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Nikki Anthony
Receptionist / College Student

A single mother of three having a tough time working and going to college.

I am a single mother of three trying to make a better life for my kids by furthering my education while working. It's very hard and sometimes I feel like giving up because I haven't any help. Pray for nightcare for my kids so I can continue to go to school. Pray for my financial situation to inprove. Pray that I am more faithful and obedient to God. I pray for strength and guidance. I want to provide a better life for my family so I can help others.

nikkianthony -11/14/2001
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11/20/2001 11:59

I will pray for you Nikke. May God conintue to bless you and your family. Please pray me my husband and myself. We were offered a job of a lifetime and now it seems it was all a farce so we are down in the dumps today. We were looking forward to moving on with our lives cause our son is grown and gone. God never gives us more than we can handle.We are just very disappointed because we needed this financial break also. Take care and God Bless you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving. I do have alot to be thankful for too. God Bless

11/20/2001 13:07

Dear Nikki I understand how you feel i too am a Receptionist, going to school and holding down a job i have a teenage boy that is going thru his atitude yearso i am barely handling his mouth Im in my second marriage and he got sent out the door hes been spending our or i should say my hard earned money on booze and drugs as it turn out i didn`t now this until i came home early cause i was not well and here he was stoned and half gooned my son said that its has been going on for quite some time. I had to appoligize to my son i thought he was steeling money from my purse and here it was my husband doing it all that time so he was out the door right away i cann`t have this nor will i support it we are barely making it and he thought i wouldn`t kick him out causeof my love for him I may love him dearly but i`m not stupid either But the point of my responding to you was to say keep your faith sometimes the Lord put us thru many trials to test our strength in our faith and belief for one reason or another but hang in there it will be well worth it all your stuggles you will see so keep your faith and prayers he will answer when you least exspect him to.and also know that your not the only one who is going thru this alone there is lots of us out here going thru the same thing some more worse and some not so bad but one way or another where all going thru it and i`ll say an extra special prayer for you and your children.
From the person in the same place as you are in.

11/20/2001 13:11

God will give you the strength to endure anything that life throws our way. I pray that you turn your problems
over to God and while you do the footwork, he will help you out. Somewhere there might be a lady who would be willing to watch your children
while you go to school. Check your shopping centers maybe they have a bulletin board, or even your church or
your place of worship may have something
in the bulletin that goes with your church, or maybe the ministor,pastor or
priest can put you in touch with the right person. God Be with you. And Happy Thanksgiving. AFG1986.

11/20/2001 14:11

Nikki, I think you really need to hang in there, God would never give us more than we can handle. It will all work out in the end, I am sure. My mom struggled also with me. She worked 3 jobs at one time to help support us. You are in my prayers and in my thoughts. Just remember, your kids later will have a better life if you stay in school.

11/20/2001 15:19

Like you, I am a single mom, college student, majoring in Nursing, and I work FT as a waitress, as well, and I have a 3 BR house to care for and no family in the area. I live in TN. I have to keep reminding myself that this is temporary. Fortunately, I do have a wonderful church family who is aware of my situation and many times I have had to call other women whom I knew could watch my kid, and they did, at no charge. Also, if a mom can't do so, they told me their teen-age daughter could do so, and I had not thought of that. I am also fortunate to have my daughter's dad and his family help out, yet they did not help out as much, and her dad was of little help, unitl he dated a single mom who is a surgical nurse, and she knows what I am going thru. Her dad and his now fiancee even help, which I am grateful for her. Please hang in there. Also, at the college I attend, there is a group of single mom's. It is rough, as I know all too well, yet you can do it. At times, I just wanna' cry, yet I have to remind myself that I did not come this far to turn back now (words of Nancy Harmon). Hang in there and do not ever give up!

11/20/2001 15:31

Nikki, I am also a single mother with two children, I work a fulltime job and attend college partime. The challenges that we face each day can sometimes become overwhelming and other days it seems like everything makes sense. It is those days that we feel challenged and tired that tend to wear on us. Just remember it is also those days that God is carrying us and that those days that seem like everything makes sense are days that we are running along side of him. I know at times I feel like I am alone even though I have people in my life that love and care about me; so just know that there is someone out here that can honestly say they know what you are going through. Take care and God Bless.

11/20/2001 15:38

Hi Nikki, I too was a divorced - single mother of three children. I was unemployed, and homeless. Continue to pray and work hard. You will be rewarded. I found a better job, bought a new house and one year later was blessed with a wonderful friend who is now my husband. It was not easy and every day presented itself with a new challenge. But hold on to one thing. God will give us no more than we can bear. And trust me, he knows how much you can bear. Keep the faith and God Bless you and yours during this holiday season.

11/20/2001 17:12


11/20/2001 17:19

I am a mother of two, and even though I have my husband, we have experienced some rough times. There were times when we didn't know how we were going to pay for formula and diapers. We are lucky enough to have family to help, but I hate to have to ask sometimes. I guess it is the pride thing and wanting to prove that we can always do it on our own.
You have my prayers, because I know that sometimes you just want to give up.
Don't. Because just when you think that you can't make it, God steps in and carries you. Sometimes, it is someone or something you never even knew you had.
You are an inspiration to other women and your child. You will make it. You are stronger than you know. Don't ever give up!
God bless you and keep you safe!

