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Ruth Rabenold
Beloved Mother Stricken with Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease has stolen my mother's life, please pray for her, she has lost her ability to read, to write, to knit, to remember, to turn without falling.

Please pray for my mother Ruth R. who is suffering from Parkinson's disease, she has been suffering so badly these past few months. Please help me pray that she retain the memory that she has left and that her hallucinations cease. Please help me pray that she doesn't fall anymore. And pray for her to have peace of mind and free from fear. She is very much loved and we need her in our lives so much, she is my hero, so brave, never complains. Please pray that she may be able to remain at home among her family who loves her so much. Please help me pray that she not get worse for a while, that she may experience a remission.
beckyfin -12/1/2004
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12/1/2004 11:33

Ruth and family; I am saying a prayer for you all. It is so sad when our parents regress. It is difficult for them to give up their strenght and independence, and it is difficult for us to cope with the change also. Bless you all and I will pray for your comfort.

12/1/2004 20:13

Dear heavenly Father;
you see the urgent physical need of this woman Ruth.I pray that she might be healed by thy Almighty hand if it be within your will.Strenghten her Lord And improve her Condition that She may be Aware that you have touched her Are still the greatest physician of All And Are Able to meet our every need.Bless her family Lord As They struggle through this difficult period .grant them the hope And peace that only you Can is your desire that we All should be in health And prosper even As our soul proospers.Grant that it might be so for Ruth Right now.All praise And thanks I give unto you For All that you Are going to thy name I pray.Amen.

12/1/2004 21:41

just trust in god and he will take care of everything.

12/2/2004 04:03

GOD please aid Ruth in all areas she is going through! Guide her and keep her safe and mentally alert!put a ease upon her!Rebuke any bad thoughts or visions or pain!please let her feel your peace and love!! in the name of Jesus we pray! Also please be with her loved ones! Help them to feel comfort and peace!and let them all cotinue to have faith in THEE and love each other a whole lot!!! Amen GOD BLESS RUTH AND HER LOVING FAMILY!!

12/2/2004 05:14

Abba Father:
I lift up Ruth R. to you, she is in need of a miracle. Please rebuke this disease and the thoughts, mental difficulties this sickness brings.
May those around her continue Prayer Without Ceasing. And Father, may your divine healing touch be more Glory to you. Whose grace is abundant and generous. Let your will be done in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ... Amen

12/2/2004 08:03

Dear GOD, please touch Ruth and all those around her. Give them strength and will Lord to get through this tough time in their lives. Amen!

12/2/2004 08:07

Lord, God, please give Ruth the peace that you will her to have, and give her the strength to place her burdens at your feet, and please take those burdens and ease her mind/heart/body. I pray that Ruth's family remain ever patient with You, and with Ruth, as this condition often brings frustration and hopelessness with it. It is only through continuous contact with you and drawing upon your strength and loving resolve that Ruth and her family can find the peace in this time of difficulty. I pray whole heartedly for "becky" and Ruth, and all of their loved ones to take each moment as an opportunity to show love, to show patience, to show understanding, and to continually place their burdens at your feet and wish for thy will, for thy will is for all to have the peace that only you can offer. Amen.

Becky: i lost my father not long ago from parkinson's, and was a caregiver for the last year or so, along with my mother, until my dad passed away. It is a difficult time, and i have many regrets, for impatience, for not acting in a kindly and loving way, for the disease, as you may well know, is cruel in that you may want your mom, as i wanted my dad, to understand what they used to, to do what they used to, to recognize what they used to, to eat/drink/talk like they used to, to not see things that aren't there, to not become paranoid, along with a thousand other things that can drive YOU and others close to madness yourselves. I pray that you take the time to make sure that YOU are allright, that YOU take care of your heart/soul/body also, and that you remain ever-connected to God, in spirit, even if it's an utterance of a phrase like "patient, kind" when times get rough, because you are going to be taking the place of your mom in becoming the caregiver, and the love, kindness, and peace that you bring to Ruth IS FELT, is realized, does have an impact. I took good care of my dad, and I do not regret the decision to take care of him at home, but there are times that i was patient, loving and kind, and there were times that i could not provide the sort of objectiveness that is required when taking care of a person with this condition. I didn't turn to anyone and ask for the help that i should have, that my mom and i should have, and we became frustrated with the disease, and in turn, often impatient with my dad. 2+2 does not equal 4 anymore when this disease enters a person's life, so allow 2+2 to equal 4, because that does not matter, what matters is that the person saying that 2+2 equals 4 is, and always will be, Ruth, she is in there, and she does feel the love. God Bless Ruth, and YOU, and your loved ones. Please, if I can provide any guidance, what to do, not to do, tricks of taking care of this sort of thing, or a kind word, please feel free to contact me whenver you want.

