster parents and son to be adapted parents to have the love that conquers all, patience to deal with what is coming, and a lot of faith to be able to fight the battles they are going to. I also ask for Nikki, so she could continue receiving your healing through her new parents, for you to place your hands on her body, her mind and her soul, so she could heal totally and become a worker in your fields. Thank you for listening and answering our prayers. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

7/2/2005 12:21

Dear Great Spirit and my Angels,

Thankyou for bringing Nikki and the Flynn family together. I know the power that intervening in the life of an abused child can have. She is safe now and is obviously thriving. Please bless them and be with them as they traverse the challenging landscape. Bring lots of joy and laughter and healing hugs into all of their lives. Thank you.

7/2/2005 15:02

Dear Lord;
thank you for taking nikki out of her evil surrounds and placing her with those who will love and care and protect her from alllifes traumas.Bless nikki and helpm her once again to be Able to trust those who care for her.might thy will be done in regard to the Adoption And may nikki be Able to have the loving caring home that she so deserves.heal her totally from Any emotional scars that may cause future unhappiness As An Adult.
Lord let her evil family who caused such heartache find repentance and salvation through you.
thank you Lord for Caring for All the little Children of the world.You know their heartaches;and needs.only you can supply these needs.thank you for such Love.bless this dear family in every way.Amen

7/2/2005 18:26

Dear Lord, please bless Nikki with a happy , loving ,normal life now. This poor little girl has been through enough. Please let her remain with the family whom she loves and loves her back.I pray that Nikki will grow strong in faith and turn to you gracious Lord when she needs guidance. In Jesus' name I pray,amen.

7/2/2005 20:26

Dear Lord- you are the healer of all kinds of diseases, tragedies and more. I pray you will guide this family through the adoption phase of their life with the girl/daughter. In Jesus name.
I don't know about you, but I have done this before. I took a couple of kissing bunnies and prayed over them that my then friend, now husband would kiss me if it was God's and his will. That's how lonely I was. I used Jacob as a model for this. He used the sheep and the image of prosperity? can't remember where I got it. But if you feel led, get an object that reminds you of success during this adoption and pray over it that you will succeed and that your little girl will be safe again from her old life of pain and abuse. Just a thought only do it if you feel led.

7/2/2005 21:25

Father God - Send your Hevenly Angels to hover over this family nd this psecial little girl. You have led her to this family, now we pray that you will lead and guide this family in making this your child their own. Heal the wounds that are in her heart and mind - open her to joy, peace and love in this family through your loving care and guidance. God - forgive them for they did not know what they did t this child and teach her forgiveness, not hate - patience, not quick to anger, and give her peace through the love and care of her new caretakers. We ask this prayer in the name of your son, Jesus - Amen.

7/2/2005 21:56

Dear Lord help the family Lord to be able to carry on,and let them know that you are with them. Lord give them peace,understanding,and the strength to be able to do the things that they have to do to carry on with life. Let the adoption be just fine. Lord remember the child,and take care of her,and heal her were need be. Lord bless her in body,and spirit,not only her,but the entire family. Lord asking this prayer In Jesus Name,Amen

7/3/2005 02:24

I feel so saddened after reading the story about Nikki, I am almost 43 and I was a victim of abuse from the age of 5, verbal,sexual and physical! My heart bleeds when I hear of any child going through that, it is horrible in itself but from a family member, it is unspeakable!The blessing is that, she will be able to move on and as time goes by she will not remember any of this!I pray that God cradles this precious child in his arms and that he protects her from any more harm coming to her, I pray for her healing and I pray for the family she now has who, obviously loves her and cares for her very deeply!God give this family the courage and the strength they need to go on and take care of all Nikki's needs!May she grow into a happy, healthy young girl and ultimately a happy, healthy, well adjusted woman!I ask all of this in Jesus" name Amen.

7/3/2005 12:06

Dear Gentle Jesus,
You said to suffer the little children to you. We therfore commit Nikki to you. CLAIM her Father as YOURS. SO that NO weapon formed against her shall prosper. We declare all that the devil has tried to do to her as NULL and VOID in her life. And only the love that you give her through her parents, the FLynns, may she know. May she come to know you Jesus, through her parents, the Flynns.
We ask that you put your guardian angels around Nikki to walk with her as she grows so that she may live to do your work and Bring GLORY to YOUR name. Dear Father, please reward and shower with blessings these wonderdul people, the Flynns who are doing your work. Bless them all and keep them safe and health, we ask and pray in Jesus name. Amen.

7/3/2005 12:48

Dear Lord,
Here is a child and her family in need of Your guidance. Please send them your angels to help them find their way through times of trouble and times of need. Watch over her and her family. In the glory of Lord Jesus, grant them happiness, good health, and safety.

7/3/2005 13:05

I ask Our Lord and Saviour to Bless this Family thats taking on this heavy Responsibility.I had to raise a son addicted to crack so I know that The Lord will Bless you,Your Family And this Precious gift named Nikki.She will be a very Big Blessing in your life and you will enjoy her. The Lord will make sure your Blessing are plentiful,all you have to do Is believe and keep Praying.I will definitely keep you and your Family In My Prayers.May The Lord Bless you and Your Family and Nikki--AMEN,AMEN & AMEN

7/3/2005 15:52

Thank you God--for "being there" for little Nikki in her hour of terrible need. For it was against the ugly backdrop which was imposing itself upon her young life--a backdrop filled with human anguish, despair, turmoil and a wretched level of ignorance--a backdrop dangerously darkened by an energy force so horrible and terrorizing, it can only be best described as belonging to that of "Satan"--it is exactly HERE where You chose to enter, and once again--manifest Yourself. Wearing a brilliant disguse, of course! But there's no doubt! For those of us with eyes penetrating enough to see, there You were alright! And it is there You continue to be--in the magnificent form of a loving, new, adoptive family for this precious and deserving, little girl. So many, many thanks to You, again, God! For "being there" for Nikki and staying there--within her and each member of her new family, (most especially, her dear but worried mom!) May Your guidance, nurturance, protection and all-powerful, all-healing LOVE bless and sustain them always.
Forever and ever.

7/3/2005 18:05

Jesus I ask that you continue to strenghten this family and continue to help them grow in love. As little Nikki grows speak to her heart and remind her that with you all things are possible. You allowed her to be placed in a great home with a great family, meaning her past is past.Though there may be a bad history, you can and will shape her wonderful future. You are faithful, please provide for this family emotionally, physically and financially.

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