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Women and Men Unemployed
Persons Who Are Needing Employment

This prayer circle is for persons who are unemployed. But perhaps you are employed and you are burnt out and wishing you were unemployed. Encourage each other in the Lord!

December 2000, my husband started to search for a job with his new resume,looking in the Paper, Internet webites daily. His new job was searching for a job. He took breaks by walking. Each morning read a chapter of Proverbs.Later read the Daily Bread Material, and then we made sure to pray numerous times together during the day and evening.He now has a job but only after being unemployed for 10 months. I wish I would have taken more opportunities to just be joyful,thankful for this unemployment time.I often glad I am that we have this chance to spend some true quality, quantity time together. My prayer is that we can encourage others on this prayer circle to look up....and look around...and be sure to count your blessings!
imdamommie -1/11/2002
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1/13/2002 20:37

I have been unemployed for more than six months, now. Not only is it difficult financially, but it makes me question what I'm worth as a person, and forces me to battle low self esteem on a daily basis. I have tried to enjoy the time I've had to myself as well as spend time with my family, but often the depression and anxiety of it weighs on me heavily. I wonder if there is a purpose to this that I haven't found yet. I wonder if the Lord has plans for me that I have been ignoring because I am determined to pick up where I left off in the business world/corporate ladder scenario. Then again, maybe I shouldn't read that much into it. I guess it's a queation of finding my path. How does one do it? Are there any specific prayers that will help me focus and help me hear what the Lord might be trying to tell me?

1/24/2002 18:04

Dear Tricia,
I just read within this site the link in regards to reading the Book of Psalms for America in regards to the Sept. 11th Crisis. Have you also played the 27th Psalm from this site with the beautiful music and photography. Personally...I can tell you that music and pray have helped me. I know from reading that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in Psalm 139---that God has a plan for my life and he also has one for you. Be sure to take time out to listen to the still small voice of God for He will hear your prayers and also He will tell you what path He wants for you. He loves you!

1/31/2002 12:45

Hopefully those reading this site can add their specific prayers for Tricia to focus on. I know thinking positively can make such a big difference...perhaps you can share some of the scriptures God has helped you find to meditate on that have encouraged you. Share your good news!

2/25/2002 04:54

I hope we all find a job. I could really identify with everything that Tricia said above, I feel the same way; the worthlessness, the emptiness, the questioning of God's plan for me...please go to my prayer circle for any additional help. I find that saying the rosary helps me when things get rough! Good luck! May the Lord be with you. Angela

2/26/2002 21:12

I have been looking for employment since July, 2001. I spent 6-8 hours daily looking for work with no success. By October, I was feeling very depressed and worthless. At the same time, I knew that once I started working again, I would be angry that I hadn't enjoyed the time off. Bottom line-I was confused and didn't know what to do next. Therefore, I finally realized it was time to surrender to God and to forgive myself, my situation, and everyone involved in my unemployment.

It turns out that this has been a time for a lot of healing. I'm cleaning up my past and getting rid of unuseful mindsets. Most of all, I am experiencing the praticality of faith. My bills are paid and I am working part time and temporary assignments.

I give thanks for God's loving and everlasting support. I give thanks for my new employment as God uses me in just the right way.

Please join me in giving thanks and I will give thanks for God's support of you, too.

3/1/2002 12:13

Please pray for my job search. I have been out of work for 3 months. I'm considering a career change. I turned 40 in nov. I feel blessed that I have had more time with my family, but need your prayers.

4/7/2002 17:37


4/19/2002 12:58

Dear father,
I want to join with those without employment as i include myself.Many are the times when i wish that the job would come sooner but i know there is no time like your time.May i find your voice and may be still waiting upon you.Ihave seen the miracles of jobs you have granted to those around me and i am confident that ours are on the way.Grant us your courage and conviction to stand through this trying times and at the end of the day may we always have time to lift up your name on high. We are thankful for the good jobs that we know you will grant us because we have asked and have trusted you to provide.

5/3/2002 22:49

I have been unemployed for 83 days. I need a job to take care of my family and the obligations to my church. Please pray for my family, especially my wife and for me. God Bless you!

