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Stephanie L
A 16- y.o with depression

She is a 16 y.o. who has a terrible case of depression.

She is a beautiful girl who has been through a lot. She is very depressed and unhappy,she despratly needs prayer
sweetblonde165 -11/7/2001
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11/14/2001 03:43

stephanie think of all that is to come in your life not what has been. and remember god only gives us what he knows we are capable of handling the more he gives the more he loves please remember life is worth living no matter what we have been dealt we all have a reason weather it is to touch or feel there is a perpose u might give birth in years to come to the next einstien remember u are loved and wanted and nothing lasts forever look for the future not the past my thoughts are with you chris.

11/14/2001 03:47

stephanie i am someone who has been there so if you want someone to talk to please e-mail me and we can do a private chat its not all that bad when you can share it! i have knocked loudly on deaths door and i`m here if u want someone to talk too sometimes a stranger is easier than someone u know love and thoughts chris

11/14/2001 08:31

Dear Stephanie,
Please remember this "God loves you" and in our lifes there are test and he will see you through it all. I've been through this with my husbend in the past, but we got through it with the power of the lord. I also have a dear friend that suffers from depression. You can get through
this and If I can help in any way please email me I would love to talk to you, it's really a god thing to talk things out with someone. My prayers are with you. This is something I practice alot...ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I'm praying for you steph.

11/14/2001 10:07

Dear Stephanie,
Always remember that with a down side to things, there is always an upside. The reason for this depression I don't understand but know that you must have faith that things will turn around. You are a wonderful, young beautiful girl and never forget this. You have so much to offer honey, your youth is a onetime thing, don't waste it, please enjoy every day God gives us as a "special" day for a "special girl"--YOU! If ever you want to talk to me Stefanie, please do so, I'm here for you. I'm a grandmother and have raised two children and have 4 great grandchildren and two more on the way. Please talk to me. I'll always be here to listen. Nothing is ever so small that we can't talk about. God loves you!

11/14/2001 10:22

To Stephanie and her mother:

I also had a beautiful, active, popular daughter that at the age of 16 became depressed. so much so that she quit school and just could not get together. She prayed everynight and of course so did we. God's answer came when someone told us to get her to a counselor. they discovered Amy had a chemical imbalance. It usually shows up in the teen years and can be triggered by a happening. Amy's was by an abusive boyfriend that we thought was "wonderful". Anyway Amy is now 19 and still taking her medication. She is
working, living on her own, happy, responsible. it took a few years, medication, prayers EVERY DAY, but it made Amy feel like there was hope when she knew it was medical and could be helped. I pray for you and your family.
God answers our prayers in many ways. Be get counseling now. May the angels of God be with you all the way.

11/14/2001 10:41

Have you asked yourself WHY you are depressed? If there is no physical reason, emotional reason, then possibly it is chemical and you need to see a doctor. Counseling is good. I wish I had sought counseling by a licensed physciatrist at 13 and 16 years of age. Was in my 40s when finally a dear friend suggested I do so. There has to be a reason and you need to get to the bottom of it. Especially talk to someone you trust and feel comfortable with. Sometimes food allergies can make you depressed as well. So dearheart you need to check out it. If you are unable to talk with YOUR parents perhaps a friends parents can help. Your pastor, priest, school counselor, school nurse anyone. Just don't sit there in despair. I've been down that road many a time and as said before, I finally got help in my forties, please don't wait that long, you have too much to lose and so much to gain. Life can be beautiful. Please like quotes, so here's one I like when I am struggling with something, "This Too Shall Pass". Hang in there, be strong and if you'd like to e-mail me, that's fine. May your angel watch over you, May God grant you peace. Just ask! ds

11/14/2001 11:33

Oh Lord how I pray for you Stephanie! Dear Lord, please allow Stephanie to see the hope and beauty in life. Please fill her with the holy spirit, and give her the strength to go on. Protect her from outside influences that may harm her. May she see that her problems are but temporary, and her life is a beautiful gift from God. We ask this in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Peace be with you and yours.

