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Cheryl Webb
Loving Mother & Wife with Terminal Brain Cancer

This Family is in Need of Every Prayer .....

Cheryl is my sister-in-law and has terminal brain cancer.She is a christian lady and is very special to me and her family.I married into this family on 8-31-81 so we have alway's stuck together during the hard times.I lost my mother-in-law to throat cancer in 1990.Since then I feel this family has gone through a lot of hard times and is growing apart.So we don't really know how much longer we have with Cheryl.The doctor's are enable to tell us how long she has due to the rate of growth of the canser's tumor.So I ask all of you that read this please pray very hard for her & all of this family for strength,courage,healing,peace and the financial problem's that we face during this time in our live's.I myself believe in God,Jesus and all those Holy Angel's.And I thank each and every one of you for the time & prayer's.God Bless You All.
sweetstuph -7/6/2002
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7/6/2002 12:53

As I pray for you Cheryl I think of all the good times we have had since the day I married your very special brother{Gary}.You have alway's been a very loving Mother & Wife.And alway's willing to help some one else no matter the day or time. You have been a special blessing in my life.Because it was you that alway's called and ask me to attend church with you.If it had of not been for those phone call's I would have never became as spritutal as I have become and not have the faith that I have now in my Lord and Savior. So Lord please touch Cheryl with your healing hand's so we may have more time with this very special Lady.I pray that people that read this take a few mintues to pray for her and her family.And when we do lose her we will all know that God needed one more Angel in Heaven.We love you Cheryl.And May God Bless every one who took the time to pray & read this need.

7/12/2002 09:36

Dear Lord, I'am back here again today to ask you if it your way to please give us {Family&Grandchildren}more time with her Dear Lord.The place she is know might be able were not sure.They said they might get her speech back but be parlized.But just touch her with your Healing hands and if you see it's not your will we all know that you needed 1 more loving Angel in Heaven.She is so loving and caring of everyone else she is not even worrying about her self.But she know's if she does'nt live she will be walking those Golden Street's of Heaven.So please pray for her & Family.AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL THANK YOU MY HEAVENLY FATHER AMEN

7/27/2002 10:12

As I come back on this beautiful day to pray and ask My Heavenly Father to place his healing hands on Cheryl. And if it his will to keep blessing her with more good new's about her cancer. We all {Family & Friend's} love her very dearly and would just love to see her be healed of this awfull cancer that is on her brain. She smiled yesterday so beautifully and seemed so ful of life. And she was not like that when I first placed this prayer page so I know that My Heavenly Father is blessing her and giving this whole family more time to be with her. She is very precious to me because of her I gave my life and soul to My Heavenly Father on 6-18-02. She has alway's tried to spread God's word though this family & friend's. And because of her living for the Lord,I also do to. I honestly don't know how I lived before without the Lord in my life. It is such a peaceful life now without Fear. And MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND THE USA AS HE DID ME......AMEN

8/3/2002 07:46

Good Morning My Heavenly Father, First of all thank you for all my many blessing's. And as I come back to you Father I'am praying for my sister-in-law{Cheryl} again. She will be travling far from home and family to have 1 more hopeful and faithful type of laser surgery on the tumor that is on her brain. This is a 1 time thing so,Heavenly Father if it's your will please let this give us all {Family & Friend's}alot more time with this very special Lady. We know that you are a Mighty Healer and can give us peace for a while longer. But we will understand if you need her in Heaven Holy Father. We all have faith in you and believe in your good word My Father.So just do as you may. And I'am also praying for my Family. My 18yr. old son is still away from home and misbehaving. He has a problem with his peer's and the people that's trying to help him. He does not like being told what to do by his elder's or cousler at the jail he is in. So he just let's the devil come into him at times. So please touch him in a way that will jolt his life in some way, then maybe he will stop and think before he just does stupid thing's. THANK YOU HOLY FATHER FOR OUR ANSWERED PRAYER'S AND GOD BLESS THE USA AMEN

8/7/2002 09:36

Good Morning My Lord, As I come back to you again I'am praying for my sister-in-law{Cheryl}. She has here still with us. She going for a halo laser sugery. Maybe this our extra time I've been praying. And Lord if your will plese give us more time with this special lady.we all {family & friends} THANK YOU MY HOLY FATHER THANK YOU FOR THE PEOPLE &TIME TO READ THIS AND PLEASE PRAY FOR US CAUSE THERE IS GREAT POWER IN PRAYER.......AND GOD BLESS THR USA.

