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Constance Austin
A struggling mother.

This prayer circle is for Constance, separated from her husband (who is in prison), helping to raise 4 grandchildren; 3 with her daughter and 1 with her son, with financial worries.

Please pray for me. Mine is a single-income family (I work full time and part time) with 4 adults and 4 children. I pay all the bills and provide for my family, but it is hard. I pray to God for the strength to keep going, but sometimes I get discouraged. I believe that God will provide and not leave us alone, because he brings us through every month with all the utilities still on and food on the table. We lost our home to a fire December 2000; then I lost my father in February 2002 from a heart attack; and my son is facing a felony charge. We lost his baby boy, age 2, in February of 2002 from pneumonia. I am still in shock over loosing my Dad and grandson and still cry every day. I feel that I let both of them down, because there was nothing I to do to help them on the mornings they died. Please Pray from me that I can put them to rest in my heart and be happy that they are now happy and that God continue to give me the strength to take care of my family. Thank you.

constance45 -8/11/2001
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8/31/2001 20:27

God I add my faith to Constance W's prayer that you provide for all of our needs. I ask that you would comfort her in her grieving time, and help her to release her pain into your shoulder. Show her those characteristics her father bestowed into her own character, to allow her to remember he is always with her right there in her heart... that certain phrase he always used, that loving smile he had, or the way he always listened. I thank you for being the strength that has given Constance courage in her responsibility of parent, and I trust you to continue to guide her and open the doors to providing for her family's needs. I thank you for your grace. Amen.

10/1/2001 17:22

10/01/01 5:15p.m.
Constance I've been where your and I ask God to help you and your family to be able to stand with the trials that have been put in the front of you. Please continue to stay strong with your faith. Continue to pray for the strength to deal with the fact you do get discouraged at times. God knows that we are weak and ask us to trust in him and not on our own. The Lord is a loving and trusting God and will continue to keep you and your family blessed. Ask God to help your son with his situation and he will bless him also. Constance I'm a woman who truly understands your situation so please don't give up on your self on your family, because the Lord does hear you with all his heart and soul.As for your fathers death continue to pray because it will get easier as the time goes on. Losing a love to death can take you off balance for awhile, but with the Lord's love everything will get better. I will continue to pray for you and you family. The best blessing for you and yours.

11/2/2001 18:59

Father God i ask you to open my husbands eyes and heart so that he would receive your son Jesus and live his life for him. Sometime it's so hard to handle all of the things we go through but if he would just see how loving and forgiving you are he would see you the way i do. And if you would please through me show him your love. I love you and thank you in advance for saving my husband in Jesus name Amen

11/7/2001 19:45

Constance, I ask the Lord in prayer to light your way and thru his light you receive health, wealth and love. I ask that he give you strength and lots of love to carry on your journey. I pray for you.

11/24/2001 02:52

Dear Deity who watches over us all, I ask that you bring your peace and love into Constance's household. I ask the Devine Feminine to bring her the love, and the grace she needs to continue to provide for her family's needs day after day. Help Constance to see the joy and beauty in the world surrounding her every day. And I call upon the Devine Masculine to give Constance the physical and emotional strength she
needs to provide for her family's well being. Guide her to work that will bring her happiness and fulfillment in her life, as well as financial reward. Stay with Constance, and protect her family from all harm. Most of all, hold her dear father safe in Your arms, until they meet again in the Afterworld. And it is so. Blessed Be.

12/14/2001 07:36

May God give you the courage to endure. Just say the our father..... meditate, thy will be done .. it might be his will.. but if it is not his will, you might be out of your problem sooner than you expeceted.

1/20/2002 07:20

Father of the world I thank you for the privilige of prayer. I come to you in the name of Jesus, Give Constance the peace that passes all understanding. Lift her up as on the wings of angels. May she feel the strength that comes from resting in you. Help her heal father, help her as only you can. Make a way where ther seems to be none. Father I ask that you give a extra measure of grace on her behalf and that of her family. Help her each day she faces to know that you are with her, and will not fail her. Fathe I plead the blood of Jesus the Christ on her and her families behalf, that they may be strengthened and restored by the living waters of Christ. Father give her serenity, and renew her joy unto her. In the name of Jesus I ask these things believeing and with gratitude unto the Father. Amen

2/2/2002 06:57

Jesus, you suffered and died for us so that we may live an eternal life. Help us see that we shall meet again someday in a better place. The daily trials and crosses that this woman carries are obviously overburdening her. I pray that she is able to drop this cross to you and believe that there are better days ahead. I pray that her feelings of discouragement will turn to courage and hope of a new day. I pray this in Your name. AMEN. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to pray with people who are struggling in today's world and that when I need prayers of others they will be here to pray with me to You.

