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Joyce P
I have ovarian cancer

I am in need of prayers for my surgery this coming Thursday, Nov 8th. I need someone to please ask God to please help me through this surgery and maybe ask him why he hates me so much, I would really like to know. I am afraid to talk to him because he does

I am scheduled Thurs, Nov 8 to have a total hysterectomy to remove cancer. I am scared. I am alone. I so much want God to help me get through this but I am afraid to ask him. You see, he has never been there for me, although I have asked him over and over to help me but he just keeps making my life worse and worse. Please, someone, talk to him and ask him to please help me instead of making me more miserable. I have done nothing wrong that I know of to have him hate me so much. Thanks for you help.
ohionursejp -11/6/2001
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11/17/2001 07:34

Almighty Father,
Please forgive Joyce for thinking that You do not love or care for her at all. Don't let the evil one put these thoughts into her head. Bless her with Good Health, Peace, Love and Happiness. Please send your angel to watch over & to guide her daily. Lay your hands on Joyce and heal her of her cancer and may this disease never invade her body again. Bring Joyce back into your fold and never let her feel unloved again. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

11/17/2001 08:51

Dear Joyce: God does not hate you. Jesus died on the cross for us all. My sister, Joyce, passed away from the same cancer you have. She fought it with all she had for 3 1/2 years. She was the most beautiful person I ever knew. In her honor, please know Jesus loves you and wants you to come to Him. He only can give you the Peace that passeth understanding. Drink of His love and know this horrible disease does not come from Him. I learned so much from my beloved sister. She never complained and what an example of love and tolerance. Believe me you can do the same. My wish for you is for Jesus to enter your Heart. Peace be with you. In Jesus' Christian love, Annamarie28

11/17/2001 09:01

My father who are in heaven,
My heart breaks for Joyce as I read her call for prayer for I have been where she is. The devil has convinced her that you don't love her, but today I come against the king of liars in Jesus' name. Father I ask that you feel Joyce with so much love and warmth that everyone she meets will see it. I ask that you be with her always. Bless the doctors and nurses that are going to be giving her care. But most of all Father give my sister PEACE OF MIND. let her know that she knows that you are with her and love her. She has ask you into her heart Jesus and I know that you are there I pray that Joyce will know. I ask all of this in your heavenly father's name.
Amen. and Amen

11/17/2001 09:07

Dear Joyce,
The devil must think that you have amazing powers for God's work to put a feeling that God hates you in your way. God is love. He loves us ALL so much that he has gave his only Begotten Son up to death for us.(John 3:16) He did it for YOU he loves YOU so much and wants you to make the choice to love and belive Him. [I give before you life and death, blessing and cursing... you choose.]
Joyce, it is my solemn prayer that as you are healing and regaining strength that the light of God's love will shine into your heart. Read about Job and David and know that the verses will give you an understanding that God loves you, no matter what you think. You must fight the thoughts of satan and BELIEVE the Truth---God Loves you. My prayers and blessings go out to you. KathyAnnG

11/17/2001 10:06

Dear God, Please come into Joyce's heart and help her to see clearly how much you love her and that you will never leave her. We have all at one time or another felt that God has left us, it is the time that he has carried us the most, as he is carrying Joyce now. Help Joyce to feel your ever loving presence and to know that "YOU" are the one who can heal her and guide her through this wretched disease or anything that may come her way. Show her your ever loving light Jesus and give her clarity to see it all. In Jesus name I pray for Joyce please be with the DR. on Thursday and guide there hands and give them knowledge and wisdom to work for you Jesus. God please bless Joyce.
P.S. If she did not believe she would not have came to this place for prayer.That is a great sign of hope faith and courage on Joyce's part. Amen

11/17/2001 13:30

Dear Joyce,
I am glad to hear that you have faith in your Heavenly Father,He loves you and knows of your pain. Don't be tricked into believing that He doesn't love you, because He has allowed you to suffer. Think of how much He loves Jesus, His only begotten son. Yet He allowed Him to suffer in Gethsemane. Why? Because this was the only way the world could be saved. There was definite meaning in His suffering as I am sure there is meaning in yours. This life is short and but a breath. Heavenly Father knows you have the strength to survive this, He has faith in you, don't lose faith in Him. He will never give us any trial that is beyond our ability. Believe that. Think of the day when you enter into Heaven. I believe that on that day you will thank your Father for allowing you to suffer, even though you don't want to right now. Maybe you will say, "Thank you, Father. Thank you so much for giving me this trial. Now I know that I belong here. With out my earthly trial I would have felt cheated of the chance to prove myself. Because of Thy love for me, Thou allowed me to suffer. By enduring my suffering with Thy help I have gained the confidence that I can live in Thy light of Thy glory. For this I will praise Thee forever. Thank You for giving me confidence in myself." God bless you and your family.
Love, Rebecca

11/17/2001 13:56

Dear God,

Please help Joyce know in her heart that You are a loving God and that You are with us even when we feel alone. Nature takes it's course and You WILL help you through any trouble if you allow You to. My prayer for Joyce is for peace in her heart in the knowledge that nothing we do can seperate us from Your love. I also pray for physical healing in fighting this disease. Thank you, Lord, for loving every sinner.


