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Colleen T
Myself & the financial problems I have

Losing my job & not finding a new job

It's been almost a year since I lost my full time job,I currently have a part-time job but my unemployment ran out months ago & I haven't been able to find any kind of job (full-time or part-time)I'm getting further in debt & very depressed. I try to think positive & pray to God that things will get better but I get frustrated & think negative & ask why is this happening to me did I do something to deserve this? It's hard to stay positive when it seems everything is against me. I need help in believing that God doesn't give you more than you can handle.
coltuc5 -6/30/2004
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6/30/2004 15:23

Dear God,
Please Be With Colleen & Help Her To Get Out Of Her Problem Give Her The strength, Love, Courage, Wisdom, Faith & Support She Need During This Time Dear God Comfort Her In This Hard Time. In Jesus' Name We Pray Amen.

6/30/2004 20:03

Dear Colleen,
It seems I too have had more than my share of financial difficulties, but all my needs are filled. Sometimes needs and wants are difficult to differenciate. Trust in the Lord. When doors shut, new ones open, be watchful and have faith as He looks after even the little sparrows needs. Focus on giving rather than recieving and miracles will surround you. God loves you. Amen.

6/30/2004 23:32

Dear Colleen,
i so can relate to how you feel, i just went to work 3 days ago after 6 months of not being able to find a job. It seems like when it rains it pours but it will get better just have faith, I believe there is a reason for everything. I'm not sure why GOD seems to put us through these test of times. maybe its to make us stronger in some way. Just hang in there, Dear Lord Please help colleen through this rough time she is having and help her have the strength an the faith to know it will get better In Jesus Name Amen.

6/30/2004 23:36

Dear Colleen, If you need to talk im here, a single mother with one child struggling myself.

7/1/2004 00:59

Colleen, I understand what you mean. I have been through that road myself and from this I have learnt alot. It happens for many reasons. 1. maybe we are not intact with the Lord, so it happens to make us go closer to the Lord. 2. to make us depend, & lean on Him, 3. sometimes to make our faith stronger & become like gold, as gold is put through the fire to make it real gold. In my case, I grow cold in my prayer life (that doesn't mean I left God) but just my prayer life - I didn't pray as I used to, and many things happened, but when I repented and seek the face of the Lord, restoration came. Let the Word Mathew 6:33 come alive and reality in your life and physical blessings will come. I pray that God will see you through these rough times. In Jesus Name I pray. RW(PNG)

7/1/2004 03:38

Yarab, sana Colleen T için dua ediyorum. Onun işi ve maddi sıkıntıları ile ilgili bütün problemlerini ancak sen kolaylaştırırsın. Yarab, sen her şeye kadirsin. Onun yanında ol, hayatın zorluklarına dayanma gücü ver, Name of Jesus, Amen.

7/1/2004 08:11

Dear Lord, Please be with Collene and give her the strength to keep your faith. I pray in your name AMEN

7/1/2004 08:18


You did nothing wrong! Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Our Lord does not give us more than we can handle. Though I've never been laid off, I've been passed over for a promotion a number of times because I became a single parent at 20 years old. Too many judgements were placed on me because of this "mistake". My beautiful daughter is now 20 & starting her junion year in college & I'll be 41. Our life has been difficult; however God has seen us through the lean, hard times. My parents passed away 2 1/2 years apart by the time my daughter was 8 years old. I was all alone; without any emotional or mental help from my sister or 3 brothers. I once thought suicide was the answer; but am glad that someone intervened and made me think different. I am still single and still struggle with college tuition and no, I still did receive any promotions. I know it's tough getting up each day worrying about all the problems that are on your shoulder. Take it from someone who knows what it's like to have $20 in their account and payday is 5 days away and you have a child to feed. God is watching over you and like they say: What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. I can certainly say that's me. I was a crying, super-emotional person 20 years ago. I know have confidence without being cocky and I have faith that the Lord will always watch over my daughter and me. God Bless You Colleen! I wish you only the best for your job hunt, best wishes Anna Marie

7/1/2004 09:00

Colleen...I too have faced challenges like yours, and when things get to be too much, I turn to something that the Lord blessed me with: My sense of humor. I have found that when I have a lighter attitude about my problems (within reason), I'm better able to see and chuckle about the lessons the Lord is trying to teach me. Also, being able to go around with a smile tends to bring good things into your life. As trite as it is, try to count your blessings and concentrate on the things that are going well for you. I really believe that you bring into your life those things you focus upon, so start thinking hard about your ideal job, about everything that you would do in that job, and how secure you are going to be doing that job, and in no time it will be a reality for you. Think positive! It will happen! Meantime, I'll back you up with a prayer.

