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t a
lonely & depressed but know I need to rely on God

forget it, no one answered me

I put a prayer days ago and no one even responded, so never mind.
tga -3/13/2002
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6/28/2002 23:46

tga, if you still check this, know that someone out there is praying for you. I also suffer from depression and feel like people don't care sometimes-nobody's responded to mine either. But I know there is one who truly cares and his name is Jesus Christ. Don't give up-please do as you've said yourself-rely on God. I've seen him work wonders where I thought the situation was hopeless. He will bring joy to your heart. Just pray to him and let him do his work. I will pray as well. Remember, whatever you ask in his name, he will do. Hold on to that promise. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

7/2/2002 15:50

TGA, I also submit a pray but no ones have respond to minds. So Please don't give up, I know that God Does answer prayers. I'm been suffer from depression had to be hospitalize recently, had have terminally cancer, lost my husband after 20yrs marriage, and I tried to comit suicide but thank God someone was in the right place to help me. So please don't let go. We have to have faith and beleive that God will hear and answer prayers. So I say in Jesus Name hold on helps is on the way.Amen

7/5/2002 19:21

TGA, i stumbled upon your prayer and don't want you to be upset that your response was not as expected. people do hear you. people do care for you. and i am praying for you. and although we are strangers, i hope that you in return pray for me. ~ brenda

7/6/2002 11:14

TGA, I hope you are checking back & see the people coming forward who care about you. I have been in "down" places too & it is a challenge to reach deep within yourself & realize that God has put you here for a purpose. Each of us gets to search for our purpose & live it to the fullest. God loves you. Reach out to God, in whatever form you conceive of Him or Her. Allow yourself to feel that connection & support. Identify your good qualities & let them shine through. Everyone has them, and yours are both special & unique to you. I will be praying for you.

7/9/2002 12:58

TGA, Never give up. I have been throgh it all, including joblessnes for tha last year and a half but hope is alive and the days bring much joy if you learn how to look. You are in my payers,
believe me.
J.R.(from Chile)

7/13/2002 10:48

TGA, My prayers are with you! And please do not lose faith...once faith is lost it seems as though nothing can get better. But no matter whether the faith is already gone or not, you can get that faith back as long as you pray, read your scriptures, and trust others that they love you and want you to be happy! Even if you don't believe that anyone loves you, Heavenly Father loves you so much....please know that! Take care!

7/14/2002 14:09

Dear tga,
I know how easy it is to be consumed by depression sometimes. This month is the anniversary of my mother, brother and sister passing away. They were buried on my birthday. Sometimes when I ask for the help of others, I simply know that they care. They may not send me open notice of their prayers for me, but I believe that they are since I always get through my depression. I have to believe that many are silently praying for you also. Do not give up on people or your God. Do not give up on yourself. Do WHATEVER you need to do. In the end if you do these things you WILL be alright. Believe me, I know. And I care. Write to me if you would like.

7/16/2002 21:53

Dear TGA,
You had the courage to post your need on this board. That takes guts. It's a good reminder that you have more strength than you may realize. People care about you - even though they don't know you or the particulars of your struggle.Once out of the blue while on a walk the thought "open your heart and take the strength" popped into my mind. That has been helpful to me over the years.I hope that you can feel the support that is coming your way from people scattered all over the earth who have you in particular in their thoughts. you are in my prayers. rdu

7/17/2002 21:48

Hi, I just now saw your request and it hit home with me. I have suffered from depression since I lost my daughter. I have to deal with it every day. Some days are better than others but I have to rely on God because sometimes it seems as if there is no one out there who cares so believe me I understand what you are feeling. Take care and hang in there.

7/18/2002 16:22

Just wanted to say that I also suffer from major depression. I'm going through a farely nasty bout right now, where medications don't work, etc. But please keep hoping, keeping trying. Even just one step at a time. Remember, just because you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel doesn't mean it ain't there. Take care

7/19/2002 08:54

TGA, my prayers are also with you. Just remember to PUSH (pray until something happens) It works. I too suffer from severe depression, and anxiety and terrible panic attacks. Why, I'm not sure. But I know that God has a reason, and that He'll keep me safe. He wants us to be happy, we are his children. He only wants whats best for us. Remember that, and when you're sad, remember its okay to be sad, just also remember that there are alot of people praying for you, and that if you listen very carefully, you will hear God answer your prayers. He doesn't always give us what we want, but He ALWAYS gives us what we need. God bless you, and give you strength.

7/20/2002 23:27

TGA, Maybe no one answered you when you expected to hear from them, but God did. He put all His love around you, and you already know He is there to hear your prayers and to give you the strength you need.

7/21/2002 23:14

ta, you answered your own question when you said 'i need to rely on God. i am impatient too, but i have learned to accept that is my problem. God is patient with my impatience; and as i practice patience, i have found i am able to listen better and hear God, which has relieved my own pain.

8/2/2002 19:58

Hang in their.... hope your doing better

8/27/2002 12:59

I know depression too well. Your response to "forget it", stems from that depression. I know it is difficult to think that things will get better, but with prayer to Jesus and his Blessed Mother, Mary, little by little you will find peace. Take a walk, look around you, God is there for you if only you ask him. You will find peace. Peace be with you.