11/17/2001 14:05

When pain fills my body and begins to consume my world I turn my attention to God and my Lord Christ Jesus.
My love tells me the pain is not of my God. I know it is his adversary attempting to distract me into blaming God. That alone strengthens my faith. If I were not close to God, why would it be necessary for the evil one to test me.
Common sense tells me, because God knows my heart and mind, He has no reason to question my love. What a victory it would be for evil if I were to curse my God for my pain.
When I am in pain I visualize the agony of the scourging and crucifixion of Christ. While doing this I am mindful that His agony was for me and the remission of the sins of mankind. He was guiltless, unlike me, He was pure. He suffered only because he
ved us. He bore the agony of a crown of thorns, the pain of the whip’s cutting lash and the degradation of insults while being spat upon.
My pain is made insignificant by the knowledge of such love. When I have the momentary pain of a muscle spasm think of how sever the pain must have been in all the muscles of Jesus as He bore the weight of the cross ... a cross hewn by my sins. Again,
pain is forgotten as I am overwhelmed with repentance and rejuvenated by the knowledge of His forgiving love for me.
The pain of an inflamed nerve disappears as I think about the spikes driven into the limbs of Jesus. The thud of the hammer is deafening to my ears.
Tears replace anger as I am frustrated by the inability to defend my Lord. There is no place in my mind for self pity. I am caught up in my love for Jesus.
If multiple sclerosis is to be my cross it is light for it is carried by my faith in Jesus, the son of God. The Bantu, a tribe in Africa, proverb, “The burden of love is as heavy as a cloud,” is indicative of my walk with Jesus.
Richard R. LaMarra

11/17/2001 15:34

Hi Joyce
Believe this,GOD LOVES YOU,He will not
allow you to suffer,and you can be sure
of his everlasting mercies.
You see I had triple anyersiam back in 1999,GOD& Jesus visited me in the hospital,the pain was so great i asked
Jesus if i could go home,he said no,it'
s not your time ,He is the most wonderfull person you could ever meet
when you are with him,all things are OK
You see i had to get well to come to my
earthly home to be with my wife who was
passing of breast cancer,he allowed me
the honor of being with her during her
last hours,so you see he loved me enough
to allow me to show my love to my wife.
He will never leave you,call him,he will
come,and you too cannot leave before your time.
Your Friend in CHRIST

11/17/2001 19:56

Dear Lord I ask in your name and glory to please heal Joyce not only her cancer but her heart as well. Please forgive her for thinking you dont't love her this I am sure is satin geting to her in the times of tests. may she believe once again of your love you made this child and you died on the cross for her sins. Joyce you said you pray often for things but things get worse could you be praying for wants and not needs God takes care of his childrens needs. We as people have the freedom of our own choices siometimes when we do not listen to Gods will we place our self with more problems becouse of the desisiomns we made Reach out to God he will answer in his time if it is what he wants for you. but remember sometimes when things don't happen God may be telling you this is not what I want for you Pleasa remember to trust except this and obey for he does have a plan for you

11/17/2001 20:15

Heavenly Father, let her see, first of all, that You are Love, and that because hate is the opposite of Love, that You cannot hate. Shower her with Your love, and healing. Take away the feelings of loneliness, and give her the joy that You give. I love you, and You love Joyce. Mary, Mother of Love, pray for Joyce. In the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.

11/17/2001 20:53

Joyce, I know in my heart that the Lord does not hate you or any of his children. He made us in his image and he made us so perfect that not even a computer can duplicate us. Please let the Lord's light shine brightly and fill your heart with love, forgiveness for not loving yourself, and health. His bright light will guide you out of the deep recessed darkness so that you can see his kindness and goodness - for every obstacle in our lives is nothing but a learning lesson. We are all here to learn to love ourselves and our fellow man. I pray that your faith will become so strong that you will never doubt that the Lord loves you and that you will understand what it is you still have to learn. All of us have hard lessons to learn...all of us - no more how rich, powerful or influential - we all have hard learning lessons. The trick to overcoming all our obstacles is to view them differently and learn from them. I love you and pray for you.

