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This is for all the victims of the terrorist attacks and their families
Leave a prayer for those who survived and those families of the victims of the terrorist attack

This circle has started so that you may leave your prayers and condolences for those families and victims of the recent terrorist attack in NY, DC, and PA.

littlewitch16 -9/12/2001
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9/14/2001 00:23

God, please lift the victims of New York into your arms, please carry them from danger and give them the strength they need to live on.

9/14/2001 04:03

Dear God and our Lord Jesus Christ, please carry all the victim's souls into Heaven who have passed on during this horrible tragedy, and offer healing to the survirors. May You comfort their love ones, families and friends and console them during their lost and suffering. In Jesus name, Amen!

9/14/2001 05:11

We pray to you Lord for the victims and their families. Lord, please open your loving arms for those innocent victims of this tradegy & watch over the families of the victims. Dry their tears and calm their fears. We will continue to pray to you for peace ... and the end to premature death of innocent people. Welcome into heaven those who have lost their lives.
We will continue to pray to you for the strength we need to overcome the sorrow of all, and for those who are, and will be chosen to end these horrific acts and personal losses. Lord shine your love upon us ... PEACE

9/14/2001 08:41

Dear Sweet Jesus: Please help us all. Please shine your Healing Light on this country. Please help all the families and friends of the victims and the missing people. Give them "Your Peace that passeth Understanding." Lead this country in "The Way, The Truth and The Light." Please let us Americans know that we need You more than ever. Amen

9/14/2001 08:54

Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father, we pray for all the victims of this tradegy of Sept 11, 2001. Father, we lift all the people that were affected in the tradegy up to you. May you surround them with your loving arms and enfold them with healing. We thank you, that you sent your loving Son, Jesus to die for our sins so that we might have eternal life with you. We pray for the souls of all who died in this tradegy & pray that they are with you now.
Father God, plese forgive us of our sins as we all sin against you. Please deliver the ones that caused this horrible tradegy to their rightful place in eternity.
Thank you Lord for what you will do for us in the future when we turn to you.
Please lead, guide & direct our lives so that you might work through us. We pray for peace and healing.
In Jesus Precious Name we pray.

9/14/2001 09:05

God, In our countries time of need please watch over us and guide us through these troubled times. We pray for the families of all those that were lost to this horrible tragedy. Please protect those in our military as they embark in there dangerous journey. We would like to say a special prayer asking you to especially watch over our children that may understand the events that have changed all of our lives. We pray for some sort of understanding of the terrible things that have occurred and we pray that you will be there during this period when all of us in this nation need healing. We ask that you help us all come together as a unified group of one no matter what our race or our religion may be. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

9/14/2001 09:06

Dear God, Please hold the spirits of all of those who have been victimized by this tragedy close to You. I pray for comfort for all of those who have lost their family, friends, and co-workers.
May they find peace in their hearts, and know that their loved ones are in your sheltering arms.

9/14/2001 10:52

Dear Lord, Loving, Heavenly Father,
We pray that you would be with the many countless families and friends who have lost loved ones and those whose lives have been affected as a result of these horrible attacks on our country! Grant them Your Peace Lord, the Peace that passes all understanding! Send your Angels to comfort them and to be with them in their hour of need!
Thank You God, and Praises Be to Your Holy Name!
God Bless You One and All!

Lanah and Rick

9/14/2001 11:47

Dear God Almighty,

Please comfort those families who have lost loved one's because of this tragic event. I ask you heavenly Father to give strength to these families. To help them in their time of need, and ease their pain. Guide them in the right direction Lord, and help them better understand your word. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen

