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Harviena N
Migraine Chronic Pain

Please pray for healing, strength, some relief of any kind. Or just send a message to help cheer me up. Thank-you

I would like for anyone to pray for me. I haven't been able to work for the last 3 years. I always had a headache from childhood, as I got older not only did I always have a headache, but in addition I developed migraines.
They have changed to where I have them EVERY DAY some days all day long. I am in bed 90%of the time unable to cook, clean house,do laundry, all those things a woman is suppose to do. My husband has to do these things. I loved my job and I miss it badly. I almost get suicidial at times from depression
because I don't feel like I am living a productive life.
Please, anyone who can pray for some relief, or strength to keep facing this, to lift the depression
What ever you feel lead to pray for.
I have been to ALL kinds of specialist and they have done everything they know to do. I am told I will have to just live with the way I am.
Thank-you ahead of time for your prayers.

Harviena -1/31/2002
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2/5/2002 06:01

Dear Lord,

As a sufferer of migraines, I understand the debilitating pain of her illness. Please lay your hands upon her and provide her with comfort and a peace so that her pain may be eased. Lord, through you all things are possible, please guide her to a knowledgeable caregiver that might bring her relief and the ability to accomplish her necessary tasks each day.

Wrap her in love and show her she is not alone. We ask these things in your name. Amen.

2/5/2002 08:39

Dear Father,
I pray today for your child who is suffering. I pray Father that you would touch her and heal her of the migraines that consume her life. Please Father take away the terrible pain. I Love You Father! All things are possible through YOU! AMEN

2/5/2002 10:05

I will keep you in my prayers. I know how devastating illness can be - and the depression and loss of hope it can cause. As a health care provider, I have found something that helps people with migraines when nothing else has. Please pray about faith - if you want me to help you, contact me.

2/5/2002 11:03

Dear Harviena,
I pray to Father-Mother God to make you completely free of these headaches. Please release Your precious child, Harviena, from this pain and let her take part in life again.

As a frequent sufferer myself, I know in part what you're going through. I have seen a doctor (neurologist) who prescribed the following to use at different times (NOT all at once): Imitrex, Amerge, Naprosyn, Fioricet. I take a beta blocker (Nadolol) every night. Most over the counter drugs and Fiorinal (prescription drug) have rebound effects--when you use them too often, the headaches come back worse; so you must stay clear of these. I pray that you find the right doctor to help you. I KNOW you can be healed.

I also listen the "Headache Relief" tapes of Belleruth Naparstek available on Amazon.

With love and healing thoughts.

2/5/2002 11:29

Dear Lord, please put your healing hands on Harviena. Give her comfort and take away the painful headaches. Please also be with her husband and give him comfort and strength also. Amen.

2/5/2002 12:01

I will keep you in my prayers. I have only had one migraine in my life, but it was absoltely horrible. I can't imagine having to deal with it on a daily basis. Have you done any research on herbal remedies? Since all else has failed it couldn't hurt. I feel that God gave us everything we need in order to survive here on earth including some alternative medicines found in nature. Please, please look into it, even if it's nutritional supplements or change in diet. I hate to think of you suffering. Please let me know how you make out ( I looked up a website that perhaps will help It is an informational site, not a site pushing a specific company's products.

God Bless You. I will keep you in my prayers

2/5/2002 12:15

...Sorry I forgot to add this: This page talks about different herbs you may consider. Preventative herbs, and those that help relieve the symptoms.

After suffering for years with sinusitis, doctors couldn't really help me. After talking to my chiropractor, I found relief with Echanacea. I swear by a lot of herbs when conventional medicine fails.
Perhaps you can talk to an herbalist or someone who works in a natural food store. I pray that you find relief, peace and happiness.

2/5/2002 13:54

MARK 5:25-34 speaks of a woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. She had seen many doctors but none were able to make her well. And while she spent all her money seeking a cure, her condition only grew worse. Then she heard about Jesus and believed that if she could get to him and just touch him she would be healed. Jesus responded to faith's touch by asking, "Who touched my clothes?" (Mark 5:30). The women fell at his feet and told him her problem. How characteristic of the Master to respond in a comforting voice when he said, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering" (Mark 5:34). Jesus is interested in your need as he was in this woman's need many years ago. Whatever your situation, whatever your problem, he stands ready to help you. Remember the woman of Mark 5. She sought Jesus and was determined to find him. When she did, he met her needs. He will meet yours. Ask Him.

