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Marta G.
A loving woman afraid to see herself

This is for Marta and all those individuals struggling with self honesty and acceptance.

I am praying for my partner. One of the most loving woman I have known throughout my life. She has become very depressed and is struggling with the will and laws of God. She is so afraid to confront and expose her demons to others, and consequently is living in fear and dishonesty. She has lost the ability to see herself, and is hurting everyone with her superficial lies. I pray that she is given the strength to over come the battle with these demons that are fighting to win her soul. I pray that her lies turn into truth and her need for worldly approval turns into a need for God. I pray that her insecurities turn to strength so she too, may walk the narrow road to Gods everlasting kingdom of happiness. I pray that she may learn to reach out to others, to help them, to give them love, to see their pains, instead of only seeing her needs and wants. I pray also that anyone out there struggling to accept the will of God can see clearly, for that is the only road to freedom.
lpmg -2/19/2002
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2/21/2002 21:25

I pray that the Lord Jesus guide and bless you. That he gives you the strengh to pray while the devil is tempting you. That you find the strength to realize that God created us all in His image. To be like Him. We all have good inside and it is for that which we live, we just need to recognize that that is the will of God. To love one another and to love ourselves. I pray that you and all those struggling with acceptance may find the peace they seek. God Bless you.

2/25/2002 12:55

Our dear heavenlly father we bring A.F before you and I stand in the gap for this person and I bind satan in this persons life be gone and take all your ugliness with you.Father, give this person peace and wrap them in your strong arms of love . amen

2/25/2002 12:55

Our dear heavenlly father we bring Marta before you and I stand in the gap for this person and I bind satan in this persons life be gone and take all your ugliness with you.Father, give this person peace and wrap them in your strong arms of love . amen

2/27/2002 10:47

My sweet Jesus, I pray that you guide this woman, and others, to see the truth and beauty you offer us. Help them to follow your will, so they may find the peace they seek. May they remember that they reap what they sow, and as long as they are living for worldliness they will stumble. Help them to live for you God, humbley asking for forgiveness. I pray that the ego is taken away, so true light and happiness may enter your heart.

3/9/2002 00:29

My blessed child, I pray that you are given the gift of clarity. So, you are able to see that living of the flesh will only cause you pain and suffering. That living of the flesh only satisfies the lustful desires we are tempted with each day from the evils in this world. I pray that you realize that facing the truth, as painful as it may be, is the only way to freedom. God never opens our eyes to anything he doesn't believe we can't handle. Our actions always affect others, and we are bound to the responsibility as christians to obey Gods commands and laws. Honor our neighbor, do not covet thy neighbors belongings. God wants us to love, but in loving it requires attention, commitments, work. It is the giving of oneself in a way that we may not want to, or feel entitled not to. Evils in this world will justify our bad behaviors through entitlement, stear clear and fight. The truth shall set you free, a lie will bind you to another, and another and another. I pray that you may find peace and freedom through God, His laws, His commands, and His everlasting LOVE

3/20/2002 22:54

Each day we live our lives not knowing the fate of the next. I pray that god lets allows you the opportunity to realize that at any given moment we are able to repent, and correct all the wrongs we have done. That we will be forgiven instantaneously, as long as we approach God with a pure heart, a willing heart. I pray that God gives you the strength to face life and the consequences we all have to accept due to our actions. I pray that you are given peace through complete surrender. I pray that your heart is made pure, and you feel only love and joy. I pray that you escape the snares of the devil and surround yourself with Gods light. I pray that there is no longer division but pure honest harmony. I pray that materialism is cast out of your life and that personal peace brought in. God Bless you my child.

3/23/2002 12:29

Marta: I pray that you may find your way in this world. That you can see the path God has set before you. That you take in the feelings of others before you act. That you are able heal your heart and soul and find peace in life. Walk with Jesus.

