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Despite ourselves we must love ourselves and each other
A prayer for healing

A Prayer for Peace, A prayer without ceasing, Heavenly Father/Mother God,

May our hearts grow larger as we grow older.

May our spirits, heal despite loss, evil, hatred, malevolence, judgments, heartaches and broken fragments.

May divine intervention; fill our hearts with strength and love for ourselves and each other.

May we pray without ceasing.
May we receive healing.
May our souls and spirits be lifted on prayer wings from the World of Spirit, when we die.

tessajuly -9/12/2001
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9/16/2001 08:52

May this outpouring of strength, faith, and compassion only strengthen and enlighten us. May we now heal and forgive ALL others as we search for those accountable. Blessings and hugs to all on this earth.

9/16/2001 15:16

May the Lord protect us, guide us, and fill our hearts with the Love of the Divine so that we can heal and find a peaceful solution to this tragedy. Let us not let this tragedy fill our hearts with hatred.

9/16/2001 16:47

May the innocents who tragically lost their lives inspire us to search for peace in our world, and an end to conflict and war. Let us all come together in this time of grief, and support each other, so that the spirit of strength and peace cannot be extinguished by hatred. Only with love, compassion and forgiveness can we build a better world.

9/16/2001 21:37

Blessed Mother Mary, I ask you to watch over the whole world right now. Bless us and heal us, all of us who need spiritual or mental guidance, and all of us who need physical help. Be with your world now, and comfort us. Amen.

9/17/2001 10:15

O God! Renew our faith in this time of sorrow. Brighten our hearts with the strength to see past this tragedy. Comfort us into healing and growth. Let us not doubt Your love and Your grace. You are the most kind, the most generous and the most knowing.

9/17/2001 15:28

Dear Heavenly Father;
We come to you has humble as we know how, praying for a spiritual healing for our nation, the leaders, our churches and especially for the victims and their family as we begin to celebrate the life that each one of them lived. Lord we may never know why, but give us understanding for this hideous crime that has hit our country. In the name of Jesus, I pray that You strengthen us and let us come together as one body in Christ. Speak to our hearts so that we have love for all of our brothers and sisters. Deliver us Father as you did your children out of Egypt from the hands of Pharaoh. Keep us safe in Your arms, letting know more hurt harm or danger to come upon us. Lord create a new heart in us right now, so that we will be able to give you the praise and honor. Lord, I asking a special pray for all the little children who may be motherless amd/or fatherless right now, and seeking understanding for why their parent(s) are no longer with them. Encamp your angels around them right now, in the name of Jesus. Lord to do not let our leaders to react from emotions, but let them seek you for full guidance and direction before acting. Father when we have come to the end of the road, and can't travel no more, Lord give us a place in Your kingdom where everyday will be Sunday and sabath will have no end. These thing I ask in Your name sake.

9/17/2001 20:25

Roman 12:16-21

Be of the same mind toward
one another. Do not set your
mind on high things, but associate
with the humble. Do not be wise in your own
Repay no one evil for evil.
Have regard for good things in
the sight of all men.
If it is possible, as much as
depends on you, live peaceably
with all men.
Beloved, do not avenge
yourselves, but rather give place
to wrath; for it is written, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,"
says the Lord.
"Therefore if your enemy
hungers, feed him;
If he thirsts, give him a
For in so doing you will heap
coals of fire on his head."
Do not be overcome by evil,
but overcome evil with good.

I think most of us are angry, but we should also pray for those who committed such an evil act.

9/17/2001 23:33

I'm going into a Mosque tomorrow. I've never been in one before. This is the prayer I plan to give.


I come here today to pray for peace for the dead, solace for the living, and light in the dark days behind and ahead of us.

I come here today to pray for us all, to offer comfort and hope.

I come here today as the daughter of both Jew and Christian.

I come here in particular, to a place of Islam, to tell those of you who have felt the arrows of suspicion and fear from those who are in too much pain to think clearly: I know you are with us, that you are Americans, that some of your own relatives and friends have been killed in this tragedy or in others.

We are one, united in our grief, sorrow, outrage, faith, and compassion.

We are one, united in our defiance of a common enemy. For the enemy is not American nor Jew nor Muslim nor any creed or nationality: the enemy is hatred itself.

