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Kimberly O
Young newly married woman whose heart is aching

Request to heal a marriage.

Please pray for me. I just found out thay my husband of 3 years is cheating. I'm devasted. Please ask God to help heal my marriage and also open up both our hearts so that we can solve this issue. We have no kids but I recently miscarried due to too much stress. He does not want to talk about his affair and it is killing me. Please friends pray for us. Thank you.
precious3 -12/4/2001
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12/16/2001 07:21

I pray that God will do what he feels is best for you both, and that you will be at peace!!

12/16/2001 08:41

I am so sorry you are going through this!
I have already been there, done that, so I do have some experience in htis area.

Please listen to this advice with an open heart!
I used to recite the "Serenity Prayer", whenever things were falling apart in my first marriage. It helps to center your thoughts about what you can and CANNOT do, to fix this!
And, please also remember, NO IS AN ANSWER, TOO!
I will pray that prayer for you this morning, and I am always online if you ever want to talk!
Blessings, Peace & Love upon you life!

12/16/2001 10:07

Dear Kimberley & husband, My prayer for you is to find strength in the power of GOD. He has all the answers you are looking for. Has your husband asked for forgiveness? If so you both will find peace and comfort, first with GOD then with each other. I hope this letter brings you both strength to not give up. Marriage is something to charish for all time, on earth as it is in heaven. Be at peace my thoughts are with you. sincerley Marcy Lamanes

12/16/2001 10:41

Dear Kimberly,
I do pray for you and your husband. I pray that you will stand back and see that there is a problem in your marriage. This problem may have been there from the beginning. God can help you to heal and fix it all. I do know that sometimes God's answers are not what you really wanted, but what you really needed. I ask that God will help you throw this very trying time and that you will be happy very soon.
God Bless you both.

12/16/2001 12:11

Dear Kimberly,
Intimacy -- the sharing of our deep selves with each other-is the glue that bonds us together, seals up the cracks, and helps the two of us become one. When we see the outward sign of conflict -- an affair, we can easily tell a marriage is in trouble. Kimberly, forgiveness is the key to a happy marriage. In scripture we are advised: "Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you."
Kimberley you might find further help in forgiveness by reading: Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We don't Deserve, by Lewis Smedes.
Abba father I come to you in Jesus name in behalf of Kimberly and her husband who has broken the marriage covenant and wounded her heart. Lord, this marriage needs to be restored. Kimberly's husband needs to be willing to open up and talk to Kimberly about his affair. Jesus help him to open up. Help him to see that his marriage is in trouble, that repentance and forgiveness is needed. Lord restore trust again in the marriage. Heal Kimberely's broken heart. Lord help them both get some Christian counselling that would help them build up their marriage again. Lord don't let this marriage fail, restore love into their hearts for one another again. Bind them together in love Jesus. Kimberley needs to be able to forgive her husband and the other woman. Help Kimberley to be able to forgive. Give her the strength to forgive and forget, and not to dwell on the past. Give them both hope Jesus, hope of a brighter tomorrow. Amen.

12/16/2001 12:21

I feel that god will heal you if you just let him,sometimes we put things before god and we do not know that we are doing that.sometimes things happen to us that we just do not understand but ask god with all your heart and he will show you. I have been in the same place you are right now, but i had two children that were suffering beyond anything that i could even imagine and I did not even see it. Until I just laid everything out in front of god and said here it is you fix it because I cannot do it. He took something I thought was hopeless and totally changed me. Give it to god kim and he will work it out for his glory,but you have to give it with your whole heart and no doubt that he will fix the situation.Whatever the results are it will be for the glory of god. My heart and prayers are with you and trust god to fix it theres nothing to big or to destroyed that he cannot fix and bring blessed peace to your heart,he will heal your heart just stand back and let god move.

yours in Christ

12/16/2001 14:59

Dear God I ask you to help Kimberly through this very tough time, and to give her the strength she needs. I ask you to give her wisdom and discernment in what you would have her do. For her husband though Lord I pray conviction on him for what he done, and the hurt that he has caused to someone who trusted and loved him. Conviction that his actions were a sin before you, and that there is deep rooted problem in him that is causing him to act in such an irresponsible way. I pray Father you will save this marriage and that they will be able with your help and grace to work their way thru this with the right counceling. Now Lord please hold Kimberly in your loving, protective care and give her a peace that surpasses all understanding and deliver her from all stress an depression.Amen Kimberly please start reading and praying Psalm 91 and put both yours and your husbands name in it, and pray it daily. Also psalms 25,46, the psalms are wonderful to pray and stand believing God to make a way where there seem to be no way. We have a mighty god, and all things are possible with him. Use this time to pray and read the word and grow in faith. I will keep praying for you, and remember you are not alone, God is as near as a prayer and He loves you and will never forsake you.