4/3/2002 22:15

I can only pray that you allow God to take the confusion from you. That you beleive in the faith you speak about. That you find the peace you seek, and that you find the happiness you won't allow yourself to feel. I pray to God everynight to guide your steps and keep you well. I pray everynight that I can be a friend without bitterness. I pray that you are healed. That you see the light of Gods love. I pray my friend for our resolve in truth, love and spirtual healing. I will always love you. me

5/1/2002 01:51

I haven't given up. I struggle, just as you with the Lord's will. I am being faced with terrible demons trying to destroy my happiness and peace. I have even given in to them for my faith was being tested and my fear and discouragement of life took over. I felt that God hasn't answered my prayers quick enough, I felt that I was being punished. It was so sneaky this attack. I didn't see it coming and I wasnt prepared. I pray that my focus be stayed, and that my armor stays on. That I can call out the demons that plague our souls. That we may find true peace and happiness. That we can surrender fully to God's will for us. I have, again, and I feel happy. Despite myself and the circumstances I am forced to be living under. I have found peace. God is guiding me, and I am allowing Him full control. The depression has left. Not that it doesn't try to come back, not that old patterns aren't there, I have to just fight to resist them, to react differently. One step at a time. My lovely wife, we will survive this.

5/4/2002 18:06

I demand in Jesus's name that the demons of selfishness leave our souls. I demand in Jesus's name that the demons of lust leave our souls. I demand in Jesus's name, that the demons of fear leave our souls, I demand in Jesus's name that the demons of abandonment leave our souls. I ask Jesus, to grant us the opportunity to find spiritual healing, to come together and continue our life, even after this long seperation, in a faithful union. Honoring and blessing his name.

5/12/2002 23:45

The greatest gift empowered to us as humans is the gift of love. If you are lucky enough to experience this during your lifetime you will know God. You will feel the freedom that only love can offer. A joining spirituality that strengthens the mind body and soul. It does not inhibit, and does not bind, it does not control. It is not kept, and loves even when let go. I pray that you two souls are given the gift of clarity. That you can see the difference between love and lust. That if your love is real that you may be joined in eternity to share what is been given to you through the gift of matrimony. A sacriment that unites not destroys. God bless you two souls on your journey through life. God bless you two souls that your happiness may be found individually, so that if you are rejoined, you may double your joy. I pray that Jesus Christ guides your wild hearts, that Jesus Christ blesses you, that Jesus Christ shows you all his love and mercy for you are beautiful and worthy of all He has offered us. In Jesus's name I pray for you both. AMEN.

5/12/2002 23:59

My child, my words are simple. When you are truly walking in the light of Gods love there is no sadness, there is no anger, there is no fear. There is only joy and happiness. If you do not believe this, then you truly do not believe. Let go, follow the will of God. The words you hear in your heart, before any clutter and confusion comes in. Take that jump, take that leap of faith, and find the happiness and peace you seek. Holding to what you may have now out of pride, or fear will not bring you happiness. What is it your heart tells you first. What sparks you for a brief moment that makes you smile? Ask yourself and have no fear. God will be there by your side always. My prayers are with you my child. Be blessed always. In Jesus name I pray for you. Amen.

7/19/2002 19:57

God Bless You Always, my dear sweet love. I hope and pray you keep Him close, as I am walking a different way. God's Blessing always be with you! Happiness in your heart, peace in your mind, Freedom in your soul. Always me

8/21/2002 23:36

Where there is darkness let you see light. I pray that you feel the Lord with you right now! I pray that the Lord guides your decisions and allows you to have full clarity on what road you should walk. I pray that Jesus exposes all evil distractions that will be presented to you in your time of turmoil, and gives you the strength to walk the other way! I pray that all fear is taken from your heart and that love prevails. I pray that the union we once felt is restored to us so that we may live our destiny. In Jesus name I pray!In God's Light I ask for healing, I ask for pity on our souls and the ability to reconcile soon! AMEN

9/12/2002 00:00

With nothing but faith I now surrender you to the Lord. I pray that you and your demons are exposed. I pray that God saves your heart and soul and that you lies and wickedness comes to fruition, so that you may see the true blessings of Christ. I pray that your materialism, self-centeredness, egotism falls quickly and strongly, so that you see that the world does not revolve around you, and what you have built up around you. I pray that you see the world is about God, and giving to others, when they do not know how to ask. Giving unselfishly, Giving anonymously. Giving from the heart. I pray that God saves you from yourself. In Jesus name Amen!
I love you, Goodbye.