11/14/2001 12:29

Dear Heavenly Father, Please be with Stephanie, and let her know that you are always by her side and love her. Let her know that nothing is too difficult when you are there with her. Please give her peace and a renewed hope in life. Protect her from all harm, and let her know she is surrounded with love from her Heavenly Father. In Jesus name, AMEN

11/14/2001 12:32

Stephanie,I know where you are and it is not a good place to me. I have been there more times than I would like to admit to. My prayer for you and your family is to get some good Christian counseling. I have been to both secular and Christian counseling and there is a total difference. I would like to tell you something that my Christian Counselor recomended and it works really good for me. I keep a journal. I write letters to God in mine. I tell him how I really feel. You know God loves you and he will listen to you whether you or happy or sad. You don't have to write to God in your journal,if you don't want to. Write how you feel. I pray that you will see that this is a temporary thing. That you will see that life can get better with God's help. Remembering you are precious in God's sight. If you need someone to talk to e-mail me.

11/14/2001 13:30

If you can, read the Prayer Of Jabez for teens book. You can find it almost anywhere.

The prayer is a prayer for Blessings For You! God wants you to be happy and he has a gift box full of blessings for you.... you just need to ask. You deserve to have a happy life, full of love and Blessings!

I will pray for you to be happy. I know the pain and aloneness of depression. You need to surround yourself with people.
If you don't find the book

11/14/2001 15:04

Stephanie- My name is Lynn and I remember being 16 because it wasnt very long ago, and because I was with out a lot of hope then I understand how you could feel at times. It really is a different world when you just get past the next few years, you will really have the time and the space to find yourself and create the family that you've always wanted by surrounding yourself with people who love you unconditionally. I really felt different too when I started to try to help others by volunteering because it made me realize how desperate the world is for loving giving people like you and me and that we really are important and precious. We can really change things too, for ourselves and for others!! It just isnt instant, it is just being patient sometimes, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! I will send a warm loving prayer for you to feel safe and to have hope. If you stick it out and get into service for others you will be soooo glad you hung in there!!!! In love and service, Lynn

11/14/2001 16:22


I wish I was there to give you a GREAT BIG HIG! I can so understand what you must be feeling right now. I'm a "bit" older than you....but I suffered from an eating disorder for over 20 years and was recently diagnosed with multiple I understand that life can really be difficult & unfair at times....we can somtimes begin to wonder what our true purpose is...and know that prayer is a very powerful thing...and God DOES here us and answer our prayers....sometimes it just isn't in the way we expect or want. Know that he has wonderful things in store for you, and he is always with you! I truly hope &pray you have someone you feel you can trust to talk to....getting your feelings out in the open is very critical in overcoming whatever the situation is or the feelings you are fighting with right now. Please stay strong, know that God loves you, and there are many people you have never even met that will continue to pray for your happiness. Big hugs to you...and if you ever need an ear....there are lots of us here to listen...including me!! Take Care!!

11/14/2001 16:31

Hi Stephanie. I wanted to let you know a few things. I am 23, and in school I was popular, but I too would become depressed. Stephanie if you are depressed because of something that is going on in school or your friends, I guarantee after high school, it doesn't matter anymore. All the popular stuff, all the teasing, all of it doesn't matter after high school, it doesn't matter in the real world, I promise. It may seem tough now, but the people who are your true friends will always be your true friends. Talk to them or to your parents. If you are having boyfriend troubles, guys come and go. I hope it all works out for you Stephanie and you will be in my prayers. Take care sweetie!

11/14/2001 16:46

Sweet Stephanie,

God loves you and he would never put anything on you that you couldn't bear. Your a beautiful young lady that has so much to offer this world. Prayer heals. Your going through this state but with prayer and faith this time in your life will only be a testimony for you later. Trust in God have courage and be of good faith. Good things will work out for you sweet girl despite the the trials and tribulations you may be facing right now. Keep in mind of all the people who love you and are prayering for you. God Bless!!

11/14/2001 17:06

As you grieve your losses, may you know that all you need do to deserve to feel the love that is all around you is to breath in and out.

And...may you always be able to recall at least one thing in the world that truly makes you smile or laugh.

