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A. A. -- In need of Miracle A. A. -- My little 2yr old son was sexually abused
A. A. -- Need your prayers and a miracle.

In need of Miracle -- A miracle to heal my sexually abused son. Please join me to pray for his healing.

Dear friends,

Please join me in my humble prayers. My son was sexually abused by his father and need your desperate healing prayers. My son is just 2 years old and is having such a hard and difficult time with this trauma. I pray to God that He will not forsake him or I. I pray that the Lord will gives us strength, courage and hope to go on. I pray that he sends us both his loving healing powers. I pray that justice will be served against his father. I pray that my little one will recover and be able to put this horrible act of evil behind him. I pray that he can grow up without any scars because of this traumatic experience. God, I beg you, please hear our prayers......I don't know how much more pain and lessons I can handle. Your holy books states, that you will not give me more then I can handle....but I don't truly believe I can handle anymore....Please heavenly Father have mercy on my son and me. Please Father.

Mrobertson -10/11/2001
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10/24/2001 13:24

Dear Father,
Please help this poor sweet innocent boy recover from this disgusting act commited against him. I pray that as he gets older he forgets the trauma of this experience and does not relive the experience. Please, do not let the life of this innocent child be scarred and troubled because of the act of one dispicable person--he is so much better than that and does not deserve to have the direction of his life steered by this event. Send special blessings his way Father. Please, I humbly beg of You, hear our prayers for this sweet boy, and I ask that You hear my prayers for the mother as well. This has been a tragedy for her as well, and I pray that You send her comfort, strength and wisdom as to how to handle this situation. Please Father, bring justice to the man that did this to this boy. Do not let him go unpunished, because he has effected the lives of this child and his family forever. I pray that in Your compassion You are moved to hear our prayers and act upon them .
In Jesus' name,

11/2/2001 20:19

Oh Lord God,
You see all things, and you hear all thoughts. Help this child through the trauma, through the pain, through the darkness and into the light.
Help this child's mother, grant her peace, and the strength to forgive. Let her feel Your love in this time.
Help this child's father. Help him to see your Truth. I do not know how this man can be helped, but if anyone can help him, You can, O Lord Jesus Christ.
In Your Perfect Name, O Jesus Christ

11/2/2001 23:27

my dear lord ,please give this mom the strenght to carry on,don't let her give up on her son and give her strenght to make sure ,that evil man gets justice.
May the lord help you and your son heal quickly.

11/6/2001 21:39

I tell you for a surety my sister i know where you are coming from i lost my brother through suicide because he was abused and drugs that the enemy clouded his mind with contributed but there is one thing for sure my Jesus is a good God with all power in his hands that includes healing power for you your son and me also just remember one thing my sister FORGIVE.

11/6/2001 22:40

Dear friend in God..
I understand your desperate pain and maybe guilt as result of traumatic event.. we all wish this world could be a safe and loving place for children,especially within a family environment.. I have a friend who experienced such traumatic events by her father while growing up and has relayed to me how it affected herself. But she also mentioned how the painful scars brought her to a place where she literally experienced the redemption of self through Christ. She shared how she could feel Jesus standing strong and firm in the midst of the pain, and how she could feel Jesus taking upon himself the pain and resurrecting into a new self in God. I pray that God willnourish you and stengthen you through this difficult time, and that God will enable you to see yourself and your precious child as servants of God to overcome these events rather than victims. I believe that the deeper the pain the deeper the resurrection will be as well.. Dear heavenly father I come before you and lay down the pain and deception of this situation at your alter.. may your holy spirit comfort this mother and strengthen her, and may this child grow up not remembering and only see your loving face and intentions. Please behold this precious vessel of yours and cover him with your holy spirit. amen

11/13/2001 18:14

Thank you all very much for your loving prayers.

Love & Blessings,

Martha :o)

11/14/2001 11:11

What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it with us. It's inspiring to hear how God is alive and active in our lives.

