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I seek spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological peace & protection from God .

Seeks prayers to find spiritual, mental, emotional, peace and protection from God and if any were affected from the consequences of my actions to please help them.

I looked into energy healing & recently have requested repeatedly through prayer from God/Jesus to have whatever was given to me removed now. Except I don't know
if what I have now is what I'm meant to have because prior to looking into this method of healing, I was able to "sense" things. For example, after my aunt's death I smelled roses as I was walking inside my house...only there were no roses to be found. To me it was a sign from heaven, as though an angel was present. I also "feel" things with my hands, even prior to all this energy method. I only need what God given me, not what man has, because if I am meant to have it God will make sure of it. So I am torn as to what I have now is what I am meant to have. Please pray that God heals me & that all effects from the energy attunements, as they call them, be completely removed and if God wishes to use me in some way for healing, to please grant me the strength, peace of mind, and protection to do so.

mlp1212 -4/6/2002
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4/11/2002 18:50


4/17/2002 00:22

What you have is a blessing and you should be thankful for the Gift that God has given you. Instead of asking him to take it away. Ask him to help you stir up your gift, It is through God's grace that you have that gift.If he take it away I am afraid your sorrow would be deeper than you think it is right now. Oh Just to live in his splendor and witness what man can never give. (no scientist, Nobody)You wouldn't want to be without his presence trust me Love. I will pray for you.
Father, In jesus name In behalf of your wonderful child I come before you asking you to help this child of your to be thankful for her gift let your love be there when she is confused and when she feels alone. I believe in your word and know in my heart that you are possible to do all things.
In Jesus Name! Amen

4/21/2002 07:39

Dear MLP,
In the Name of Jesus I pray you become one whole person again w/o these worries and upsets.
The smell of Roses is a wonderful sign.That is Mary walking through your home and she is with you for that time. I wish you had not fooled around with energy anything. Man made spiritual gifts are not real. Only God can give you a special gift.
I will share a story with you. My friend learned how to "spirit write" from a local angel store and she became obssesed with it...spending 3-4 hours a day writing to her "spirit guide" and things appeared and dissapeared in her home during this time. To make a long story short this 44 year woman suffered a complete breakdown in about a month after learning this new skill. She thought she was always in touch with this guide and he would help her with anything -along with revealing the past and the future to her if she asked...she ended up in a the psych ward. After she returned home, she stopped all that but as humans go-we are weak people- and she started writing again to it....guess what ? another breakdown followed.

These things we do not understand do not belong in our lives. We must focus only on God's word and his teachings. All else is false and will lead you into evil. I pray God shows you the strength to find only his path.

4/29/2002 13:17

Father in heaven.
There are times you send us gifts that we do not utilize or do not know how to utilize them.Come into the life of this your servant and help him with his gifts.Grant him the discernment and knowledge to follow the right path that leads to you.Provide him with friends and family who will help him rise and grow in your faith to become a more useful christian.We thank you for all the special people whom you have chosen to serve you.All glory and honor be unto you.

5/30/2002 23:15

Do you know the parable about the Master who was going away on a trip, who gave each of his servants some money before he left. When he returned,
each of the servants showed how they had used the money as an investment, and caused growth, except one who simply kept it safe? The Master was angry with the servant because he had not done anything with the money he gave him. This story means that when God gives you a gift, you should use it for good, not hide it. I hope that you can find a way to ease your mind and let your light shine. God bless!

6/9/2002 19:01

Dear Father/Mother God: Please remove all obessions and self-questioning from this dear, Divine individual expression of your Truth and Tranquility. She is now experiencing Divine Direction, Truth, Love and Peace, Certainty and the ability to Act. This Being accepts Life as it appears before her now,and therefore allows herself to manifest beneficial action in her life now. She is fully engaged in her physical as wwell as mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

6/19/2002 01:32

May your confusion be lifted and your direction become clear.

6/19/2002 20:58

I pray that you havn't stopped praying to God for His help to take this burden off of your back.Believe with faith that He will.Don't forget, that God answers our prayers in one of three ways.He says either yes, no, or wait! I myself had to wait for 37 yrs. before He started to heal me of epelepsy which hasn't been fun at all. The Holy Spirit within you is giving you the signs you are recieving and is telling you to be more thankful for what The Lord has given you allready in all of your life! That definitely includes the outstanding priviledge of Him giving us this life, so we may have the golden opportunity to be able to accept Our Lord Jesus Christ into our lives to lead it for us.That way we are accepting Jesus as our True Savior who not only died for our sins, but also was ressurected to gain victory over death. If we TRULY believe this God will definitely help us in no matter what situation . He will bless those who truly love Him, in a way where all things happen for our good.Sometimes we can't see the true effect of every test He allows us to go through right away, so try to run the race marked out for us with perseverance.(endurance) He will show you the outcome shortly.The more we love Him and the more we thank Him ,the more He will always answer your prayers.May you be blessed with Christ's Love rapidly.Love, Mt.Zion If you would like to speak about it more just dial me at;wwwTDC777@aol

6/26/2002 00:03

hi. This is a wonderful website. Could you please pray that God will give me physical and mental peace during this unbearably hot weather. I feel so distraught, so at the end of my rope, so terrified. Thank you so much and I will lift the others before God as well. :-)

11/21/2002 16:12

I bind the power of all counterfeit signs and wonders, and loose the Divine will of God, His blessings and His gifts only in Jesus Name!

12/3/2002 21:06

I come in agreement with all the prayers found here today LORD and we humbly ask these thing in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen
we Thank You and Praise, knowing that what we have asked here this day is already done. praise ,Thank You,
Amen and Amen.....