2/26/2002 14:05

Constance, you are already in His arms, the Lord will NEVER forsake you or forget you. I will include you in my prayers and feel blessed that I may do so. Remember, everything has a purpose, even if it really hurts so bad. We are usually (always) reveiled the lesson in Gods timing...which is perfect. I too, am going through family difficulty, and I have to put on Gods armour just to mske it through the day. God dosn't want us to worry, so please don't. He knows every hair on your head, every grain of sand on every beach, surely He knows what is happening to you. Just stay close to His word, for He is the way, the path and the light.From your sister in Christ, Peoplegetready.

3/31/2002 14:38

I pray to you, because strength is what you need now, I too am in a similar positionm only I have no job and I am raising my children on assitance which does not make me proud infact I can not stand it, I lost my job because one of my son's had to have a major surgury and I had a daughter that was hurt by someone and demanded my presence and I suffer from a condition called anxiety heavy duty. I have been diagnoised with this condition all my life, but it is manageable I feel like I am not a regular person I love my children very much I got married the right waym but the husband got cold feet and backed out on me, so what do I do. i have applied at low paying jobs and still no luck I find myself in the mix of politics. I am 44 years and I get preasured everyday to get off of welfare
they have a way of making me feel guilty, but it is not my childrens fault I do not drink alcohol beverages or do drugs, but still I am categorized
as a low life mother, from the truth I am involved with my childrens lives through the programs they are in I volunteer in my communities so my children don't feel like they have to hide or be ashame that we live like this.I earn this little money to support my children, but on the other hand the father gets away with having a single life do waht ever he wants and does not see the kids only when he wants to he has no regard to the law or his kids he is in and out of there lives I am tired of this, but I don't do anything because i don't want my kids to hurt more they love there dad, but my day is comming, because they are getting bigger now and they can see what he is like without me bashing him they do not want to see him anymore as much as they did when they were little, but they are going through the teenage years and it is difficult for me bymyself so when he does see him I let him, but I have no life, my children are my life until they are grown, so I feel for you and I hope that I keep having the strength to keep going

4/27/2002 13:31

May God keep on Blessing you and being there for you in your time of need. Just think what heaven is like and what your dad would be doing there right now and seeing his smiling face when he sees jesues. That should bring a smile to your face. it hurts to lose someone but some day we will be together again God Bless you.

6/20/2002 01:25

Please pray for my daughter, Kellie. She is 18 and will take her Ged test in July. She lives at home and we dont charge her for food/room or board. She seems to go from job to job and is lazy. She had a nice car, my mom bought her and she was told to work and pay the car payment and insurance of $500 a month. Many month's she didnt make enough in a job to pay insurance and we had to pay and my mom had to pay for car payment. The car is getting fixed since a friend of hers took a key and scratched a bad word in it and scratched all over the car. My mom is taking the car and having my brother in law sell it. Mother was giving Kellie a chance and has spend a lot of money on her. We shouldnt pay for insurance on a car either. Kellie will not go for counceling, thinks we have the problem.
She was kicked out of high school because of attendance and only had 3 credits as a junior. Why getting GED.
So we have had a time with her. Pray she will see where she went wrong and try to turn her life around.

6/20/2002 01:34

Kellies Dad died in 1994 after l7 years of kidney disease/heart/bone disease. He was sick her entire life. He was abuse verbally and physically to me and would try to put Kellie against me and my mom. He was sick alot and she seems to take on some of that behavior. Think some reason why attendance was bad in school. She has lost both grandfathers and father within 6 years.Also lost great uncle and great grandmother in those years too.