11/17/2001 22:12

You blessed me, an undeserving sinner and showed me the path that awaits us. Please help Joyce see and feel the welcoming joy that waits for her in your house. Let her know that you are incapable of hating your children, that you can only love them more than us mere children will ever understand.

11/18/2001 00:31

Heavenly Father, I pray that you give your precious child Joyce P. inner peace and a courageous spirit to bear her new changes in life. Please help her to know how much you love her, that you could never hate what is your own creation. Bless her with a resurgence of faith , let her realize that your love is Always there for her, surrounding her with its never-ending commitment... In Jesus's name, Amen Joyce, by now you've had your surgery(as your post said Nov.8th), so I pray for healing and recovery, not only physically, but spiritually as well. God loves you Joyce, NEVER doubt that for God's love is ALWAYS there, waiting on you to turn and accept it*. Luke 12:7 says even the hairs on your head have all been counted! I don't even know how many hairs are on my head! John 14:27 is the peace I am praying that you receive, not the WORLD'S frail and flimsy version of peace, but God's peace-deep & unshakable! Much love to you my friend*.

11/18/2001 01:03

Tell him how you feel. He will not get angry. Just today I told him that I think He hates me too and guess what? I'm still here. He can handle what it is you feel and will help you. Just talk to him like a child to a trusted parent. He'll take care of you. He takes care of me. That's how I know. Peace to you. I will pray for you.


11/18/2001 01:22

Everyone loses faith at some point in their lives, but those who maintain their faith are the true believers in Christ. God loves you very much!! I had a neighbor who was 17 when she died of leukemia. She never lost her faith. She kept her focus on what was most important. She was so beautiful! She had gone into remission, but relapsed months later. She was an inspiration to all her knew her. At her young age, she had the heart of a true believer. I have felt many times that maybe God just didn't hear my prayers and wasn't helping me. The truth is we are ignorant to think that He does not listen. Sometimes the unanswered prayers are the best ones. This means we must think for ourselves (What Would Jesus Do). God wants nothing but the best for his children. He will help us when we start to help ourselves. I know exactly how you feel. You are not alone! This reply comes a week and a half after your surgery. I hope all is well. Take great comfort in knowing that God is everywhere. He was holding your hand through your surgery. He wants you to talk to Him about everything. Tell Him how you feel about your life even if it takes long emotional hours. I always feel better after I talk to Him for awhile, but I always tell Him how much I love Him before I sleep at night. I sleep with peace. God didn't give you this cancer. He cries when you cry. Maybe this cancer happened to you for a reason. When our faith is being tested we must make sure that faith comes out on top.
I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God Bless You!

11/18/2001 01:33

Joyce, for god does not hate you he loves all he is the most famous man in this world and the busiest, there have been times that he hasn't always got there in time for me but he has aleays made it up later in my life, but I know that he does not hate you. I am sure that he hasn't always agreed with some of the decisions that we have made in life. Ovarian Cancer runs in my family I am blessed that god hasn't chosen me for all that stress and I love him everyday for that but there are people that he choses only because he knows that they are strong and they will and can overcome this time in life I know that I don't know you personaly but I think that you have the capabilities to overcome this obstacle that god has created for you, all you can do is to be strong and show him that you are strong. Always know in your heart that when you are hurting he is hurting, when you cry he is crying along with you but when you feel anger he is the one that is trying to help you overcome that anger be strong and DO NOT EVER THINK that GOD doesn't love you, he does!!! my familyies prayers are with you and good luck everything will be fine.

11/18/2001 02:52

God is not a cruel God. At age 16 I knew I couldn't have children, and even wondered if God was getting even because at the age of 12, I told someone that I didn't want children. But in the wonders of God ways, I am proud to say I am the step-mother of 4. And a 5th that God sent to my husband and I to adopt. The time span of these miracles is more then 20 years in the making. God doesn't hate anyone. What's more is He forgiving of our short comings, we've been that way since the beginning. Have faith and miracles happen.