10/7/2002 05:51

Most Mericiful God,

Shoer blessings upon ta. She needs your guidance and your loving arms around her. Every life is precious; please guidance to know she has a reason for living and give her your peace. God is here to protect and love you. Let me know what I can do - I have been where you are. Love,

10/11/2002 14:56


5/14/2003 01:05

I feel your pain. I suffered from depression for 7 years--at least. I pray for you to give it to God.While God works upstairs, you must work here. Try and start walking 30 min. a day and keep a journal. One that I love is called "simple abundance". If you don't buy it at least go into a store and read the preface. It is so true. It is so easy to fall into depression and soo sooo difficult to get out. If possible try to see a therapist for anti-depressants. While God does everything to help you, you must seek ways to help yourself. Anti-depreesants saved my life and helped to give it back to me. When i am down and wondering how I am going to get through it, I remeber the prayer FOOTSTEPS. God carries us through these awful times. Let me know how you are as I see this is an old

5/22/2003 19:06

I can hear how hurt you are, and am sorry no one answered right away. I also suffer from depression and have fought depression for the last 15 years. I know how dark and hopeless and helpless I feel when I get really depressed. I know walking helped me. It doesn't matter how far you go.......even if the first day you only go to the mailbox and back. Just keep going one step farther each day. Have faith in whatever higher power you believe in. Take one day at a time, and let go and let God. If you are not seeing a doctor for your depression, please do it now. I hate being on anti-depressants, but they have saved my life. God is always there with you. Keep talking to God and turn your issues over to him. It sounds corny; but, I'm living proof it works. I see this is an older prayer. E-mail me if you want. I'll keepj you in my prayers.

7/18/2003 20:45

You are in my prayers. Everyday I force myself to work on my depression. I go to work and it takes all I have. I try to see beauty in simple things and remember it just takes an instant to change things for the better. God has a plan for us. I also got on medication, and it has not changed me,my personality, but has helped me not feel so hopeless. I know it is stupid to feel hopeless when I have so many blessings. Think of it, we could have been one of those twins joined at the head! Imagine coping with that for all those years? Prayer helps me as well as listening to Christian preachers like Charles Stanley ( and Joel Osteen. I even bought some tapes by Stanley, a whole series on dealing with emotions, including depression that I play in the car and stuff. Some days I feel better. And I have more days of feeling better. I have had a lot of "bad" things happen to me...but then again if you scratch below the surface of most people's veneer, most of us have. I really feel for you and if I knew you I would give you a hug. Please hang in there. You won't always feel this crappy. That is depression talking -not you. Jesus does care. I am sure he got depressed at times. Think about it? His friends betrayed him. He knew he would have to suffer and be humilatied and die...and lots more. Hope you are feeling better!

9/11/2003 09:02

see, people do care!!! I know when you reach that dark place inside yourself that seems like BEYOND rock bottom, it's nearly impossible to have any kind of hope...the only thing that got me through my days in "the belly of the whale" was to remind myself everyday that God doesn't challange us just for the fun of's to teach us a ultimately make us stronger in new ways, and help us grow spiritually and emotionally. Opening myself to this idea made me feel closer to God, more significant in his plan...God Bless You!! You're in my prayers!

11/3/2003 15:31

TGA I just wanted you to know you aren alone. I too suffer from anxiety and depression and for the longest time i thought there was so hope. I had no reason to feel this way because I have a wonderful husband and a great daughter but I always felt so sad and nervous. Through prayer and finally finding the right doctor I got through it. So please hang in there. There really is a light at the end og that dark tunnel. My thoughts and prayers are with you

1/4/2004 16:22

Hi TA - I have also been lonely and depressed, but mostly because of my 'schedule'. I'm working overseas (teaching English) and I know God answers prayer. I've seen Him answer my prayers many times for myself as well as others. Lately I've been 'struggling' with 'depression' but I know it's partly because I didn't 'obey' God - several times (at least 3 or more major decisions)and I've been 'struggling' with 'besetting sins'. Don't ever give up. I feel like that to, but Jesus Christ and the Bible's promises are our 'answer'. God has 'delivered' me many times in many 'situations'. He usually gets my attention when I know I've been 'rebellious'. I'm now in an 'attitude of REPENTANCE, FASTING, AND PRAYER' for at least 90 I know I have 'grieved' the 'Holy Spirit'. My present 'job' is going very poorly and I know it's a 'result of my disobedience'..Anyway I'll pray for both of us..that we can 'overcome', and 'trust Him'...He'll help us even when everything seems impossible...Robert in Korea

5/3/2004 01:40

Hi TA, you have many responses,and I pray that you know that you are not alone. Just like many of these fine folks I have bi-polar disorder and major depression. I have been free for the last two years,PRAISE GOD! I give credit to the Almighty and very good medications tht God made man with the understanding to help others. Even if you feel that no human being in the world cares,there is something better,God. He made us and He loves us. He loves us so much that He sent His one and only Son to be born on earth and suffer omre than any human could endure so we as humans could find our way back home to Heaven. Humans can give up on oneanother,but God is always consatnt, His love for us never changes. I hope you see that a lot of us care about you even though we do not know you, just imagine how much God cares for you. He cares for you that He gave folks the ability to make computers,and for you to go online,find this site and pour out your heart. I hope things work out for you. If you ever have the time and feel compelled to do so,please drop me a line and let me know how things are really going for you. Take care and God Bless you,love a fellow Christian, Ann.

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