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Anissa R
Twin Tower Tradegy/ Is it a warning?

Tuesday Sept 11 9am. A hyjacked plane crashed into the World Trade and the Pentagon. People were falling and jumping from the World Trade Center.

I am frightened. I try to change it is difficult. I have attended so many different churches. I pray everyday faithfully. I still feel I am not walking right with the lord. I am always depressed and bitter. I use to be happy ,since I became a single mom I am not. I feel so alone. I feel I have nothing. I am educated and ambitious but still working terrible jobs. I am not married nor successful. I don't have a house nor a car. I am told to be happy with what I have. I thank god, every day because it can be worse. I am not happy. After the twin towers incident, I thought about my bitterness towards people. I called everyone in my phone book to see if they were o.k. At a time like this you have to let go of your sorrow because we do not know if there will be a tommorow. Please pray for my strength, to be faithful to the lord.
BeautyWithin3 -9/11/2001
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9/11/2001 18:44

I pray for all the families that have lost their loved ones. I also pray for God to give us all strength through this terrible time.

9/11/2001 20:26

We all need to pray for all of the people throughout the world who lost loved ones in the terrible tragedy that happened today. We also need to pray for our leaders and government officials that they will make the right decisions as to what happens next. I have two family members that are in the military and they were put on alert today. This is a very scary and very serious thing that happened in out country today. We need to keep all of our armed service people in our prayers as well. Some don't know if they will be here tomorrow, so let them know today that they are loved! Obviously, we will never know what tomorrow might bring......This was proven to us today!

9/11/2001 21:36

I went today to get checked for possibly
having ovarian cancer. My test was okay.
But, my problems seem insignificant in
light of the events of today in New York,Washington and Pittsburgh. My
prayers are with all the victims and
heroes, of today's devastations. May
God be watching over you today and in
the many horrific days to follow.

9/13/2001 00:43

I pray that the wisdom of spiritual guidance shows in the hearts and minds of everyone affected by this tragedy. The tempation for violent retaliation is burning strong. The lesson here is that the enemy has almost nothing. Militant Muslim's come from deserts and get there money from our oil money payments. The lust for revenge is a curse and has already rebounded against us. I pray for continuing clarity of the truth of sadness, not revenge; wisdom, not retaliation. The Buddhist wisdom holds that hate never ceases with hate, only love. God bless us, everyone.

9/13/2001 02:40

I'm praying for peace throughout the world. My heart goes to the victims and their families too in the WTC plane crash disaster (attack by terrorist).

I cried when I saw the people in one of the twin tower lurking out of the windows trying to escape the intense heat from the fire. Moments later they perished when the tower collapsed. I wished it was all untrue. My deepest condolence to their families and loved one.


9/13/2001 02:48

I pray too for the strength and efforts put in by all the fire-fighters, police officers, doctors & nurses, red-cross, blood donors and volunteers in this massive tragedy has left everyone shocked.

May all our prayers be granted and hope for the best.

9/13/2001 08:07

I pray that all the families will heal in their time of sorrow.Jesus said he will never leave us nor forsake us that he will not leave us comfortless, he will go and perpare a place for us. He has perpare a home for us.Believe in his word. Amen

9/13/2001 11:21

Is this a warning? Of course it is.
The warning here is that we humans
have yet to understand that Love is
the key. Not hatred,fear,greed,revenge,nor killing.
These are symptoms of a greater problem.
We need to accept that while we are
different, we are yet the same. Until
then,such violent acts such as we have
experienced, will continue.

9/13/2001 16:15

When I first heard of what had happened I was at work and I do not ever remember feeling the way I felt that moment. I felt fear, confusion, sadness, hurt, love and even anger all at the same time. I am not a very religious person but I do believe in GOD and all his glory. I do not know much about any religion but I do know that only GOD can really help us and keep this world together. I would like to thank GOD because I know it could have been worse. I would also like to extend my deepest sympathy and love to all mankind whether severely or slightly affected by this tragedy and ask our mighty GOD to continue to love and protect us and to forgive those whom commited these horrible acts of evil. GOD BLESS YOU ALL-Jacquie

9/13/2001 16:25

I will never foget the horror that was caused by such hatred. Instead of using this negative energy into a positive one, the world would be a much better place. I will never understand why such an act was committed to a place of possiblities and opportunities and a chance of new beginnings for anyone and everyone who enter this country. Unlike many countries in this world, we opened our doors to people and lend a helping hand. No, I will never understand. My heart goes out to everyone involved and affected by this tragedy and remember that you are not alone.

