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Universal Love and Hope
Please Help Save The World!!!!!!

I don't care Who or where YOU are. I need YOU. I am no one important. I am not rich. I can't believe no one else is saying this. So, I will. Please help.

I am one small voice. No, actually I am a Whisper. If you love anyOne or anyThing please add your Power of Love. I will put my request below. Please copy it or write your own and forward to everyOne you can, allOver The World.

Thank You
For Love

LibraLight -10/11/2001
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10/11/2001 12:47

10/11/01 11:16 AM 58 out of 59

Blessings of Peace to everyOne.

I wrote earlier that I am so beyond saddened about what is occuring in the World right now. Today I am no less hurting. More so.

As I said earlier, it is not the average citizen who feels hatred against another religion or country. Maybe the ultra rich, those who own homes in several countries, those who own their private jets and can whisk their families to safety feel hatred. I don't know.

Think about it, on either side, who will be hurt and killed? Who will suffer from loss of job, loss of the things we enjoyed, loss of Lives? Not the people at the top scale in any country. They have themselves well prepared for. But the little people, the working people who sweat so these at the TOP can be there, we are the ones who will lose.

If people at the Top were worried about their families, they wouldn't shout war. No!!! But they have them safely hidden away somewhere. Us, who work for our living that gets harder to reach everyday, we have no protection.

If our homes get hit, we have nowhere else to go. If we lose our jobs, we have no grand sums of money stashed away here, or in foreign countries.

I do not see this as Religion against Religion, which is so absurd anyway, but a war between the super rich and super priveledged. They are fighting for greed. Do you ever stop to think, in either country,if they would pause and say, "oh, wait a mintute, if we lauch this weapon, there is a possibility that SmallTown USA suffers major destruction...hhhhmmmm well, no matter, they are only a small little town who doesn't contribute much finacially anyway, so go ahead".

I don't feel either country would pause to even consider SmallTown AnyWhere. I am not anti my country, I am not anti any country. How can anyone own a country?
It is a planet we all share.

Yesterday, I heard on the news that a crow had just been found dead in my neighborhood with the Nile disease. We were told not to have standing water outside. I looked out at my tiny back yard which is my santuary from the rest of the world. I looked at my little birdbath and bird feeder that brings me such joy.
In horror, I realized I had to go out there and turn it over. That I could no longer have the priveledge of feeding the birds, afterall, that would draw them.

My heart said "NO", I can't do it. I can't betray my heart. I thought of ST Francis of Assisi, whom I admire so much. He did not build churches of gold and finery.
He went out into the deep forrest and created a small little crude shed like structure for the average person to gather. The people who did not have the finery to attend the beautiful rich cathedral.

He said, "the animals are welcome", and the animals came too. The animals have just as much right to Earth as we do, they all serve their God given purpose to keep Earth spinning in Harmony. Or once they did. No more. We don't let them. We take their land, pollute their water and air, then wonder why one has came into our yard, or why do sharks seem to be coming closer to shore, why are birds bringing disease?

The animals are NOT doing it. Human greed is doing it. The chemicals we release in the pursuit for more material THINGS, is like putting poison striaght in our veins, or a drug that causes a personailty to become hostile.


10/11/2001 12:48


What about the Anerican Indians? What did we do to them and the land and animals they respected?

I looked down at my little dog and realised, no, I can't take you outside anymore to play frisbee. An innocent diseased bird (by man) may fly by and die and you may walk on the same blade of grass where he fell.
My beloved cat died in my arms in August from some sudden poisoning. My mind was jarred. How could this be?
Now I know.

I called my vet and ask if my precautions were correct, and I was told I did the right thing. I felt so in shock that I had to go turn over that birdbath and walk away from it, that winter approaches and since we have stolen their food sources, they come to some of us who share with them, and they stock their little homes for their families to survive the cold winter.

I said to the vet, "well, I figured the birds can fly away to somewhere safer, but my little dog can't."

Maybe that seems minor and trivial to you, but to me, it is a reflection of this entire material world. WE spend billions to clone an animal, to clone a human!!! Yet we do not have enough funds to cure diseases that people have been dying for for years!! Like Lupus, MS, Cancers, Aids. Why try to create more life when we can't even spend to save the ones we have??

You can maybe clone a life but you can not clone a soul, you can not clone love or compassion. Why spend all the money to walk on the Moon or Mars? Why not spend it to cure diseases or help the starving here on Earth?

And what hurts me worse, I look and listen and I don't hear one other person echoing my feelings, and that scares me more than anything.

Every action we take effects the GodGiven balance of nature. Don't blame a religion, don't blame a county, don't blame the animals and the weather. Open your eyes and SEE!!!