7/1/2004 09:52

Dear Colleen,
You have the perfect job for you now. How does it feel? Do you feel grateful, happy and at peace? What does your ideal job look like? Can you see it? Make pictures of it. Draw it, cut out magazine pictures in a collage. Write out what it is you desire in your ideal job. Focus your attention on this and repeat, "I have the ideal job for me." hundreds of times a day.
Believe in the power of the universe to provide. Abundance is yours. You deserve it and embrace prosperity with love and gratitude. Look around you and see where you can help others and focus on what you can do well. You are in my prayers and what I pray for you, I also pray for me, and all who desire prosperity. We can do more good with wealth than we can do with poverty. If all the money in the world was redistributed to each person on the globe, we would each have 4 million dollars. That is the birthright of each of us. Now all you have to do is find a way to make that happen for you doing what you love to do, in a spirit of loving grace and gratitude. And so it is. Nameste.

7/1/2004 10:55

Please do not give up on God. Read Isaiah 40:31. I have been there, done that. Really. I have so been at the bottom I was totally ready to give up everything, even my life. God finally saved me again and changed my life. I will never give up again because He has proven to me that He is always there. You just have to be patient while waiting for an answer from Him.

7/1/2004 11:48

Dear Colleen, I want you to know that God loves you. Even now when you think that you are all alone He is with you. Draw close to Him. He has all the answers. Sometimes it seems like He is taking the long way around things and you can't make sense of why things happen and why did it happen to me. We don't get to always understand what He is doing but I do know this. He doesn't give up on you. He has a plan for you.Don't give up on him, drawl closer to Him.I stand with you in agreement for the Lord to do miraculous things in your life and in your and in your financial circumstances. You are going to be blessed beyond what you can even imagine. He promises that if you trust in him and pay tithes, He will bring blessings apon you that you have never even thought of. ........Dear Lord, Bless Colleen today. Send you Holy spirit to comfort her in this time of need. Show her how much you love her and that You have your hand on her and that You have such good things waiting for her.You said that the trials are just for a season and then morning comes be with her through this hard time.You said that You have blessings for those who believe "pressed down, shaken together and running over." I claim this promise for Collen today.

7/1/2004 13:01

God Bless Colleen In Jesus' Name We Pray Amen.

7/1/2004 15:54

Colleen, I too face the same problem as yourself. I've been out of work for 6mons and the bills are non stop. Week after week I pound the pavement with no
success.And I share your depression and ask the same questions as you. But Colleen God is not Punishing us we both
must learn to have patience and take this time to draw even closier to him.
Colleen, keep the faith remember Jesus,
went thru trails and tribulations. God never promised us life would be easy but
he promised to be by our side and help us to ride out the storm. Today is
One of the days for me" But I have faith
that he will open up the windows of heavens and pour "US" both out a blessing....Will you have room to recieve it Colleen? May God bless you
strengthen you.AMEN