(When I was suicidal I used to picture my cat sleeping on her face. That image always made me laugh and helped me to hold on.)

God holds you in infinite love and light.

11/14/2001 17:30

I used to get really depressed over things such as "I'm still single, I need more money to pay the bills, what will I do with my life, ect". And then one day while walking to work with a friend we saw a homeless man asking for $20 so he could get a Post Office Box so he could get a job to support his family~ they were living in a car. My friend took this man to the Post Office and paid for his Post Office Box for a year. I just couldn't believe that I was worrying about things that would sort themselves out eventually, and this man was just desperatly trying to support his family.
Just remember things could be worse, and that people do come along in your life that will help you when you least expect it. Don't give up on yourself...

11/14/2001 17:39

Dear Lord I pray for this girl to reach to you. all things are good in life if you have faith and just believe. God brings joy to all just ask to recieve him in your life. I suffer from depression and panic attacks and I know I could never have made it in life this far without Gods help. Please remember there is nothing you can not bring before God for God is great. when you are down pray to him for he is with you just believe. also talk to other christian friends.never try and face things alone. Im including my E-Mail if you feel the need to share with someone who has and is going through it to

11/14/2001 17:42

Stephanie, I have been in your place too many times to count. Please remeber that God loves you, and he wants you here for a reason. You may not ever know what that it, but you are no accident. Talk to friends or family about whats bringing you down. Often when you think no one will understand, you can be proven very wrong. You are loved by so many people, and they want you around just as much as God does. You are an important person, never doubt that. Please e-mail me if you need to talk, I have been in and out of hospitals becuase of depression, and I am not much older than you. It is hard, but when yo uget through this you will appreciate life all the more. God Bless you Stephanie, you are loved.

11/14/2001 17:43

Forgot my e-mail for you!!!

11/14/2001 18:29


I have been where you are many years ago and again when I was an adult. It is v painful and hard , but it will end. There is a reason for it to be happening. You become a much better person and attain wondeful qualities. Surround yourself with people and have faith. Never lose that. Please read the prayer by St. Francis of Assissi.

"Where there is despair, Hope". You are loved by God and all those around you. You are in my prayers.

11/14/2001 19:19

Dear Stephanie, hi my name is Jenny and i have been in your situation and i know exactly what you are going through, keep yourself surrounded by people who love you and care about you. If you ever need to talk, i am here. I am such a better person after i have talked about it..and now i am doing alot better and things are so good for me right now..feel free to email me anytime if you need to talk..and i am even willing to give you my number if you need to..i wish when i was younger i had someone to talk to please email and take care of yourself..and stay smiling bye love Jenny

11/14/2001 20:11

Dear Stephanie, If you feel depressed then don't worry too much about it. Everyone has feelings of depression which come and go for various reasons. Sometimes they can stick around a bit.There are plenty of things/stuff that can make you depressed. If there is one person/situation/event in particular that is making you depressed you might need to get away from it for a while to get some breathing space eg a retreat/break, holiday, or just some quality time spent on your own.

You live life for the good things/experiences that happen to you. When bad things happen try to ask yourself what you can learn from this and don't take them too seriously(try not to overreact).

Start to notice some of the really simple things that make your life worthwhile, e.g walks on your own(if you like this), expressing yourself creatively(whatever way you like), or having a nice outing with a friend or family member( if they are available).

Also you need to believe in yourself as this really amazing person that can make it through anything(a "star").

Anyway things will get better. Your depression will go away in time and you'll feel a lot better. You will make it through this.

love you Stephanie

11/14/2001 21:06

Stephanie,God is with you Ipray that you will be healed,lord give her strenght ,knowlegde.Your beautiful young lady ,I may not know you but I love you .god loves you your friend mark

11/15/2001 02:49

Dearest Lord..our heavenly Father, Please give guidance, strength and courage to Stephanie. Stephanie feel Gods loving arms around you always! You can overcome this depression, I know you can. Please reach out to our Lord JESUS and you will find your way. I pray that you will be healed quickly and completely. God loves you and so do I. May God Bless you always!

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