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Personal Prayer Requests of Friends United in Christ

Please bring your prayer requests to us. We are a group of friends who believe in the power of prayer and want to use this circle to minister to others.

A group of us here at Beliefnet have become very close Christian friends. We believe in the power of prayer and encouragement. We have recruited ourselves to God's army of prayer. Our aim is to build up God's mighty fortress by uniting together in prayer. God DOES answer all prayer and we feel there is strength in numbers when standing before Him to hear our cries. Join us in lifting up our voices to Heaven in prayer. Please share the when and how tos of your answered prayer requests. Let us spread God's gospel of love, peace and truth to ALL. As Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 - "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Please find comfort here and make the 23rd Psalm your personal anthem: "He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

chilly -5/27/2002
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5/27/2002 14:07

I have one friend who is struggling with divorce after 22 years of marriage (husband is unsaved - unbeliever). She has 3 teen boys who are all suffering from some form of post traumatic stress disorder - one is oppositional, one is is repressing emotions from denial and the last one is SEVERELY depressed. My friend is suicidal right now. Her husband owns his own business and is hiding his income so that she cannot get child support. Her husband agreed to pay the mortgage and has not done so for the last 3 months. She is now faced with possibly losing her home.

I have another friend who had to kick her husband out after 14 years of marriage. He has cheated on her, is an alcoholic and told her the marriage would work if she would only agree to the business proposition he made to her on how their relationship must function for him to stay. She could no longer take the deadness and hurt of their marriage of convenience. Even though she does not know how she will make it, she has no alternative to his apathy toward her wants, dreams, feelings and desires.

Both women desperately love their husbands and pray for reconciliation but they are both very unsure how they will make it financially and emotionally without their lifemates. It hurts to see so many long-term Christian marriages falling apart around us. I realize both these women are unequally yoked and this causes great problems since evil and righteousness do not mix. But I am also experiencing this other couple who have been our friends for 5 years and have been married 14 years. They are both Christians but she keeps walking out on her husband. She has severely walked away from Christ and treats her husband awful. He has been bad to her in the past, too, but she is unwilling to forgive him and commit to rebuilding their lives together. He feels compelled to stay with her because of her sickness (she is bi-polar). I am asking for prayer over all three of these marriages and many, many more failing Christian marriages all over the world.

All 3 marriages involve children who are being hurt by the dissension, hatred, disunity, intolerance, anger and deception. It is really making it difficult for these kids to see Christ through all the evil fog that surrounds their lives outside church. Our marriages need to be training grounds or boot camp where we practice walking the walk. Our kids need to see us practicing the fruit of the Spirit on one another to see that our Christianity is authentic. Please pray for these kids who learn to disengage themselves from God's Word and church because their homelives are in conflict with how we are taught to live by the Spirit. Please pray that we, as parents, learn to make it our life decision to stop, think and make a godly choice so that our kids can realize the truth and reliability of God's Word on our lives.

5/27/2002 17:01

Dear Father God, I thank You and praise you that you are the LIVING GOD. You have transformed lives that looked hopeless to US, but you have worked miracles.
Lord we ask, we seek, we plead with you to transform lives. If some how you can break what Satan is doing in these lives let it be so through the blood of your son The Lord Jesus Christ.
Dear Lord please put a hedge of thorns around these children. Please Lord let these children not be emotionally damaged.
Father comfort the suicidal woman. Please annoint her with your Holy Spirit and let her cling to your word, to Your Son Jesus Christ. AMEN.
Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

5/27/2002 20:36

I am so glad that you are the all knowing and loving God.
Please hear my prayer for these people that are hurting so much right now. Please enfold them into your loving arms and give them comfort and strength to continue on. Please let them see your light and strength and lean on you.
Please give Chilly the right words at the right times to help them find their way. In Jesus' name AMEN.

5/27/2002 22:29

Dear Father,
I lift up thse Christian women and their husbands who are friends with my dear friend Chilly.
Father, I read your words about comfort in 2 Cor 1:3 and following which say to us:
"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings or Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows."

You speak to me in these scriptures and comfort me so that I can comfort others.
Guide these couples into your blessed presence. Perhaps, some have strayed and some have stayed, but Father You know their needs. We thank you for your everlasting love.
In Jesus Name, Amen

5/27/2002 23:23

Father Lord God Almighty- I thank & praise you for all your goodness. I ask for healing for all marriages that are in trouble & espcially chilli's friends & their children. Cover the whole families with Jesus Christ special Blood for protection, may the children turn to you in their need.
Psalm 139 - "O Lord, you have proved us & you know us; you know when we sit & when we stand; you understand our thoughts from afar.
Our journeys & our rest you scrutinize with all our ways you are familiar.
Even before a word is on our tongue, behold O Lord, you know the whole of it. Behind us & before, you hem us in & rest your hand upon us.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for us; too lofty for us to attin.
Where can we go from your spririt? from your presence where can we flee?"
Please Father keep us all safe in your loving arms.Amen.

5/28/2002 12:12

Let us all pray for unity in our churches, the ones we attend and all churches in the Body of Christ.