7/1/2004 23:33

Heavenly Father I pray in Jesus name that Collen T will receive the financial & emotional support that you can only give her & let her know you are always with her & let her know that depression she is feeeling is not coming from you & let her know to always to look ahead as if it was already there & to always think positive & that money does not rule our emotions.I believe in Jesus name Collen shall receive.Amen.Amen.
Collen,that depression do not let it get there & think POSITIVE.I have some major finanacial problems myself & I am telling you do not let that negativity get there in you,it will only set you back & the Lord does not want that.Do your best on paying your bills & even if you have to consoladate or even if it is a small amount but don't keep worrying about it cause it will not take you anywhere except in endless circles & you don't want that,just put your faith in the Lord daily & ask him to take your burdens & that it is too much for you to handle & he will take them to get you through this & think positive in every area of your life & also no doubt what so ever.You put that there or let someone else you won't go nowhere & I am talking from my experiences & I have seen the Lord move in my life & he is with us all the time even when we don't think he is but He is there,just don't pass things off as coincidence cause they are not because I know I used to do that before & let me tell you after what I have seen, you would definitely believe & I always know he is with me all the time & I talk to him almost all the time & I do have reassurance that he is there cause I am calm.The Lord does not want to see us unhappy & don't you ever think that,He wants good things for us & it doesn't only happen to certain people because He loves all his children,just talk to him & open your heart,He already knows us but He wants us to talk to Him.Receive Jesus into your heart.God Bless you always Collen & I know things will get better for you,just believe.Take Care!!!

7/2/2004 00:25

Colleen, Keep your faith. I am coming out a job loss and have already found out that the Lord had another plan for me. Mary Kay has brought me so much. Find you a Mary Kay consultant and talk to them about the awesome opportunities. The Lord will supply your needs. Keep the faith. My prayers are with you.

7/2/2004 00:45

Colleen, I am going through the exact same thing as you are. Unemployed and looking with no luck. I am depressed also, and hope that soon my life will turn around. No job, two kids, unemployed husband (not looking for work), really behind on the mortgage and car notes. My credit is down the tubes, and I feel just like you. I pray for you and the job that is coming your way to you soon. Keep the Faith. The best is yet to come. Many heartfelt blessings to you.

7/2/2004 12:02

Colleen, I can so relate to your situation. I have not worked in two years due to illness. I was recently taken off my disability I was getting from my job. I currently sit here with NO income. Yes...I get very depressed, but I know to "look to the hills which cometh my comes from the Lord." You do the same and I will pray for you. God Bless.

7/2/2004 13:53

Colleen, the Lord never give up on His children, just continue asking and the Lord will provide, there are always things we can do. We need to learn to accept every test this life will give, and learn that they always have answers, and i know that you know the answer. You already had your job, and whatever you lost you'll find it again because you are a believer.
O God the father in heaven, who created heaven and earth and everything on it, i offer this prayer to Colleen, that on this day on, she will receive all the blessings that you sow on this earth and she will have abundance from your grace and blessings.Amen.

7/5/2004 10:16

Dear Lord; I know you are there taking care of Colleen. Help her see what it is you are trying to teach her. Please give her the resources to take this time to make a decision about what she wants to become and then give her the tools to get there. Please help her realize that this is a time to reevaluate, rejuvenate and replace. No time like the present! In the meantime Lord, please make sure her financial NEEDS are met. In God's name. AMEN

Colleen; I have been laid-off two well paying jobs in my career. One almost destroyed every bit of self esteem I had, the other I was more than happy to leave. I now have a great job, good people to work with, and well paying even in my field! Amazing. I never thought it would happen for me. But honestly, I just made a decision not to settle for just ANY job again. I decided exactly what was important for me, and I went for it. It's taken some time, but I learned many lessons along the way. It will happen for you if you are strong and listen to where you are being guided. Good luck to you Colleen!

7/6/2004 16:59

Sweet Father,
I humbly ask that you bless Colleen with the faith that she needs to get her thru this hard time and the job that she physically needs to support herself. Let her remain strong and totally believe in the fact that you give us exactly what we can handle and no more. Please let Colleen feel your love all around her and bless her with a job/career very soon. I humbly come to you in prayer and ask for these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. All praise and glory be to you. Thank you Jesus for your love and sacrifice.

7/11/2004 18:59

Collen, I completely understand what you're going through, as I continually struggle with many of the same problems you have. But you have to believe that God only allows these trials because He wants to draw us closer to Him. Trust that this won't last forever, and that God is working to make things right for you. Faith can be difficult to maintain when things just never seem to go right, but it is only through pain that we can fully appreciate joy. I will pray for you that God may bless you soon with the means to take care of all your needs. Hold on, things will get better :)


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