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Almighty Father, please hear my prayers for the following angels and their loved ones, that you have blessed my life with.

Barb,Eileen,Pauline,Laurie, Shania,Edna,Sally H.,Gigi, Judy,marahet,Ron Sr.,Ron Jr., angelheart,GrandmaSally,Aunt Betty,Aunt Vivian, Aunt Ny,Aunt Martha,Karen,Dorothy, Stu, poaks,mrsw,billybob,lookingformyfuture,Wil,Pauly,Jimmy, Susique,Sandra,barefie, falconet,honeybaby,linda meranda, SueB.,marsue,pra4pce2,sherstar, waltrandruth,Cindy C.,mellow,faithfulness,lisa and all those I didn't mention. Lord heal the illness, lonliness, any fears they face, financial hardships, addictions, strained relationships, depressions. Lord say the words, and it will be done, for you there are no boundries. Amen

carefree -11/14/2001
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11/14/2001 18:43

Lord, I thank You for this messenger of faith, that she would take time out of her busy life to pray for our needs. I stand with her in prayer and ask that You do, indeed, hear our prayers. Bless Carefree and the countless others who hope that someday, in Your time, our prayers will be answered. I pray, especially for myself and others like me, for the patience to accept Your time and Your will. You are a loving and mighty God and we praise You for all that You do for us daily. Amen.

Carefree, thank you for this lovely and caring site! God bless you.

11/15/2001 13:51

Father, I am againing asking for your mercies. Please Lord, heal mrsw from all her agonies. Heal the cancer from her body, make her home life happier, and free from the husband that has brought her so much heartache. Make him see the sins he is making against her and soften his heart to let her live in peace, only you know which road she will have to chose. Let her reap endless good health, and live happy with herself and her loved ones. You Father are ever merciful, please hear hour prayers. In the name of our Lord, and Father, Amen.

11/16/2001 13:25

Father, continue to heal all the sorrows of my friends and family. I ask that you continue to bless Danielle, and let marahet rejoice in the unity of her family. Lord there is nothing impossible for you, please hear our prayers. I ask again for mrsw, that she be healed and renewed, only you can say the word, and it be done. Amen.

11/26/2001 18:49

Father, I pray that things are going well for marahet and Danielle, that you continue to fill their lives with unity and keep Satan's temptations away from Danielle. Marahet, you all had a wonderful holiday.

Father again I bring prayers to heal mrsw, she has had the surgery, please let all the cancer have been removed. Heal her so that she can live without the illnesses she has had to. Also, bring peace to her mentally from the torments she has endured in her personal life. You have showed the wonders that you have worked with Josh, Jacqueline and Danielle, I ask for your mercies here also Father. Amen

11/27/2001 15:54

Father, thank you for all the blessings that you have graced me with, you are wonderful! I ask for continued prayers for the friends and family I started this site for, but I do bring an extra intent today. Please Father, bring peace to Barb's family. Let her daughter Mary, reap the wonders of your words. Remove the temptations of satan away from her. Give her the wisdom to make the right decisions in her life, so that she may become a good parent to her baby girl. Lord, hear my prayers, Amen.

11/29/2001 21:07

Heavenly Father,
You are so kind with your love. You have blessed me with new friends that I have never met, but love them as if they were my own family. The blessings that my family has had through all the love, and support from Carefree, Marahet,Faiths_fire7, and all the rest of my angelic friends, is beyond any realm. From the bond of faith, comes love and guidance. We are all united in your love, and will walk with you in heaven...God Bless all my new family, and peace be with you.....Amen

12/4/2001 20:12

God Bless Carefree my Lord..she is a true inspiration in my life. Marahet is her partner. They are my hardest working angels out there, and I thank you for them!!!!!!! I will also announce the newest guardian angel in my life, and that is Faiths_fire7...Lord you are so cool to me......Love you and Amen to you!!!!

12/5/2001 11:05

Father, thank you for the many blessings you have graced me with. You have given me the best friends that a person can have, when you brought Marilyn and Marahet to me and my family. Lord I would ask that you now bless Marilyn's new angel Faiths_fire7, let her know the wonders that you work.

