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Father, where there is pain, bring healing. Where there is doubt, bring confidence. Where there is unforgiveness, bring forgiveness. Where there is pride, bring humbleness.

Lord, please bring all my family to your Glory. Where there is friction or unresolved issues, bring unity, bring forgiveness, take away the pride that binds these feelings. Where there is drugs and alcohol, quench their thirst with your words. Father, where there is selfishness, teach them giving of themselves,thinking of others first. Where tongues strike in anger, bring words of only love. Where our children may have lost their way, guide them back to us o'Lord. Father, where some have fallen on their faith with you, bring them back to your glory. Father, forgive us our sins that we have made against you. Thank Father, for all we have. Lord, we praise you for your Glory, we fall on our knees to you, so that we will enter your gates of eternal life. Lord, for you everything is, you are our salvation. In the name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, Lord, hear our cries. Let us be prepared together, for your coming so that we will all be together in your Kingdom. Amem.
carefree -9/26/2001
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9/27/2001 21:37

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please dear Lord, take away the troubles of this family. Keep the demons of drugs and alcohol away, far away and gone forever. Please command your protectors that watch over our earthly bodies. Bring peace into their lives. Bring their love together, and unite them stronger than ever. God watch over Carefree, and her loved ones. Keep a special angel around Josh as you have done for Jacqueline..Let this family know in their hearts that I pray for their happiness, and recovery.....Christ Have Mercy....Amen

9/28/2001 07:37

My prayers are with you today..God Bless!!

10/3/2001 14:43

Father, I am unworthy, yet you still bless me. You have given me more than I can even mention. Thank you dear Jesus, for allowing me to be here another day. I praise your glory. Father again, thank you for Marilyn, she has been so wonderful. Bless us Father, with unity. Dear Jesus, bring my 3 boys to your wonders, let them be lifted, that they may know the true meaning of love, caring and giving of themselves. I feel like I failed sometimes Father, at the biggest job you blessed me with, being a mom, a protector. I failed at keeping thier hearts filled with the Word of our Father. Father, enter their hearts and souls, that they may live eternally in the kingdom you have waiting for us. Give my husband the wanting for you father, he needs your direction, let him be a reflection of your love. Father bring unity to my sisters Roni and Maria. let them hear your voice, for what they do affects us all, especially our mother. Her heart breaks knowing that the will not resolve thier issues and talk to one another again. It brings strain to the whole family, because they won't go to any of our family functions if one or the other is there. Open thier hearts to forgive and love each other again. For all of the children, keep them safe from harm, let them have the will to rebuke Satan when he tempts them with evil. Bless us and keep us together, Amen.

10/5/2001 16:13

Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. * Psalm 71:20
May this family come together and be as one....Amen

10/10/2001 22:47

Dismiss all anxiety from your minds. Present your needs to God in every form of prayer and in petitions full of gratitude. Then God's own peace, which is beyond understanding, will stand guard over your hearts and minds, in Christ Jesus. Phillipians 4:6-7

Father unite this family in peace,love, good health, and the Word of God. Amen.

10/12/2001 11:27

Father, I stand in agreement with marahet and marilynangel! I dismiss all anxiety from my mind, I give all to you, so that you may restore and bless our family with unity and love. That those that are with pride and anger, they will come to you Lord, ask for forgiveness, and forgive those that are in need. I thank you Father for all the wonders you have blessed me and my family with, and again for bringing my wonderful angels marahet and marilyn to me, they make each day shine with your brightness and give me more faith each day!! Amen.

10/13/2001 10:26

Continue to unite this family. They are so fortunate to have each other. Let your love shine on, and give these fine family members the right to a life full of nothing but blessings.
Carefree remember that Archangel Michael, rules the East, Raphael rules the West, Gabriel rules the North, and finally Uriel rules the South...
I pray to Archangel Michael, because he is in charge of all angels. He is the Super Cop of heaven...My prayers to him include those that go to you, your family, Marahet, and her family, my other friends, and those family members that I have left in this world...Peace to all.....Love Marilyn....Lord hear me please.....Amen

10/18/2001 20:38

Father, bless this family and keep them united in your love. Carefree...thank you so much for continuing to pray for my family.

