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For Those Dealing with Eating Disorders

I know, more than anyone, the struggles facing those who have an eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa, bulemia nervosa, and compulsive over eating afflict so many people in not only America, but all over the world.

These young women and men need our prayers and our support to overcome this huge and debilitating obstacle in their lives. They need support from their friends to rebuild self esteem, from their families and medical professionals to rebuild their bodies, and from God, to rebuild their hearts. Anyone who has ever been afflicted knows how desperately hard it is to live with an eating disorder. For me, God and my friends were the only ones that could help me. I still struggle daily with the fight against anorexia, and I know many who are also fighting, . . . and for some they are not winning this battle. Bulemia and overeating are just as dangerous and devastating, and so we must, as an international community, pray for these people, that they might find strenght enough to get past the disease and onto their lives.
twinkle_star13 -3/21/2002
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9/3/2002 00:11

I dear friend of mine of 13 years lost her life from anorexia on March 31st, 2002. I pray that her family and friends can cope with this loss. I pray for all people suffering from eating disorders. May they find the strength in themselves to control what they are doing and may they become happy with themselves. I pray that they regain their self-esteem and that can live a normal life once again. Shalom and G~d bless.

10/19/2002 21:51

I'm almost fifteen years old. I'm not quite sure if I'm in danger of being anorexic or not. I used to be bulemic. Get this! I didn't realize I was bulemic until after about a year and my parents found out. So that makes me even more unsure of myself. I know I'm not anorexic, but only because my parents are constantly on my back about it now. So what about after I move out of their house in a few years? I do have issues with food. I hope I have others who care enough after I do move out. At the same time I don't, because, to put it bluntly, it's annoying! I don't want to talk to anyone about it though, and I won't. It's just so wierd knowing that I might end up having to deal with something that serious. (again) I know what the right thing to do is. To get help. But I haven't made the mistake of being "Ana" yet.--And I seem to be one to learn by trial and error. Any comments? Any words are welcome.

10/22/2002 15:00

I am a 49 year old mother of 2 sons ages 10 and 11. I am in ill health and need prayer to help me loose weight. I am going to die if I remain overweight. Please pray for me.

11/6/2002 13:05

For Ellen, whom I love; may your anorexia and depression disappear, so that you may be happy and enjoy the Life you deserve. You give so much to others. DAN

11/29/2002 18:37

May all who suffer eating disorders have their eyes open to the true vision of their body by others, and their hearts open to receive the love they feel they do not have, and to receive the grace God gave them to know the least important thing on the list HE reviews at your death is how your body was shaped. Amen and God Bless

12/3/2002 03:54

Hi I am 18 years old and I just started my first year of college at a christian university. I feel so alone right now even though i have made a lot of friends here. I have stuggled with anorexia and severe bulemia for the past two years and it is to the point that my whole day revolves around it and i hate it but i cant fight it alone. i need help and i think that prayer would be very much appreciated in my life. Thank you so much and email me if you would like.

1/4/2003 10:35


1/6/2003 19:51

I have a problem with overeating and I can't seem to break this . I really have to lose alot of weight because of health problems. Please pray for me

1/12/2003 08:40

im 65 years old and i feel food is my only friend. it is there for me at all times. i am alone. and i dont know how to met men to have a reltionship and i fell very loney. i am outgoing with my fiends but they are all married and i feel as i am the third wheel and i need help and i need a vert special friend. i belive in miracles but only for my love ones. i feel i dont deserve one and i dont know why. please pray for me and let me let God have control. thank you and God bless each of you

1/17/2003 03:43

This is a prayer for my best friend Melissa, for myself and for all those suffering in the dark world one lives alone in while in the grasp of an eating disorder. These diseases rob us our very connection to God, to ourselves and those that we love. I pray for the healing power of spirit to touch everyone of us, to do what we are to weak at times to do for ourselves. I pray that we all find strength to overcome this battle. I pray that god's light reaches everyone struggling, and that we are willing to allow that power into our hearts. So mote it be!

3/3/2003 22:44

this is for Rexi422, SheeshKabobb, MJ, and all those who are dealing with eating disorders of any kind.
I also suffered at a young age of both bulimia and anorexia, but overcame them on my own close to 18 yrs old when I realized how precious, how fragile, and how special, unique, and fleeting our lives are during this brief time on earth(this time, anyway)
We have one very, very short life right now, and we have one body during this lifetime. So it makes sense to see how amazing, how special your body is! Only until you see how wonderful and amazing your bodies are- no matter what size you are in mind or reality.
You need to treat yourself in terms of health, whats better for your brain, your functions of your body, everything, -that means you NEED fat, you NEED calories, you need vitamins, and essential oils and protein etc. Treat your body as delicately as you would the most precious thing you own, for it is. You need to look at yourselves in terms of health: when you look at a meal think- is this enough protein? enough omega\essential fatty oils I need today? enough calcium, vitamins and minerals? Enough fiber, carbs ? In this mindset will you be on the road to health and treating your body with compassion.