For Marilyn and Marahet, continue to grace them with peace and unity with their families. Lord, Marahe, Danielle, my kids, and Marilyn's family please continue to bring them the light from your everlasting love. Let them not be tempted by the evils that Satan may want for them to act in. Keep them safe Father. If faiths_fire7, has prayer intentions, please answer them for her Lord.

I ask That Twyla be cured and hope that she is experiencing a speedy recovery Lord. Carry her in the palm of your hands.

Please heal the following people Father, for they need your interference for mercy and healing: Barb, Dorothy, Stu, Ron M., Melody, Aunt Vivian, Grams Sally, Aunt Heila, the boys other side of Family (Arellano's), Lowell, Lisa's friend Debbie, and any that I may have forgotten, Lord hear my prayers for all of these wonderful people to be healed. In the name of our sweet Jesus, Amen.

12/6/2001 22:07

Lord please hear Carefree's prayers.God bless her always...Amen to you Lord Jesus Christ...

12/13/2001 11:29

Father, forgive me my shortcomings. Give me the wisdom to know how to help all these dear people in my life.

It seems as though the holiday seasons bring Satan out in full force, and Lord from so many around me, I see his work at play. Father, bring peace, love, prosperity unto all listed in my prayers. Do not allow the devil to succeed in his evil doings. Grams Sally is in need of healing of her heart problems. Dorothy, needs to be able to accept that she may not be able to live alone again in her house, with her illnesses, she needs 24 hour care, she doesn't understand that. Lord, continue to keep Twyla well. For My special angels Marilyn and Marahet, continue to keep their families united and full of your grace. May you guide Poaks on her journey of spiritual writings. Bring peace to Cass in the loss of his mother. Continue to bless the Arellano's, and all those I have not mentioned personally, you know them all. In the name of Jesus, AMEN.

12/13/2001 20:05

Dear Lord,
With this season comes love. With love comes strength. For you Carefree:
.....the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. * Galatians 5:22
Please continue to watch over all mentioned here by my angel Carefree...keep her spirits up!!!! :)

12/18/2001 12:14

Father, thank you for all the wonderful blessings you have bestowed upon me and my loved ones. Thank you for my awesome angels you have lead my path to, Marilyn and Marahet are the greatest. Forgive me my shortcomings and guide me on my daily journey here on earth.

Father for all thosed mentioned on this site, thier loved ones, and for those that I may have forgotten to mention personally, please grant them peace, joy and happiness in the dawn of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Grant you graces to us here on this site, the other sites like this one, and to all the people here on earth. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A NEW BEGINNING WITH THE NEW YEAR, ON A CONTINUED JOURNEY WITH OUR LORD AND SAVIOR. AMEN.

12/19/2001 11:41

Lord, I come to you in great urgency this morning. A dear friend needs your graces for her daughter. She has fallen ill suddenly, and only you can heal her Father. Grant her your mercies, heal her body, soul and spirit so that she may go home to the children that need her, and a mother who is being torn by the hardship. Father, you alone can do anything, please heal this young woman, let her see your graces and know your words. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

12/25/2001 10:58

dear Jesus,
Please assist this young woman, and heal her with your loving power, and faith....Lord have mercy!!!!

1/3/2002 11:10

Father, I have a few requests for you today. Please continue to heal the following and their family and other loved ones. You Lord, know their needs and only you can ease their pain and heal them. Lord I give these peoples hardships to you: Cisco, Daniel, Emily, Dorothy, and Grams Sally. May you heal their sorrows, pains, illness, addictions, whatever they need Father, grant them your mercies. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

1/9/2002 13:49

Father, first and foremost; I would thank you for all the graces that you have blessed me with. I would also ask that you forgive my sins, and give me the wisdom and the strength to avoid sin in the future.

My prayer requests are for many with much pain in their lives. Lord only you have the power to heal these people of their needs, in the name of Jesus please make them well, strong and happy. For the following: Cisco, Elizabeth, Daniel, Jenny, Dorothy, Twyla, Grams; they need urgent healing, they are at stages of illnesses and needs that are hardships for them and thier families. Please Father, heal them. For all my special angels here on the different posting of beleifnet, hear their prayers Lord, for only you, with your graces can bring them happiness, healing and prosperity.

In the name of our Sweet Jesus, Amen.