Regardless of what religion you are, regardless if you believe Jesus Christ ever lived. Regardless if you think He is just a story or myth....can't you imagine how His heart felt looking out at the people????

Even if he is fiction, who would write such a horrible story. Such an unhappy ending? I am ask why does God allow, why does God this and that. God doesn't. MAN Does!!! Praying to God won't help, we've overrun The Creator. It is a matter of good loving compassionate thought versus bad, selfish, greedy thought. Pray that the thoughts of God enter your minds and that you act on GODLIKE THOUGHTS.

I hope The Christ is not a myth. Because if he is NOT a Myth, he is coming. SomeOne who can open eyes that a

insignificant little overlooked woman in the USA can't.

I feel I am a member of the minority and I don't want to believe that. Please think, then act what your heart directs you to do. Please examine your heart and your thoughts, your values, what you really hold prescious.
Please. I don't want to be in the minority, but I will never betray my heart.

Is anybody listening?

10/11/2001 13:20

I had a home page. It was full of images that express who I am. I removed it.
I put this in it's place.
Do you SEE?

10/11/2001 13:30

Below is the first post I wrote at another discussion group. I don't even know how I found it. I saw the word COFFEE and it was all I could relate to at the moment, something familiar to share with. A simple cup of coffee.

10/9/01 10:41 PM 51 out of 60

I drink coffee too!! I too cry for the entire World.

Nothing can take back what happened..nothing. But we can keep it from happening again anywhere, by loving compassion.

I don't want any more bad things to happen in the U.S..
But I don't want anything bad to happen to people in other countries either. I never have!

Most of the people in my city didn't even know about the sadness of how other human beings....someone's mother, someone's child, is living in such hell over there. We didn't know. Maybe the ultra rich knew. I have no idea, but us regular little people just trying to survive-- we did not know. I mean we are talking about human lives, living in fear. Something is wrong.

My heart is broken...I don't have much at all, my life has been difficult, but I feel so rich compared to the people living daily, in this 2001 Century in such a sharpe contrast to this country.

I mean, if I could..if I had a money tree, I swear on my life I would buy everyone in the world a safe home to live in, and anything they needed to thrive. The Earth is for all of us.

All my life I've been trying to feel like I have a solid foundation beneath me when I go to bed at night, and to come home to from wherever I go. I wanted to create myself what I so longed for within my own family, a place of peace and respect, a place where I didn't feel I was in the way.

After many years of struggle, I finally got to get a small little house with a bit of trees in the back, I so wanted trees and to live side by side with Nature.
I am still struggling, but the tiny roof is still over my head. I always believed, if one kept trying to do good, that there would be a happy ending.

But although I have this little roof and walls, I feel my people, maybe all people, I don't know..I can only speak for my own heart... but I feel no one is thinking that we all share the same HOME.

There is only one Mother Earth. Where is the love for our True Mother..Mother Earth, Mother Nature? Why do we throw trash on her Holy Body? Why do we fight and hate and grab for more? Why do we steal the homes of the animal kingdom? Not for Love.

I don't need more. I would like to see more of Mother Earth and much less concrete, and breathe air that is clean and water that man has not polluted. Where is all the love we give so much lip service to? I don't see it.

Two wrongs do not make a right!!! Why cause the loss of someone else's Mother or risk our own? It's a gift, why are we destroying it? Why keep killing and building more temples when the Temples of our Human Bodies are so empty?

Love can not be bought or stolen or bargained for. It is a gift that should be treasured..not gold. I have my little roof but I have no Home. Not without Love. I can't find that, it's invisible.

When will all people become what they seek to find?

Is anyone really free? It doesn't feel like it to me. I don't feel free. I feel lonely and sad and broken hearted. I do not think God had this in mind for any Children.

Love is Love, Loss is Loss.. wherever it is found.

I am still as I was as a little child in an unstable family who barely noticed my existance. I still want to go HOME.

Where is it?? I guess it is where Love is, and the only Love I see for from my little dog. He is happy just to wake up each day with joy, no expectations, no harm intended, no demands, just love and gratitude.

Love has no boundaries.... please don't keep it out.
Please love. I love you and I wish you happiness and peace. Please LOVE back.

10/12/2001 16:18


10/13/2001 15:34

Believing in The Power Of Love and Compassion for all God's Creations.
Sending Love

10/14/2001 15:02

peace and love peace and love peace and love AllWays

10/17/2001 11:36

Peace and Love for Mother Earth and all her creatures. May the Light of Love grow and grow and knowledge be equal with compassion.

11/3/2001 18:05

Let there be Peace and Harmony all over the World DearGodOfAll. May the ChristLight find power to reach all hearts and make us one.

Please come shine on me that I may feel love. Thank you for so many Blessings.


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