2/5/2002 14:06

As myself a patient of migraines, I understand very good the suffering situation of her. Please, Good Lord lay your hands upon; like you did during your life here on earth, strenghten her and give her peace so that her pain may grow less. Lord, through you all is possible, bring her relief and cure her.
Wrap her in your love and show her she is your child. We ask these things in your holy name. Amen.

2/5/2002 16:11

God, please allow Harviena to get over the migraines that disable her. Please Harviena look to God not with ideas of ending your life, but ending migraines forever. I have migraines when there is a major change in weather, I understand how debilitating it can be, and how you can become very negative towards people you love. Try to move forward despite a migraine, one little step at a time, to get your body to focus on other things. In fact you may aggravate the pain just by being focused on the pain, so when a migraine hits find other things to do rather than to curl up in bed. Nothing strenuous at first, mind you, it is a lot like exercising: one step at a time until you are increasing the time that you can suppress focusing on the pain. God has given us built-in compensation, it is up to us to learn to use it well.

2/5/2002 16:32

Dear Lord,please take away the migraines that are causing so much suffering for harviena. She is unable to live her life because she suffers so much pain. Put your hand on her Lord, and take this pain from her. She doesnt deserve to suffer as she does. Give her strenghth, and faith to be able to go on in life. Bless her, and her wonderful husband who is doing the best he can to take care of her. You are in my prayers, and may you soon get peace, and relief from these terrible migraines. In the Name of the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit amen. May the peace of the Lord be with you and yours.

2/5/2002 16:44

I had them too. since i was 12 yrs old now my daughter and grandson have them. they take excedrine migraine just when you have that feeling. and it workes for them they are 32 yrs. and 10 yrs. i thank god it workes for them. i was on a hormane med that i went off of and started taking projestrome cream that i got from health food store and 1 day or two went by and they were gone. i havn't had one since. i was down for 5 days out of 7 wanted to die was thank full i didn't have a gun. i did this all on my own i couldnt find a dr. that would help with out alot of drugs. my daughter and i beleive that alot of it is hormones. by the love of god and alot of praising our lord i have a normal life. i pray that or lord will love and keep you safe and healthy all through your life. bless your husband for putting up with this i know its hard. GOD BLESS YOU HARVIENA

2/5/2002 17:06

Dear Lord, I pray in your holy name for this woman and ask in the precious name of Jesus that you heal her from this illness. lord we know according to your word that you have healed all of our sickness and by Jesus stripes we are healed. Lord, I pray that your healing would manifest itself in this womans life and restore her to perfect health. I to have been out of work for over a year.I have the manifistations of emotional illness but I strive each day to remember that the Lord wis true to His word and is the continuing the work He has begun in me. Despite the attacks of sickness; I must believe our Lord does not lie and his word says we ARE healed. Wait upon the Lord. I pray for your husband and the Lords blessings and strength be with him. I pray the power of Jesus in your lives and marriage. God bless you. You are not alone. You can contact me e-mail at if you would like someone to converse with and uplift you as we struggle against the afflictions of this world. Remember our Lords words " Be of good cheer; for I have overcome the world". God Bless.

2/5/2002 20:57

I too suffered with migraines for years.
I went through tests for brain tumors,
etc. Doctor told me it was my nerves.
But, only found out the cause when my
ovaries ruptured from acute endometriosis.
Doctors have since linked migraines in
women to female problems. Get yourself
checked. Hope this helps. I do pray for
you and your family. God still works.

2/5/2002 22:14

Harviena, I will pray for you each time that God brings you to my rememberance. The Lord is Great! I suffered with migraines for about 10 long years. They were bad. I would get one and it would last at least 3 days and as long as 5 or 6. And it would take me about 3 days to fully recover afterwards. I would have between 4-20 days worth of headaches in a month. I tried all kinds of things, CT scans, MRI's, EEG's, medicine's, counseling, prayer. I was a single parent and fortunately my son was understanding even at a young age of three. (my parents would sometimes help care for him while I was in agony). I was also clinically depressed.