11/20/2001 19:00

I do know what you are going through. I have 4 children, working full time, handling everything, you know how it is. But all I can say is that you cannot give up, no matter how you feel. If you need to cry, please it will help. After all that is said, talk with others that are in your position. You are a very strong woman, and you can make it.
My prayers are with you always. Look at your children and talk with them, I am sure they hurt when you hurt.

Love Pamela

11/20/2001 19:36

I am also a mother of three. There was a time in my life when I was in the same situation you are in now. The Lord and my family helped me through it. Remember...with prayer it can only get better for you, as it did for me. May the Lord be with and your children during this time and always. May He continue to give you strength to accomplish your goal. I pray for accommodations for your lovely children and financial blessings for you all. Today and always I pray for you.

Maryhelen Avila

11/20/2001 20:30

God Almighty, hear our prayers and bless this family. May she continue college, and bless all single mothers. May Nikki be guided, and may her children grow up in the Lord. Mary, Mother of us all, pray for us. In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

11/20/2001 20:53

Der Lord I pray for Niki and her children Please keep her strong may she believe that you will care for the families needs. Nikki you are doing a great thing for yor kids I knoew it is not easy you see I am a self suporting motherof two boys. But with God in my life I know we will be fine. I try notto think of money problems I leave it in Gods hands an as long as I stick to needs and not wants he always comes through for us.Trying to make a better life for yo and your kids is great. But pleasemake sure you save enough time to spend wih your kids to they need you now at tere young age more than ever. even if it meens one less class. you will make it in time ifyou believe. also as long as yur kids have God and love in tere life that is worth the weight in gold. My E-ail adress ins if you need a Christian friendwho is going through te same thing some times sharing helps a lot Good luck and God Bless Theresa

11/20/2001 22:47

dear nikki do not give up there is hope I pray for strengh and knowledge finacially for you and knightcare for your kids God loves you and do not give up.

love your friend

11/21/2001 04:26

Read 1Peter5.18 which says that one should entrust ones soul to a faithful creator which careth for you. The book is for believers in the time of dispersion going through very tough trials.
Dear Lord, thankyou for strengthening Nikki through this hardship, we ask that she may learn what your will is and that she may find the most adequate company to encourage her and support her, through this situation, which we pray may not last long. Thankyou Blessed Lord, in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

11/21/2001 07:17

I praise and thank God for such a diligent and persevering soul. What a great testimony you are and will be to those in similar circumstances. I pray that the Lord's will be done as He blesses your righteous efforts. A fortress of protection be around you and the children. In Jesus' name, Amen. So be it.

11/21/2001 08:44


Don't give up. God hears and answers prayers. I pray that he strengthens you and give you the patience to continue. Your doing a great job and you will be rewarded for it. Have faith and trust in God, for he's aways on time. You may seem that nothing is going your way or things are so hard but trust me when he blesses you, it will all be worth while. I plead the blood of Christ over you and your family. Trust in God and have no doubt for he WILL surely work it out.

11/21/2001 14:48

After reading the many prayers sent to you there is not much else I can add without being redundant. I hope you don't mind that I use those messages as inspiration for my own life. You see I two am trying to raise two kids on my own and go to school fulltime. On top of that stress, I am currently debating whether or not to divorce my husband whom I have been seperated from since May. My girls are 2 and 4 months and they can be a handful. Like you ,I am sure ,I love my kids to the end of the earth and back. I would do anything for them and this is why I am back at school trying to better myself for them. I empathize with you. I can't say I fully understand because I am not working. I have a wonderful family that is helping me out. I do however know how tired you must feel. I know you must stay up late to do your homework just to get up early to get you and the kids ready. I myself feel as if I am on the verge on a nervous breakdown some mornings when everything is going wrong. Just remember why you are doing this. God is with you always.

11/21/2001 18:09

hey nicki,
i to am a single mom of a 7 month old with colick and have been job hunting since i had him 3rd chift and newborns don't work. I pray nightly to god for love and guidance and one day he guide me to a wonderful site called singlemoms chating an msn community all the gals there are wonderful and supportive we check in every wed. I feel god leading me to share this site with all the single moms out there. I will pray for you and your family
may god contiue to shower his blessing upon you you can always emial me if u wanna talk.
god bless and have a happy thanksgiving

11/23/2001 14:27

Keep up the good work and God will bless you. I know somewhat what you are going through. My mom went back to college with ten kids still at home. The oldest being 19 and the youngest four. Our father worked all day. He was a brick mason. After 4 years She graduated last year and now has a teaching job. If she can do it I know that you can. Read your scriptures daily and continue to say your prayers. God gives us trials but if we edure to the end of them they make us better people.

11/29/2001 06:45

Nicki,I just joined the prayer circle and want you to know that I will pray for you. I too was a single Mom. However with continued prayers and some personal help it worked. My husband left when my youngest was four years old.
My eight childres are now raised. Six of them have college (some even Masters)
degrees. The other two have at least two to three years of college. Each of my children have better paying jobs then I. I was also able to complete my college degrees. Just hang in there and keep on praying. God does answer prayers in his/her good time.

12/5/2001 14:42

Hi Nikki,
I am also a single parent, and a full time student. I can not say that this is the easiest thing I have ever set out to do, but I can say that one day we will reap the rewards for our perseverance, patience, and endurance. Hang in there......there is an end!



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