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Brendan J
A Bewildered Little Boy

My first grader who has lost his friends and is suffering emotionally

My 6-year-old was given a little plastic knife in his school cafeteria to cut an orange. He was playing with it (and his spoon) with the boy next to him. The monitor reported him for "showing a weapon" and he was suspended from school. No one was hurt. Nothing happened. The principal said his hands were tied by policy.

BUT then the rumors started. All sorts of terrible, crazy reasons that he was suspended. His teacher wasn't there, so she won't correct them. He has gone overnight from a happy, social boy to an outcast because parents don't want such a "troubled kid" playing with theirs. He doesn't understand. Neither do I! Please pray for the little guy. He's so sad.

oceanstar -3/21/2002
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3/24/2002 21:10

MY friend is a young man of 21. He just started as a Volunteer fire fighter for his local fire dept. He is just starting life with a good head on his shoulders.
Last week I found out that he washaving problems with his breathing, asthma, then into phnemonea. Since, his lungs have collapsed and he is in a coma. a resporator breaths for him.
He is too young and just starting his life. He has a young son of three that needs him!!!!!! Please pray for his return of health!, so he may continue to grow, fall in love some day, and do what he wishes, to become a firefighter and protect his home town!

3/25/2002 12:33

Oceanstar, I'm praying for your little boy...I have to say that I think the school was totally in the wrong in how they handled the situation, and now your son if suffering. I'm terribly sorry, and I pray that this will blow over with no future repurcussions. Just keep letting your child know how much you love him, and have faith that this will soon pass. God Bless.

3/25/2002 13:23

What a terrible miscarriage of justice! Why was the other boy not reprimanded if they were going to punish your child? I pray that this is over for you soon. Please Lord, show the school the error of their decision and let this child return to school. Please shield him from the cruel people of the world, who would rather spread rumors than the truth. Please help guide Connor away from the unkind words that may fall around him. Fill his heart with peace and understanding, so that he may understand why this is happening to him. Please give his family the courage to stand up for his rights and get him back where he deserves to be. Please walk with them daily. AMEN.

3/25/2002 13:30

Dear sweet Jesus Please help little Brendan. The school was wrong to made him to stay a away form school. God know's your son ditnot hrut any one.I think you shoud go and talk to the principal and tall him that he is nut's.Ha Ha.You now the truth and so dos God.Iwill pray for your little boy.God bless Brendan and family. Amen

3/25/2002 14:55

I remember reading a couple of years ago about a little boy who had innocently kissed a little girl on the check and they suspeneded him for sexual harrassment. I think in that case and as well as in this case that the school was totally wrong and they should apologize to your little boy and to you for this mistreatment of justice. I pray that the heavenly Father will shine his light on your little boy and once again brighten his days. He has done nothing wrong and he needs to know that. To do something as this to a child can damage him emotional and psycholgically for the rest of his life. To me some teachers are just there to earn a paycheck and don't really care about their students. One day at school the teacher at my son's class called all the kids in her class a bunch of idiots. Now is that any way for a teacher to talk to a bunch of fifth graders? May God once again Bless your little boy and fill his heart with joy. AMEN

3/25/2002 15:06

Sorry to hear about your child having to miss out in school.children are so young and sometimes they do not understand at such a early age what can happen by playing games with other kid's, i hope he will soon be back in school and i pray he he can get pass this awfull time he has went thru

3/25/2002 17:19

Heavenly father,
I pray right now for justice. We are living in a world where people don't try to figure out what happened they just want to blame someone. Lord, from the sound of things this young boy didn't do anything wrong. Sure enough he shouldn't of been playing with any kind of knife. But, what is done is done. Lord,please lift his spirits up and please allow the school system to allow him back in school where he belongs. I pray that the school systems will allow you back into our kid's lives. Lord, you are so important to all of us and we need you everywhere we go. I just pray for righteousness. In Jesus name.

3/25/2002 18:47

Dear Brendan, it is sad that grownups, who are charged with teaching you such academic skills as logic and reasoning, can be so stupid and mentally vacant to apply the label "weapons" to harmless plastic utensils. However, it seems we need a lot of baggage checkers, so the principal may be in training. Please be patient until he has qualified for that new career in airport security, and in all likelihood your new principal will indeed be mentally fit for the position and able to apply common sense. Friend, you have learned a lesson that position and power do not equate to intelligence and reasoning. Just be aware that those parents who are against you declared themselves as much a fool as that silly principal of yours. Maybe good folks to stay away from, nudge nudge wink wink! Jesus loves you, he has had a lot of trouble with those characters and he knows what you are going through. Hang in there, my son, you are just fine. God Bless.