The only way Jesus do God's work is because they were one in unity. There was not disagreement there and all things were possible.
Chilly has mentioned her church and Ted has mentioned problems in his. I also have disunity in my church. I have read about some churches which were pretty basically in unity, but I have never been a member of one.
Your sister in Christ,

God will Bless us if we call upon His name.

5/28/2002 12:40

Heavenly Father - these families and especially the children are in pain and fear. We call on You as Your Son in the name "Abba"! May You bless the people involved that they may see You as the perfect Daddy - the one who loves completely, loves unconditionally, loves eternally. May the ones You have placed there for them be mindful that a room full of darkness is powerless against one tiny candle. For Your Glory, in the Name of Your Son and through the Power of Your Spirit. Amen and Amen.

5/28/2002 22:50

FatherGod -
Please hear my plea as I ask for your comfort and hand over Poole's expectant daughter and Temple's father-in-law. I want to praise you for Poole's daughter who is completely sure in her adoption to you but Temple is somewhat unsure about her father-in-law. We are praying for your urgent draw to John as he may only have 4 months to live. I ask that you bless his sister with Your Spirit as she ministers to him. Please grant Poole and Temple strength to endure and persevere for their many loved ones around them. These kinds of struggles can be very draining and they need an extra boost of Your Soul Juice. Please, as I plead the blood and name of Jesus, grant Your healing grace over Poole's unborn grandbaby, daughter and Temple's father-in-law. Each one of my new found family members are very precious to me!

5/28/2002 23:28

Lord God Almighty - I pray that this group who believes & trusts you, may do you Will. To love & serve you in all areas, to adminster to each other, to all churches, & to the wider world. I ask this through Jesus Christ your son & our adopted brother.

5/29/2002 19:51

Dear Lord,
I praise your name in all things. I would like to ask for your guiding light in helping the disunity that is so many of your places of worship. Please allow your spirit to bring these people together to glorify your name. I know that through you all things are possible. I beg you to bring comfort to those who have lost their way and have forgotten why they are there. Let your love pour overthem and bring them back to you.
In Jesus' name,

5/29/2002 20:04

Could you please include my friend Carlotta & her family in your prayers.
Her 19yr nephew has only days to live -
he has suffered the last 2 yrs with bone cancer.
May God grant the whole family peace & love at the time.

5/30/2002 08:56

Dear Mighty and Hallowed Father,
Come to the rescue of this hurting family of Carlotta, Evia's friend, whose nephew is suffering so much at this time. Lord, help this young man in his suffering, ease his pain and show him that you are right there beside him, holding him in your arms.

Give assurance to this family that you are there for them. Renew their minds and their spirits. We know you know the pain of a suffering son because your son suffered a brutal death for us. We cannot understand your ways, but we know that you are a good God. Remind these suffering people that Jesus said "I am with you always" when we feel alone and in despair. Hold their hands and hold them up with they are not able to walk alone
Lord, if you choose to take this young man home, welcome him into your heavenly paradise and hear the grieving family as they call upon you for help and comfort.
We trust you Lord, and know your will is best, although we do not understand the whys of it, we thank you for your presence in our lives and that you do more than we can ever ask.
In Jesus Name,

5/30/2002 10:45

Dear Majestic and Gracious Father,
Bring us together in our churches. Teach us that you are the leader-- not pastors, priests, administrators, teachers. Jesus Christ, the head of the church, will lead church to fulfill the great commission, to unify and glorify. But, only if we take ourselves out and pray for agreement before we pray for the budgets, programs, activities, and general administration of the church.

Christ did not call us his bride so that we could administrate a group of human beings who go through the motions of serving God, in self-centered rather than God-centered living.

Lead and guide our churches and places or worship to read the scriptures in
1 Cor. 12:12-31 which describes how all the parts need the other parts and none are greater than the other. This points out that we all need each other and we all need God. Jesus would have never been able to accomplish God's work and fulfill the prophesies if He was not in total agreement and unity with the Father.

First of all, I pray for love , and then with that love that comes from above, we unify in Your name to do your work and give you all the glory.

Especially lend your mercies to Chilli's church which she describes as marching to its on drum beat and not yours. Guide them back to you. Humble them before you and gently show them that there is no other way but through You.

I pray for my church. We are struggling to come to maturity and be accountable. Let your light shine through us so that the world will see our light and come to you.
I pray for Ted's church and it's problems with grumbling and dissatisfaction. Lord, remind them to count their blessings and turn back to you instead of their own ways.

To all our blessed places of worship, may God be with us and bring us peace.

In the Precious name of our Lord Jesus who died instead of me and you,

5/30/2002 11:17

FatherGod -
Please come in the name of peace to Carlotta's family. Please rescue this young one who is afflicted with bone marrow cancer. Please bring comfort and release to this family as well as Temple's family. I pray for your spiritual protection and hand over all Christian families who are currently suffering from the devastation of cancer. Help them to hang on to their victory over death through you. They get to have a foothold over cancer by defeating it's life-draining elements.

Praise be to you for delivering and redeeming us through the precious blood of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.