12/2/2004 12:15

I will be praying for Ruth. I know that God is capable of healing her, miraculously. I also personally know people who have seen some pretty amazing results from natural methods. I have a friend who was diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago, and given 6-18 months to live. She was told that with chemo, they could probably extend her life 18 months but that's it, because the cancer was at that time was in her lymph nodes, and too far progressed. She sat on her porched and prayed. She decided not to do the chemo, and just trust God. She did though decide to look into more natural remedies. She started drinking a 4 herb tea, {essiac}, and taking a whole host of other supplements. Nine years later, she is cancer free, and traveling the country painting. I know that it is not Parkisons but, the same place you can get the supplements for cancer, they have an entire section on Parkisons, and a whole host of other diseases. If you decide to check it out, I highly recommend ordering the free cataloge. There is a lot more information in the cataloge, then on the website. It tells you exactly what supplements to take, and how much to take depending on what your specific need is. Their web site is Also, you should try She is an actual MD, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer 15 years ago. She also claims to have had the onset of Parkinsons. She was told by the medical community that she was going to die. She opted for natural methods, and is not only alive, but disease free. If you don't have a problem going to doctors, and using chemically based drugs, why not give something a try that God provides us naturally. A lot of people have great success using both conventional medicine, and natural remedies at the same time. It couldn't hurt. It's cheaper, and what have you got to lose.
God bless you and you entire family.

12/2/2004 12:20

Oh yeah, by the way, also has a section on Parkinsons.
God Bless

12/2/2004 13:17

Wonderful Blessed Father,
What a beautiful daughter Becky is, bless her, it is so hard to watch our parents age, to see them change before our very eyes, we want them and need them, give Becky and all adult children strength to perservere, let her know just how much you love her. Be with her mother, Ruth. Let her mind focus only on you, let her eyes see only you, let her ears hear only you. Give her peace that You are with her spiritually, physically and mentally, that You are there through every part of her life as she experiences life's changes. Let her know just how much You love her and how much she is loved by her family. Thank you Father and bless this special woman who has touched the lives of her family so.

12/2/2004 16:48

Out gracious Father in heaven. I lift up Ruth and her family to you right now. Father have mercy on Ruth, her family needs her so much. Thank you Father for all that you do for us, we so so unworthy of the things that you do for us. Father Please heal her now in Jesus name we pray. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but delieve us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever AMEN!!!!!

12/3/2004 20:58

Becky, you and your mother Ruth will be in my prayers. My heart goes out to you. I have been living with a diagnosis of Parkinson's for a few months. A neurologist just this Thursday has ruled that out and I am
praying for you and your family to have strength and wisdom to deal with your mom. She is precious to God and He can heal her! May you receive His peace and your mom have better days.