11/18/2001 03:38

Dearest Joyce: God does NOT hate you. Quite the contrary. He LOVES YOU! You are His precious child. If He knows when a sparrow falls He most certainly knows what you have suffered in your life. His Son, Jesus, carries you through ALL your difficulties. You are NEVER alone. Listen very carefully with your heart and you will hear His still small voice.
I'm sorry you've had so many tough times in your life. I have had many difficulties, too, but God saw me through them all. Did that mean I didn't suffer physical and emotional pain? No. But, I know I could not have made it through those times without my faith. I know God is always with me and Jesus has carried me many times in my life, as He is carrying you right now.
Some of the things he's seen me through and shown me his love are the births of my 2 sons 28 and 22 years ago (I could have lost them both or they could have been severely brain damaged) but they are both healthy; my husband has had 3 open-heart surgeries, 2 on consecutive days (only one in 4,000 people have the kind of complications he had and the risk was very high that he would die); my husband also had prostate cancer (his first PSA in 9/01 was ok, so hopefully he's cured, we don't know yet); last year I was on the verge of suicide several times, hospitalized 3 times, the absolute worst was in 9/00 when he guided me to the best psych. facility around, gave me a great psychiatrist and therapist. I couldn't have gotten through any of it without Him. He also saw me through my divorce, my brother's suicide, my dad's death, my step-father's death, my mother and sister's car accident, my emergency gall bladder surgery and subsequent 9 day hospitalization in 9/98; I could go on, but I won't.
I am praying for you, Joyce. May you find the Peace that passes all understanding. I pray for your emotional and physical healing. If you would like to talk to me you can email me at I am a 48 year old woman. My name is Marty.
In Christ's Love,

11/18/2001 12:33

Dearest Joyce, I echo what everyone else on this page has said, God does NOT hate you, He loves you far more than you realize. He is with you always, and never leaves you alone. I am as sure of this as I am sure that there is air in the room that I breathe, please do not give up on Him, for He has not given up on you. He is not a punishing God, He sends only love your way. Do we still have trials in life? You betcha. But if we lean heavily on Him, we will come through these trials with a stronger faith and a deeper love for Him. I pray that you're thinking will be reversed, and that your present health problems turn out favourably for you. We're all praying for you, for strength of spirit and body.

11/18/2001 21:10

Joyce - When I read all the prayers and the love everyone is sending your way, what a feeling of joy I get. I pray that you will be overwhelmed with love and joy. And that the Prince of Peace, our Master Physician, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, will enter your heart today. He will lead you and guide you. He promised that He will never leave us or forsake. Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you. Don't listen to your negative thoughts. God is LOVE! He loves you. We all do! Please know that you are loved!! And also know that you are in each of our prayers. Believe in God, who is bigger than all of our problems! Please read in your bible Jeremiah 29:11. In God's love I pray for you with all my heart. And for the peace, which passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind from this moment on. In Jesus name we give the highest praise. Amen.

11/18/2001 21:19

Joyce - When I read all the prayers and the love everyone is sending your way, what a feeling of joy I get. I pray that you will be overwhelmed with love and joy, as well. And that the Prince of Peace, our Master Physician, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, will enter your heart today. He will lead you and guide you. He promised that He will never leave us or forsake. Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you. Don't listen to your negative thoughts. Have you ever asked God into your heart? Please invite Him in! God is LOVE! He loves you. We all do! Please know that you are loved!! And also know that you are in each of our prayers. Believe in God, who is bigger than all of our problems! Please read in your bible Jeremiah 29:11. In God's love I pray for you with all my heart. And for the peace, which passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind from this moment on. I pray for Christ love, salvation and His saving grace will fill your cup to overflowing. In Jesus name, we pray & we give the highest praise. Amen.

11/18/2001 21:49

Dear Lord,

Please forgive Joyce for believing dat Thee had forsaken her at her times of need and hate her. Please strengthen her faith in THEE and continue asking Thee for strenth and comfort.

Joyce, God has not forsaken you, HE has been by yr side all this time. Remember the "Footprints in the Sands" thought dat you are all alone and God does not care? Infact He has carrying you in HIS arms thus you only see one set of footprints in the sands. Have faith and take heart! God has HIS reasons for wanting you to go thru this trial now, to make you stronger in your faith and trust in HIM.

May the Lord open your heart and Peace be with you!

May you

11/19/2001 03:39

Dear Joyce,Please do not loose hope. Please do no think that Jesus does not love you. He is there waiting for you to call. Just ask him and you will see.I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and since have had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My treatment finished March this year. I found faith through all this and believe me was blessed many times. I have become strong and believe that He is there with His mother, Virgin Mary. Please do not give up.Here is a prayer that I say every day.
Jesus Christ, King of Glory,
You are the life of my soul and of my body.
Have pity on me for I am a sinner and weak.
Come heal this cancer in me,that wants to kill me,that wants to lead me to death.
Place in me your Devine life, your Eternal life.
Place you hand on this evil so that I be cured and fortified.
Jesus, King of love,
Come help me.

I will pray for you tonight and the days to come. Don't be afraid.If you need to talk email me on
God Bless You.

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