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May my Guardian Angel watch over me

May I find peace in my life. I have never known what it means.

Dear Lord...You have shown me many horrible things in this life of mine. I do not know which was worse,loss of my father at 11,the father of my children abusing them, my only sibling killing herself,being re-married to someone who had a bad drinking problem, or being depressed everyday. I know there is a reason for me still living on Earth, but it hurts, and I need your strength. I am trying to raise my three beautiful children in this crazy world. Please guide me to peace....They keep me alive..Please send my guardian angel closer...Amen
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9/2/2001 23:10

Thank you Lord, for the recent discovery of new friends met by this wonderful site. You have sent me true living angels...Bless you

9/3/2001 01:11

Heavenly Father, with whom all things are possible, bless this loving woman and lift her from her depression. Bind any negativity in her life and replace it with the joy of knowing that You have been there even when the times seemed too difficult to bear. Replace the doubts in her heart with the strength to carry on. Fill her with a sense of worthiness. She has taken the time out of her hectic life to pray for others in need..let her feel needed. She has lifted the darkness from many lives with her kind words...let her feel Your light. She has been a great comfort to many of us by showing that she cares...let her feel supported. She has reached out to You...give her the patience and the strength to wait for your answer. Unify this family with Your love and let them feel the joy in living once again. Tahnk You Father, for all that You do. Amen.

9/8/2001 21:55

Thank you God, for these angels you have sent into my life. Just when I feel hope coming through my door, I get upsetting news. With the beautiful help, and prayers from people, I can get through this. Thank you for my recent friendships with angels, that I have come to meet here. Dear Lord..Please guide Marahet..and see that she is safe, and Danielle is safe too. Christ have mercy on us..Amen

9/8/2001 22:59

Heavenly Father, I ask that You bless this family and let them be reunited in Your love. Bring this mother peace and keep the lines of communication open between mother and daughter. Let Jacqueline feel the love and the cincern that her mother has for her. Close the gap of negativity that is now between them and bring them together in harmony. Bless this family Lord.

9/9/2001 09:54

Thank you God, for sending me the support of this wonderful person. I am so touched by responses that I recieve. This just shows me that there are true angels all around us. May Danielle , and Jacqueline be guided by your love, and strength....Amen

9/9/2001 22:27

Dear God..In the midst of all my frustration going on with Jacqueline, I have just found out that my only living aunt has kidney cancer. I am numb, but I hope that the medication that she is taking will relieve her of the pain. She was right there with me when Joan killed herself, and helped me make the funeral plans. She was also with me when mom died. I cannot lose her yet. She is only 71 years old. She has been so supportive of me during all my pain. Please dear heal my Aunt Til......Amen

9/13/2001 20:36

Dear God ...Please, please protect all those affected by this tradgic loss in our country. My heart goes out to all my fellow American's, and their deceased loved ones....May God punish those involved....Amen

9/16/2001 23:00

Heavenly Father, please ease the burden that Marilyn is suffering today. Ease her mind over the illness of her aunt. Take away any pain that her aunt may be experiencing and, if it is Your will, let her aunt be with us for many years to come. Let the love that Marilyn has for her aunt be part of the healing process. She desperately needs the continued support of her aunt as she struggles with her problems with Jacqueline. Heavenly Father, I stand in prayer with Marilyn and ask that You give her aunt the gift of time. Lord, I ask that You give Marilyn the strength to accept Your will in the days ahead. It is so hard sometimes to keep plodding along when you feel so much pain inside. Lord, lift her pain so that she can regain her footing and continue to move forward as she spreads Your words of love to those of us in need. In Your name, I ask these things. Amen.

9/19/2001 21:44

Thank you God for your continued expression of love, by sending me messages of dear friends made here at Beliefnet. I am just beside myself with the shock of the bombings, lost lives, hurt loved ones, and all in this disaster. I am in a loop of emotions at this time. I am so hurt by Jacqueline's decision to not contact me. This is the night before her 18th birthday, and I do not know where she is. My aunt is ill with kidney cancer, and I knew someone that died crashing into the Pentagon. I pray for your relief to others, and for peace in this world. i want to help others, and I sometimes feel weak. I am so thankful for the family, and friends that I have. Please guide my loved ones....Take care of the families that are suffering deeply. Please care for the new souls that have entered heaven....Lord have mercy

9/23/2001 12:07

My dear Lord, I am really finding it difficult to have mercy on these radical terrorists, and followers. I am trying to be a Christian woman here, but this is a real test for myself. The anger that rages in me for the horrible events that have happened to my fellow American's, is remarkable. I know that God forgives, and I find it to be the hardest thing I have ever had to face. If I could, I would fight this war, so that my children never have to in ages to come. May your strength and mercy be with me now...Amen

9/25/2001 22:17

God, please give me the strength to stay focused on my children. I do not want to become depressed because of Joan's 5th anniversary of suicide. I feel the blues coming on, and I have to fight it....Please take care of the souls from the 9-11 disaster....