The Lord delivered me in 1995 of the migraines and the depression!! I'm crying now as I type this because this reminds me once again how Awesome God truely is. He is not a respector of persons. He loves everyone equally. And what he has done for me he can do for you.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank you once again for all that You do. I thank you for Harviena and I know that you care for her. You see what she and her family are having to suffer through. I pray now for her healing, strength and peace of mind. I pray for her husband that he'll continue to be patient, loving and strong. Bless them so much Lord. For you love them. Thank you for loving us and for caring about our pain. In Jesus name, Amen.

2/6/2002 01:56

Dear Lord,

Please give peace and relieve the pain for Harviena. Please strengthen her faith and determination to overcome the obstacles dat she needs to face daily.

Please also comfort her husband and strengthen his love for her.

2/6/2002 02:44

all of us down here sincerely pray for you. you will get out of it somehow and it will get better. just remember"blessed are those who suffer..."
there must be some way-- i can't believe that all doctors have given up hope.God will help you.we are sure!

2/6/2002 02:57

all of us down here sincerely pray for you. you will get out of it somehow and it will get better. just remember"blessed are those who suffer..."
there must be some way-- i can't believe that all doctors have given up hope!God will help you.we are sure!just think if you utilise whatever time you get between the spells in a never been done before style you can get a story done on you!how inspite of crippling headaches..... you'll be famous ... and youll comfort thousands and give them hope...thats just one way! you can do so much , soooooooo much more with yourself just don't go into depression ...youve been made the way you are for a reason...dont worry,be happy-
love rady

2/6/2002 03:00

sorry had a malfunction but hey! even that gets the message across doesn't it?

2/6/2002 03:19

Dear Harviena,
My heart is truly touched by your predicament. I have known others who suffer as you do, and also feel at their wit's end because of the unrelenting pain. I know there are many treatments available, and you need to continue to pursue all options. Have you tried massage, acupuncture, biofeedback, hypnosis, yoga, etc.? Some of these activities are very helpful. Chiropractic may also help. Here is my prayer for you:

Dear God in Heaven, please bless Harviena, help her to know freedom from pain and experience the joy of returning to her job, returning as an active and productive member of society, and most of all returning to your service. She will be able to do your work if she feels well again, please limit her suffering. Help her to know your healing power and blessed intervention, and return her to herself again. Just bless and hold her close to you Lord, so she will feel your love and security. In Christ's Love, Amen.

2/6/2002 05:45

Harviena, I once had a spinal tap that left me with a 72 hour headache. I cannot imagine what you are going through. It may interest you to know about a documentary I saw in England about migraines. A dentist there produced a special mouth piece, almost like an orthodontic palate, for migrains. They were made especially for each patient, not a one for all mould. This eases the clenching of the teeth during sleep which seems to be at the root of some peoples migraines. Maybe you could look this up on the net. May bhave been the BBC thoguh I am not sure. Another friend of mine goes to a diving school where she is put into a depressurizer ( for divers) this releases the hold on the veins and allows blood to flow freely. Headache goes away in 4 hours instead of 4 days.
I will pray for you to have the strength to try any new option that comes your way knowing that one of these will work for you. God hasn't given up on you so neither will we. Peace and serenity bewith you.

2/6/2002 08:57

Heloo Harviena
I too suffered severe migraines,it was as frequent as once a day.I wanted to let u know that I am now taking Homeopathic medicenes and it has realy helped me a lot. I realy dont think u should live with this kind of pain through out your life!!u too could try Homeopathy.
you are in my prayers.In christs love

2/6/2002 09:32

Lord God our heavenly Father,i thank your for the life of your daugther and i pray god should grant you healing from above b/c GOD you are the great healer/doctor and there is notting or sickness that is above your power and as i'm praying for your daugther Harviena sent down your healing power on her ,so that she may live and glorify your name.Amen.yours in christ mojisola.

2/6/2002 10:31

Heavenly father,
I just pray right now for strength for this woman and her family. Lord, please guide her and direct her. Please release this stronghold of depression from her. Please bless her with joy, happiness and love inspite of her pain. Lord, I don't have migranes but I do suffer from mitral valve prolapse so I often get tired quicker than others and people don't understand who don't have it. Please give her family and friends understanding with this situation. Lord, please ease the pain of the migranes. Lord, please perform a miracle and completely remove migranes from her body. In Jesus name I say to the mountain that is between her and her headaches to be removed right now in the name of Jesus. In Jesus most precious and holy name I pray.

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