9/6/2002 09:06

Morning My Lord, I'am here to ask you as My Lord and Saviour to touch Cheryl with your Holy Healing Hands again.She is still in pain and dealing with this awful brain cancer and it's getting the best of her. She still has her faith at times but I feel she is ready just to come home with you and be in peace. She is a wonderful Lady and as I said before I owe a lot of my believe in you because of her.She was alway's there when I need a shoulder to cry on and she listened to me no matter the time or place.She is the one that said go to Jesus with your hurt's and fear's.For he is with you no matter where you are are what your doing.I did attend church with her when I could and yes I loved being in the House of the Lord. At times I could feel a prescene there while the Pastor read the massege to us. I even got saved and then I let the Devil take that back from me. But I've learned that the Devil will use the one's you love to break you down and try to make you in doubt of Jesus. For he did and still does with my children at times.So as you see with out her constance leading me to him I would;nt be as a great Believer in him as I am today my Lord. So if it's your will Please just take away her suffering and let us share a few more year's with her. Her Husband and children & Grandchildren & Family love her so much. But if you need this wonderful loving lady in your house for another Angel We & I understand with all my heart my Lord.Just be in the heart's of this family to help us cope with this daily my Lord.GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY AND THANK YOU FOR THIS PRAYER. AND GOD BLESS THE USA....AMEN

9/6/2002 18:25

I just wontted to send my love. The baby is great. Any min. now, so we are waiting on her. I love you, your always in my thoughts and prayers!
LaDonnia Moore

9/13/2002 10:52

Morning My Holy Father as I come here today I thank you for this great day.The last time I saw Cheryl she was sitting up,eating,getting more word's out that we understand.And I thank you Father for bringing her back to us {the family} and this was done with your Healing hand's I know.She is such a wonderful Lady and we only want the best for her.And thank you for her childern they have been right their to take care of her and as you know teenager's today don't take the time to do for their families.And a Special prayer and word of Thank's to her Wonderful,Kind,Loving Husband Bill.He work's 12 hour shift's and still takes the time to help her and get her back & forth to the doctor's that she need's.She mean's the world to him, I can see it in his eye's when I'am around and hear it in his voice when we speak with him on the phone about her.And Scott their Wonderful Son is just unbelivieable.The time he take's and all the thing's he does is just speechless to say.I'am very proud of him Lord and please Guide and give him the strenght he need's to do his duties for his mother and have just alittle time for himself.For I and you My Father know he does desevres it.Shena her daughter has children and does her best to help when she can.She also work's.So as you know this Special Lady has a Wonderful Loving Family and even her sister's take the time to help when their not working.They cook meal's for that family and sit with her sometimes to give the rest of the family a break.And that is just Wonderful My Holy Father.And thank you with all my Heart for bringing my Family closer.I felt for along time that we were all drifting apart.And please Father let nothing happen to my only grandbaby.She is trying to come early and that brings problems.So just lie your Holy Healing hands upon my daughter to help her be calm and deliver a sweet precious Heathly baby girl.I love them both with all my heart.And please watch over my Son Richard just give him the strength to deal and walk away from what ever the Devil my try to lead him to do.He has been away from home so long Father{15 months}.And we love him so much and want him home when Shevy Lynn does come into the world.Thank you Father for all my Blessing's Big or Small for it is you that lead's me and I try my best to walk & follow the path you lead me down.And no sometimes I don't do as my path has been laid for me.And my husband Gary is a Wonderful,Loving,Kind,Hard working Man.So Father Guide him also and give him the strength and Courage he need's for every day life.And alway's help him to make the right choices as he leads this precious Family from day to day.And Guide and give strength to my Wonderful Son-in-law Scott.For is such a great wonderful Blessing for my Daughter and this Family.May he learn to lead his Family to follow your path when the time is laid upon him Father.GOD BLESS THE USA AND ALL THE PEOPLE I LOVE SO DEARLY FATHER,THANK YOU FROM MY HEART ..........AMEN

9/22/2002 12:23

Morning My Father, As I come to you today I want to thank you for all my blessing's little or big.My life is going great excepted for my health.But I believe in my heart you will heal my sick body.As for Cheryl she is still doing good. And we all {the family} thank you with all our heart's.But she still has her bad day's and good day's but we are working on that and so is the doctor's.Thank you for being their for my Son and learning him the right & wrong way's of life.He has come along way since you led him into the light of your goodness.He is not perfect but he does believe in you & Angel's now.So just guide and protect him and led him back home where he belong's.And thank you for watching over my darling grand daughter{Shevy Lynn.As you know she was trying to come to early and we just Prayed and of course you was right there and answered our prayer's.But she is doing fine for now.And be with my Darling Husband Gary, for he has a few health problem's to.Those terrible kidney stones get the best of him at times but he just keep's it to himself.For you My Father have made a great man,he takes very good care of me and our home & cars when he has the time to.He is my Heart and I know My True Soulmate From The Heaven's Above.So just watch over my loving family and lead us each day of our life's.GOD BLESS YOU MY LORD AND THE USA..

