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For Those Who Have Lost A Parent
For All Of Us To Heal

Perhaps the hardest loss is when a Mother or a Father has died.

bjrnyc -8/7/2001
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8/10/2001 01:29

thank you Lord for the time we had with our parents and we pray that the sadness and grief be overcome by knowing they're in a better place.Amen

8/25/2001 04:15

When parents leave us,G-d doesn't just leave u alone.It's like he/she sends
angels and he/she takes a personal watch over you during you're time of distress and mourning, it can sometimes feel as if you're parents are actually there with you.However we are never alone, although the loss of a parent or parents makes you feel so unattached, and defenseless, no matter what age you have.I hope you get the strenght you need to go through this period of grieving.G-d Bless you Earleen

8/25/2001 09:01


8/25/2001 10:41

My boyfriend, who is only 27 years old, just recently lost his father. It was so hard to go through this experience with him but we are comforted because we know that he is with the Lord. I pray for anyone who is going through this or has. I pray that they remain strong and are comforted by knowing that their loved one is in a better place. I pray also that anyone who reads this will cherish the time that they have with their loved ones who have not passed on and learn that each moment in life is so precious. Peace be with all of you. Amen.

8/25/2001 10:50

Hi!I am 14 now! And I have lost a loved one!When I was 1 years old my dad had a car accident and passed away! Just thinkin about him everyday brings a tear to my eye.I wish I had the privelage to see him everyday!Although I do see him in m dreams and when I look in the mirror.I wonder all the time how it would be like if I my father was alive.But then i stop and think that my father is alive inside me and that is all that counts.I still love my dad and I know he is in a better place!And when we met we will rejoice in happiness..Thanks for listening to me! LilAngel4Life

8/25/2001 11:33

I lost my dad a few years ago and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to him to tell him that I forgive him for his harsh ways of bringing us up and to ask him for his forgiveness for being defiant and not listening to him. I realised after getting married and moving out how much his way of bringing us up has made us stronger individuals. We were able to cope with our personal trials and tribulations.
I pray now for all families that they will love each other deeply and that there will always be peace in families all over the world.
O God Bless families all over the world with Peace, Love & Happiness Always. I ask this through your Son Jesus, Amen

8/25/2001 11:55

I am a 38-year old recent widow. My father died when I was 23. In fact, he died the day I brought my first child home from the hospital after she was born. My mother died 3 years later. Please believe DOES get easier with time and with the Lord's comforting.

8/25/2001 13:28

I lost my dad five years ago this coming November and my mom a year and a half ago. My mom died in her sleep. I never got a chance to be near her because I was sick also. I wish I had felt well enough to be near her when she passed away. I wasn't there when my dad died either. He was in a hospital. He died of kidney failure and heart failure. My mom died at home in her sleep from congestive heart failure and flu-like symptoms, not to mention she was having several little strokes that affected her mind and her thinking. They were both in their 70's when they died. I was angry at them for a while about the fact that they pushed me so hard on piano practice and many times I cried over that. My mom had a very difficult temper and wasn't the nicest person in the world, and my dad was an alcoholic. So you can imagine my life growing up with that. Thankfully, there was no physical abuse, just sharp tongues and loud arguments. They meant well, I know, but if that kind of temper was the only way they could get me to practice piano or anything, I guess I had no choice. I thank God they loved me enough to adopt me into their family and saw to it that I had eyesight. I was born with congenital cataracts and a macular pucker. The woman who was my biological mother didn't live in a very stable relationship. Neither did the father, for that matter. They wanted me to live in a stable environment so I would know stability and love, and a good pair of eyes to see with. I have to learn to look beyond all the yelling and swearing and fighting and drinking to see that there was love there, even though it wasn't always shown. I knew they loved me because they wouldn't adopt me if they didn't. Even though they made me angry sometimes, i still love them even now after they have gone. I know it would have been better if they had known the Lord and lived His way, but at least they had some knowledge of God and Jesus, even though they didn't live it. They also let me go to church one day with a friend who came to the door. They saw that I had the right values and morals, which, fortunately, I have never strayed from to this day. I sometimes slip and say the cuss word for "darn" once in a while, but I always confess it to God and believe I am forgiven for it. I want to live the way Christ taught us to live. I only wish my mom and dad could live His way also, the way a Christian should live and act and talk. More often than not, she still swore, he still drank, they both still smoked, havits no Christian should even have. But if it weren't for them adopting me there's no telling where I may have ended up. I may have ended up in a crack ouse, an orphanage, an unstable foster home, or heaven knows what else could have happened. I wish I could forgive them for their tempers and their swearing and how they pushed me to the very limit until I almost was ready to scream, but it's too late for that now. I pray that God has forgiven them of such behavior. If He can forgive, so can I, and so should I. Mom and Dad, if you're looking down from heaven, I forgive you for your tempers and your swearing and your other faults. That may have been the only way you knew how to be. If that's the case, I accept that. Now it's time to move on.

