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Aaron O'Neil
My First Born Son, Child of God

Aaron James O'Neil was my first born child. Born on March 2, 1983. He died in a tragic car accident Sept. 26, 2002. Words cannot describe the pain and suffering I feel. Please pray for me and his family.

I have created this prayer circle for my family & friends. We all need a place to express our thoughts and feelings about Aaron. And I would "love" to hear about them. Please feel free to write about your relationships and/or experiences with Aaron. It makes me happy to know that he will not be forgotten and many people are still remembering him. Post as often as you would like and as much as you would like.

Butterflies are free to away....My Butterfly..

You will forever by my "Bub" and I will forever be your Mom.
See you shortly....

LisaLou862 -6/24/2003
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6/24/2003 18:25

I cannot put into words how much my heart is broken. I miss you more than anything I have ever missed in my whole life. Please don't stop trying to contact me. I saw you at the cemetery the other day, you were just beautiful. The most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen. Such deep, vibrant colors...just like you. You could make anyone laugh at practically anytime. Except me when I was really angry at you., lol. I miss your smile and your laugh. I miss your freckled arms (you refused to wear sunblock)and your always uncombed hair. I miss your smell, your hugs. Especially your hugs, you would always hug me no matter what. I miss that so badly, I want you to hug me right now. I hug you every night before I go to sleep and tell you how much I love you. Please don't ever forget me...I'll be with you again soon. Learn the ropes for me so you can show me around...
Love Forever and Ever,

6/24/2003 20:48

Hi Aaron, you are soooo handsome, I'm sure you are in a better place than we are right now, I'm also sure that you have met Solange, oh I'm sure she will love you, you are such an Angel and you look just like your mom, please my Angel look after your mom and family, she needs you so much, but I can tell by your beautiful eyes that you are special, and I know that you are watching over your mom, you know something? you guys are very special to God, that it is why HE sent you here to earth and took you back so soon just like my Solange, because you are unique, Solange too refused to wear sunblock, she was "so white" according to her , that she always wanted to get a sun tan, Aaron, I'm sure you know by now that time does not exist, that your mom and family will be together with you soon in your own time and that you will be waiting for them when God decides their mission here on earth it is over, and you will be waiting for them, My dear child, you have to understand that we are going through the terrible pain of loosing our must beloved ones, because we do not understand, but you do now, so please try to give your mom some help and remind her that we all be reunited in Heaven and this time forever. God Bless You Aaron, and if you see Solange give her a big kiss from me. Seek The LIght my Angel. Love you aunt Selva

6/25/2003 07:28

Dear Aaron, ~ I must agree with Selva; You are a very handsome angel, and I am sure all the girl angels are fussing over you daily. :) I hope you can handle all of the attention you are getting. Sweetheart, I know I don't have to tell you how much you are missed here on earth by your Mom, and family, and all your dear friends. Aaron, as an angel, I am sure you know all too well how extremely difficult it is for your Mom to go on ... minute by minute, some days. I pray for her 24/7, because I can relate to her pain so very deeply ... Even as I struggle to type these words. I just want you to know that you don't have to worry about your Mom ever having to go through the pain of missing you alone. Being an angel and all, I know you already know that she is surrounded by many, many other angel moms who have felt her kind of indescribable and debilitating pain. There simply are no words to describe grief of the magnitude that she is feeling on a daily basis. Right now, she is feeling as though it will never stop hurting so bad. You and I know that with prayer, and faith, and determination, ... and time, It will become less painful to the point that she will regain her will to go on. You and I know that God is merciful, and will not allow your precious Mom to continue in Soooo much pain! He will provide the peace and comfort that we all are praying for. The hard part for us moms, who are further along on our grief journey, ... Is to be patient, (As we must do), and accept God's time table for bringing your Mom, dad, and the rest of your family and friends through this awful wilderness of grief and pain as it exists for all of them during this time. Yes, ... They will always love you and miss you, but as time goes on, God will begin to fill their minds and hearts with more fond memories of the times they shared with you while you were here on earth with them. I know ... Little did they know that they had an angel among them! :) As a matter of fact, I know that you are still there with them, in spirit form, but they cannot see and touch you. And, Aaron, ... [Can't hold back the tears...] Those, my dear, are the things that make it Soooo difficult for those of us who are left behind. Still, with much prayer, and gratefulness to God for His plan of salvation, we know that once our work here is done, we will experience joy a trillion times greater than the pain and loss that we must endure for a time. Because of this ... We angel moms are determined to endure, and encourage each other, even as we, ourselves, are grieving our own loss! Thank you, Aaron,... You and all the other guardian angels, for giving us the strength, and many, many reasons to continue on our journey home. Continue to stay close to your Mom, in spirit. Give her all kinds of signs that you are with her each and every moment; night and day ... All the time! :) For, ... You are just a breath away!
Love to you, ... Diane's Mom,
Miss Verna

