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Robert Watson
Prayer and Guidance for my angry, and confused son

May the Lord help Robert find peace within himself.I pray that his guardian angel watch over him, and help him to stay away from drugs, and violence.

Please God, help Robert, my only son discover peace in his life.He is only 14 years old, and has been diagnosed with Bipolar.He has such anger issues with his father,who in the past abused him.My two other children have also suffered as well.I pray for him to stay in school,and get back on the road to happiness.He already attends a school for troubled children, but I feel it is not working.The doctors feel it is not good to send him far away for treatment, because he was already ripped away from me at a young age. I pray for all children in this world with the same problems.I am a loving mother, and I need help from God..I pray for Robert to respect me, and to return the love and support that I give him...Lord have mercy......Amen
marilynangel -8/11/2001
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8/19/2001 12:31

Please God, let Robert's visit to the doctor be positive. He will be given new medicine to help with his anger issues. Keep him focused for the new school year.Lord hear my prayer..Amen

8/23/2001 07:33

Dear Lord..Last night when my son was home alone, he recieved a call from his father. He has not heard from him in over 5 years. My son was shocked, and hung up on him. Please let his angels watch over him, so that he can move on. He was abused by this man, and today suffers from many problems. I need your prayers for him...Amen

8/25/2001 01:25

Please Lord, help Robert seek peace with the help of his new medicine.May he find it easy to make the transition into high school.Lord have mercy on my only son....Amen

9/3/2001 00:56

Blessed Father, remove the demons that plague this young son and free him of his torment. Bring into his life a sense of peace and a sense of belonging. Give him good friends and good mentors to show him the way to a better place in life. Give him this time in childhood to be just that, a child full of hopes and expectations. Take away the abuse and the confusion of a father who only pops in every now and then. Remove the anger caused by his feelings of abandonment. Open his eyes to the loving family he has around him and let that sustain him until he is old enough to understand that any sins of the parent do not belong to him. Bless this child oh Lord. Amen.

9/9/2001 10:13

Dear God...I hope that Robert is not depressed because of his sister. Please guide him to focus on his own life, and let me bare the pain. I only want him to have a happy, and healthy life...Amen

9/25/2001 22:26

Please Lord, help my son battle the terrible anger that he keeps inside. Show him to stay clean from any drugs that he has used in the past...Lord have mercy...Amen

9/26/2001 14:38

Father, we ask that you send your power of love to Robert. Lord, heal his angers, take them upon yourself Lord, for his sake, so that he may live a loving, caring life, one that you would want for him to live. Almighty, revoke the works of Satan, let him not confuse Robert, let your spirit enter his heart, that he be at peace and love himself. In the Glory of your Love Amen.

9/26/2001 22:51

Lord, please keep Robert from doing any more harm to himself. Let his heart be free of any depressed feelings towards his father, who has no contact with him, but continues to make my life a living hell.

9/27/2001 20:32

Father, I stand in prayer with Marilyn and Carefree and ask that You rebuke any evil in Robert's life. Cast it away to the deepest darkest pit so that it can never harm him again. Remove the uncontrolled anger in Robert's life...let him live the life of a child before he must begin the confusing trek to adulthood. Impress upon him that it is OK to not see eye to eye with his parent's on every issue, but it is not OK to react to their guidance with anger or other negative behavior. Bring into his life, someone who can guide him and help him deal with anger management issues in a positive way. Let him see the love in his life...let him enjoy that love. Remove the anguish he feels for a father who is not a part of his life, but continues to cause problems from afar. Fill Robert with the Peace that comes from loving You. Amen.

9/29/2001 22:40

My dear Angels that you give to me God, such as Mahahet, and Carefree are so very special in my life. Dear Lord, I ask you for immediate relief in Robert's life. He is having problems, and now faces a court date. I have already been informed that he might be sent away for 30 days in light of his wrong doings. He laughs at me praying to Jesus, and is losing faith day by day..I need your help, my dear lord. This is my only son, and I love him so much. It is so hard to see him in this way.Please help me Lord...Amen

10/2/2001 14:59

Lord Father, bring Robert your everlasting love. Open his heart Father, that he will realize what a great future lies ahead of him. Bring him a mentor God, that will teach him the life that you intended him to live. Let Marilyn hear the right words to speak to him, so that he may receive you in his life, and be saved from the hold that Satan may have on him. Bring Marilyn peace, let her live with her children in love and harmony, and in serving you Lord. For you need only say the word, and it shall be done. Amen

10/2/2001 21:47

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for the call we got from Jacqueline tonight. It made me happy to watch Robert talk to his older sister. Robert's birthday is Sunday. He will be 15. I pray for a peaceful day, and that we get through this trouble he is in..Amen

10/3/2001 21:57

Thank you God for the call I recieved today, regarding the trouble that Robert might not be in after all. For some strange reason, the court is giving him the benefit because of his depression. Please keep my son safe from any evil.....Amen

10/5/2001 01:23

Father, I stand in faith before You and ask for immediate intervention on behalf of Robert. Remove his anger and replace it with joy. Touch his heart so that he can accept the guidance of his loving mother. Open his eyes to the possibilities You have laid before him. Help him to make wise choices that will lead him in a positive direction. Bless this child my Lord. Amen.

