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for all those with broken wings survivors of addiction, abuse, brokenness
Prayers for all who walk in pain, seeking healing from the shadows of yesterday. Prayers for the love of God to heal us all....

I ask for prayers for all survivors. Survivors of all addictions, which has affected many people in many ways. I ask for prayers for freedom from the bondage of addiction, whatever it may be. Prayers for the survivors of abuse. Prayers for broken wings~*

Addiction has cost many lives, and there are many forms of bondage out there that can hinder the spirit. I pray for the healing power of God to reach deep within where we need it the most. I pray for the abused, who need healing and the hope for a new life. I pray for the abusers, that they find a new way of life, for they will be set free from tearing down their own spirit as well. I pray for all who have broken wings, who need to learn how to fly again. Remind us how to soar in His love, renew us with hope for a better tomorrow. I pray for all survivors, to learn how to soar again, free from yesterday's shadows and open wounds. God, help survivors heal with your amazing love...
soaroneagleswings -9/13/2004
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9/17/2004 22:24

God, I have suffered in ways that I stll cannot always explain to you, even now.I want to be a better person, the better to do your will.
I hear and see others everyday that hurt so much that it hurts me to see.
Some hurt others with their insanity, and misery, and some hurt themselves over and over.
Help me to be able to do your will, and do the best thing for my fellows and sisters in this life.
And I add here my prayers for those still walking in darkness.
For those still sick and suffering, help me to understand, and know when it it right to offer help, and when it is more helpful, to let them alone.
I pray for healing and love and encouragement for all of abused and betrayed, for all of us no matter our devastation or self destruction, healthy now, or lost in sickness,need your love and guidance and the love of others.

9/20/2004 00:35

Blessed God of our hearts
I join here in prayer with my sisters and brothers, knowing that You are always, always present. Knowing that Your Love is always flowing freely and that your Light shines on all without distinction. Help us to turn towards Your everpresent source of Light and Love. Divine One, there is nothing on earth more wonderful, more powerful than your Love. Precious Lord, the iron grip of this age has us in it's dark bondage, make this darkness absence from us and release us from the thoughts, habits, actions and deep subconscious impressions that enslave and weaken our wills. Help us to realize that the 'Lord is the cause of all this, not we. There is a Higher Power that moves everything. Help us to know this and bend our will to it."

9/20/2004 16:27

For the Wednesday night group

9/20/2004 18:12

Dear Heavenly and most precious Father, I ask that you touch each and everyone that is burdened with bondage. Whether it be drugs, alcohol or the bondage of sadness and despair..I ask for these to feel your touch, to feel peace. Your word says WE may have the desires of our hearts!!! This is one of my desires....Another is to see my loved ones find the way of Salvation and give up their drugs. Another is to see ones I love who are NOT family find the way of Salvation that all of these may join me in that glorisous place called Heaven... My desire is that people will always see YOU in me. My desire to to be a light to others. My GOD said I could have the desires of my heart. MY GOD does not lie, therefore I humbly ask these things...knowing and believing in HIS word...IN JESUS NAME, Amen.....

9/22/2004 03:18

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy Psalm 126:5 May those songs of joy be beautiful and lift our spirits to the heavens, far from the sadness and pain of this earth, if only for a little while. I trust in you my Lord and my God, that with God all things are possible. I pray for healing for everyone who needs it, heal their open wounds, seal them with your love, a healing balm for all who apply it. Mend the broken wings, set them straight, for the time will come when they will fly again, with a new appreciation for the flight of life. I love you my Creator, thank you for my life, and for giving me second chance. I pray for healing TODAY, for all of those who need your grace, in every way.Amen

9/28/2004 20:04

Heavenly Father, send your healing power to soothe the pain of brokenness..for only in You will new life be found..where your healing love abounds.Out of your amazing love my spirit took it's first breath of life, the love that gave each of us our every heart beat, the love that gave us every breath taken..may no breath be taken in vain again...let your healing inspiration descend...I love you God..may a new life begin~*

10/11/2004 23:54

Glorious Heavenly Father,please forgive me for having let you and myself down so many times. Please free me from the addiction of nicotine and gambling. I've known you all my life and for many many years I slipped away from you. However, I have come to realize that without you as my personal savior, without your strength and guidance, I will never be free from the demons within. I have tried many times to rid myself of these vices, one of which is destroying my wonderful marriage. I come to you tonight to ask you to give me the power to rebuke satan and and to have the faith that you shall make me stong; that you shall give me strength, that you shall change my life because I humble myself before you, admitting my sins and asking for forgiveness. I am so sorry that I have let you down.

Dear Lord, I promise to have faith that because I am asking, I shall believe that it is done.

My heart is broken. My life is broken. Please help me to fix it Lord.

I thank you in the name of Jesus.


10/21/2004 01:01

Heavenly Father,

I ask that you help this woman see her way to freedom and peace, the true peace that only you can offer, a peace which surpasses human understanding. We as humans come to you broken and in need of fixing, and the master potter begins to shape and form us into the beings we were meant to be...Help all who suffer from any form of compulsion, bind the sin that afflicts us, destroy any obstruction that tries to block us from you. We love you God, we need you, and we turn to you in earnest prayer. Heal us all, so we can again stand tall, to answer your glorious call. In Jesus name, amen~*

11/4/2004 13:31

God, our Creator; our Heavenly Father and Celestial Mother;
Our one, True Parent.
I come before you in prayer, to ask that you give your power; your strength; your courage; to those crippled with addiction, or affliction; with which to overcome, their use of crutches, or helplessness. I would ask, Father, that you succor them, draw them unto you, and heal and cure them, that suffer of, or from addiction. I ask that you would do the same, for those, bowed, by affliction of the body, mind, or spirit.
I ask, that you keep you angels about them, their loved and friends; that you would keep them from harm; and those who do evil, unto them, or guide them from the path of enlightenment. I would ask, simply, God, that you keep your hand upon them...
In Jesus name,

11/6/2004 02:28

Our Heavenly Father, I come before your holy throne by way of your cross. Cause these offerings to ascend like a sweet incense in your nostrils and move in miraclous compassion toward all peoples everywhere, who need your Love.