9/16/2002 00:21

When you eat the bread and drink the cup of the Lord Jesus, we are admitting, in front of all, that we are sinners in need of blessings and forgiveness. It is only through the exposure of our lives,failures and shortcomings that we are able to grow, learn and change in our worldly lifes as well as our spiritual lives. Exposure is not weakness, admitance is not a weakness, truth is not a weakness. The devil has a way of making us to proud to speak, to proud to admit our faults, to proud to say I am sorry. The only road to happiness, and to peace, the only road to finding Christ in your heart is by standing uncovered in the face of our Lord. Without fear, trusting that He will offer protection. Don't refuse the gift, find the peace my dear child. In Jesus name I pray for you. AMEN

9/17/2002 23:00

Jesus, do you hear me?? Do you hear my prayers?? I don't believe, for one minute they are in vain. I expect to see a miracle in my lifetime, and the miracle will be the day my wife's eyes are truly open to you wonderful light and graces. Although you may bring my life down a different road, a road in which I have to protect myself, my prayers and thougts will always be that you shead your light on Marta. I love her with all my heart, and even though I feel sadness, even though I feel abadoned, I know that you are with me. That you have healed my soul and my heart and now, three years later I am free to follow your word. Free to trust in you only without distraction. In essence you have given me life through the loss of my partner. Now, I pray that we will find life everlasting together, full of peace, love and harmony. For this I do pray each day, and until that day my faith is in you my Lord to take me down whatever road you choose, and may I see it clearly now! With all my heart I do pray to you. With all my hear I do thank you, for your everlasting love!

10/6/2002 21:25

Heavenly Father I praise your name. I pray that you release Marta from the demon of selfishness, From the demon of fear, From the demon of self-righteousness, From the demon of lust and greed. I pray that you release your daughter from these demons so that she can praise your name and live in your peace and grace and light. I pray this In Jesus' name. AMEN

12/2/2002 01:10

Oh my dear Jesus, I pray that you have healed the heart of Marta. I pray that time has given her what she seeks. I pray that she has found her happiness.

12/16/2002 00:25

After being seperated for a long time, watching as Marta has found someone else in her life, I continue to pray, and to maintain my faith in your loving mercy Jesus. While I have found happiness and comfort in you, I still have an occassional sadness. I pray that you will still open the heart of Marta, show her love and continuous mercy in her life. Allow her to find her happiness, in the light of your love. I pray for a miracle, I pray for a rebirth, I pray for a soul to meet you in heaven. In Jesus name, Amen.

3/22/2003 13:46

Three years of prayers, three years of faith, and the Lord has not only revealed but shed light on our lives. By the grace of God I have been spared from evils out of my control, and been given a chance for peace. I will always continually pray that the Lord will give the same opportunity to Marta, and that her blindness clears so she can receive the blessings of the Lord. I pray that she is exposed, and through this revealation finds her strength in Jesus Christ and learns the value of admittance, humility, and then grace. In the name of Christ I pray. AMEN

4/4/2004 19:49

As life takes us down journeys and paths that we had never expected I can only hope and pray that this new path we are each traveling is for the good of God only. That his blessing are on our attempts of friendship and that healing can be bestowed up us. I pray that God protects us from all evils and keeps us safe and close to Him. I pray that wisdom remains clear and that honesty prevails. I pray that no distractions are afforded to what is crucial in my life and my journey to become closer to God. I pray that Marta has been and continues to be healed. I pray that I am healed. In Jesus' name protect your children, and bring us home. Amen.

8/11/2004 20:35

With all my thanks and praise to a God that is and has always had my best intentions at hand. I pray that Marta is guided on her new journey and continues to have her eyes opened to the truth of her life and is given the clarity to see what God wants of her. I pray that she is blessed abundantly and that her journey brings her peace and happiness.


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