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Brian Thomas
US Marines-Las Vegas

He is loved and missed.

sweetevangelist -3/22/2003
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11/30/2001 22:20

First of all, you should be very careful in judging I have a son and I became a born-again christian 11 years ago. It doesn't seem like you have met any real christians, because my friend, I have taught my child the truth, I told Him santa was not true, about easter,tooth fairies. and so with out a doubt!Halloween is definetly out of the question. I dont feel guilty, I am proud that I have raised my son based on God's truths, and not let excuses or fealings interfere with standing up for the Truth! Jesus is the truth,the way and the light. God is not moved by your fealings , He is moved by your actions!You need nothing more than a Spirit filled life an a devoted dedicated life to His service and most of all..A willing heart.I feel bad for those poor children and familys who are dressing their children because it looks cute and it is pleasing to the flesh and yet they put no thought to the dangerous of playing the grounds of on one of the most dedicated days to worshipping the dead and Satan.We can not serve two masters.As far as me and my house we have decided and it is our will to serve the Lord.
May God's abundant love embrace you and may thoughts of goodness fill your heart and mind as you seek for real people that worship God in Spirit and in truth, seek and you will find ,knock and it shall be opened. May God Bless you.
We are born again spirit filled children of the all mighty God, there is a difference, there are those who are just His creation and those who have stepped into a new dimension in which entitles them to be children of God. Have you been Born again, the bible says it is necesarry to be born again, read about Nicodemos and Jesus.In the New Testament in the Bible.My Blessings.

11/30/2001 22:30

In response to Harry potter:
God never changes. Only we do! Jesus said we are in this world but not of it.Periodically in our society mystical heroes penetrate our cultures.
Potter, an orphaned witch is one such hero who has captured the hearts and minds of the innocent children. When such a hero takes evil & uses it as a problem solving tool, we need to be warned. The media has played an important role in the proliferation of the pagan witch child's acceptance in America and abroad. The Potter series by J.C.Rowling has been given outstanding reviews in Time Magazine (front cover story).Sept 20,1999.Newsweek (front cover)July 17,2000. NYT Best sellers List for many weeks & #1 USA Today best sellers list. Einner of the National book award.(United Kingdom) Warner Brothers film. It is the fastest selling children's' book series in U. S
history. It is in multiple languages, even Chinese. I have seen contemporary witchcraft packaged in many seductive ways, & Potter is Best. Potter makes
spiritualism and witchcraft look wonderful! Just as the popular movie the "Sixth Sense" communicated with the dead, so does Potter. Wiccans -- witches--have found and effective social tool for children to accept
witchcraft as a normal non-evil religion. Over time children can become adapted to the dark world of witchcraft, and not even know that it is dangerous. What if the [young] Potter fan is dropped off at Barnes & Noble Bookstore to check out the latest Potter display? Will the child then run over to the witchcraft section among other books to see what Potter is really
talking about? Potter repeatedly discusses various witchcraft books in his series, such as *The History of Magic*. The magic we are discussing here is
not sleight of hand, but occult magic. Shall we ban magical evil from the young & innocent? Shall we desensitize our children? The Potter books give
the acceptance that good witchcraft is good, and that we should use good magic to fight black magic. The difference between good magic(white) and black magic(bad) is that the intent is different, but the source of power is the same. Why do we allow our children to wear Potter's evil lightning bolt tattoo on their forehead as pictured in Time magazine? The lightning Bolt in the Potter series represents" a powerful evil curse" over 650,000 lighting bolt tattos were sent to U.S. book stores last year. This symbol is of the
wicked Voldermort. It is interesting also to note that the lightning illustration is found in the Book of Luke chapter 10: verse 18- symbolic for Satan! Also in Genesis, when Cain murdered Abel,God curses him and marks him with a sign on his forehead. Interesting! God demands that we seperate ourselves, He ALSO SAYS WE SHOULD NOT BE PARTAKERS! He says, we are to be
light aming darkness.He warns us about all these things. He has given us His Holy Spirit. He said, You will know the truth and the truth shall set u free!
At least those who have come to receive Christ as their Personal Savior, those who have been washed with the blood of Jesus and are reconciled.He warns us not to pass our children through the fire! He said we will be guilty of judgement. Read God's Word! We are responsible for our children, when they get older it will be to late. God Bless you! May you feel Gods Spirit bringing conviction to your life and others today.

12/1/2001 15:10

The problem with your argument is that Wicca is not evil. Wiccans do not worship Satan, or any evil god. It is a nonviolent religion - the Wiccan Rede states: "An it harm none, do as ye will." Does that sound satanic to you? It is my belief that in this world, it is not "Satan" that causes evil; it is an unwillingness to accept differences between people; it is prejudice, and hatred; it is the sense of superiority of one person's beliefs over another person's that causes 'evil' in this world. Not paganism, not children's books like Harry Potter, not Halloween.