10/19/2001 15:28

Lord, please continue to answer the needs of this family!!! God bless all!! Amen

10/22/2001 14:50

Father I come to you today for your forgiveness. I ask you to give me strength, Lord I need your guidance. I sometimes get lazy, and don't focus on you as much as I should. I take for granted all the wonderful blessings you have graced me with! I am so thankful, yet I still fall sometimes. You have been so awesome to me, let me not forget to pray everyday, throughout the day, and learn to keep my lips sealed when they should be; keep my mind with only loving thoughts, for sometimes my thoughts and my words seem to just happen before I even realize it. Father, I am not worthy of your goodness sometimes, and I beg forgiveness. I will try to focus harder on these areas that I sometimes lack in. Father, again I want to thank you for my special angels, marahet and marilyn, they are so wonderful, thank you for bringing them to me.
For my family Father, the following are the things that I ask for them. For my husband, give him the guidance he needs to be a good father in your image. Father, open his heart to your words and love, that he will want to attend church with me and our baby girl. Guide him to Christian friends, that will mentor him in these areas. For my boys, also shine your light on them, that they will find the path in their lives that will mirror your reflection. That they not be tempted by the forces of alcohol, drugs, or any other evil that SAtan my dangle in front of them. For my baby girl Rikki, she already at 6, shows a temper, and I need your interference, that she know to hold her tongue and behave as the little angel that she is. For my mom, pops, keep them happy and healthy. For my sisters Roni and Maria, Lord please reunite them, that they will let go of that silly pride that guides them and keeps them seperated. For their families, keep your arms Wrapped around them. For my brother Jesse, and his children, bring a close bond between them, and guide them to church. For my husbands family, bless them with your grace. I would also like to include Marahet, Marilyn and their families, keep them safe and grant your mercies among them. Thank you for giving me this day to Praise you for your awesome power and the Glory that you brighten my every minute with. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

10/23/2001 22:43

Lord you have given me this wonderful friend who deserves all the best that life can give. Let her find the peace in life that we all strive for. As for her little angel, let Carefree understand that little girls go through little stages at times. Having two daughters ages 17, and 18...I know! Please give this sister angel of mine peace...I pray for Marahet and Danielle as well. I am ever so thankful for the honor of finding these incredible angels through this blessed site...God please guide over our families, and remember that I love you with all my heart....Amen

10/27/2001 03:02

Dear Sweet Jesus,
This family is so lucky to have each other. They might have these differences, but plese guide them all back into a binding family again. Let their hearts be filled with peace. Holiday's are coming, and this is the perfect time for all differences to be worked out. I have lost my dad, sister, and mom suddenly through my life. My only family are my three children, husband, some few distant family members that do not care to be part of our lives. I have an ill step-mom that really keeps to herself. I just hope that this family comes together, because life is short, and it is an awful feeling to lose loved ones...God Bless This Family!!!!!!! Amen

10/28/2001 10:32

Dear Lord,
You work in mysterious ways. I have figured out that I lost my dad, sister, and mother during a short time of my life. You have given me the love of Carefree to fill my heart, and I pray for her family...Please protect them and let them all realize how special it is to have each other...God bless this family forever and ever....Christ have mercy!!! Amen

10/28/2001 19:02

Heavenly Father, I stand in faith with carefree and marilynangel and ask that You bless this family. Let their hearts be softened by the state of affairs the world is in today and let them reunite with one another. Let them walk hand in hand toward Your light, that they may know the peace that comes from loving You and trusting in You. The power of Your love is awesome...let this family share with one another the Glory of your Words. May they be united as one in peace. Amen.

11/3/2001 20:16

Father, I pray that You continue to bless this family and keep them safe. Amen.

11/5/2001 16:16

First of all, Lord thank you for all the blessings that you have given me and my loved ones. Marahet and Marylin, thank you for your continued support and prayers!! How wonderful you are. Father, today I am kind of down, my sisters that I love to pieces still will not talk to each other. I know that this is just so heartbreaking. I've given them directions to log on to this wonderful site, and hoped that they would come here and find you and the wonderful angels here, but it hasn't happened. Lord do they not understand, that when you blessed each of us, with the others, how precious that was. You Father, chose for us the families that we would have while awaiting your day of glory, and you said in your words, forgive, forgive and forgive again. That there is no number on the times we should forgive each other, I just can't get to them, as much as I might try. I know you have a plan, but on this issue, I just need more help Lord; I need you to enter into them, and open their hearts!! Father, you are so awesome, with you there is no boundries, please Father unite them, with the holidays upon us, this is getting harder and harder. Marylin and Marahet, I love you. Amen.