5/31/2002 15:03

Lord if their is a will their a way I,ve been out of work for 3 months every door seems to be slamed in my face,But I keep the faith and pray everyday that God will provide just believe and it will happen.

6/4/2002 02:55

I have been out of work for 6 months. My husband was layed off from work because he is ill and had to have chemotherapy once a week. He has tumors throughout his body that have to be removed (hips, jowels, skalp,etc.). This alone is very expensive. He went to school to get his CDL license, but can not find work, due to lack of experience. We have 2 small children (girls), and neither of us, after weeks and months of doing nothing but searching, have found employment, yet. The very sad fact is he's only 27 years old and I'm 24. We want nothing but each other and our family and to be able to provide. But this cruel world and the devil has been trying to rip us apart. I pray from morning to night... I believe in the Lord's own way and in His time, he will lift us up. It just seems as though it's not coming soon enough. We've never had it this rough and now we're most likely going to have to move from our home, which we love, and as of now we are barely eating. I am so scared and depressed. I have let the devil knock me around and I'm fed up!!!! There is one thing---he can't take Jesus out of my heart! He is there to stay and he might as well give up, because I WON'T!! Something good will come of this. I don't know how or when, but it WILL happen! I pray for each and every one of you to keep your faith in God!! He will never leave or forsake you. I am thankful that our family has not fallen apart and that my children are clothed and fed. I am thankful for this life He has given me! We just need prayer...I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

6/25/2002 15:15

Please pray for my father, Tom, who recently lost his job and is feeling very discouraged. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

8/13/2002 23:59

I pray for all of us. I have been out of work for 9 months. The Lord answers prayer. I know that even though my unemployment has run out he will provide for us. I pray that it is his will and not mine and I know that I must be patient, but it is scary. This experience has given me a new appreciation for my career. I pray that the lord blesses each of us with health, happiness and employment. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

9/28/2002 20:10

Dear Father in Heaven, Pray for all these unemployment stories here on this site. Make the helplessness, emptiness and lonliness go away. Let them know every single person is usuful and let them be used by you in a special way. Pray that I will be able to not get depressed while losing my job this past Thursday. Pray that I can perservere through this trial and learn lessons and new things from you. Let me see with my eyes the Dreams and Goals you have for me in this life. Amen.

9/28/2002 22:35

I have lost my jobIm going crasy,please pray for me!

10/19/2002 14:36

Please pray for me I have been unemployed for 11 months now. I am so demoralised I lack the motivation to keep actively searching and I am becoming bitter about those who were not laid off at my firm. I am also starting to buckle under the financial pressure.

11/19/2002 16:56


I have been unemployed since August 2002 and there are days when my silly, sad charades and pity parties attempt to take back from God this burden that I have lain at his feet. But a close friend shared the message above with me and now I try to remember to pull it out and use it when the temptation to solve my own employment issues becomes too great. My prayer is that this message will touch others lives as it has mine.

12/9/2002 12:04

I also have been unemployed for nearly 10 months. I want to work, and have offered my skills for free to people who could help me learn and advance my skills and make me more employable.

So far, nothing. And as many of you know, it eats like acid into you, burning away hope. If fight to remain positive in this time, but still need help.

If you could remember me in your prayers, and add you voices to mine, it would be appreciated.

God, hear my prayer and the prayers of others who find themselves without employment or means. Show us your mercy, and grant that we may again work.

In Jesus' name. Amen

3/13/2003 12:27

I have been unemployed for 15 months now. I decided on training in hopes of getting into a different line of work. After finding nothing and experiencing feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, I decided to pray and leave it to God and was offered two positions in one day -one in the position I was trained for and one in my former line of work. Unfortunately, in my desire to take anything, I accepted both positions! I feel badly because I now have to call one of the people and admit that I was not upfront with her. I pray for guidance in this and I thank God for answering my prayers.