I am Hindu - I believe that there is more than one path to God. Certainly Christianity is one of them. So is Wicca. I wish people would be more open-minded about others and their cultures and beliefs.

12/2/2001 23:31


I must humbly disagree with your premise that there is more than one path to God! Matthew 7:13 & 14 share a truth that believers must tune in to. Are you familiar with the term "Divine Order"?

No one can get to the Father except through Jesus Christ, His first-born Son and no one gets to Christ except the Holy Spirit reveal Him to them! Sounds rather narrow to me which corresponds to verse 14 in the 7th chapter of Matthew!

The more we transition into the kingdom day, the Lord, the captain of our ship, keeps a tighter ship. Things which were acceptable yesterday are not tolerated today, like an independent spirit! In order to understand the kingdom of God, there must be an interdependence between all who are set to do God's will His way, knowing that not one of us by ourselves have all the answers or gifts necessary to fulfill the word of God. What I lack, you may have and what you lack, I may have and together we can do more than we could by ourselves!

The Scriptures teach that one puts a thousand to flight, while two puts ten thousand to flight. This is synergism. In God, things multiply by the many parts moving as one! Oneness is the hallmark of the kingdom of God. We are to become a unit, not walk in unity. We can disagree on things, but we can't break oneness with one another as believers in God. This is different than religion. It's called a relationship. Self-interest is a detriment to the furtherance of the kingdom of God! Our Constitution protects us from self-interest for the sake of the whole of the Nation. For freedom we've been set free, not to give occasion for the flesh and its appetites, self-interest and all, but we are to serve God and one-another in the faith and love that Christ died for 2000 years. Food for thought.

12/3/2001 21:39


and I must humbly disagree with you.

the only way to get to God is through Jesus Christ? What about Abraham? Moses? Noah? David?

What makes you think that Jesus is any more holy than Buddha or Mohammed?

I Corintheans 8:2 ~ "But if any man love God, the same is known to him."

If any man. Not any Christian. Not any Jew. Not any Muslim. Any man who loves God is loved by God.

12/6/2001 23:19


I must humbly disagree with you. There is one thing that you two need to remember. Jesus Christ loves you. He came to this earth and gave up his life, submitting Himself to death for His enemies. He, The Word, G0d in the flesh, loved we pathetic foul animals so much that He was willing to give His life so that we might have eternal life. And just as He was lied on and His words twisted then, people do the same thing today. Which goes to show you that if He came back this very day and did it all again, again He would be beaten, lied on, conspired against, and crucified. We are not worthy to speak His name, really. In fact, His grace is so abundant that although we Christian also deserve death, He redeemed us and calls us His brothers. But, you only get to call Him brother if you have accepted Him as your personal Savior. I just wonder how you would feel about people if you yourself had done so much for them, then DIED for them, then they spat in your face and said that you were nothing but the very thing you saved? How would you feel if people told you, 'Yeah, sure Sopie you may have died for us, but what have you done for us lately?'.

1 JOHN 5:1-12 (Please pay particular attention to version 12)

There is only ONE way to Heaven. His name is Jesus Christ. Abraham, Moses, Noah, and David were MEN. Jesus Christ was G0d in the flesh, huge difference! There is no man that has risen from the dead other than Lazarus, and that was by the hand of Jesus Christ.

John 14:6
Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

That means that there ARE absolutes in this life. There is absolutely only ONE path to heaven. It doesn't matter, how one would like for it to be. No Hare Krishnas, Muslims, Wiccans, Pagans, Hindus, Buddhists, Sophists, or Animalists will enter the gates of heaven. Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation. Politically correct, nope. True, yes, That means that Ghandi is in hell sitting next to Mohammed.

The scripture, 1 Corithinians 8:2 has been taken out of context. This verse is from a letter that Paul wrote to the Corinthians in which he is discussing food that has been sacrificed to idols. Further, he is talking to them about how they as believers may eat food that has been sacrificed. However, he instructs them that they are not to do this around those who when exposed to it, may stumble in their faith or see the brethren as defiling themselves. There is nothing implied or otherwise in this entire chapter which refers to this thread's subject matter.

Finally, any further discussion should be taken up on the Christian C&C board since this board is for Born Again Christians to discuss issues.


12/10/2001 17:23

Yes, sorry to criticize in this board. Oops.

Just one more thing (this is not a criticism; just 'food for thought'): I didn't mean that people should worship Abraham or Moses. I was asking, how did they reach God? because they did not worship Jesus Christ...?

Anyway. Adios.


12/10/2001 19:52

Jesus was the God of the OT. Jude 5, as one example.
St.John 1:1-14 also says Jesus was the creator God of all that is. Mankind has only dealt with the Lord, not the Father.