Dear Father,
I ask that You continue to guide, guard and protect this little boy. Let his heart experience the love of Christ instead of the pain and hatred the devil may try to inflict upon him. You came to save us from ourselves, and I ask that You save Mrobertson's son from a life of pain brought about by something out of his control. Please Jesus, out of Your love and mercy, do not let this effect this boy's entire life. Please bring justice to the man that did this to him, but more importantly, touch his heart with the healing power of Christ as well so that he does not go on to do this to someone else. I pray that he is stopped.
Please bring peace and comfort to this child's mother, because she is torn and relies on You for strength. Supply her with all she needs to deal with this situation within her own heart, and the knowledge of how to help her son. Please let him grow up without a memory of what happened to him.
In Jesus' name, amen

11/15/2001 18:07

Thank you and God bless you for your loving words and prayers. Please, please continue to pray for my little boy.

Love & Blesings,


11/16/2001 08:49

Dear Lord, send your healing and mercy to this little boy and his mother, move the leagal system to have compassion for this innocent child and put his father away to get help. Holy Mary patroness and model for mothers send your grace to this hurting familly. All the Saints and Angels are with you both. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen May God have mercy and send you his love and healing.

11/16/2001 21:16

Father God, I pray that You envelope this family in Your loving grace and bring healing and resolution to this traumatic and painful chapter in their lives. Remove any pain this little one may be feeling and let him grow up knowing the purity and security of an innocent childhood. Let no scars from the father remain with the child. Father, I pray that You remove any anguish suffered by this loving mother. Remove any guilt she may be feeling...the sin of this father is not her sin. Restore her faith with Your guiding light and lift the darkness that now surrounds her. Bless this family Lord and bring them peace. Amen.

11/19/2001 22:47

I pray for you, your son, and especially for his father. It takes one who is severely deceived to WANT to commit such brutal acts. And only the Lord can bring us from such pain. The Lord will NEVER forsake you...that is all over the Scriptures. He loves you to no end. And He loves your son and will walk with him always, if he ends up following Christ. You have a wonderful responsibility to bring him up in the ways of Jesus, to show him the love that never dies, to teach him to reach for the Lord when the inevitable trouble comes. This world can offer us limited help, and all final help comes from the Lord.

I am a male that was sexually abused by a parent as well. I spent years "getting over it". It took my recent "getting saved" at age 33 to finally forgive once and for all. When you finally realize the Lord loves you and wipes away all sin, the freedom from that moment helps wipe away all transgressions AGAINST you as well! The Lord forgives! Not just you and your son, but his father as well...pray for him too. I'm not saying you have to embrace the man, but pray that GOD will!! God created each of us, and never wanted any of us to do the wrongs we do. And there may have been a long line of triggers in that man's life to get him to the pattern of abuse. The man needs help only God can give. And He will be there for you and your son EVERY time you need Him. I pray now for each of you...that you find Jesus when you need Him. I pray that you read your Bible daily and look for the Scriptures that point you to the help you need...your strength in Him will lead you to giving your son the strong foundation he will need to overcome this. May God bless you in this! In Jesus' name, amen.

11/21/2001 12:38

Lord I ask that you touch Mrobertson and her son right now in the name of Jesus, I know she and her baby are going through a tramatic experience right now but God I know you to be a waymaker, I know you to be a heart fixer. Touch right now Jesus, We rebuke the hands of the Devil off your precious little one right now in the name of Jesus. We ask that you hold his mother and keep her surrounded in your love and strength that she may be a strong support for her baby. We ask that you touch right now with your mighty hands of deliverance. We count it all as done right now in the precious name of Jesus.

Dear heart ,
I will tell you one thing God will never leave you nor forsake you, niether will he put more on you than you can bear. trust me I know that it is rough right now dealing with all of this but God is strenghthening you. Think on this there are some people out here that have gone through what you are going through and they have literally lost their mind or worst yet committed sucide because they buckled under the pressure but praise be to God that God has made you out of the stuff that will cause you to survive. Also I know that is hard but don't be bitter against your childs father and I use the word father lightly for what he did to your baby, ask God to help to forgive him. I know that it will be hard to do on your own. But ask God to help you to forgive him. I want you to do this because bitterness will lead you to hell and nobody is worth that. Keep your head up. You and your baby will constantly be in my prayers and God bless you