9/26/2001 14:43

May the holy spirit of our most righteous Father, give Marilyn the strength to overcome her depressions, her sorrows. Lord, this wonderful person needs your Grace. Marilyn, know that you are loved and cherished by many. Give your troubles to the Lord, that you may live with happiness and peace. Keep your faith always, for the crosses that we bear, some more than others, are only a step to the kingdom of our everloving Father in heaven. Let your mind remember the wonders that God has blessed you with, and the hard times will seem lighter. My candle is lit for you always. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

9/26/2001 22:38

Thank you Carefree..My candles are lit for you as well. I left work early today, went to church at 10:30 AM. I prayed for all my dear family and friends. I prayed, I cried, and then I felt better. I prayed when I got home, and I am still praying. I read myself to sleep with my Bible. I wake to light a candle in the morning while everyone is sleeping. I even pray for my dog named Dexter, that we adopted from a shelter. He is part Shepard, and Husky. He hangs out with me all the time at home. He is my little pet angel. I am praying for the families today, that had to fill out death certificates. I feel so bad for these people. I can feel their pain, and sorrow. Please dear Lord, help all those in need...Carefree my thoughts are with you for Thursday...God Bless You

9/27/2001 07:39

God give me the strength to be a good Christian today. My anger towards the terrorists is at an alarming level. Show me the way to use my energy wisely!

9/27/2001 20:15

Dear Lord, I pray that You cover Marilyn with the cloak of Your love and ease her mind over the tragedy that has changed our nation. Use her as an instrument of prayer on Your continue to pray for those who have been affected by the devastation of these misguided few. Give her an outlet to release her anger into the Universe and let it go. Let her now focus on the healing that must take place. We are afraid in the face of the unknown, we are saddened, we are helpless because of these unthinkable acts of horror. Begin the healing in Marilyn's heart. Begin the healing in our nation and the world. We are all Your children...let us live as You intended. Amen.

9/27/2001 20:46

Lord, bless my friend Marilyn and ease the burden she feels for our nation. She cares at such an intense level that I am sure she will not be able to rest comfortably until each and every person lost in this devastation is accounted for, until each and every person touched by this tragedy has been covered by her prayers. Ease her pain with the knowledge that You are in control of the Universe even though we have been hit by unimaginable horror, that You have greeted all those lost by the terror and welcomed them into life eternal, that You will comfort those who's hearts have been broken and lives changed forever, that You will punish those responsible for these reprehensible acts, that You will protect us from this new evil that is now without form or face. Fill her heart with peace and let her rest. Take away her anger and her pain. Let Your love for her be her safe harbor in these difficult times. Amen.

9/27/2001 21:12

To Marahet,
Thank you for your continued support and prayers. The devistation that has hit me goes with the fact that I actually dealt with a wonderful woman that was on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. It just hits me harder everyday that goes on. My heart is so sorry for all that have lost someone. I feel their pain, and feel so helpless. On the night before the attack, the president of my company lost her step-son due to a tradgic roofing accident. She and her husband could not even get a flight out to be with the family. I watch people suffer all around me, and I want peace for everyone. I know how bad it hurts, and I cannot stand by and watch. As I pray to God for help, and the energy to assist all in need, I also ask God to take care of me. I feel my heart just race, and race with anger. I am very sincere, when I thank you Lord for all my dear friends such as Marahet, and Carefree that remind me all the time that they pray for me, and my family. God Bless You and my special angels....Peace

9/29/2001 15:41

Dear Lord,
Thank you for letting me have a nice day so far. I am enjoying your beautiful sky, and taking in the last of the sun's warmth. I thank you for all my family, and friends. I pray for all people that are suffering from the attack. God take care of the souls that made their way to you on September 11, 2001. Amen

9/29/2001 22:22

Father, continue to let Marilyn be free of the burden of life's "issues", if only temporarily. Let her rest and gather strength and enjoy the beauty around her. Keep her family safe and well. Keep Jacqueline in touch so that Marilyn's heart may be at peace. Let her feel loved and appreciated by those who she does so much for by caring and praying. She is one of Your legions of Angels on earth and I, for one, could not get by without her giving heart. I thank You for the security of her friendship. Amen.

9/29/2001 22:34

Dear Lord,
I need your help at this present moment. My son, and husband were fighting. The stress that my son brings into my home, is getting out of control. He is acting out, and making everyone feel bad. He just recieved confirmation in March, and tonight claims that there is no God..I am begging you to guide him back to me. I feel like he is on the same road Jacqueline was on. I cannot bare to allow this to happen. I need your strength to fill my soul. I am praying for all the families that are hurt from the disaster.Please hear my prayers..Amen

10/1/2001 20:57

Lord hear our prayers...please intervene in the life of this young man. Remove any feelings of anger and hurt that he is feeling. Bring into his life a good mentor that he can talk to when he feels as though he can not talk with his parents. Let him speak openly of his pain and give him positive aqvenues to deal with them. Let him see the pain in his mother's heart over Jacqueline so that he will not make the same mistakes. give himm the motivation to move forward in his life in a positve and productive way. Remove this teenage rebellion before it gets out of control. Lay Your healing hands upon him tonight and bring this family rest. Amen.

10/1/2001 21:20

God, please help Robert during this horrible time in our lives. He is with his therapist right now, and I hope he can get through to him during this time. Amen

10/1/2001 21:23

Dear Lord, Thank you for giving me the support of Marahet, and Carefree. These special angels mean so very much to me, and I want them to be happy...Thank You Jesus....Amen

10/2/2001 15:04

Father give Marilyn the strength that she needs each day. Let the stress that she faces be lifted. Bring to her words of comfort and encouragement. Father, we know that we have crosses to bear, but lighten her load father, let some of the weight, if not all, be lifted. I thank you for her, she has been a heaven sent, for I know that there are power in prayers, and she has been there all the way. May you bless her Father, and heal her needs. Thank you Jesus, Amem.

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