9/13/2001 17:04

You are not alone.This suffering is incredible.I have been fearing for family and friends.I believe that God is with those who died so innocently.My heart goes to all those suffering.

9/13/2001 19:40

My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this Horrible Disaster!!! Each night I go to bed, I pray for God to "Be With All Those On Earth Who Need Him." May God continue to be with us all, and God Bless America!!!!

9/13/2001 20:41

I pray for all the victimes and families and all the people who are pulling together to help.

9/13/2001 23:04

"I sought the Lord and he answered me. He delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant, their faces are never covered with shame, This poor man called, and the Lord heard him, and He saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them...Amen

9/16/2001 21:03

Blessed Mother Mary, I lift Anissa up to you and ask you to comfort her and show her that you and the rest of the Godhead love her dearly. I ask that you bless her in special ways, and help her life to take a more positive turn. Help her to not be afraid. Amen.

Anissa, all I can say is that the Blessed Mother, when appearing to St. Bernadette in Lourdes, promised her that she would suffer a lot in this world, but be rewarded in the next. This is the promise for all of us, and this is the promise you must cling to. The Father is a loving Father. Keep his commands and love Him. That is all He asks.

9/19/2001 20:57

Anissa, continue to have faith and pray to God. He will not abandon you. My children and I will keep you in our prayers. I was once lost and alone. I have since found my soulmate and my whole world has turned around. It will happen for you to! Please let us know how you are doing.

9/20/2001 00:21

Anissa, May God bless you. I pray that you may find someone, It is so hard being a single mother. My daughter is also a single mother, she has one in the Airforce ready to go off to battle, and one who just married a serviceman, and one child of 7 yrs. You are not along, dear one. Please keep the faith and give yourself credit. You deserve it. Try to remember, even though you don't have it particularly easy, I know, things will get better for you personally, if you can just keep the faith. God bless you.

9/20/2001 09:06

Dear Anissa: Hang in there. Seek counseling, sweetheart, you may be suffering from depression which can be treated with medication and treatment. I am a single mother as well, I understand. There may be inexpensive professionals in your area. I am praying for you.

Read this:

Where is God?... (you may ask)

After one of the worst tragedies in human history, people ask: "Where is God?"

They wonder how He could have let such a devastating event happen. I know at first, I did....but then I realized....Man is responsible for what happened--not God! God gave us the ability to make decisions for ourselves whether they be right or wrong. And God did not abandon us on that dark day. He brought calm to a city that was in chaos. People left the scene almost rank-and-file as if angels were guiding their every step and easing their anguish. His love was in the heart of every firefighter, policeman and volunteer who aided the victims. He was in the soul of every person who waited for more than 6 hours to give blood to the injured. I heard one testimony on CNN where a woman was caught in one of the buildings and smoke was all around her. She immediately cried for God to help her get out and she looked up and saw a light with a man standing in the midst, reaching out his hand to grab hers. She took it. He led her out to a car and gave her a drink. She looked up and he was gone.

God gave strength to the passengers of the ill-fated United Airlines flight 93 who decided to overcome the hijackers. Their heroic actions are the likely reason the jet, destined for Washington, crashed in rural Pennsylvania instead, saving an untold number of lives. He was guiding people at the Pentagon, steering them away from the soon-to-be-destroyed southwest side. As a result, there were fewer than 200 deaths in an area where thousands worked. And as the details of this crisis unfold, more miracle stories, both large and small, will come to light. We must not lose faith in God or our country.

God will be there for us. He will guide our leaders and aid us through this struggle. If you begin to wonder where God is, remember that he's right here at home. He will be with us always, just as He promised.

The Bible says He will never leave nor forsake us...(Hebrews 13:4-6 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.)

All we have to do is trust in Him....(Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.) I know its easier said than done at times, but that's what we've got to addition to lots of prayer!!!!