8/25/2001 15:16

Oh Lord, Universe, Holy Mother, I pray for you to bless the soul of Rita Madole who has passed away three days ago. She has blessed us all by bringing her daughter, Sarah, the most lovely girl I have ever met, into this world. Surround them both in Divine Love and Protection. Please bring peace and happiness to Sarah in her hour of need. Let her know that whether her mother is across the country or across the universe, her love is always with her at all times. May all the Love in the universe bless the soul of Rita Madole and send her our prayers of love and gratitude for the time that she blessed us with her presense. Thank you Rita, for bring Sarah into this world. I love her with all my heart and I pray that you assist her in this difficult time. I love you and God bless you. Amen
I love you Sarah,

8/25/2001 15:56

It has been one year to the date that I lost my Mother. I know that she suffered for a few hears with major heart trouble, and was in a lot of pain the last year. I know that she is now in a better place and is no longer sick or in pain. A few months before my Mother passed away my Father had many small strokes and is in a nursing home unable to walk, speak, stand, feed himself, and at most times knows noone. I'm not sure if he understands the passing of my mother. I'm 2000 mile from where my father is so it has become a double loss. I know the Lord does not give us more on our plate than we can cope with. Pray, belive, and put our cares in the hands of our Lord. God bless to all.

8/25/2001 16:39

I lost my mother in December of 1998. I had just visited with her the week before. I should have known she was leaving soon because she mostly spoke of "remember when" to me. She made me realize even more that God had blessed my family tremendously all of our lives. My dad left just four months after her. He missed her so much. When he got ill he asked that all of my brothers and sisters call in on a conference call so he could speak to us. He asked that we respect his wishes to not be "poked and prodded anymore" by the physicians. We all knew he was leaving to be with our mother. Losing a parent is by far the most difficult loss a person will ever face. With God's mercy you do get through it. My parents' death has certainly opened my eyes to what is truly important in life. God bless any of you out there going through the loss of a parent and know that God is with you always. He knows how much we can bear.

8/25/2001 21:28

Lord please help all those who have lost parents to reach to you and trust in you for one day we to will join you in your wonderful kingdom. My Dad passed away a year and a half ago as much as I miss him it gives me much comfort to know he is no longer suffering with all of his health problems it was a long road for him but im sure he is rejoicing with you now oh lord and one day when it is my time we will all meet again in your great kingdom when you feel our work is done on Earth Please help all people to keep up the faith always and comfort them and have them believe that one day they to will rejoice in your kingdom Amen

8/25/2001 22:10

Heavenly Father, it has been almost four months since my step father died. I still miss him and think of him often. I know he is in a better place as he is with you in your Heavenly home. I am looking forward to seeing him again someday. Please watch over my mother who is living by herself now and not in the best of health. Could you please put the thought into her mind that she should come up here to visit us in our home at times? It is sometime very difficult to keep traveling home to visit. And we all know she needs us right now. You Lord, know the problems that we are facing, please help us work them out. Help us to not worry constantly about her, and keep her safe. Thank you Lord for looking over us all. Amen

