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Please pray for all unemployed persons to find jobs.

This is a prayer circle for all unemployed persons seeking jobs right now in these troubled times, during this troubled economy. It is not for any one person in particular. It is for all who are seeking employment and all of us who love someone seeking employment. It can be very frustrating. It can be discouraging. This society puts so much emphasis on what a person does for a living and not the kind a person he or she is. Let us pray for those who seek employment to find jobs in which they will be happy and in which the Lord's will is done.
lwilrey -11/19/2001
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11/19/2001 17:53

I know many people that are out of work right now and searching and finding nothing. These are all hardworking people that have dedicated their lives to jobs only to be laid off, sometimes without warning.

Dear Lord:

Please be with the people seeking jobs and give them guidance, patience and wisdom knowing that Your will is greater than any earthly will. Please shower these persons with love and help their families have patience. Please guide the prospective employers to hire these qualified individuals. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. Thanks for visiting this prayer cirle - Lwilrey

12/1/2001 12:40

at this time of year as well as many family are in need we don't only need to pray but help each other. money for the homelys and food as well as toys for children in need. jobs are hard to find. how ever , ever one know someone they can help with a small job to help them,if you can't help with a job please take time to see if you can help just one person need. most people needs are small. if you can help with funds , then smile and talk to them, don't push and be in such a hurry this year, lets all start this hoilday out with love and understanding toward all. people on the streets and homeless people need love too. we need to take time out to help others in need more.i wish every one could just see what this world need here and bnot only across seas. we have so many children,family and people who need help right here.give love and understanding this year, look at new york how much more do god have to show us before we understand america needs to help each other thur all times of needsnot just 911 calls. all time of the year people need help. give from heart to those in need. god bless all this year and happy holidays to all pastor linda-- give light to a dark world

12/1/2001 14:37

Abba Father, you are a good daddy, we can rely on your help in time of need. Let us look to you in faith when we are in need, whatever that need may be, including unemployment. Lord help those who are seeking employment to find work. Place them Lord in positions where they will be able to prosper, and in return will be able to bless others with the same blessings they have received themselves from you Lord. Look after the needy Lord until they find employment, may they see that all good gifts come from the Father of lights -- our good Daddy which we can rely on at all times. We all need our Father's blessing. Bless those Abba Father that need your blessings. In Jesus name I pray.

12/1/2001 14:41

I am unemployed. I have faith God will bring me the right opportunity when myself and he are ready and my contribution is ready to be received. I also know of many others who are also having difficulty finding employment in these trying times. I pray for the world to heal and be ready to receive all the gifts of those ready and open to serving God's will. I also pray for all of us to continue to have faith and trust in God.

12/1/2001 17:55

My husband was laid off from his position due to the WTC attacks. So many people suffered due to this evil act. Let us seek prayers of faith, of restoration, joy, and mostly hope. It is difficult to feel the love of God and the hope of promise with some much uncertainty and fear.
I pray for God's loving arms to be felt for all of those (including my spouse) who are suffering.

12/1/2001 19:07

I know the pain and frustration of those who are unemployed with no reserve funds or other financial assistance available. Thank God I am working now after 2 months of unemployment and I went through the same situation last year. I now am faced with the knowledge that I may have to continue looking because the job I have may be temporary. I pray that God will assist me in my search, but I also pray that God will hear the many prayers of all his unemployed children. If we can only find comfort in knowing that God is our source and we all work for Him. In that respect we are never unemployed, we are just seeking an opportunity to do God's will in a way that will provide compensation. My experience has been that God will provide for us, maybe not in the way that we had hoped - but he will provide. If faith were easy, it wouldn't be faith. Please keep praying and trusting that God will provide. And then be looking for unexpected blessings from God.

12/1/2001 23:13

I too am looking for employment, I Pray for people on this page often, and I need Prayer at this time. So who ever put this Prayer request up, God Bless You. In Jesus name, I know all of us seeking employment will be blessed in God's time, so let's just stand and wait on our Blessing.
Thank You all for your Prayer's.

12/2/2001 08:25

I pray for those who are unemployed, who find themselves financially pinched and their resources drying up. I pray for those who find no place to go and feel as though they are hitting bottom. Please, God, help them find hope during this time.

12/2/2001 14:18

Dear Loving Father:
Thank-you for your profound presence in our lives. I am grateful to have you to turn to in this time of need. I am grateful for the knowlege that NO PROBLEM is too great for you to solve! Dear Father, I pray that all of us seeking employment right now realize that we can simply ask and KNOW that we WILL RECEIVE your grace. LOVING Father you are more powerful than any resession or world problem, let us continue to have FAITH in the abundance available to us through your son Jesus Christ. I pray for your spirit to manifest in each and everyone of us, providing us with strength and guidence.
Dear Father we praise you in every situation, whether good or bad and realize that you are always there for us. Thanks-you for answering our prayers Merciful Father, through your son Jesus Christ, Amen!

12/2/2001 17:16

I too have been job hunting, and feel God has me in the palm of his hand and will eventually lead me to where I'm suppose to be. We all can not loose faith! Bless us all! MJR

12/3/2001 00:50

Hi I would like to wrote something in Spanish. I hope you can understand that there are some pleople who might want to pray but they can't understand what we just wrote: If you don't like it please let me know @
Dios tu que todo lo puedes quiero pedirte que por favor le des ayuda, paciencia y consuelo a todas esas personas que debido a los ataques terroristas perdieron su trabajo. En estos dias es muy dificil encontrar un empleo lo cual muchas de las veces pierden toda la Fe. Te suplico Señor por toda esa gente desempleada a tratar de sobre llevar esta situacion y no perder la Esperanza de que pronto encontraran un trabajo. Te lo pido Dios en el nombre de tu Hijo Amado Jesucristo. AMEN.