10/7/2001 09:09

Dear God,
Today is Robert's 15th birthday. Let this day be a fresh start for him. Let him feel Jesus in his life again. Thank you for Jackie calling to wish him a happy birthday! I am so thrilled that she made the effort! Bless all those who pray for me! They are my true angels! Bless our world, and help bring relief to all that suffer! Amen

10/8/2001 21:30

Robert, a belated Happy Birthday! May your year be filled with joy and laughter, and blessings abundant! May your heart be filled with peace and love. God bless you.

10/9/2001 14:06

My dear Lord,
Robert has such anger issues with his father who called him on his birthday. He has not heard from his father in years..Let him work these issues out in peace. Amen

10/12/2001 20:50

Heavenly Father, I ask that you bless Robert tonight. It is so difficult for a child to understand the reasons a parent leaves the family and then seldom looks back. My nephew is 22 and still going through issues that resulted when his father left home when he was fifteen. This father remarried and built a comfortable life for himself, but let his children live in poverty and abuse. He calls from time to time and is insulted when his children don't want to speak to him. Lord remove the hurt and the anger that Robert is feeling. Give him the courage to forgive his father so that he (Robert) may go forward with his life in peace. Remove any issues of abandonment from Robert's heart and let him begin to heal. These are difficult and tumultuous years he is entering. Years when he will make decisions that will affect the rest of his life. Guide him Holy Father and open his heart to his mother and step father who are there for him now. Bless this child. Amen.

10/13/2001 09:37

Dear Marahet, and God,
You are both so awsome! Robert's father has come forth to his children. I just hope that he is truthful about his motives. He met with Robert at his grandfather's home to eat dinner together. His wife was not there, because she is angry with him to have any contact with his children from our marriage. Robert set aside his anger issues to take in what his father has to offer him. He actually spent the night last night at his dad's home. Jill and her boyfriend Roger went along for Robert's sake. Jill is not as forgiving as Jacqueline. Jill watches out for Robert in a way I never dreamed possible. Time will tell how Robert reacts to his father. It was only six years ago that I gained full custody of my children because of the abuse their father did to them. I am praying for peace to come to my children's hearts!! Thank You God for the support and prayers from my angel friends!! God Bless them always!!

10/15/2001 10:06

Dear Lord please heal Robert & let him forgive. Keep his mother strong. Show him the way & let good people into his life, may he learn trust & fell love. Amen

10/21/2001 08:32

Thank you Ipray for your kind prayer. I have learned that children that are abused by a parent have a dedication in their heart to forgive. I know Robert is angry, but is looking for answers from his father. Times are very rough for our family this month. My children lost their favorite aunt to suicide on 10-17-96, and their grandmother on 10-21-98. I am trying to get these children of mine strong as myself. They see me pray all the time, and I hope to shed my ways onto them.God bless to all..Thank you again Ipray, Marahet, and Carefree....My angels from Beliefnet.....God bless...Amen

10/27/2001 03:21

Dear Lord,
Robert saw his dad 2 weeks ago. He rarely calls to talk to him. I was worried this would happen, and it did. Robert is taking new medication for his depression, and I pray that it will work. I spend countless hours taking him for therapy, and I pray he will work his anger issues out in a smart way. He has passed another drug test, which I am grateful for. There are evil friends out in his world that tease him about not doing drugs. I know he is trying. Please guide him through his first year of high school. I am pleased that his grades are rising. Bless all those that pray for my boy.....Amen

10/28/2001 19:22

Heavenly Father, I pray that You keep a vigilant watch over Robert during these difficult years in highschool. Keep any and all negativity away from him and keep away any temptations to do drugs and use alcohol as a substitute for problem solving. Let him make progress in his therapy sessions and let his therapist be guided by Your hand to prescribe the right medications and therapy for him. Lord, wrap Your arms tightly around this young man's heart and keep him safe. Give hinm the courage to do what is right in will be difficult in these tumultuous years where peer pressure can be so strong. Let Your light shine brightly in his life and keep him safe and strong. Amen.

11/4/2001 12:43

First I want to thank You for all that You do every day in the lives of Your children to guide them and watch over them. It is not Robert's fault that he suffers from bipolar disease--I ask that You please help him deal with the anger issues so they do not rule over his life. He cannot change what happened to him at such a young age and it is a tragedy that he had to bear those crosses. Please lift these burdens off Roberts soul, Father. I ask that You guide him into a peaceful, productive life. Let these troubles make him stronger, not weaker. Let him know he can overcome this. In Jesus' name, amen.

I admire you so much by reading your prayers in your different prayer circles. You have such a selfless love for your children, and one day, when they overcome their demons (which they will), they will recognize how blessed they were for having a mother like you to worry and fuss over them. :) I hope if I ever become a mother I can deal with my children in the same loving manner.

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