6/30/2002 00:51

I pray for you and all others who are in the same position. I,too, am there. I just recently lost my job. I am 45 and am having a hard time finding another one. I am going to be evicted from from my home and the bank is giving me one more week to make a payment on my car. I have struggled all my live. My father was an alcholic and abusive to my mother and myself and sisters. I started drinking and doing drugs at an early age. But I decided I did not want that kind of life. You will be in my every prayer for i know what it is like to have a family and to wake up every morning wondering where their next meal is going to come from and how you are going to pay the bills just ot survive.GOD BLESS

8/23/2002 01:15

my prayers are with you and your family I wish comfort, love and light from Myth and family

9/13/2002 05:06

dear friend..My God shall supply all our need according to His riches in Christ...may all the comfort from Above be u..pricylla and giri

11/25/2002 05:55

Please pray for me. I'm a mother of (3) boys and things are hard raising them along. I work full time and still can't paybills. I have no help from there father.It hurts when I can't give them the thing they need. I'm always depress,sad and find myself crying and sometime I take things out on them and hit them. I don't no what to do sometime I feel like taking my kids and jump in the river.

3/19/2003 21:15

God, please help Constance find peace and joy. Amen.

6/9/2003 14:33

Please pray for me. I'm a mother of a 3 year old son and a 51/2 month old daoughter. I work full time and struggle to make ends meet. My fiance has verbally and physically abused me in front of our son. He is in jail waiting on the outcome. I am depressed, and stresses. However I still love this man dearly and want him to get the help that he needs so we can continue to be a family. I am sad, depressed and don't know if I can go on. Please pray for me to be strong for my children as well as myself and please pray for him to find the Lord and to get the help that he needs so we can keep our family together.

6/9/2003 14:35

Constance, remember that God does not give us things that we can not handle. Continue to be strong and give Him all of your worries and problems and he will deliver you from this.

11/8/2003 11:55


3/31/2004 23:21

"Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us." Psalm 62:8

10/25/2004 03:52

Constance, I have been in your shoes or very similar one's.....I too, was a single mother and went through all the struggles, trails & tribulations....was a welfare for waaaaaaaay too long, but, I did get off it and my children, mainly my son has helped me AND I am still NOT able to stand on my own 2 feet..and now I also have a grand-daughter to worry about...but, yet I have live what "JORDAZHALYN" from 6/9/03 message says...REMEMBER THAT GOD DOES NOT GIVE US THINGS THAT WE CAN NOT HANDLE......I almost died one time saying those words AND telling God he had FAITH in me to handle what He gave me but "I didn't have FAITH in myself to handle what He gave me".....well, I am here as Testament that "God does NOT give us more than we can handle" So, keep saying that & believing that and you too will survive ALL that you are going through. So, continue to be strong & five God all of your worries and problems and he will deliver you from this... I survived it once before and now I am being tested again.....I will get through my struggles once again just as you will because God will take our worries and problems and he will deliver us from this if we pray to HIM and ask to hear our prayer.

God bless you & your family, God will give you the strength & courage to survive this time of struggle & hardship and fill your life with goodnes if you believe in Him and ask him to help you.

Peace & strength be with you during this time.

11/6/2005 21:43

I beg everyone's forgiveness in adding my trival sorrow but I myself am in need of some prayer support as I go to search for employment this week so I amy get back to making some money to finish raising my daughter.
I am a divorced mom of one teen daughter who left an abusive marriage, worked two full time jobs for 12 1/2 years with no child support and was almost killed by a drunk driver in 2001. The accident has left my body racked in pain from herniated discs and the lawyers of course took most of the money. What was left was pretty much taken from me by a now very ex boyfriend who took the money and spent it on drugs and sex with other women especially young 12 and 14 year old girls.
He recently had me fired from my job of 16 years and 1 month after I was fired he got me into an accident in his vehicle which has left me in even more pain and totally broke.
He is on disability himself and did not carry medical coverage on his vehicle and refuses to pay any of the medical bills. I was the only one hurt and passenger in his truck
Now he has left me for some other woman after we were together for almost 2 years and he only knew this new woman 2 weeks.
I sit home as a prisoner in my home now with no money, no job, no medicine, and basically am begining to feel as if God has forgotten and abandoned me to .
I have always been sted fast and dedicated to God but I now know he has not been there for me and has lied to me as well about never leaving me especially when I am so broken completely.
I need a prayer of some sort to try one last time to see if God does care and if I will be able to get a job and get back on my feet and take care of my daughter.
I have nothing left but a totally broken body mind and now spirit.
I ask your forgiveness but I am at the end now. I have no where or no one else for me to turn to.
I'm all alone.
Thank you for listening.
Forgive me please...
debb smith
colo.spgs, co.

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