Also try to overcome the image that women battle with every day: the images of how women are SUPPOSED to look, as dictated by society.
This is done to make us feel less pretty, less intelligent, less period,so we will go out and buy buy buy to try to make up for our "lacks" as laid out by the forcing of the ideals of what women should look like.

so take a stand- realize that that battle is far from over- and this is one in which needs to be won as it keeps insisting to younger and younger girls what they should look and behave like in ways that is close to impossible and very unhealthy.

I wish you all luck.

Treat yourselves with love, compassion, tenderness, look at yourselves as an amazing piece of artwork that is uniquely individual and your own, and you must take care of it. Because there is so much to live for! Believe me! I wasted so many hours and weeks and months of pure time that I could have been out exploring the world, people, love, nature- you get my picture. And those were years I can NEVER get back.
So reclaim your life before it gets too late.

4/7/2003 13:55

Please Pray for me. I am 37 years old and have always gained and lost weight, although smaller amounts at first,...I am now around 50 pounds overweight. I am short in stature so on me it is particularly alot. The problem is, I think I am looking for "GOD" in eating excessively. I probably am also a carbohydrate addict, physically. I have found it to be extremely difficult to change my terrible eating habits of gorging myself with fat and carbohydrate laden snacks and meals. This has been an almost daily problem for me for about 10 years now. I plan on trying Weight Watchers soon and hope that it helps. Most of all, i think I need spiriyual as well as physical healing. Please pray for me about these things. Thank you so much and God Bless you!

4/7/2003 14:02

To Rexi422, Please reach out for help NOW! Learning through "trial and error" may be a big mistake. My prayers are with you for a full recovery. Please reach out to others who can help you,...such as counseling, meetings or groups. You will not regret that! LOL

4/8/2003 09:58

TO nomorerapeofspirit: You are in my prayers .I have the same problem with my weight.I have no will power but i have started walking 25 min a day plus cut back on my fat intake and asking people who understand to pray for me .So please put me in your prayers,as i will be praying for you. GOD BLESS!!

4/10/2003 22:21

To all with eating disorders/weight problems:

Dear Lord,

Creator, Caregiver and Healer of all. Please hear our prayers. Each one of us has or knows someone who is struggling with the aforementioned issues. Please gives us Wisdom to seek You, to spend our time growing in Your Word. We ask that Jesus intercedes for us and forgive us for seeking out other pleasures. With many of us food is a pleasure and a drug that we become dependant on, for others an ill spirit. Lets unite in prayer and spend a few minutes each day learning about God's mercy...He will care for us if we believe Him and empower Him to do with our lives as He sees and deems necessary. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

4/13/2003 16:35

Dear Nomorerapeofspirit: Please know that you, I and many, many people are struggling with eating disorders, too. I have, too, asked God to help me because I know that I cannot successfully confront this problem on my own. We also must look to each other and prayers from those who care about us for more consolation because we do not have the benefit of thousands of drug and alcohol addicts. Thank you for the courage to write your story and know that you already have helped yourself by reaching out to others. I, too, ask for prayers from others to help me conquer what has been a lifelong obstacle to relationships, good self-esteem and much more. I know that I innocently began to wrongly use food to make up for feelings of abandonment, loneliness, unworthiness and more as a child. Please pray for me and all those like me to grow into the people the divine spirit wishes for us to be.

5/1/2003 07:43

As I read these prayers I realize I am not alone. I grew up believing in worldly success. I wanted to be the perfect student, perfect daughter, loyal friend, outstanding employee, best at everything. I wanted control: I allowed myself to become obsessed with food and exercise and responded to my emotional emptiness with food. If I felt "bad" I'd overeat and then punish myself for loosing control by not eating. I missed out on years of peace by remaining silent and not turning to you. Physically I damaged my body. I hurt you, my husband, and friends because I had to much pride to reach out. I read all these prayers for people out there just like me and I see I am not alone. You have always been there, yet I am just now turning to you. Forgive me for neglecting you. Lord I pray for all people who are effected by lonliness, pain, and eating disorders. Help me and help them to overcome and reach out to others. Thank you for all the people who have the courage to share their weaknesses to help and be helped. Lord help me to break my silence and share your love.

5/13/2003 16:28

thank you all. I am a girl who has been combating an eating disorder for some time now. I am going to an inpatient clinic very soon and I understand people have a really hard time there. please pray for me.