We pray for the fallen.
We pray for the grieving.
We pray for the heroes who have risked and still risk their lives for others.
We pray for ourselves and our children.
We pray for our leaders to choose wisely and to act firmly against this threat to us all.
We pray for the brave men and women who may soon be called upon to lay down their lives in combatting this evil.
We pray that fear and pain do not divide us, lest the agents of terror score a victory by turning us against our own friends.
We pray for strength, courage, and hope in the struggle that lies ahead.
We pray for peace and justice.
We pray that we shall bequeath to our children a world that is safer than the one we live in now, and cleansed of the terrible taint of prejudice.
In this way we honor the memory of all those who have perished in acts of terror and hatred.

E Pluribus Unum: We are one.
Blessed be.

9/18/2001 02:15

Dearest Heavenly Father:
Last Tuesday’s terrorist actions brings forth a reality that tests us like few others have: that the God our enemy worships appears to reward the sacrifice of life and the death of innocent people. Help us, we pray, to sort through this and understand the thinking behind it so that we may combat it.
We have been asked to confront a great tragedy. Not of war as in the past but of hate based on what America represents to the world. Democracy has been challenged in such a way that hate has arisen. We want restitution, revenge, a pay back.
Help us to know our path. Help us to realize that striking back in anger is not the way. Help us rather through reason to know our enemy. Let America and its most eloquent leaders appeal to the nations of the world to unite against the concept of terrorism.
We open our prayers with your most beautiful directive that says in part:” Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment and the second is like unto it: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Help us to keep this foremost in our minds.
Through you, oh Lord, we know of love and make every effort to practice understanding and graciousness. Help us all to continue on this path for it is the only way.
We ask this with all our hearts.

9/18/2001 16:49

Our Father in heaven, please guide us; please be with us and please bless us.

9/19/2001 04:51

May Peace prevail on Earth.

9/19/2001 12:50

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you asking that you continue to guide us and wrap your loving arms around this nation and all nations across the world. I ask that you keep us strong and united through these times. I also ask that you bless my family, and familes across the world, for we are stuggling through hard times. I ask that you send us blessing. I know that we are to place all our troubles into YOUR hands and I know that you will make a way. When you close one door, with you by our side, I know you will open another. Myself and other belivers around the world, place all their faith in you. We thank you for allwoing us to see another beautiful day, thankyou for giving us life, and thank you for everything you have given us, our familes, friends, jobs etc. With you by our side all things are possible and We WILL OVERCOME. I have always been taught that "HE may not come when you want HIM to, but HE is always right on time." And till this day nothing has caused me to believe otherwise. Thank You Lord, Amen.

9/19/2001 13:44


9/19/2001 21:42

May Peace and Lover Prevail on Earth. Please strengthen the relationships across the world to send a message that evil will not be tolerated and that love and light supercede all. May those with evil on their minds be overcome with love and forgiveness. May we all live together acknowledging our differences and accepting that differences make us stronger as One.

9/20/2001 01:21

Dear Heavenly Father,
Lord I come to you as a broken person for my country. I come to you to seek your blessings upon our nation. Lord, a terrible tragedy has occured and we need you now more than ever. Lord, I lift up those who have lost loved ones. Lord, I can only pray that they had peace within those relationships. That your spirt falls around them to comfort them. Lift them up into your arms and wrap them in compassion. I know you are a loving God. So much that you gave your son to bear the strife and death for us so that we may have assurance of being a child of the king. So that we can reunite with loved ones one day. That one day we can see you in all your glory and worship you for the mighty and loving God that you are.
Lord, let us not blame you, but trust in you. Help us to give these burdens to you. Only you are truly able to help us in our time of hurt.
Lord, I pray that you would burden the hearts of the perpetrators that you would unable them to run. Not because of the fear of man but the fear of almighty God.
We trust in you, Jesus Christ.

9/20/2001 06:05

this is such a horrific tragedy. i can't even image what they are going through. my prayers and condolences are with the victims and their families. i would like to go now, but remember that family is so important.

9/20/2001 09:02


Where is God?... (you may ask)

After one of the worst tragedies in human history, people ask: "Where is God?"