12/16/2001 16:49

Dear friends please pray for me. I recently underwent amputation of a leg due several serious illnesses and although my physical recovery has been remarkable,I am still unable to work and for the first time in my life, I am in desperate financial trouble and feel so alone and vulnerable. I fear that this will have a bad impact on my physical well-being. Please pray that I may find the strength and guidance to withstand this hardship and that I find the hope and patience to wait for better times and circumstances. Thank you so much.

12/16/2001 17:18

Dear Kimberly and Husband;
When the two of you look to God for help you will find it~~maybe not right away but like everyone else says "The Forgiving"is the most important part an to commit to God and yourselves that this is in your past an you both will work together to make each day better with God's help!
I believe in you two that things can
work out an will work out~keep God in your hearts!
I am a believer as for myself to admit to ya'll~I have had this happen an thought the Grass was greener on the other side as they say!!!! Well,not!!!
I have a beautiful daughter that wonders why her natural father never wanted anything to do with her! My husband an I have just celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary in October!!
He is her father,the one who was there
when she was born,the first steps she took,the first boy-friend she had~ He
is a "Very Special Person" to her and me an our two older boys!!
We agreed when she was five to tell her about her father an all his problems but like the rest of us he choose a different road to follow! He shot himself at the age of 36 an left behind 4 boys besides her~he was married twice an signed parental rights away for a set of twins!
Which now our daughter knows all of them an considers she has 6 brothers~nothing half!!!
So tell your husband to please read
this and if its in your hearts to ask God for help an to know he has helped others thru some awful times~~this just may help him!!
It is hard to talk about it,for myself I was mad an ashamed because I was never brought up this way! So I had a very hard time dealing with it all upon trying to raise a child which I consider God's Blessing!!
I will be Praying for you both every day and I hope thru the Love of God that You and Your Husband will go on to live together and have beautiful children also!!!
So Sorry to hear about your miscarriage also~I lost my first one an do think it was because of stress as only two months after we were married he joined the Army an I had never been far from home an relatives!!
Just for fun here~~We knew each other for two days~married two months later an like I said celebrated 28 years!!
God Bless You Both!!!
Love in Christ

12/16/2001 17:42

hi kim been where you are i know it hurts and so does he you both need to give it to god and in time he will talk to you about it.remember he not only had the affairbut he also lost a child too and hurt you. im not taking sides , he too needs to see your side of pain and lost of a child you to need god to come and heal your hearts for many pains. i lost two children after carrying 9mths. there a new song out jesus has a rocking chair. it so true hes has angel to take carry of our children so remember the child in good loving hands.each time you think about your child remember where the child is. no pain and much love,so take carry of you two and know god love will heal you both. you'll be in our prayers and god blees my email for any one who needs it

12/16/2001 18:36

Dear Kim,
I will pray for you now, and often. Look for the good things in all you encounter this Christmas Season. Hang onto any positive activities and outings you can do this season. Help others who are perhaps worse off, or seem to think they are feeling worse off than yourself. I am sincerely sorry about the loss of the baby.

1991 was NOT a positive year for I lost so many loved ones. BUT I am trying to make some personal victories in MY behavior and the way I handle what I am given. Count each blessing you DO have, and find comfort with your husband through God, couseling, talking, a trip, or what ever you can to reconnect those feelings that brought you two together in the first place. Try not to "hurt" him back, but be there, so he can, when he is ready, talk about it and perhaps you two, through your love and determination can work through and past it.

It does take TWO people who WANT to make it work, to get through something like this and put it in the PAST, to forgive and move forward.

My prayers are with you now.


12/16/2001 18:41

Dear Lord, I pray that You would help heal this marriage and that Your will be done in this matter. Also, to Kimberly - I strongly suggest "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie OMartian. It may really, really help.

12/16/2001 19:43

Hi I will keep you in my prayers and as I light my Advent candle I will think of you. Please if he woun't talk to someone talk to someone either your Pastor or a friend that you trust. I am so sorry for your loss and I wish you strength in your health to get throught this

12/16/2001 21:20

I have been through this about one year ago. Keep praying and keep having faith. Prayer and believeing were two of the things that helped me. I will pray for you every day. God will see you through this. Car43

12/16/2001 22:32

Dear Kimberly, you have the strength inside you to make it through this. Also pray - it has immeasurable power! While doing your best with it, give the problem to God, and He will sort it out as is His will. Also, be sure to go to joint marriage counseling, to find out why the extramarital affair happened and how to snuff this reason out in the future. If your husband won't go, then you should get counseling regarless. You will feel relief because of it - trust me. Your husband must state that he will never cheat again; then, give him a chance to prove his renewed devotion to you. Lastly, you must FORGIVE your husband for his sin IF y'all are going to patch the marriage up and try your best to work it out. Do not bring it up in conversation, ever, or use it as a "weapon" when you have a disagreement. He's human; he sinned; but if his adultery is behind him now, you could regain and keep a good marriage. If he is unwilling to stop the adultery, Kimberly, you must look toward your own future and happiness and move on - without him. Please do not try to conceive again until your marital problems are worked out - it could be because of this God saw it was not a good time to bring a child into the situation, and He had you miscarry. May God bless and keep you, Kimberly, and have faith that your wounded heart will indeed heal. Feel free to write me - I care. Melody