There is no distance in the realm of your Spirit Father..or hearts are in agreement for all, even ourselves, to ascend higher into knowing you.

In the name of your beloved son Jesus, destroy the yokes that cripple the human spirit, soul and body. Oh son of righteousness, arise and shine with healing in your wings.

Thank you Father, thank you for hearing our prayers. Behold, you make all things the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

11/6/2004 14:06

we gonna cut her loose tonight Lord?
open her up and let her fly?

to the prized highest
I call out
in collective compassion
for the higher
to marry those low-go's
when parched tongues search for words
and fill those places
in need
to be heard
to be understood
to heal
to cause the rays of love's shiny beams
to melt anew
our sacred selves
in an orb of warmth
ascending homeward

And everyone who agreed with the prayer be it (amen)

~*written by metafunk

amen and amen~*stand in agreement, my Lord and my God, let the healing begin~*

hold him now
light-energy of our soul
some things
simply beyond utterance
invoke the powers that be
to sustain in peace dignified
what is beyond our control

hold him gentle
and vanquish all fear
for I truly do not know
what hell he may be living

hold him
my heart
has taken its toll
since the long road
beat heavily upon
all sensibilites
even before the diagnosis
some years ago

hold my son
for the love of God
hold him
a story
to long
now chucked
in a circle
of love

cast your prayers on the bonfire
and let love consume

-written by metafunk


~*heavenly Father, hold him in your divine embrace, infuse his son with your amazing love and hope and grace, grasp onto that precious spirit, take hold take hold, shine your brilliant radiant light from above into every corner of this man's heart, from where all healing starts~*in Jesus precious and loving name, amen

12/10/2004 10:19

Heavenly father I ask you to protect those who are sick, poor, and hungry. I ask you to watch over our friend with breast cancer.

1/3/2005 03:40

Beautiful Father, help those who are suffering from the tsunami's destruction..moments like these remind me how in the blink of an eye our lives can change. Natural disasters are not partial, they take the rich and the poor, the destruction and power affects all, from the mighty to the small....Help the families and friends who lost precious people who they love, comfort them and give them strength to carry on. Help the people trying to rebuild after the disasterous effects of the nature gone awry, give them courage and strength for the next love and prayers goes out to these people. We are all connected. amen

1/12/2005 01:05

Dear God,
Please let those whome I loved in the past, someday forgive me as I attempt to, with the grace of your spirit, make my amends to them. Also Thank you for everything you have done. I am grateful.

1/27/2005 04:30

Loving Creator, help to heal the broken, and to soothe those in to bind the ties that were severed, guide us to the perfect love that you know best, to share with all the rest~*for every moment is new ground to walk upon..thank you for your amazing grace, for your incredible gift of forgiveness..may those people who I hurt in the past forgive me, and help me to learn how to forgive someone else, someone who I need to be gentle with as well, myself...I am thankful for new ground to tread upon~*shine forth the soft rays of new dawn, for yesterday is gone...I love you God

3/31/2005 02:20

Heavenly Father,

Give me strength to continue to walk my path of new life. I trust in you, for unlike humans you are perfect in every way and will not break a promise or steer me wrong...humans are imperfect beings, and we are capable of making mistakes along the way. I love you, and thank you for the gift of learning to see the reflection in the mirror...and learning to love the person looking back at me in that reflection...thank you for allowing me the gift of life, please be with me as I continue the journey into who I am and why I am here. I love you~*amen

5/2/2005 22:01

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for all the tings you give to help us live, and that would be mostly your Spirit. I thank you for your Spirit for all people to help us live out our lives and show us the way to go. Thank you for Jesus who tries to heal my soul. What more could I ask than for that. Thank you Father and Lord.

5/27/2005 23:59

amen, Bronwyn, amen, the Holy Spirit is an amazing gift, the great Comforter, the Holy Ghost, the pure fire of the Holy one~*God Bless all who walk in search of healing, may Jesus' healing balm of love and strength saturate their wounds and inspire them once again from deep within, where real healing begins~*thank you God

6/8/2005 13:39

God is the fresh wind that takes us to new heights...may you let your spirit soar in His love...God, thank you for another daily bread, may I remember what you did for me wherever my feet tread...thank you for reminding me how to breath showed me how to inhale, exhale, how to breath deeply once again. I am grateful for this simple reminder for the core of who I am is letting oxygen in again, letting it reach every part of my being~*you have taught my spirit how to sing~*

9/25/2005 02:28

God, thank you for another day, another hour, another minute, this very moment...I am grateful for my precious gift of life, what a miracle your gift of life is. I can feel the healing within, as your amazing peace descends..thank you, I am forever grateful for this feeling of renewal from the inside out, without a doubt you are what its all about~*amen and amen

4/1/2006 13:50

Lord, another day, another hour, another minute, another second, to experience your amazing grace...every heart beat, every sacred breath of life, is because you allow it to be so. thank you for the gift of life. I love you~*


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