11/9/2001 00:21

Dear Jesus,
Carefree is blessed by having sisters. My only sister Joan, who took her own life ,has left me empty inside. Please guide these woman into realizing how lucky they are to have each other. Let the holiday season soften them up, and come together..This is a time for family, and peace...God bless Carefree, for she is like a sister to me....God guide over her day and night....Amen

11/10/2001 00:56

God bless this family and keep them safe...Thank you dear Jesus..Amen

11/12/2001 15:13

God, sometimes I feel like I focus so much on the prayers for Josh, that I neglect the other family members. Please forgive me for my ignorance. Father, first please as with Josh, that you keep Moises, Adam and Rikki safe and away from the horrible things that Satan may wish for them. Lord, Mo and Adam also need you to take the taste of alcohol from them. The 3 of them are so smart and good, they just have to understand that being the ages that they are, doesn't mean that they have to be like the others they are with that like to party, and drink!! Give them the wisdom Lord to know how to have fun with friends without the alcohol. Lord keep them safe. Father, for my husband (John), the boys and Rikki, keep them on the road that will lead to your salvation and everlasting life. For Maria and Roni, the prayers are still the same, please Father reunite them, take the deep angers away from them. Continue to keep them and thier families safe, and healthy. Father, for mom and pop's, help them keep on the good road. They are trying to sell their house right now, please help in making that happen soon for them. For Jesse and his family! Amen, you have brought them much closer, thank you. Continue to keep them together. A little extra prayer for Monique, that she makes friends Lord, some that aren't worried about her handicap and love her for the wonderful young lady she has become. For dad, well, keep him safe, and help all of us to forgive him for never being here for any of us growing up. For marilyn and marahet, continue to bless them with your grace, because they too have become part of my family. For me, give me the strength health, finances and patience to deal with everything and anything that life throws my way. I have already been blessed a thousand times over. Thank you Lord Jesus.

11/15/2001 13:46

It's me again. I meant to ask prayers from all you for my son Moises. Today, he is testing to get on the police force. This is his second try, and he is sooo nervous. Please pray with me that he make it on the force this time and that when he makes it, that our Father will keep him safe. He so wants to serve on the force. The last time he was didn't make the top 20 or whatever the number it was they were accepting.

Father, please bless Moises with entrance on to the police force. He is so excited about serving the people in this area. As you know, his college courses are all geared toward a criminal law degree. Father, once you bless him with passing, please keep him safe and always on his toes. Lord, with you all is possible. Thank you Father for listening. In the name of our Lord, Amen.

11/16/2001 10:58

Father, I come to you today, just to talk. Lord you are so loving, giving, caring, forgiving. I would love to be just like you, however I have many faults, some that I don't even know that I have. Help me to rid myself of the bad habits that I carry. Like my mouth, many a times my tongue just whips out even waiting for me to think of what I'm about to say. This I know is by biggest and ugliest downfall. I try, but it just seems to always beat me. Help me Father, to keep it tame. Give me the knowledge and right words, to express myself. Lord please heal my soul.

I would also like to ask extra blessings for my hubby. He went yesterday to the doctor as you know, and the results, well you know what they were, enlarged prostate. Please Father, just let it be an inflamation, and nothing more. I give this to you Lord right now, so that I won't do any worrying, it is yours. In the sweet name of our Lord, Amen.

11/17/2001 10:51

Dear Lord,
Please assist in the police career for Moises. This is such an honorable move for someone to make for their life profession. Some of my dearest friends are police officers, and I totally respect the type of work they do. Please guide over Carefree's husband. Let it only be something that can be easily corrected. Watch over this family that is really blessed to have eachother in this world. God Bless!! Amen

11/30/2001 10:37

Father, I come to you with a heavy heart. What use to be a very close knit family, I feel is coming apart. With Maria and Roni not talking, it is pulling the entire family apart. Holidays are strained; if one comes, the other doesn't want to show. Thanksgiving was wonderful, except for them. Niether one of them came, probably because they didn't want to take the chance of running into the other! Father, please soften both their hearts, let forgiveness take over them and heal this relationship.

Jesse is having problems with his daughter Mo, please father bring unity to them also.

Father I feel a lot of strain on our family right now, please hear our prayers, give me the tools to help heal all the wounds that everyone is inflicting upon each other! Father, hear our cries for your intercession. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

12/4/2001 20:02

I am asking you to send down your protective angels to this family. I know that you sent them to mine. I thank you for that. Christmas is approaching soon, and this family needs to open those lines of communication as never before. Please guide them all, and let them know in each of their hearts how fortunate they are to have family.....Love you Jesus..( you have made me aware of family importance by losing my dad at 11, my sister commiting suicide 5 years ago when I was 36, and my mom when I was 38.) If ever I feel the need to pray for a family , it is Carefree's family. Let them rejoice with laughter and love...Amen

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