3/25/2002 22:36

Dear Lord Jesus we come to you in behalf of little Brendan.This dear sweet child of yours.let those who were in the wrong right thing again for this little your name we pray Aman

3/26/2002 00:07

School policies are the way they are because of all the violence we have in them nowadays. Still, I think the school is wrong. Mabey you could call the other parents to see if they would be willing to come over and talk to you and meet your son so they could see for themselves what a decent boy I'm sure your son is. I would hope people who know you and your son would not believe what they hear without also getting the story from you. I will say a special prayer for you tonight and hope to read a good update from you soon.

3/26/2002 00:10


3/26/2002 01:33

Dear Lord
You know the situation at hand. Take care of it I ask in your name Amen.

3/26/2002 02:26

Dear Lord,
We all know how painful it is to be falsely accused and ridiculed. It is one of the most painful experiances in our human lifes. We know it brings us closer to you. Please ease this childs pain as he dosn't have a full understanding because of his age. Let his heart rejoice soon.
I ask in your name.

3/26/2002 05:06

We gathered here, ask that You change some hearts from injustice to Child Love!!! Before this little spark of You
is convinced that Your world is a terrible place to be!!! We Ask that within these offenders you declare "Devine Wisdom, Devine Justice, and Devine Harmony and Love in their hearts and heads!!! We Thank You that this has already begun and tomorrow will be a bright new day for Our Little Love!!! Hear all prayers gathered here!!
Thank You Lord for all our Blessings and All those yet to come!!! Thank You that All things are possible in Your Name!!!
We Give You All Our Praise!!!
So Be It,

3/26/2002 11:26

Dear Oceanstar, Love your son very much, talk to him about the Lord and always let him know how proud and happy to have him as your son. I think this is just an overreaction of somebody narrow minded than instead of reprimend and take out of proportion a situation should just correct and advise in a loving, nurturing way, after all that's what teachers are there for. I will keep you dear angel in my prayers. May the Lord bless Brendan and your entire family.

3/27/2002 16:35

How dare your school give your little boy a plastic knife and then suspend him for using it as any 6 year old would! I can see them giving him a talking to for playing with it but thats all! Please put up a fuss to the principal, have him/her send a note home with all the kids telling what really happened. I will say a prayer for little Brendon tonight!

3/27/2002 23:35

Oh, Most Merciful, and Gracious God. Thou who have said children is a gift from God. I thank Thee for bringing this child into this world, and for your purpose. I pray in Jesus Almighty Name, let Jesus love over flow each heart of persons that are and will be envolved in Brendan's situation. Let their be forgiving among our selves as Jesus forgave us on the cross. I pray let everyone look to Thee for Your wisdon and knowledge, so all may know how to solve this situation. Then all may come to know of Your Son Jesus and glorify Your Name. Amen

3/27/2002 23:35

Oh, Most Merciful, and Gracious God. Thou who have said children is a gift from God. I thank Thee for bringing this child into this world, and for your purpose. I pray in Jesus Almighty Name, let Jesus love over flow each heart of persons that are and will be envolved in Brendan's situation. Let their be forgiving among our selves as Jesus forgave us on the cross. I pray let everyone look to Thee for Your wisdon and knowledge, so all may know how to solve this situation. Then all may come to know of Your Son Jesus and glorify Your Name. Amen

3/28/2002 00:31

Dear Lord

Please right the wrong situation here and enable Brendan to have his joyful life back.

Please open the heart and eyes of the principal,teachers and students, to right the injustice done to Brendan.

4/3/2002 00:02

Dear God, Please help Brendan to understand that he is not to blame. Please be with him and his parents. Thank you Lord .

4/9/2002 21:08

Dear Lord, please bless Brendan and his family.Brendan, I will be praying for you and your family!! Remember God loves you!! My thoughts, prayers and love are with you and your family. God bless you and your family. LOVE, Dee.

4/13/2002 09:24

I am praying for little Brendan. Sometimes we adults don't understand the damage we do in trying to protect our children. God loves us and is watching over you.

4/15/2002 19:35

little brendan is going to get, up and running very soon.

He is lucky to have received the first strengh test of his life....may he be tough, and luck has no choice but to follow him with great devotion.


4/20/2002 18:52

To micheley

May the Goddess watch over your friend.

Blessed Be.

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