6/25/2003 09:29

You know you have always been a precious child of God. You also know how much everyone misses you.

We all show it in different ways but you are truly missed every day by so many.

Keep an eye on your Mom and put in a good word for her with God. She misses you so much. I pray she can find comfort and peace she has so much love left to give and there are so many here who need it.

I love you Aaron and really miss you.

6/25/2003 11:37

Good Morning, Lisa,

Thanks for sending the beautiful angel message. It sounds a lot like some of the things I shared with your Aaron, very early this morning. :) I tell you, for the pass few weeks, you both were on my mind almost constantly. That's why I finally had to try to get in touch with you to find out how I could post to him. I love both memorial sites, and will try to copy/paste to the other beautiful site also sometime later today. Our 44th class reunion begins tonight for local classmates, and the official schedule of activities will begin tomorrow evening. I look forward to it, but believe me, I will be glad to get all of this over with, so that I can get back to the circle on a regular basis. As you can imagine, I hate getting behind on both reading and postings to all our moms. I feel Soooo much better, now that I have posted to your Aaron. Lisa, I know it's extremely difficult ... And there are no words to describe what you, your family, and all of Aaron's friends, as well as your friends, are feeling inside. Right now, because you are still in shock, (it is such a slow process) ... For each of you ... It will, no doubt, feel more intense as time goes by, (Off & on), because the shock begins to wear off a little at a time. Otherwise, we would not be able to handle it at all. :( It may not seem like it, but God knows what's best for us, and He will never leave us to go through this kind of pain alone. I often tell our angel moms: If anyone understands, our Father does; for He gave His Son, to die for us, so that those of us who believe, will not perish, but have everlasting life, with Him, and our children, and all our other loved ones. As the song says, He know just how much we can bear. He also knows that once we have done all that He sent us here to do, we will know the joy of embracing our children again, never to be departed from them. What a great day that will be for each of us! I hope it helps to know that our prayers are with you, and the rest of Aaron's family and friends, and you will never, ever have to walk this path alone! You are surrounded with ...
Love and Hugs,

6/25/2003 14:23

Thank you Verna, for posting here and the email. I knew you would and I am inspired by you everytime I read your posts, here and on Shane's circle. Diane has one great Mom and I have one great friend. Thanks so much for being here.
Selva, thank you so much too for posting. I have been thinking about doing this for quite a while but just now got the courage. I know you know what I mean. Yes, I think Solange and Aaron probably are hanging out together looking down on us right now thinking how great it is that we found each other just like they did.

Oh, Kathy, Words cannot describe how I feel about you. If not for you than I would not be here. You are such and inspiration to more ways than one. Thank you for posting, it really means alot to me. Please come back often. I Love You.

6/25/2003 22:59

Hi Aaron, what a beautiful picture of you and your precious Mom! Yes, you are indeed very handsome, with a twinkle in your eye. I'm so happy that your Mom made this beautiful Memorial to you, it was hard for her, but I know you helped her along. Your dear Mom misses you beyond mere words right now and aches for one of your hugs, I know you're doing all you can to help her, and you don't want to see her so sad, but she needs time, a lot of it, it's so hard on us Moms left behind. I know you understand, you love your Mom dearly and she loves you so much too, that bond of love keeps the two of you together, for love never dies, it's eternal. We're doing what we can here to help your Mom, but do you think you can send her another butterfly so she'll know you're around. We really need those signs sometimes. We're praying for your dear Mom, and God, in His goodness, hears our prayers, and in time your Mom's pain won't be as harsh, but she'll always miss you until you're all re-united again one day. Godspeed Aaron, and know that you're thought of by many people, and I'm smiling at your picture right now. Take care of your beloved Mom,
Love Sandy,
(Shane's Mom)

6/26/2003 13:33

I love you and miss you bunches Aaron.