11/23/2001 00:45

Oh Lord,
My wife and I pray that You will shield and protect this little boy from the hardships he has suffered, and grant his mother peace and courage to carry on. We pray oh Lord that You will guide them and protect them from all the attacks of the evil one. In this we pray in your name, oh Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

11/23/2001 07:47

Dear LORDJesus,
I pray you give this mother and give her constant reminders of all the obstacles she has conquered in your name.I pray that your Holy warrior angels surround her sister's household.I ask that her son feel your Holy Spirit around him and that he's able to forgive his father and that his mother will also.Protect them GOD from any hurt harm or danger.Give strength LORD. We ask in our savior JESUS name,AMEN.

11/23/2001 08:14

to say that I understand, would be a lie. Oh, but the pain...hurts to the depth of my soul! Just expect your healing soon.Look at brother JOB, he went through a lot but look how GOD blessed him, not to down you case. Just get ready for your miracle! We are praying for! Love loves you sister and LOVE=GOD.

11/24/2001 16:57


11/24/2001 23:31

Dear Lord,
Hear my prayer for my Sister in Christ as she deals with this evil that has touched Your Lamb. I ask in your Name, Father for healing for this child and for his mother I ask for comfort and the knowledge for her to know that she is Not to blame for this, Oh, I know this too well, My sister, for my 11 yr old daughter has been sexually abused by her father which is horrible enough, but it was an incestual relationship that was so secretive it began when she was 3! So imagine the amount of guilt and blame I felt one 'her' secret was out. But, by Grace and Time, I pray to be healed and so will she. He has been punished for his crime. But, the children are now without a 'father' here. But Our Father shall Comfort them Always.
Love In Christ.

11/29/2001 13:49

Dear Father,
I pray that you put ypur healing hand on this childs heart and body and I pray that you touch his mothers heart she is very broken and your word saise you shall never leave us or forsake us. I believe that to be true I know you were with me when I was molested and I know you are with her now. And I know you held that little boys spirit in your loving arms as these horrible things were happening to his body. Please let us know that our body is a shell and what you have created is untouched. Show us lord that although we go threw horrible things you are by our side holding us and that all will heal if givin to you father. I pray that comfort reaches them both and knowledge grows out of this because we also know what one intends for bad you make good out of. All my love, Praise and thanks be to you father in Jesus name... Amen

12/26/2001 22:22

Father, continue to protect this family from any evil that may seek to attack them again. Comfort and guide them as they try to recover from this deviant and unholy act. Father, let this child feel safe and protected by his mother and let him grow up to enjoy a normal childhood. In Your name we pray. Amen.

4/17/2002 23:45

As a mother of three I ache inside just to imagine the horrible horrible pain this mom is going through and the confusion and trauma this innocent baby has had to endure in his short life. Oh ,but God is love, and love heals. Father, embrace this child, protect him and erase all memory of what happened to him,you have the power and the will to do it, please , we beg you , we beleive that you keep your promises, we are united in your name, hear our prayers.

6/29/2002 01:23

Lord God, in your Son Jesus's name, I humbly ask that you bring healing and love to this young child. Please protect the innocent, Lord. Let him be healed and grow up unscarred by this trauma. Let him know the love of his mother and his Father in Heaven. Please bring abundant blessing to them. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

11/23/2002 17:50

Dear Father, please touch this child and his family with Your healing love. Dear Jesus,please hold this child close to you in Your gentle arms. Holy Spirit, please give this child and his mother Your strength to continue on the path to Heaven. Blessed Mary, please comfort this young boy and his mother with Your motherly love and affection.

5/31/2003 03:38

God, Please heal this wonderful little one and fill his heart and life with love and peace and joy! God, please let his mother feel your presence; I pray that she can feel some comfort and peace and God, please give her special help that she needs, to heal through the trauma and into healing and peace.Bléssed Be.

10/16/2003 23:53

Heavenly Father, please, please shower these children of yours with your love. HEAL THEM. Strengthen them. Send your Holy Sprit upon them to embrace & protect them. They need you Lord. Help them to feel your presence & know that you are always with them. God bless this family, please. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers.

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