12/23/2001 00:52

Anything that teaches against the bible is wrong.
People are destroyed for the lack of the divine knowledge. You read a bible. You learn right from wrong in an instant. You do not to rely on fairy tales, the media, or the new age secular philosophy.

1/1/2002 21:53


That is definitely one way to look at it. I was always under the impression that all of the old testament believers lived under law. After Christ died and resurrected, we are now living under grace. In the old testament, in order to have ones sins forgiven, they had to slaughter a sheep or some equivalent animal. But Christ was the sacrificial lamb for all.

1/1/2002 21:58

Oh and one more thing....

I don't believe that there is anything wrong with Harry Potter in and of himself. However, we have to look at the very large picture here. I don't believe children that read the books or watch the movie will become witches. However, Satan is not that obvious. He's incredibly devious. Just like in violent movies and video games as well as sexually deviant music, it is a slow moving virus. It all comes down to desensitizing our children through the generations - toward violence, witchcraft, and promiscuous sex.

Now that's food for thought.

1/6/2002 09:23

In the Old Testament, people could have an intimate relationship with God - Abraham was the 'friend of God', and the Lord spoke 'face to face with Moses as a man speaks to his friend.' Just read the outpourings of the Psalms, or the various prophets, or Job. These were men and women who loved and worshipped God. In Hebrews 11, it says of such that they lived 'by faith'. God was always the same God of grace that we know through the Lord Jesus Christ. It's just much easier for us to come to Him since the Holy Spirit has 'been poured out on all flesh' following Christ's death and resurrection for us.
And the scriptures relating to witchcraft (to come back to the thread) in both Old and New Testaments roundly condemn it. There is nothing harmless about Harry Potter. If the inspiration behind the Harry Potter books was not Holy Spirit, then we need to ask what is the source ? Can you imagine Jesus sitting down with children and reading Harry Potter to them ? The WWJD? (What would Jesus do?) test is a good one in cases like this.
As you suggested, deception is subtle.
God bless.

1/28/2002 03:22


I disagree with you as well. In Jeremiah 32:39 Jehovah says, "And I will give them ONE heart, and ONE way." In John 14:6 Jesus says, "I AM THE WAY, and the truth, and the Life. NO-ONE comes to the Father, but by me."

1/28/2002 03:27

And on the topic of Harry Potter:

I'm a Christian teen and a die-hard fan. I've read all the books and heaps of fanfiction, I'm even writing some myself. I do not believe that ALL christian children should be exposed to the Harry Potter Books; it should be the Parent's or Parents' decision. But I know that for some the HP book are harmless. They are mere stories, and even though they use Witchcraft as a superficial theme the Magick exists only in that world. Of course for some this is not true. but Christian's needs and requirements vary.

That is just my two pence.

1/28/2002 21:33

As a born-again Christian saved by the grace of God. I do not allow my children to celebrate Halloween and dress up as witches and demons or anything else or the sort. I really don't know any that do.
Harry Potter just strikes me as evil. i will not allow my children to see it. I have heard that is the credits it states that part of the proceeds go to the amarican witches cancel. just what I have heard. don't know that for sure but, i can see where it might be true just the way it looks. I have noticed in the stores that they can't give the harry potter things away. they are on clearance and no one is buying them this has been going on since before christmas.
All of this is just my opinion and I am standing on my beliefs.
Also, Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father.
Read John 3:16.

1/28/2002 23:24

luke 10:21 and john 14:7@9 give credence to the fact ,i believe,to us having dealt with the Father,we have just done it thru that part of the Trinityknown as Jesus. he was wholly G-d and wholly man.

1/31/2002 23:17

I wouldnt let my kids see harry potter either. I dont let my kids wear scarey costumes.
What do ya'll think about this?

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October 29, 1999
(excerpts from "Halloween: Why We Celebrate It" by Shed Ministries)

WE ARE TOLD THAT THE DRUIDS BEGAN HALLOWEEN. Wrong. By the time the Church began an October 31st celebration of Halloween, the Druids had been extinct for hundreds of years.

Halloween was started by Christians as a Memorial Day called "Martyrs' Day," until 609 when it was changed to "All Saints Day," also known as the "Hallowed Day." Hallowed means holy or sanctified. The celebration was changed to November 1st worldwide in 835.

THE EARLY CHURCH EVEN STARTED THE TRADITION OF DRESSING IN COSTUMES. To remember the martyrs, churches held pageants on the Hallowed Evening. Then, entire congregations would dress up as various martyrs.

EVEN THE JACK-O-LANTERN AND TRICK-OR-TREAT ARE OF CHRISTIAN ORIGIN. A carved turnip was used at Christian celebrations to mock the devil. The original meaning was "Stingy Jack is here" and the "devil isn't welcome here."

After skits and church services, costumed Christians would spill into the streets to wander from door to door begging for, because it was harvest, and two, to collect at church for the poor. "Trick or treat" was originally a welfare system practiced by the Early Church each harvest.

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