11/10/2002 14:17

As I come here today I'am ashamed that I have not took the time to stop for just a few mintues and pray. Thank You Father for my grandbaby was born with no health problem's. People should thank god for their blessing's if they have none. And as for Cheryl her health is gone from bad to GOODBYE. She is at home where she want's to die.Her & Husband does not want life support. She has suffered so much as you know My Lord. She is ready to just come home to you and those beautiful angel's.But we{the family}thank you for the time we all have had with precious Lady.It will be hard to let her go but just to know that she is with you it is not as bad.My Father,Please just be with this family through this rough time as we are letting her go.Watch over her children and Husband.And her precious grandchildren.For they do not understand.Just touch them in a way to let them live and be happy with the memerios they all have.As for My Husband Gary..Please just be with him and help me get him through this rough time in his life.He does not want to see her suffer any more either.He loves her very much.And his brother-in-law is a special person to him. So just let Gary help him through this time.Thank You Father for this and all the little blessing's that you have given me and my family also.And for sending my precious sister back to me.We have made stupid mistakes in our lives.But they were not worth me losing her.So thank you for sending her back into my life.I knew that their way's alot of power in prayer.Watch over her and her family to Father.My son is home and is a different person.And has grown to be such a fine young man.Thank You Father for all your help when I asked.GOD BLESS EVERYONE WHO READ'S THIS AND SAY'S A PRAYER FOR THIS FAMILY IN THEIR TIME OF NEED.AND GOD BLESS THE USA.

11/14/2002 11:00

As I come back here today to pray to my Heavenly Father,and thank him again for all my blessing's that my own family has been given by you My Father.You watched over my only son and brought him back to me a fine young man.But I never gave up the Faith that you wouldn't.For you see you are alway's been here no matter the time or day.And I owe this Faith that I have to Cheryl for she is the 1 that got me to belive in you and the wonderful things that you would bless me with Father.Maybe that way's her duty here on earth.Just to get 1 lost hurt Soul to turn their life around and start tying to change there life for the better.But we all love this wonderful spcial Lady no matter .So we know it's only a matter of time we all have left with her on this earth.At least she didn't touch my heart...she touched many.Some we will never know about but no matter for you know.So thank you Heavenly Father for you gave your only Son for all our earthly sins.And 1 day I plan to be 1 of those Heavenly Angel's that you use to help with your work for the people on earth.You have gave me Hope when I was down and gave me Faith when I would try to just give in to the Devil and give up.And I Thank You for your spcial touch of your Healing hands.My husband Gary need's you just to touch him and heal those awful kidney stones his body keep's putting out.Yes my Father I know that your a great healer of all times.And for me my back and neck are just so painful and keep me from doing alot of thing's in my life that I would love to do and used to do.So just touch me with those healing hand's all over my painful body.It even hurt's so bad that as you know that I can't hold my precious grandbaby very long at all.And I love ShevyLynn with all my heart and would to spend more time with her.And as for my son thank you father for showing him from wrong and right,for he has changed so much for the better.GOD BLESS EVERY ONE WHO READ'S THIS AND SAY'S A PRAYER FOR THIS FAMILY IN OUR TIME OF NEED.AND GOD BLESS THE USA...AMEN

11/23/2002 09:57

As I come here today Father,I thank you for all my blessing's big and small.Thank you for watching over my wonderful Family.For it is all most the time for giving and your birthday My Father.As I pray for Cheryl and her family and friend's just give us and them the strength to deal with this matter of her health.Just let us all enjoy the time we have left with her.Bill{her husband}call last night to tell us that she is not doing good at all.She is throwing her food back up and the Head pain has become so terrible that now she has the Morphine patch & pain pill's but still cries with her head hurting.Father we all know that her time is coming soon so please just give us all the strenght we need to cope with this matter.And Father if it is your will please just not let her suffer so much. She will be greatly missed by all her family and friend's.Thank You Father for touching my husband {Gary}and removing those awful kidney stones from his body.They take a great toll on him and his body.We are so blessed in so many way's that sometimes we don't even realize it at times.And Father I pray for my Sister for she is dealing with a bad tooth.Just touch her with those wonderful healing hand's of your's and take away her pain if it is your will.THANK YOU, FOR EVERYONE WHO READ'S THIS AND TAKES THE TIME TO READ IT AND SAY A LITTLE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY AND MY SISTER{CATHY} IN OUR TIME OF NEED.THANK YOU FATHER AMEN....AND GOD BLESS THE USA.


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