Thank you for my beautiful friends. Their love means everything to me. Please touch Dennis' heart as he is struggling with depression and insecurities. He does not know what he wants to do with work or church. I am battling anger and frustration right now Lord. Please make Satan leave my mind alone.

5/30/2002 11:20

Precious Jesus -
Please protect each one of us who are trying to serve, worship and glorify you in churches that are fighting Your call to unity. Poole's church is in dire need of a revival and Ted's church is also struggling with poor attitudes. Please protect those of us who are trying to stay lit inside the darkness. Lead us into Your will. Please do not let Satan blow out our lights. Redirect us if necessary or keep our hearts warm and open to Your will no matter what You may be calling us to do.

5/31/2002 00:49

Father God, when Your children's hearts cry out You hear us. You will not give us stones nor serpents. We know that the Evil One attacks when he thinks we are low, are frightened, are unsure. You have given us Your Son who has snatched the keys from the Evil One, You have given us the Comforter who dwells within us. We stand on the promise of Christ and fuel the light of the Spirit with the faith granted us. Let us see Your light through Your eyes, eyes of love, power, and victory. Let us not see our selves as the world and the Evil One's lies do, but as redeemed children, redeemed by You through Jesus, the perfect Kinsman Redeemer. For Your Glory, in the Name of Your Son, and through the power of Your Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and forever shall be Amen and Amen.

5/31/2002 07:13

Abba Father -
Praise to Your blessed name and nature. Thank you so much for Your redeeming grace. Thank you Christ Jesus for continually interceding for me. There are so many times I am not sure how to pray but You hear the cries and anguish of my heart and are readily available and motivated to pray for me. Thank you Spirit of God for leading, guiding, protecting and teaching me all the time. Thank you my Godhead for the many answered prayers, Your constant loving-kindness, mercy and forgiveness (as I need plenty of all of these). Please make Yourself completely realized to all Your children. Please pierced our hearts so that we become like puddy in Your hands. Help us to learn how to rejoice in trials and suffering. Help us to see Your glory and hand everywhere we go and through everything we are experiencing. Let us keep our eyes fixed on You. Strengthen our hearts daily and do not let them faint even for one moment. Please energize, revitalize and enable all of us to live fruitful (learning to share love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) lives for Your glory and honor. Praises to Your power and glory forever and ever as You teach us how to properly access and live from this power and glory daily!

5/31/2002 18:06

Father -
Poole has a friend, Nancy, who has had a very difficult and challenging life to say the least. Please spread Your love, mercy and grace all over her daily. Do not let her feel an ounce of regret or doubt about being Your child.
Thank you for drawing her and Poole to You. Thank you for divinely putting them together as friends since forever and before!

5/31/2002 22:49

Father Lord God Almighty - I ofer up to you our grandson Jody who is making his Confirmation tonight. May Jody & the rest of these children know the full meaning of making a commitment to you as their Lord God & Master truly means now & for more. May all these children have you first & foremost throughout their life to love you, to serve you, to worship you, for your Honour & Glory.
Now & always. Amen

6/1/2002 08:10

Father -
Please put a hunger and a desire into Jody and all other children's hearts today to live from your Word, to find Your fruit from a personal relationship with You and to give them hearts of service ONLY from their deep love for You. Show them the meaning You have for them and light their paths. Amen.

6/1/2002 08:16

Lord -
Please touch baby Adam Pearl's life. Draw him and his mother near to You. I also ask for You to extend Your hand of mercy and grace out toward Daniel Pearl's murderers as well as terrorists all over the world. Please allow Your Spirit and love to conquer and destroy fear of terror. Show these lost souls the error of their ways. Give all of Your children the ability to spread Your gospel of peace to all who we may encounter. Help me to have a deeper kind of love toward these terrorists because I am afraid, Lord, I am on the verge of hatred toward them. I do not want to feel anything but pity and compassion toward them. Please give me Your ability to love my enemies as I should. Forgive me for this awful shortcoming of mine, FatherGod. Amen.

6/3/2002 08:31

Father, Please extend your love to John. He needs you now more than ever. Please help my husband and his brothers and sister in this time. They are so upset even though I know you are there. Just help the doctors to know what to do and relieve him of his suffering. In Jesus' name,

6/3/2002 09:21

Father - Please deliver John from the pain and suffering he is facing. Please comfort Temple's husband and siblings as they deal with the grief of watching their dad suffer and die. We know that You have experienced all the different ranges of emotion that we must survive but please grant us Your peace, mercy and love so that we are able through Your strength to persevere and endure long-suffering.

6/3/2002 15:52

Our Heavenly Father,
You are the God who heals, as you tell us in the Bible, and we call upon you now for deliverance and protection for John and his family.
Please comfort Temple and her husband and give them strengh. Father, this family needs you now. Please help them deal with their anxieties, their fears, their sorrows. Thank you for never leaving us when we have so much pain. We pray for comfort and peace for John, for your Holy Presence with him so that he knows that everything is in Your hands and you are a good and powerful God.
Please intercede for us Jesus as we pray in your precious Name.

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