9/14/2001 12:14

Dear Lord hear my prayers for the people of United States of America and the countries around the world. May peace and love abide in all our hearts. May we be overpowered by the fire that burnes within the Holy Spirit. May all the victims of this terrorist attack find mercy and meaning to the events that have changed their lives forever. I pray for the children that have lost their Mommy and Daddy. I pray for the Moms & Dads that have lost their children. I pray for the sisters, brothers, cousins, extended family, friends and all who have been touched by this horrendous act of violence. May all these be touched by the Spirit of Forgiveness and may they seek intelligent choices. I ask you Lord to send the right people and or information to help heal the pain and suffering. That these people directly effected by this evil turn the pain into good for all mankind. Let us not fill our hearts with prejudice and hate, but let us all pray for peace and courage to gain promise in eternity. For all those who suffer a sense of guilt Lord fill their hearts and minds with a sense of relief. Let them know that they are not responsible for this attack of terrorism. Lord I pray for our President Bush for the Vice President and Congress each man and woman directly involved with the task of ending this terrorism, the NSA, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, all Lord. Grant them Your guidence that they may seek Your face and hear Your voice in leadership. Justice will come through You oh Father. Please touch the Howard from the corporation CantonFitzgerold let him know that he is not responsible for this tradgedy. Grant him one person from his business that he may feel some relief from his anguish. Help us oh Lord for we are in need of Your help and call upon You now in this time of great need. May our country rise up and seek whatever is good, kind, rightous, and pure. In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost do I pray these prayes. May Jesus Christ have mercy on the USA and led us to victory. Amen, AMEN

9/14/2001 13:08

Please God,
Have mercy on the innocent victims and help theier families find a sese of peace. Please God, stay with them and punish those who caused this viscious act. Thank You. Amen.

9/14/2001 15:01

Most Gracious and Loving God:
My heart is heavy in grief with pain and sorrow for the people of New York, Washington D.C.,Pennsylvania and the rest of the U.S. that has been brought upon us by such despicable evil. Father, I just ask that You give everyone comfort and assurance that even at our worst hour You are there ALWAYS AND FOREVER. When people experience kindness and love that it is You, Lord they are receiving.
Father, I ask that you guide our political and military leaders to have You as the focus when making all decisions.
Father, I ask that You help all Americans grow in their faith of You, so that our Christian nation as we were founded, will continue to exist.
Father, I ask that the media be understanding and sensitive to all information they report and that they give people their privacy or the publicity they seek while waiting to find out about their loved ones.
Father, I ask that You help the leaders of other countries, friend and foe to realize accountability and to do what is right in bringing the people responsible for this terrible attack to justice.
Father, I ask You to bless the families all affected by this terrible terrorist attack, and that Your love comfort them.
In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

9/14/2001 19:51

Dearest God, Please give the victims of this tragic event comfort, peace and hope in this time of terrible suffering. Do not let them give up hope but lift them up so that they may know your existence.

9/14/2001 19:54

May God bless America in this hour of grief. Lord please grant our political & military leaders the wisdom to carry out the justice that must be done. Thy will be done, Amen.

9/14/2001 20:06

may the LORD guide and comfort each and everyone of. May he relieve the burden that satan have put up on you . Through GOD all things is possible. Know that their is Love and Guideance through him. GOD will prevail. I pray that all will overcome this disaster. The LORD will bring you through.Let his light shine.Love You All!!!!!!

9/14/2001 20:38

Dear Blessed Mother! Please carry the souls of those who have perished to the hands of God! May God bless us all!

9/15/2001 01:22

Our Heavenly Father, please look down upon us, and cradle your children in Your loving embrace as we suffer such immense loss. We hold onto Your Word, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." Fortify those who lost their dearly beloveds with Your Almighty Love and bless their hearts with steadfast faith and renewed hope to carry on, for unto You all things are possible. See us through the trying days ahead, let us not falter in our faith, guide and inspire our leaders, giving them the vision and the wisdom to make right and just decisions. For truly we are, one nation under God indivisible. I ask these things in our Saviorís name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

9/15/2001 15:10

Our Gracious Heavenly Father, Lord we ask you to give comfort and a sense of peace to these Americans that have lost loved ones, Lord we pray that you will put your loving arms around them and that they will feel your presence. Lord we pray that you will lead and guide our leaders and that the right decisions are made.For Lord we know that where something bad happens that you can bring good from it. Dear Lord we pray that you will bring peace to our country and to all these people.I have not been one to have lost a loved one there Lord, but my heart is overwhelmed with grief for all of them.Bless each and everyone of them Lord.In you precious name Jesus I pray.Amen My prayers are with you all.