1/14/2002 12:22

Friday Dorothy left this place on earth to be with our Lord and Father. May her soul be blessed continuously. Please Father, continue to heal the needs of: Jenny, Cisco, Elizabeth, Daniel, Marahet and Danielle, Marilyn and all of her family, Twyla, Grams, Jeanine's son (my cousin). Heal their pains and sorrows. Guide them in the journies you have laid out for them. I ask the same for all those in the circles in this site, and all other sites like this. Bring peace to us here on earth. Amen.

1/16/2002 18:38

Father, I first thank you for forgiving me my sins, and for giving your only Son, to die for our sins. We praise you Father. Thank you for all the wonders you have blessed us with, you are truely all loving and caring. I love you Lord.

Father, I ask that you stand with your arms wrapped around Daniel, let him be well, for only you can make this happen. Let your knowledge be with the doctors, to know the right thing to do for him. Let Sue have happiness, and peace in her life. For Kenny Jr, heal his broken body, let your light shine on him, so that he may follow you Lord, that he may turn his back to all the evil things that he does, at such a young age. Father, again, I ask that you grace all those that I have asked for before, I need not say who they are, for you already know. In the name of Sweet Jesus, I pray, Amen.

1/23/2002 12:00

Lord grant healing among the following: Daniel and Sue, Elizabeth, Cisco, Marahet and Danielle, Marilyn and her family, Kenny Jr., Twyla, Jenny, Pete, Uncle David and Matthew and any that I may have forgotten to mention personally. Lord heal where there is addictions, persecution, illness, depression, loneliness, financial hardships; Father grant them your mercies and let them be healed. Father, the praise and glory is yours, and only you can heal their suffering. In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.

1/28/2002 13:39

I would like to ask for prayers for a friend of mine. Her name is Jenny, she is only 29, and has been in the hospital for the past 3 weeks. She has a severe liver problem and she was almost taken to be with the Lord over the weekend. Her kidneys shutdown to only 20% funcional, the next few days will be critical for her healing. Lord, heal Jen's body, so that she may return to her home and children. Give her mom, dad, and entire family the strength to overcome this ailment, for her healing once the next few days are past her, will be a hard road, and very long. Let the hunger of alcohol be gone forever, so that she may live a fruitful life, the one that you had intended her to live. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

2/3/2002 09:01

Dear Lord,
Please listen to the kind prayers of Carefree for her friend Jenny. Please assist in the healing of her illness. Lord have mercy!!! Amen!

2/19/2002 13:20

Dear Lord, I thank you for all the many blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family!! I thank you Jesus from all the depths of my being. amen.

Please for Poaks friend and daughter, Father I stand in agreement with her and Poaks, that you guard them with your armor, that you take all the pain, the problems, and make this man accountable.

For Poaks friend of a friend, I stand in agreement with her, that the sickness and disease leave her NOW, that she be healed, In the name Of Jesus. AMEN.

For Gary, that the cancer in his wife, be taken from her. That she be granted good health back, so that she may spend a lifetime with her husband in peace and love.

That the financial needs be sent to Elizabeth and her husband, that they don't have that stress over them. And now, for Dan, that his heart be healed and made stronger and stronger. Heal him Lord, let the lialysis be done and make him be free of that illness also. Amen.

For Helen, that you rid her family of the addictions that Satan is trapping them in! Rid satan for this family LOrd, so that they can live the life you had intended them to. Amen.

Lord, hear my prayers for all these wonderful people, let their needs be granted, and keep your loving arms wrapped around them all. AMEN.

2/19/2002 16:53

Lord, please grant Pra4pce, that she will be granted her disability. that all hardships that she may be facing are lifted. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

2/20/2002 15:32

Lord our Father, please answer the following requests. You our Lord are almighty, you alone are the holy one, you alone are the most high, we praise you for your glory, we thank you for all your mercies. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Lord, little Jesse, only 4 years old, the doctors say she is dying from Luekemia, and only has a few days left. Lord, we ask that you use your glories and heal this little girl. Lord, let her parents have her to cherish her a lifetime on this earth. Please work you miracles.

For Marie, Lord thought she is dying, let the pain from the cancer be taken away, let her death be peaceful, let her family have rest from all that she is suffering during this time. Again Father, work your miracles. Amen.

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