12/4/2004 18:56

Greetings in the wonderful name of JESUS Christ.
The road to devine healing is seldom an expressway.The road has many roadblocks placed in our way by the devil to keep God's people from receiving the blessings of health which God has provided. Our God is a God of Life not Death.God is the author of life.God hates death. Therefore all sickness and death comes from Satan. the scripture in Romans 8:2 says,.."For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death."... Read also Acts10:38.God is our God of Life. The things that we do and say and think can become Roadblocks.
Road Block no 1.. God sends sickness upon people. This is not true. Get it out of your mind. Evil does not come from God. God only permits it.He does not create it.
Road Block No2...My Healing may not be God's will----- absolute rubbish. God has plainly told us in his WORD that HE HEALS US...Read 2 Peter 3:9 and Revelation 22:17..." Jesus took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses ".... Ruth, your Mother is included in the " our ". No one who is in Christ, does not have to bear any sickness any more.
Road Block No. 3... Disobedience
Road Block No.4... Doubt and Unbelief and LACK OF FAITH. The effects of the individual's doubt will nullify the faith on the Person/s Prayer. The scripture in Amos 3:3 says: Can two walk together,except they be agreed"...Read also Mathew 18:19 on the prayer of agreement.
Road Block No.6.. I am suffering for the the glory of God.. LET ME SAY THAT GOD IS GLORIFIED THROUGH HEALING AND DELIVERANCE.
Road Block No.7...Sickness is God's chastening....... NOT TRUE!!! NOT TRUE!!
Hebrews 12:6 says " For whom The Lord loveth he chasteneth". However it does not say. "FOR WHOM THE lORD LOVETH HE MAKETH SICK" In THE ORIGINAL Greek, the word chasten does not have any implication of sickness.
" Our Heavenly Father, we come to you through the Blood of Jesus Christ and we lay upon your throne of Grace Becky's Mother Ruth. Lord we acknowledge that you are THE HEALER. Your word says "I am the Lord your God who heals you, I send my word and I heal your disease." You also said," I am the Lord your God and I CHANGE NOT". UNCHANGING GOD AND FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST, We ask you In Jesus name to extend your hand of mercy to Ruth and bring salvation to her SOUL and HEALING TO HER FLESH,HER BRAIN AND EVERY ORGAN OF HER BODY THAT YOU CREATED.ABBA FATHER RESTORE RUTH TO GOOD HEALTH.Lord and God I ask this because Jesus interceded for Ruth; and I am asking based on what HE did. HE HIMSELF TOOK OUR INFIRMITIES,AND BARE OUR OUR SICKNESSES AND BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED. This applies to Ruth as well and we claim the promise of your word that Ruth is healed. Lord God, in Mark 11:22-24 you also said that "we can say t to the mountain be cast into the sea and if we do not doubt in our hearts, but believe that what we say shall come to pass, it will be done" Lord we have FAITH IN YOU WORD AND WE SPEAK TO THE MOUNTAIN OF PARKINSON"S DISEASE in Ruth Life, and in the name of Jesus we bind Satan and by the devine power of The Holy Spirit we cast out the spirit of Parkinson's disease from Ruth, in Jeus name, In the name of Jesus Christ we command a NEW BRAIN and nerve tissue that will function normally according to God's devine order of health for Ruth. In the name of Jesus Christ, we command healing to all other affected organs of the body from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. I am asking these things for Christ and through Christ, based entirely on the redemptive work that Jesus Christ has already done.. And in Jesus name we declare Ruth Healed. Thank you for healing Ruth and restoring her to good health.Lord be Glorified in and through Ruth and her family. With praise and thanksgiving, in Jesus name we pray.

12/5/2004 02:56

I also share your desperation for a miracle. My moter is suffering from lung cancer. I will now pray everyday for two mircles one for me and one for you. If enough ask God will realize the love that exists for our mothers and just have to answer our prayers. If for some reason God has other plans we can feel secure in the fact that they will be waiting for us safe, and pain free in heaven

12/5/2004 10:06

I lost my mother in April so I know what you must be going through. Through your request you prayed the prayer for your Mom. to that I say AMEN!

12/6/2004 13:55

Lord, I pray for Ruth. Please help her to have a remission. I completely understand the changes at hand and how hard it is for the family too. My mother is young (late forties) and has been diagnosed PD for some years now. She won't listen or accept help. I pray for her all the time. So, now I pray for Ruth. Lord, keep Ruth close to you and help her to have a better life beyond the PD. Almight God in Heaven, help the family to not feel so helpless and keep their strength in these hard times. PD is a very overwhelming disease and so noncompassionate. Lord, I pray for Ruh, her family and all the others dealing with PD in this world. Help us all. I pray in Jesus name, AMEN.

12/10/2004 12:40

Dear Lord, please bless Ruth and restore her to complete health. Please give her family guidance and comfort during these trying times. Lord, we love you and claim victory today. AMEN.

1/17/2005 13:47

Dear Lord, Please bless Ruth and give her a healing blessing. I pray in your name AMEN

2/28/2005 22:01

Dear Lord, Please bless Ruth and give her and her family peace and healing. I pray in your name AMEN


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