9/16/2001 01:35

Dear God, Please watch over the family and friends of the victims of this awful attack, Please let them find closure and peace in their hearts. Let their lost loved one live in their hearts forever. My heart goes out to each and eveyone, and I'm very sorry for the pain they have inside, please let them be able to ease the pain, and know that they are in a better place and safe within your arms. Thank you so much Dear Lord Jesus, Amen. Again my thoughts are with each and everyone.

9/16/2001 07:15

Dear God,
I come to you in meditation and prayer once again -- asking not for myself this time, but for PEACE and the warmth of your love, for both the direct and indirect victims of this horrible attack. This was an attack that proved to us as a country that evil is real in this world - BUT SO IS LOVE. Your love has been realized in the work of the rescuers, and all of the Americans who have now come together to offer their love, comfort, friendship and prayer. Please be with us as a country -- as much like your love sustains us, we now prepare for a sustained campaign against the "evil" that accomplished this horrible task. Be with us Dear Lord. In your name I pray. Amen.

9/16/2001 17:45

We come to you right now and pray that you will just help the hearts and souls of the ones who are mourning for their loss. I pray that you will just get a hold of people's hearts and show them the love and the compassion that you have to offer. Help them to please just get through this hard time. Please help this Country to make the right choices in whatever we do. Please guard and protect us from anything else that should come toward us. Be with each and everyone one of us each and everyday.
We love you, praise you, and thank you for everything you do. In Jesus name We Pray.

9/16/2001 22:44

my god bless those who has been through this terriable ordeal!!
you all will be in my prayers and american will get through this with gods help!! kate B

9/17/2001 00:08

For all those who lost a mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, neighbor, loved one, or friend my heart goes out to all of you. You will be in my prayers until eternity. For all those innocent ones who were just at work doing their job to feed their family, for those who were walking down the street when the debris came out of the sky, for the rescure workers who are risking their own lives to find those who have perished or even survived this tragedy send them love. Why is hatred so strong that innocent people have to suffer? Think of all of the little children who are awaiting the arrival of their parents to come home from work, not a war, but work. It is a very scary thought of what the world is becoming, evil has many different faces, from the racist dragging of the man in Texas, to the woman who belted her children in the car and pushed the car in the river, to the woman who drowned all her children in the tub, to KKK rallies, when will it end? I hope that this tragedy is a wake up call to the world that tomorrow is not promised so we should live every day to the fullest. Tell your loved ones you love them, tell a stranger hello, just one small act of kindness a day will make each day a good day. I red in my local newspaper where a young lady was on her roof on Tuesday and watched the tragedy unfold and that it will be forever stained in her mind the nonsense and misfortune that unfolded on that day. I would just like to ask God to protect us from future evil and let justice be served in the way he sees fit. I would hate for innocent people to be killed in return because it would be just as murderus as those who hijacked the airplanes and killed thousands of people. But guide us and keep our minds focused on the healing process. Lord we need you down here on Earth from the north pole to the south pole from the far east to the middle west lord we need you all over the world please bring peace upon our world and help our nation to become stronger and send a special blessing to all of those in need right now. Especially the children, Lord help the small ones who have lost their role models, parents, and family members instill in them love and peace help us older ones teach love not hatred. Childrens minds are easily swayed, those children that were dancing and cheering on that disastrus day help to change their way of thinking. (If they want Americans dead then why are they here.) Lord bless us and our enemies. I will keep a candle burning as a sign of life for all of those who lost theirs. Thank you. AMEN!

9/17/2001 02:09

May the many children who have lost a parent(s) find the love and understanding they desperatly need. May they find ears to listen to their fears. May they find shoulders to cry on and arms to hold them.
May the chidren grow up not to harbor hate and revenge but to celebrate the memory of their loved ones by living the best life possible.
I pray that somehow we, as a united community, can make a positive difference for the victims and for the future.

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