They wonder how He could have let such a devastating event happen. I know at first, I did....but then I realized....Man is responsible for what happened--not God! God gave us the ability to make decisions for ourselves whether they be right or wrong. And God did not abandon us on that dark day. He brought calm to a city that was in chaos. People left the scene almost rank-and-file as if angels were guiding their every step and easing their anguish. His love was in the heart of every firefighter, policeman and volunteer who aided the victims. He was in the soul of every person who waited for more than 6 hours to give blood to the injured. I heard one testimony on CNN where a woman was caught in one of the buildings and smoke was all around her. She immediately cried for God to help her get out and she looked up and saw a light with a man standing in the midst, reaching out his hand to grab hers. She took it. He led her out to a car and gave her a drink. She looked up and he was gone.

God gave strength to the passengers of the ill-fated United Airlines flight 93 who decided to overcome the hijackers. Their heroic actions are the likely reason the jet, destined for Washington, crashed in rural Pennsylvania instead, saving an untold number of lives. He was guiding people at the Pentagon, steering them away from the soon-to-be-destroyed southwest side. As a result, there were fewer than 200 deaths in an area where thousands worked. And as the details of this crisis unfold, more miracle stories, both large and small, will come to light. We must not lose faith in God or our country.

God will be there for us. He will guide our leaders and aid us through this struggle. If you begin to wonder where God is, remember that he's right here at home. He will be with us always, just as He promised.

The Bible says He will never leave nor forsake us...(Hebrews 13:4-6 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.)

All we have to do is trust in Him....(Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.) I know its easier said than done at times, but that's what we've got to addition to lots of prayer!!!!

Yesterday as people were boarding the bus to get home, the seats were filled quickly and a woman on crutches was left without a seat. Several men and women promptly stood and offered their seats to her. At that moment, one of the men shouted, "It looks like last Tuesday changed a bunch of us!" Something inside of me cringed with anger, pain and a mixture of indescribable emotions. I hate to think that it took something so tragic to make us open our eyes and be kinder to each other and to make us appreciate life, our country and freedom....and to remember that God is still there. I know I've been guilty of it as well. Lets not allow time to pass and forget this tragic event, and forget that God is waiting to hear from us. Everyday, we should wake up and thank the almighty God for what He's done for us, thank Him for a country that stands for freedom, thank Him for safety, thank Him for our families, and thank Him for those who are fighting for our freedom and for their families. WE HAVE SOOOOOO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!

9/20/2001 11:03

May the power of the Lords love touch all on Earth.

9/20/2001 17:32

Join our "Peace Prayer Project!" Send your own special prayers to for possible inclusion in a small book, "Peace Prayers." God bless us with peace!

9/21/2001 00:28

We must live each day with
a careful heart and always
remember that we are spirits
of compassion.

9/21/2001 22:47

Dear Lord, please guide us through these tragic times and help us to see that even in tragedy there is hope and there is something positive that will happen. As you look around you during these times of pain, watch Jesus at work along with our angels, comforting us, guiding us to mend quarrels, and helping us to unite. We pray that our eyes will open to catch the many miracles at work.

9/24/2001 00:36

Let us pray for both sides in this terrible conflict, that they may see the benefits of peace, compassion, dialogue, and understanding for all concerned. It's very easy to pray for those on our side of the conflict, but Jesus exhorted us to pray for our enemies as well. Doing so may help us see much more deeply into this situation and hold out the promise of a peaceful resolution, rather than yet another in an endless chain of increasingly violent wars.

This is such a small and beautiful planet. Let us not forget that our fates are all intertwined, and violent actions undertaken in the spirit of hatred or revenge will resonate for years, perhaps centuries.

10/7/2001 15:09

The time is upon us. We choose the future with our prayers. A future that holds hope and respect for all beliefs that honor life. A future that gives all food/shelter/education, as basic rights of life. A future world that has no lines between the countries - as God did not create the lines. A future that is more wondrous than we can conceive - but is complete in God's heart as the template of His expression. May this conflict be short-lived and our future be long and golden with love. And so it is

10/7/2001 16:50

I pray for a day or even a moment of global silence... no human sound at all.. just listening.. hearing only the sounds of this planet.. hearing her heartbeat.. the global rhythem that binds us all together... may we see the stars and the moon the sun and sky with the same eyes... may we feel the breeze blow thru us and know we are but spirit children upon this plane... we are not forever.. but spirit is.. the spirit of one.. the spirit of Love.. In love all things are possible...May the beauty of spirit and the light of universal love reign on us all now and forever more..
With fullness of my being I ask that this be so... Blessed Be!!!

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