Yesterday as people were boarding the bus to get home, the seats were filled quickly and a woman on crutches was left without a seat. Several men and women promptly stood and offered their seats to her. At that moment, one of the men shouted, "It looks like last Tuesday changed a bunch of us!" Something inside of me cringed with anger, pain and a mixture of indescribable emotions. I hate to think that it took something so tragic to make us open our eyes and be kinder to each other and to make us appreciate life, our country and freedom....and to remember that God is still there. I know I've been guilty of it as well. Lets not allow time to pass and forget this tragic event, and forget that God is waiting to hear from us. Everyday, we should wake up and thank the almighty God for what He's done for us, thank Him for a country that stands for freedom, thank Him for safety, thank Him for our families, and thank Him for those who are fighting for our freedom and for their families. WE HAVE SOOOOOO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!

9/20/2001 15:02

I know what it feels to be a single mom, I am too. I had one failed marriage and I am in a failed relationship, I am staying with him because we have a daugther to raise and the best possible solution for her is that we stay togerther and make the best of it for her. When I was pregnant with her me and her father were not living together, I had one daughter (from previous marriage), lost my crappy job, and went on welfare. My self worth was null. I went to college part time and then a trade school. I did not work for 3-4 years. I found the job I currently have, and slowly built up myself up. And I am currently one year away from my bachelors degree. And I could lose my job from layoffs. I been committed to God for 17 years. I have come to understand that I had to be stripped of everything to rebuild myself. I am stronger than before. I still fall but God is there to pick me up. I don't have alot of close friends and sometimes that makes me feel sad, but then I remember that God is my best friend and he gives me everything I need.

I too am afraid from what happed on 9-11. I hear sirens and my stomach turns. I don't want to go out, but I know I need to. The terrorists will not take my spirit. We need to put our lives in Gods hands and let hime work through us to help eachother and ourselves. We need to do the footwork and than he can work on us to. Sometimes it's painful but it's worth it in the end.

I want to tell you a cute story that helped me during my journey.

There was once a lump of cold wet clay and he felt cold. Than he felt wet hands pick him up and set him down and he started to spin. They clay was unhappy he said he was dizzy and the hands were copld and wet, the hands started to bend and poke the clay and he was hurt. The clay was in so much pain from the cold wet hands poking and molding him he started to cry. Finaly he stopped spinng and was picked up and set on another flat surface. It started to get very hot and clay started to scream because of the pain of fire. HE was than taken out and clay said thank you. Then he was being tickeled by a wet brush, than hclay went back into the fire again. He was very upset until the hands brought him back out and set him down again on a flat surface in front of a mirror. Clay looked up in the mirror and saw the most beautiful teacup he had ever seen. And clay said I am so beautiful.

When I heard this story I felt as he was talking about me, I know now what a beautiful teacup I have become.. And, that was through the potter (God) himself.

Anissa I know how hard it is. Look at your self in the mirror and look into your eyes and tell yourself "I love you" and "you are a worthwhile person" Tell yourself whatever positive affirmations you need to hear and do it, write it down if you need to. I will pray for you. Remember you are not alone, you have God and there are others like us who know what it's like.

God please help us recover from this tragedy and come closer to you. Amen

11/6/2001 19:48

Prayer for Anissa R.
May lord grant you strength and courage to bear the loss. May HIS spirit guide you to the right path and bless you with spiritual enlightenment so that you may be able to accept what happened in your life. Remember that He only takes the best i.e. he was one of HIS most loved ones. And that he is with the creator, happy and watching you and really wants you to move on and be happy again. So let go the sorrow and try to build your life once more and the gracious lord will be with you all the time. Amen. Raj Dhanani

11/12/2001 00:39

You are not alone. Jesus the Son is right there with you. I also was a mother alone. Jesus never leave us it is we who leave him.
I want you to know that depression is a wicked trick of the evil on Satan. Depression and fear are not from God. He says peace be still to you. Take a moment and thank him for helping to strenghten you and work out you problems. The is none to great. He bore all for us on Calvery. All you have to do is believe and confess.
Claim this each day and night OUT LOUD so Satan can hear you. I will life up mine eyes and believe that my help comes from the Lord. (Paraphrased) I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.
Good Luck and Prayers.


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