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My boyfriend, I thought was the one, and I just broke up 2 weeks ago. I cant eat or sleep. I am tired of being hurt.

I have been hurt bad in the past. So this time I prayed for 2mo to be lead in the right direction and to not get into this relationship if he wasnt THE ONE FOR ME. We were the perfect couple and so happy, then one day he broke up with me ...he said he didnt know why...His parents love me and were talking to me saying he was scared. He hasnt called in a week, he has missed church, he has been keeping the wrong company...when I do see him he is wonderful. I just need prayers for him and myself. I dont understand what happened or why. Please pray for us.
adriannehunnell -9/23/2002
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10/7/2002 15:29

Addrianne: Have faith, you are young and confident. God will always be there for you. Maybe he was not the one. When I was young, I also was heartbroken, 13 years with same person, he broke up with me. I thought I would die... I didnī I am, happily married to a wonderful man, going on 7 years, I will pray that God give you peace and strength to go through this. If he was not the one, believe me, it is Godīs wish. God bless you.

11/17/2002 11:20

Adrianna, I pray for you. I know how much this can hurt. I have been in the same situation. In fact, I am kind of there now. I really like this guy, but he doesn't seem to like me back. I've been in relationships where I have gotten hurt, so i am so cautious...but sometimes my heart goes crazy for someone who i click with, and dosen't realize that maybe this person is not meant for me (i hate admitting that..that hurts even more!).
So...i will pray along with you. Maybe if we pray together, we can both be healed.

1/23/2003 20:16

Sometimes we as God's children seek relationships that we put above our relationship with God. God wants us to be loved and most importantly to love and serve him. In the bible, it talks about there is a time and season for everything. Know that God knows us better than we know ourselves and he will not leave or forsake us. God hears the cries of the broken hearted. I recommend the book "Knight in Shining Armor" by P.B. Wilson, it will enlighten you about being a sinlge christian. Lean on God's understanding & wisdom in all things.........

5/7/2003 01:32

Adrianna, I am so sorry that you are hurting right now. I remember a time when I experienced something quite similar. The best thing I can do is petition GOd for you. I will pray that you find his peace in all of this and that through walking with him and listening to his still voice, you will be able to get past this situation and watch God use it for the good. The Lord loves you unconditionally and he wants the best for you.

7/21/2003 22:07

Adrianna, I went through a painful break up eight months ago. I met "the one" and throughout our 1 year relationship, he would periodically back off or tell me marriage just was not for him. Friends and Family were supportive, but after a while, they expected me to toughen up and get on with it, and yes GOD did and does know best. I couldn't eat, sleep..I'd wake up in the middle of the night with so much pain in my heart, I'd pray and pray for release. Three months later, and a miserable holiday season later, I started to date a man and found myself in a wonderful relationship..feeling whole again..yet he didn't feel like the one. As it turns out, my "one" now wants to get married and has taken the last 8 months to grow.Now I have to pray to make a choice. Remember to trust in the Lord with all your heart, but remember to listen to yourself as well. GOD gave you independence to make the right decisions. Keep praying..HE will not let you down...I promise. I will keep you in my prayers!

8/6/2003 15:16

May you be filled with the light that exposes evil, filled with the light that evil flees from, filled with the light that illuminates you in your hiding, so you may come from hiding and bathe in the joy of the light. May you overcome your obsticals and loose your fear. May you find the love for you and live a happy life. Blessed be

9/4/2003 08:02

I know that you are hurting: Breaking up a long-term relationship is one of the most difficult things that we will ever experience in our life. Just know this: You WILL recover from this, and heal. Perhaps God is showing you that this is not the person that you should spend the rest of your life with. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps HE is not worthy of YOU? Think about that! In the meantime, keep yourself focused on spiritual things - get involved in a good church, re-acquaint yourself with your friends (female and male), pray, meditate, get to know YOURSELF, treat yourself nice, pamper yourself, exercise - there are so many things that you can do for yourself. Do some volunteer work. You will find that when you get your mind off this relationship and get involved with your church and other people, all of a sudden you will probably find someone (or he will find you), and you will wonder what you were so upset about in the first place. I pray that you discover the joy of being alone, and not being lonely - it can truly be a time of revelation and growth. God bless you!

9/17/2003 18:01

I understand your pain because right now I am going through the same thing. I cry every day. Its the only relief that I have. I feel used lied to and rejected. But we all have to remember that Jesus himself went through rejection and betrayal, kind of what we are feeling now. Remember when he called out to the Father if he could just past this cup. Jesus really at that moment wanted away out of his crucification but God allowed him to go through it for the saving of man kind. So I said all of that to say I guess this is our cup and me must go through it. For God said all things work for the good for those who love the Lord. You pray for me and I will pray for you that we will soon see the good that God has worked out for us. Remember weeping may endurance for a night but joy cometh in the morning.May God give you his joy and peace and comfort you in your sorrows.

9/19/2003 11:21

I was in your situation at one time. My boyfriend at the time just up and left me. I prayed that God would bring him back to me. He was a sinner and an unbeleiver. I loved him so much that I prayed to God and I said Dear Lord, if you will save him (because that is in your will) and after you save him, if he does not want to be with me, I will accept it. Well, after a while he was saved and we are now married. We are separated right now, and he is seeing someone and he is in jail because we got away from God. I have come back to God and am full of joy because I have received the answer to my prayers of reconciliation and forgiveness. I know my marriage has been saved. I am just waiting now for it to be manifested to me. HANG IN THERE. God will answer prayers if they are according to his will. He promises us that.