Lisa, I love you too. I hope when I have kids, I will be as good a mom as you are.


6/27/2003 08:45

Sandy, thank you very much for posting here. I don't want you to think that I have left Shane's circle. I will still post there too, but wanted to do something in remembrance of Aaron. I know you understand. You understand me better than anyone else right now...(besides the other Angel Moms). I cherish our friendship and will keep praying for you and your family too. God Bless Sandy and her family. Shane you have one great Mom (I'm sure you already know that though!) Please continue to watch over her.

6/27/2003 08:48

Aw, Rae'Annan you are so special to me. I hope you know that. When the time is right God will put a child in your life. And I will be right there beside you to help spoil it. I think God has blessed you with Lillian and you will make the best Mom out there. I have no doubts about that. I love you. Come visit more often please! I miss you.

6/27/2003 08:54

It was 9 months yesterday and still can't believe it. I just keep waiting for you to call or come home. I know in my head that you won't but my heart tells me different. I just can't seem to accept this. I have been a real basket case lately and I know you wouldn't want me to be. I just can't help it. I woke up this morning telling myself that I am going to have a good day. Please watch over me and help me believe...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND MISS YOU!

6/27/2003 12:57

Dear Aaron, You already looked like an Angel, your Mom is a terrific Lady even through her pain she took time to make me smile. I'm sorry your gone beyond the veil but I believe you can do so much more to help others, the only one I care about is could you everyday just be with your Mom send as many butterflies to let her know you are near I hope you send a red one just for her meanwhile we'll all help but its not the same as you but Someday this will seem like a bad dream and she will hold you with BearHugs Donna

6/28/2003 22:23

Hi Aaron, my sweet Angel, you know we all Angel Moms are trying to take care of your mom, you know? its has been 11 months since Solange was born to Heaven, but I know that you two have already met, and so all our Angel kids, Seek The Light my Angel, and know that all of us will meet agein and this time forever. We will my dear sister Lisa,we will have a great party in Heaven with our Angel kids, of course they will have their own party, but we will be real close after they are through with theirs. Love you my sister Selva

6/29/2003 20:11

dea lisa,
your son is soooo handsome.
i hope my son is with yours and solange, daine, mathew,shane and all the angels and they are all have the time of there life. i know they are watching over us and happy to see we have meet and our able to let out the pain and emptyness we have in our heart. you are in my thoughts and prayer and i pray for you and your family.

dear lisa,
I pray for you to have the strenght, and i pray for guidence for we all need it and i pray that god will wrap his loving arms around you as he walks by your side and i pray that he will continue to help us and answer our prayer, i ask this in the name of the father, amen

love debby

6/30/2003 09:45

Lisa, this is beautiful. I am so happy you finally did something like this for Aaron on your own. I know it means so much to you. Keep being strong. We all love you so very much.

Stephanie, Scott, Hunter and Jordan

7/3/2003 03:48

Hello Lisa! It was so good to see you and Aaron again. What a beautiful picture. It has been 3-4 years since I have seen you together. I hope you will never forget our last conversation all together. I know Aaron will never forget my words to him, that his mother is his biggest fan and will always be there for him no matter what the circumstances are. And you have been. I know you are struggling during this time of separation but "WE" will all be re-united together again one day and it will be a joyous time. We will have no sorrows and no pain. That is what every Mother wants for her children and you have one thing to be very thankful for; Aaron is there before us. He is with the angels, and he has a big job now, to help God watch over all of us. He will be there to welcome us when God decides he is ready for us to come home and join the rest of the angels that he has already called home. Lisa, please know that you and Aaron are always in my heart. Aaron has made the ultimate sacrafice to touch many peoples lives. I can not call you as often as I would like, because I feel the pain you feel. We raised our first born sons together and I sincerely feel your loss more than words can express. You are already an Angel and God will ask you to spread your wings in his kingdom and join Aaron when he feels your jobs here on earth as a mother, daughter, sister, friend and companion are fullfilled. You still have a lot of love and guidance to give here on earth to help us get to where you and Aaron will be together in Heaven one day. Your strenghth is a great inspiration.
I love you and your family, and I hope you gain strenghth you need to carry on from day to day from the support that your family and friends give you on this wonderful prayer circle. I will always be there for you. Fran