5/25/2003 16:56

Dear All,

My Sister who is 19, developed anorexia at the age of 15, due to excessive bullying at school, she failed to tell me. she was scared. i have seen her on deaths door on several different occassions. my family have suffrered but she is now im glad to say slowley overcoming the battle, but this evil that takes over isnt hard to overcome and has now contributed to her having full blow arthritis, at the age of 19. though this is terribly depressing, on the up-side, my family remain strong, wegiv hope from GOD and she is now at university studying law. we know that there is still a long way to go, but my prayers (even as a converted Hindu) go to everyone around the world who suffers from these terrible conditions, all my prayers are with you and You can make it, you have to allow yourselfs to be free, DO NOT PUNISH YOURSELF life is worth living, not surviving.

God bless, Namaste all, Jai Shree Krsna look after you xx.

5/25/2003 20:15

I have been mia/ana for 5 years now.I have been in and out pf treatment centers for 3 of these years. I started at 275,with mia's help I got to 165,with ana's help I made it to 78 pounds at 6'1. I have recently left a facitlity thousands of miles away from my home,which has helped me quite a bit. Now my insurance is fighting to pay the whole amount after authorizing my eligibility into the program and then dictating my legnth of stay and what ever else they could decide to do for me. This is my health,not their's,I believe within my heart that I was rushed to soon out of a great program. I have recenlty lost my grandpa,he was my own "faher" (my dad and I don't get along) my only positive make role model,my best friend and my hero. I love and miss him so much. He died of cancer ,parkision;s disease and a heart attack all at the same time,when it should have been me who die. And me,the one who had suffered.I have put my family through so much and I am still here. I have medical bills up and above my control anymore. This insurance thing,my bi-polar,and the loss of my hero,taking care of my gram and taking care of my 2 sisters,my mom and work. I am so over tired and seriously depresed. I ws starting to take control and work on recovery in which I do need to loose some weight (my mom tells me this every other day.) I have started back inot my anorexic ways to loose weight and to hopefully die. I beleiev this is the best thing for everyone. I know I sound like a whiner and I am so sorry for that.But I want to die,I deserve it after making my family watch me with this disease and for makng my grandpa be the one to die of pain and suffering. I love you granpa with all my heart and soul but because of my sins and selfishness I will be in hell and not with you in Heaven.

6/9/2003 11:34

I am a 19 year old girl who saw your posting regarding eating disorder on the net....I am presently suffering from eating has been 2 years....I've lost many friends....lost the trust of many people...lost my to bullimic)...I hate my life....just feel so worthless....I don't know how it started...Perhaps dieting led me to anorexia...4 months later...I couldn't resist the temptation of food....but I felt so guity at the same time....I started binging....I felt as though I was in control...
My life was...and still is in a mess...My family knows about my condition and I have seek help before...But....I can't help myself...I just can't...There are times whereby I just want to remain like this...but I want to be normal at times....There are just so much of mixed feeling inside me...I lost so many friends...During gatherings..I always have to lie to left that i can binge before the food I'd consumed are all digested....I 've stopped going to a doctor because I don't come from a very well-off family...and I feel that I just can't help myself...
I am a christian...but everytime before I can even enter the church....this habit of binging comes in....I find myself in a corner of the street...eating....Then I have to hurried home to binge....Now...I just can't see god anywhere...he's there...but I am just failing him...I am too weak to help....
From young, I suffer from how self esteem...I hate myself...see myself as matter wat....I hate am so depressed...I just am...I can't tell one seems to understand...I just hate my life....I am even tired of living....I seem to be wasting my parents' money by just living on this earth....can you imagine...I am in debts for VISA cos of my binging habits...I spend so much on food each will never imagine how much I'd eat...just to binge it out all again....
I have never felt that I was good enough..

6/15/2003 23:28

Hi...i am a 21 year old female, i've been dealing with severe anorexia and bulimia for almost 4 years now. i've been in and out of hospitals, i have so many doctors. i'm on heart medication...i almost died a few years ago, on the cardiac unit of my local hospital. you'd think after that happened, i could stop this. but i can't. it's so hard. i need some prayers. And i want to send out prayers to everyone who is suffering from any kind of eating disorder, and their families and friends who are trying to help them out. Eating disorders are so complex, so difficult...i pray for you all.

6/28/2003 23:41

To EVERYONE'S prayers, especially
nomorerapeofspirit and philoall, thank you all so incredbly much. I know that with the help of God and each other, we will endure and survive, learn from our hardships, and never be alone. Keep praying. More love than you know to all of you.( : never give up.

8/5/2003 00:15

Eating disorders are so much more complex than most people think. I want to pray for myself and for every person suffering with this disorder. It is so life altering, but I know that eventually and through God and each other everyone can get through it.

God be with us all who suffer from this. Please let us live the lives that we deserve to live one day free of worry and fear over our bodies. Let us know that you do not care about how we look you love us for us and if you didn't we would not be here today. Thank you for your love and for giving your Son for all of us. Please help us all with the depression and anything else that is blocking our way to you and true happiness. It is your beautiful name that I pray Lord. Amen

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