11/2/2003 03:43

I, like many others here who are praying for you, have been where you are (actually I am there now). My boyfriend of the past three years just told me it is over and he is with someone else (who is pregnant by the way). We had met in a Christian setting and I really thought that God had put us together. I never thought that emotional pain could go this far. Every day I pray that God will guide and protect me and show me the way. It does help me to know that I am not alone in this battle as you are not either. You have a lot of people praying for you. Remember that God will not take away something in your life without replacing it with something better. No matter what... how we feel at the time... how bad things get to look... always Praise God for he knows what is best for us.

12/28/2003 13:25

I am not in a religion, but I am going through what you are going through and i feel the suffering. it feels horrible. So I send you my warmest thoughts.

6/12/2004 23:15

I have been where you are and now wonder how things have turned out for you. Please let me know and yes, you are in my prayers tonight

12/26/2004 15:54

Hi Adrianna, I am currently in the same situation i know exactly how u feel. sometimes i look out the window to see if it's him coming home... i recently turn to bad habits n relapse. currently im praying but dont know who to pray to.. to whoever can hear us.. I'll pray for both of us and others who are in the same shoes..

2/1/2005 12:16

Hi Adrianna, I am currently in the exact same situation. I was dating this guy for a long time and he suddenly broke up with me. we were in the same classes.He started dating someone new and brought her near our classes. seeing them together broke my heart, he was a dream come true at the beginning and something has changed. He suddenly turned so rebellious and i don't recognize him anymore. Unfortunately i learned that people can change a lot. Now i know exactly how much they can change. But i realize now everything happens for a reason and for the best. I will pray for you.God Bless

3/18/2005 11:36

Dear H. A., I had the same thing happen to me on Feb 7th. I have been going through the same feelings, lost 26 lbs. I pray that God strengthen you, help you, comfort you, give you the tools to get through every day. I ask the Angels of God to lift you, to give you hope and reassurance and I ask for blessings to be given to you to fill you with love in your life again. May the Lord bless and keep you always!

8/12/2005 15:20

Girl I am praying for you as well as myself. I been through the same thing a little over 2 years ago. My boyfriend broke up with me 2 days before valentines day. I was so hurt and so confused and I thought all men were dogs and up to no good. I used to hate men with a passion. Every guy i met at the time after him i would turn them down or shut them out. Most of them were for good reason because you know some people have evil motives and you have to watch out for that. Dont let the Devil fool you. He can bring someone to you in the church or in a christian setting. He knows what you like and the enemy's job is to decieve you. The Devil hears your prayer too you know so be careful and wait on God. About your situation, God is just protecting you and shielding you from something that could of happened if you stayed with him even longer. God wouldnt put on you anymore than you can bear.

2/10/2006 15:43

Dear Heartbroken, I am praying for you and your boyfriend if it is God's will for you two. My heart is hurting for you. I do know how you feel. I was engaged to be married to this wonderful man. Our lives got really tangled up with family, friends and work.(we work together). I was going thru some things and I asked him to help me ang go through things with me and he told me that he could not do that. We broke totally up almost a year ago.
Our dear Lord, Please bless this couple that if their relationship is suppose to continue and grow. Please bless them oh Lord if this is your will. Lord this women is heartbroken and she needs you to wrap your arms around her and help her through this difficult time. Please be with her and also her boyfriend who seems confused. These things I pray to you Lord, Amen

4/28/2006 06:24


Firstly you made a major error in asking god to get rid of your boyfiend. remmeber becareful what you ask for, you might just get it. Instead ask god for guidance. Let god decide and do the work.

Let us pray...

I am knowing that god is guiding adrianne to do whatever is good for her relationship. He is taking control of her relationship right now and she leave it in his hands. He knows what is best for her and her boyfriend and wants the best for both of them so only the best can result for them.

I know that whatever pathway they take is right for them and they give all their faith and trust in God to take care of their relationship.

I Give thanks that this is so.
I now let go and let God.

And so it is.

1/4/2008 17:24

I know what you mean. Ive been waiting on this guy for OVER 3 yrs now and he just told me and my kids IM READY, but what happens.... DONT hear from him!!! Girl its sooo hard but PRAY and PRAY some more...every1 tells me to just PRAY and God WILL help me threw the heartache... ill keep u n my prayers!!! Amy

2/19/2008 23:37

May God and Jesus please always Bless, watch over, and be with you and help you and your boyfriend through all of your troubles.

jordans nana
4/12/2008 12:15

believe me we gals have all been tere before with time you will be fine besides that he will relize it later when its too late ipray for you been ther also but god dhas been there for me and hes there for you also he may not come when we want him too but he does come

4/19/2008 14:03

I too have been hurt in relatrionships in the past and many times I have prayed and prayed before even taking the step of asking someone out so I would be sure it was God's will but so far things haven't worked out for me either. I don't understand why these things happen. I have come to a point where I do not intend to pursue romantic relationships anymore, because I seem to get told "I just want to be Friends" every time I get interested in somebody and I don't like being rejected over and over again. All I can advise is to keep praying and believe that God will act in your best interests. Just remember that God's timing is not our timing so be patient.

5/13/2008 23:06

Sweetie I been thru the exact same thing, kept asking myself what happened? Was it my fault? What? But keep this in mind also. God is our potter, we are the clay, he adds things in our lives and take out what HE sees fit. You prayed to show you if he was the right one, look at it this way.......God and God alone gives us tests to see where OUR faith is, and that relationship at that time MIGHT NOT been the one for you. HE is preparing you for someone better that HE has in his unchanging hand for you.
"Dear Heavenly Father We come to you tonight and ask that you search H.A. heart, and remove what is not pure to your liking. Teach her to heal and learn to forgive, therefore she will be able to let go and let you fix what is broken. Help us to remember that you are the potter and we are the clay! Mold us, Shape us, so when your final work is done we are able to present the image you have for us..In the Name of Jesus...AMEN"

7/28/2008 15:23

May God send you your soulmate
in Jesus name.Amen

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