12/17/2001 01:10

Lord-I pray for Kimberly and her husband to get thru this tough time in their lives. Lord, no one knows what their life will hold except You. I ask you to show them the way to brighten and fulfill their marriage. I pray you heal Kimberlys broken heart and help this marriage to bloom into what you wanted it to be when you joined them. In Jesus name, Amen. Kimberly, my husband also went outside the marriage. We were married for exactly one year! You just have to pray. That is the most important thing right now. I know how hard it is, but this happened for a reason. I believe everything does. My husband cheated and wanted forgiveness, we were talking to a pastor at a church we didn't even go to and he got saved! My husband needed that wake up call! Now we are going to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in January and we are so happy. I love my husband now more than ever. It will happen. Just give it time. I also suffered a miscarriage my first child. I am so sorry. It is awful. There is still nothing more hard to deal with than that. If you want to talk my email address is Feel free to email me anytime. It might take me a day or two to get back to you as my husband is in the Air Force and we live overseas. But I will. I promise! I know how hard it is. God bless you. I will pray for you and your husband.

12/17/2001 02:14

Dear Kim,
don't worry all will be well. cheer up God watches out for every one. we were told a story which is as follws Once a man had a dream. he dreamt that he was walking along the beach with GOD.the beach represented his life. on seeing their sets of foot prints the man was perturbed . during the most troubled times in his life there was only one set of prints.sad, he asked GOD" why did u desert me during my most trying times?" GOD smiled& said "My precious precious child,I love you & would never desert you . when you see only one set of footprints, I carried you in My arms"

12/17/2001 06:32

Dear Kimberly,
I am so sorry for your marriage problem. You must be very devastated.I am sorry for you miscarriage. I pray that everything be ok for you.It is hard to trust again after you are hurt like that so please try to seek some counseling to help you through this. God bless

12/17/2001 08:29

Hello Kimberly, I'm very sorry to read about your miscarriage and your present problems, and I ask Our Heavenly Father to work His plan into your life and that of your husband's so that good will come out of this trial. Remain strong in your faith, and please seek some sort of counselling for your marital problems, you can't handle them all on your own. God bless.

12/17/2001 09:18

Dear Father,
I pray today that you would comfort Kim in her time of need. The loss of a child is heartbreaking. I pray that you would just be with her. Help her heart to mend. I Love You. Amen

12/17/2001 10:08

Dear Kimberly,
Be strong in your faith and pray for strength, patience and forgiveness. Please take one day at a time and constantly pray for strength to carry on with your marriage. Let your husband see the goodness in you, your gentleness and faithfulness. Get help from your priest, pastor or religious leader. DO NOT GIVE UP praying for your husband to change his ways. Pray that his eyes will open to see what he is doing to you and your marriage.

Almighty God,
Take your daughter Kimberly into your loving heart and comfort her in her sadness. Open her husband eyes to see the unfaithfulness he has done to hurt his wife and give him strength to fight temptation. Open the eyes of the other woman involved and make her see what she has done to Kimberly's marriage.
Please bring back the love, trust and faithfulness that Kim and her husband had for each other before the other woman came into the picture. Lord bless Kim's marriage and may it last a lifetime. Lord guide Kimberly to do the right thing. I ask this in Jesus name . Amen.

12/17/2001 10:10

Kimberly, I know that God will help you through this. Keep your faith and hang in there, God loves you.

12/17/2001 17:00


I too experienced the same in my young marriage. I know your pain. My advise to you is to pray for all involved even the other woman. Take time out to talk with God about the situation and listen for his answer. Get a medical check up for any disease that may have been transmitted. Talk with your husband, is he repentful. Seek christian counciling.
Go thru all the hurt and pain, God is with you. My prayers are with you.

12/17/2001 20:18

Kimberly I am not going to say Iam praying for you because I'm not I've been there also and although the words of I'm praying for you seem to bring a relief to you at first. When you are alone and your mind wonders it does'nt do much good ... What I do is talk to the Lord hoimself and live one day at a time talking to him and him guiding me....If it was'nt for him and our talks I swear I would'nt be here today ... Don't give in to what excuse he gives just trust your self do what's right for you and finally TRUST IN THE LORD OUR GOD, He's my answer even when I don't have anything or ANYONE ... Shellarooks

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