7/3/2003 04:23

Hello Aaron, it has been a while since I talked to you. A couple of weeks ago I was going through pictures for Angela's Senior memory book and I found some really cute pictures of you and Michael when you were just infants and toddlers. You still look just as cute in the picture with you Mom as you did then. It seems just like it was yesterday. My how time flies. I just wanted you to know that you have a special place in our hearts. Michael and Angela talk about you and Christopher when remembering some of those crazy holidays with the "Dads." I am sure when Michael and Angela get their angel wings with you, you will share their laughter. Keep an eye on them for me. I can not always be there with them. We all love you and miss you.

7/5/2003 16:55

Hey Aaron its me Michael Eddins. Its been awhile since I tried to chat with you. My mom has found some pictures of me and you from when we were youngsters, I plan to make something special with them to remember all of our great times together. I just have one thing to ask of you, please watch over me and guide me through my tough times and through all the good ones. Till next time we chat, Love always your best friend Michael Aaron Eddins.

7/11/2003 15:00

Thank you Donna, Selva, Debby, Steph, Fran and Michael for posting here. It really means alot to me. Please come back and post again. Michael it was so good to see you post. I know you have a lot of fond memories of you and Aaron, Angela and Christopher. I would love to hear about them. I miss Aaron so bad and Christopher is really having a hard time too. Please post again.

Please don't hesitate to call me, I love talking with you, even though sometimes (most of the time) I just sit and listen. You are one of the only people I know that can make me talk and that is what I need to be doing.(they say) And besides we go way back when all we did was talk. I really miss having the close relationship we used to. So, please call anytime.
Love You All,

7/11/2003 15:04

Hey Bub,
I need you to look after Christopher. He is having a really bad time of it lately. Something happend to him last night and it has me SO scared and worried. Please help God guide him in the right direction. I couldn't bear to lose him too. Please visit him and tell him the right things to do. I love both of you with all my heart and it is already broken to pieces. Please put in a good word to God for Christopher and me.

7/11/2003 15:49

Dearest Aaron, Sweetie what a beautiful Angel you are, All Our Precious Angels are with you and Solange right now and we are praying 24/7 for both and asking Our Heavenly Father for His protection and intervention, the good part is All are Believers so we are counting on All the Help your Mom needs God Bless You Sweet Angel and BearHugs Donna

7/11/2003 19:39

Hi dear Aaron, your Mom and Chris need you so much right now to help them, I know you will, ask all our Angels to join you before the Throne of God and together you can all pray for your dear Mom and brother, and we Angel Moms will gather here in prayer for the help she and Chris need so badly right now. And maybe you could send her a Butterfly,
Prayers and Love & lots of Hugs,
(Shane's Mom)

7/12/2003 14:29

Hello again Lisa, I am really sorry to hear that you and Christopher are struggling so much. But we all know that it takes time to heal all wounds. I wish there was something I could do that would make all of your sorrow go away, but I know there is nothing anyone can do. Only God can help you to replace the pain with peace in your heart. We are all praying for you and your family, that you will gain the strength you need to become stronger at this time of such deep sorrow. I will call you soon.
Thoughts and Prayers are with you,

7/12/2003 14:39

Hi Aaron,
You are missed greatly by all that knew you. We all struggle with accepting the fact that we can not see you or be with you at this time. Please send you Mom and Christopher a sign that you are with them in spirit and let them know you would not want them to suffer as they are. We are all praying for them and we hold you close in our heart. Please help guide all of us while we do our duties here on earth, until we join you and all of the other angels.
We love you and miss you,

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