12/3/2001 06:45

I have a partner who is seeking a new job, and I pray that he will find the job that is right for him. I pray that all people will find the work that they need to be self-sufficient. The words of lwilrey really struck a responsive note as I read them, and I pray that we all see the true worth of each individual, and not be concerned with what a person does for a living, or how much money they earn. May we instead learn to see the light that shines from within. May I remember to be generous to those less fortunate, because I always have more than I think I have. May I develop a greater awareness of my own gifts, and be thankful every day. Blessings to all people.

12/3/2001 09:44

Heavenly Father,
Thank you so much for blessing me with this job. Heavenly father I know what unemployed people are going through. It is so difficult father when you have no money and you do not know how you will make it. Heavenly father I pray that these people who are unemployed realize that they are going through this for a reason and even if they do not know you know. P.S. I ask that everyone pray for me as well, because I may become full-time very soon. I just ask that it goes well.

12/3/2001 21:01

God bless lwilrey for initiating this prayer circle. I do believe that God works in mysterious ways....His wonders to perform. Its not very easy to see this however when you are in the murky waters of unemployment and uncertainty - as I currently am also. This is where our faith has got to be really strong. Heavenly Father, Thou who can close one door and which no other power can open, and yet open doors and windows of oppurtunities which no other power can close, we humbly beseech thee that all in this situation be at peace because we know that your will be done. Nothing is too difficult for thee Father. You are indeed a miracle working Lord. Grant us the patience and perseverance to wait on you. AMEN

12/4/2001 10:52

Father we come before you Lord, Thanking you for all you have done, Thanking you for our blessings and our trials. Father you have been good to us and we bless your Holy Name Lord. Now Father in the name of Jesus touch each individual who is requesting a job Lord show them favor with the employers Lord, we will give you all the glory and all the praise. We thank you Lord for our new jobs and new salaries that will be beyond our understand of how we got them and we will forever give you all praise, honor and glory in Jesus name Amen. All employed please be encourge help is on the way. My daily bread for November 30 reads "When we keep our eyes on Christ obstacles become opportunities.

12/6/2001 16:03

For all those unemployed at this time, I ask that The Divine intervene and provide for their care, provide them with jobs. In this time of so much change, we realize that nothing is as it was before, but we Know that we are sacred, chosen, and deserving of all your Love and your Prosperity. Help all of us who are without means right now. We will wait for your plan to unfold, but help us in the meantime. We give thanks for all your blessings and for your continual presence and aid. Direct us if it is ourselves who are the source of our own unemployment. Teach us what we must learn. Jobs are so numerous as to be almost infinite. Spread these around to those who need them. With wholehearted and soul-felt Gratitude, I say Amen.

12/29/2001 10:22

Dear Lord, Please help all of us that are unemployed, please give us financial blessings and please help me to not have any more seizures. Thank you for helping me and my children and please help my sister and my brothers and my mother. In Jesus name Amen

1/9/2002 23:04

For all those who have no job, I pray that God will give you hope and patience for economic recovery. I pray that God will allow you to this time between jobs to seek his kingdom, his love, and that this time can be a time of lesson, inspiration and growth.

In Christ's name

1/11/2002 09:27

job...being a contractor, I don't have job stability, no days off, no profit sharing, and no good benefits.May God help me be more patient as I search for a permanent job"

1/11/2002 15:27

To all my brothers and sisters who are unemployed at this time all i can offer you is the word of God. And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten...And you shall eat in plenty and be satified and praise the name of the Lord your GOD THAT HATH DEALT WONDEROUSLYwith you. Joel 2:25-26

1/15/2002 20:39


1/17/2002 08:36

I was laid off in early December and have relentlessy been searching and seeking employment. I love God and I usually have a close relationship but here lately (even though I know it is wrong) I have been doubting and shaking in my faith. I hear no answers to any of my questions and I feel so desperate. Though he clothes the lillies of the valley, I am about to make my husband and I homeless by being unemployed and I am so worried and lonely that I turn to you for spiritual support and prayer. I send out so many resumes, apply at so many jobs and have even had several interviews but no results. I don't even feel like our father cares here lately. I listen and I talk but only silence returns. Please help me in prayer.
Sincerely humbled, patricia anderson

1/17/2002 15:40

Reading the above messages and prayers have been very enlightening and encouraging me (the only breadwinner in the family) who has also been out of job for nearly a year now. The situation seems daunting. But I always find inspiration (and hopefully the others do) in our Lord JESUS who tells us not to worry "BUT SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU AS WELL." (Mt 6:33). So each one should just "TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING; IN ALL YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM, AND HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATHS" (Pr 3:5-6). Therefore, I am confident that "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD, I SHALL NOT BE IN WANT" (Ps 23:1). HE is YOURS TOO.

So, I join my brothers and sisters above in praying to our ALMIGHTY FATHER throught His only son JESUS CHRIST, our Lord and Saviour, to grant us our needs. Amen.

1/19/2002 22:35

iam the wife of a man so stress out about life and is so discouraged and down on himself because he can't provide for his family the way he wants to. i pray that families struggling in the same situation would find peace and hope for a brighter tomarrow when God renew our hope each day when we cannot see the full picture only the moment or situation things can look very bad but God never leaves us or forsakes us it is us who forget to draw near to him.
Heavenly Father in Jesus name i pray for other families who are struggling with unemployment i pray that you comfort them in this tough time and encourage them to draw nearer to you even when it seem hopeless. I pray for peace and joy in knowing that you know what they need and that you have a purpose for their lives and tht you always bring good out of bad for all things work together for those who love God.In Jesus name I pray Amen

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