4/24/2003 08:26

I have been unemployed for 3 months. I was wrongfully fired for asking to use a couple hours flex time that I had coming to me. I filed for unemployment & lost because my employer is trying to say that I quit. I am now waiting on my 3rd appeal hearing.Its not just about the money but what this organization does to its employess is not right.
Funds are running low & Im getting VERY DISCOURAGED & DEPRESSED. My self worth is in question in my mind.
I pray every day & ask God to lead me where He wants me, that I want his will for my life, it may take relocating to another area & Im ok with that. I just want GOD"S will for my life. I work VERY hard all day & most of the evening sending out resumes, searching on the internet & the newspapers but still nothing. I am a single mom with no one to fall back on. I really need prayer.
God Bless

5/18/2003 14:19

I'm new here. My husband has been unemployed since Feb. 2002, though he had severance pay for 7 months. His company simply went out of business - he had been there for 14 years. He's almost 55 years old now, and his unemployment has run out. He's been SO close to some jobs, but has suffered many disappointments. We've been blessed in that one of my relatives has given us money twice, which was a blessing. However, with our 23 & 25 year old children still at home (one still in college & working part time, the other out of college and an internship for over a year and finally working at a labor job), finances are almost unbearable. I work two straight commission jobs out of our home, but we lost our benefits when my husband lost his job, so we're paying $640 a month for health insurance - that will end on Sept. 1st. We have one decent car that works. I take three medications daily and cannot work full time in an office anymore. There are personal issues at work here, too. I wonder why I have been served up such an unlucky platter in life while others in my family are wealthy and happy, mainly. I guess we put ourselves in whatever situations we arrive at, basically. ANYWAY - prayers would be most welcome. There's nowhere else for us to go. I'm Jewish, so please be considerate with your prayers.
Thank you very much.

6/1/2003 09:14

We all have our own crosses to bear. Prayer is a powerfull thing. They are answered when you need it the most. I have been praying since I was born it seems like and they have allways been answered. Praise God in all his Glory. You are a righteous and gracious God. Thank you for everything in my Life. I praise you and have faith in you. Thank you for letting me rise in the morning and rejoice in you Lord Jesus. Those of us who are unemployed, please bring jobs our way. I hope that I can get the opportunity to work where I had my last interview at. I know that it would be a perfect job for me. I would like the opportunity to get some stability with employment now. To advance my career. I love you Jesus bless everyone and guide everyone to your ways. I love you Lord Jesus. Amen. Everyone who reads this please pray for me. The Faith of one is great. The faith of many is powerfull. Thank you and Bless you all. Lord Jesus Bless everyone who reads this. And strengthen there Faith in you. Thank you all and thank you JESUS. AMEN.

7/22/2003 10:31

I found that unemployment, although stressful and frustrating at times, is a blessing in disguise. After a whirlwind of strange happenings, a hectic lifestyle, and a disconnection from myself, I found myself unemployed. I now have time to breathe, time to contemplate about life, time to make and take decisions about which path to pursue. At first depression, due to feeling so worthless was present. Then I realized that each moment, good and bad, needs to be cherished, that the good keeps you smiling, and the bad keeps you learning and gaining strength. Knowledge of self is very powerful and having the time to connect again with yourself is also powerful. I found that instead of giving in to the "I am supposed to be depressed; I am unemployed" blues, I am using this time spiritually. This is now your time to find your path, discover God, do a hobby, start and finish a long forgotten project, connect with nature-feel the sun, the grass between your toes, the water of life, and spend time with your loved ones and friends, now that you finally have the time. After talking with a friend, I realized that life is too short to let myself be unhappy about being unemployed. I pray that we all find a job that is not work, but play, and that in this waiting station of unemployment, we find the truth, our true Selves, a joy like no other!

9/16/2003 21:54

Hello, everyone, I would like to add my prayers to yours.

I am a pagan, but one day when I was feeling at the end of my rope about my unemployment, I came here to B-net and said a prayer that I found here. About two hours later my next door neighbor offered me some money every week to walk her dog!

I pray for us all: that we find strength and wisdom in our higher powers, that we remember to go deep inside and find motivation and guidance, and that we receive bountiful blessings.

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