1/12/2003 18:31

Father - thankyou for the many blessings we receive and do not realise your godness often until it is too late. Please help us with direction and with faith - for "Fear & Faith" JUST CANNOT WORK TOGETHER. PLEASE HELP ALL THOSE ON HERE INCLUDING MYSELF AND ALL OF MY FAMILY. Please will you heal both of my parents and also help us to have Faith and to be thankful for all that you give us. I pray for any who are hurting or afraid and ask for a blessing of love and peace upon them, in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN

1/29/2003 23:14

Dear Friend,
I suffer from grave emotional problems, and I related to your prayer request 100%! I am a little confused on what you want removed, your ability to "feel" energy around you, or a condition or afflication that you currently have. If it is a condition or afflication that you have been diagnosed with, I hereby ask God to remove this from you, so that you may be healthier spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.
I pray to God a lot, and I have learned through a 12 step organization that I am in that things happen in God's time, not mine!
Try to let go of any past issues that may be holding you back from the future of your dreams. This hope for you is also a hope of mine!
Peace to you, my friend,

2/19/2003 12:38

hi i have a prayer to be answered too please i have alot of pain with all my disability, and wish to recieve my pension please god grant me this, as i am very sad they way that my husband treats me with the fact i do not have a job or work and i do not contrubute finacialy to our marriage and i do not feal like a full person because of it i feel like i am not doing aqnything good in my life,,, and i am depressed and feel scared too about every thing and i do not feel good at times with my husband the way he sometimes he treats me .... i get too many times get confused with my feelings for him as and i am still sad about loosing my mother shirley ann brooks she was so special to me and she suffered so much at the end before she went to be with you lord jesus i would like you to send me a sighn in my dreams that my mom is ok and happy too i miss her so very much i send a lit candle too for her too...... i so much want this pension to be able to do more things with my two lovely children and i will feel like more of a person and feel whole as now i feel so empty and not complete please again grant me the income so that i can better me and my two children too please...yours truly mary sad, confussed and not very complete,,, love you dear jesus...

3/11/2003 14:31

Dear mlp,
The gift you have recieved is from "GOD" the father.You have to have faith and ask him to help you with your gift so you will use it in a positive way glorifying to him.Be happy and try to learn all ou can on how to use your gift from "GOD" I will pray for your faith to be stronger .Amen

3/14/2003 13:05

I wonder how it is people come here, looking for prayer, some receive many many posts, and others receive none?

why is that? I have posted a prayer request, but nobody has prayed for me? Am I not worthy? I have so many many needs, emotional, financial, employment, forgiveness for things done in my past, the ability to let go of the negative and move forward and much much more, need to be able to support my family of 6, be able to be a great wife and mother, these things I have not achieved, I have asked for prayer and have never received...there is just so much that both myself and family need, I have a son with ADHD, another with respiratory problems, a daughter with some emotional problems, and another with what we believe is OCD I, have anxiety, have ADHD, fear of success, so I don't do anything and I think I am coming down with agoraphobia, I fear crowds, I fear strangers, I fear almost everything in this world

MPL1212 I hope that these people who pray for you, or say that they will pray for you will, that is a great gift to receive and I hope you do feel the power behind their prayers and your prayers are answered, as for me, I still don't know...........

3/17/2003 19:10

God be with you. <3

3/20/2003 11:06

My prayers are with you and I hope that God will continue to bless you, God will supply all of your needs. Don't put your trust in man because man will fail you and God is a God of his word. Keep the faith and watch god work all kinds of miracles in your life.

10/16/2003 23:30

The roses you smelled are from the presence of Mary, Jesus' mother. What an awesome experience. Stay close to Christ & scripture and all will be well. God Bless.

4/20/2004 20:48

i feel sorry for your loss. yet, i think that smell was a sign, telling you to do something. maybe something that had something with the one who passed away. be faithful to who you believe in and stay on the spiritual side. it will help you the most there. keep the thought of the roses in your memory. they'll come back before you know it.

1/28/2005 00:10

Aho' my friend,
I will send up prayers and smoke for you everyday until your spirit has healed. Have Faith

5/31/2005 00:14

Father, I ask that you hear the prayer request of spiritual, mental, emotional, peace and protection and if any were affected from the consequences of mlp1212's actions to please help them. Father, I just pray that Your will be done and that You reveal Your truth, so that it is undeniable to mlp1212. So many times Father we forget to recognize satan and his attempts to sway us from Your direction. Father if this be the case, I bind Satan right now and ask that mlp1212 feel a release from this energy from the enemy that is causing a confliction of confusion. Father you are not the authour of confusion, but the author of peace and I ask that right now, this very minute, that mlp1212 feel Your perfect peace and Your perfect comfort.
Father I ask that if this energy is in Your will, that Your will be revealed to mlp1212 right now Father. I ask this prayer in Your name Father as our creator and in the name of your precious son Jesus, who redeems us into Your will and in the name of Your Holy Spirit whom you have gifted us with as a guide in our daily life. Thank You Father that You hear my prayer and that right now in Your name, This person knows that You Father, are in control. Amen

7/22/2005 10:54

You truly have a gift from God and you should use it only as He directs. God bless you and I lift you up to be His witness of His healing power. Strenghthen others as he strengthens you!

2/20/2006 21:59

sometimes i feel a malevolent presence around me. One night, when i asked God to make it leave, I felt this cold wind zip by me and away from me. this was in my apartment, me alone. I have often felt this presence around me and either tell it to leave, or call on God. I'm now much better after going through another such attack from it. Now, I'm on these boards seeking to read about others such dilemmas. I hope everyone who is so concerned about such things finds God. God seems to be the only such power I have been able to call on to keep me safe from just about everything out of my own power.

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