8/26/2001 00:06


8/26/2001 02:56

My name is Alexis and I am 18 years old. Last month, on July 14th 2001, I lost my mother Rosie Delgado. She had a kidney transplant two years ago and it began to fail this year. She went into the hospital at the beginning of July because of her partial kidney failure, and on Friday the 13th, her kidneys completely failed, her lungs collasped and finally her heart gave out. My mother was a beautiful person. I know many people think there parents are the greatest, but I truly believe that when my mother passed on Jesus himself came to take her home. She had the faith of a disciple and the personality of an angel. She was truly one in a million. I know that she is in a better place now, but it is us, her family who are left with such a huge hole in our hearts. She was our life and we think of her every minute of the day. So please, no matter what religion you may be, remember us in your prayers. Polo (her husband), Alexis (myself, her daughter) and the rest of the family who misses her dearly. And if you have any words to share please e-mail me at

8/26/2001 07:48

I pray for all who go through the pain of losing a parent. I lost my Mom 2 months ago and I know of the pain that feels like it will never end. I pray that time will help to heal the hole that is left, and I pray that my Daddy doesn't follow her anytime soon like other people have experienced. My Mom never tried to be an angel, but with her kindness to everyone around her she ended up being just that. She was the only person in my life who always believed in me and accepted me for who I am, good and bad, and I miss her terribly. I find comfort only in knowing that she no longer suffers the pains of human life, and that she has found her place with God and his angels in heaven. I wait for the time that we can be together again, but I also pray that it is not soon because I dont want to inflict this kind of loss on my 2 daughters. I hope and pray that God will heal everyone's pain who suffers this kind of loss. God Bless Us All.

8/26/2001 16:15

I lost my Dad in October 2001. August 30th would have been his 81st birthday. I know he's in a better and safer place, but I still miss him. I love you, Dad. I had 5 years to "prepare" for his passing; I would like prayers said for all those who have lost a parent and don't have the comfort of beleiving and KNOWING that they are in a better place.

8/26/2001 18:41

I lost my best friend march 16,2001...I got home on the day before she passed at the hospital the nurse said Pat your daughter's here..Mom opened her eyes said Patty closed her eyes and that was the last words from her mouth...we were all there when she took her last breath...I found the letter the day before she might help others...Dear Family,
I am writing a special letter,just for you.I want to tell you not to cry,I've made it safely through.Please know that I am happy,sitting here by Jesus' knee, where all the hosts of heaven sing and worship God with me.It's so beautiful in heaven and so peaceful here I know, that even if I could come back,I would'nt want to go.The street is paved with purest gold, the trees forever green;the stream flowing from God's throne is crystal,clear,and clean.I have a mansion all my own! I'm filled with joy and praise! I listen to sweet music, and my voice in anthems raise.My vision's twenty-twenty, and my ears hear every sound.I see feet that once were crippled now walk firmly on the ground. The old are young and lively;there's no tears to fill my eyes...all the joys that God has promised, have come true beyond the skies. I have everything I need now,so dear family don't feel blue... I'm writing you this say "I still love you". I'll be waiting here in heaven for us to meet again some day,and I'll pray that you stay ready,to be quickly called away.But until the trumpet's sounding and the sky is opened wide,please don't cry for me my loved ones...I am safe by Jesus' side.

8/27/2001 11:08

I know the pain of parental loss. My father died in 1988 and I was unable to be there for him or my mother as I was using drugs at the time and very self centered. My mother had to bear the pain of his loss by herself. As my amends to my father I vowed to always take care of my mother. Now she has Parkinsons disease and is in a rest home. She and I decided years ago that no matter what I would keep her at home until she died. Neither of us knew that her care would become so difficult and as a result I had to put her in Nursing care two yrs ago. Losing my father to cancer was bad enough but the guilt of not being able to follow thru with what I promised her and my father(in his absence if horrible. By the way, I'm clean today and do the best I can on a daily basis to help others. I love my mother and see her weekly. I loved my dad and pray that he is in a better place with the God of his understanding. Pray to be able to do the right thing and for the strength to carry it out. That has helped me immensely..... good luck.

8/28/2001 10:57

I am a single woman in her 30's her lost my father last year a few days before Thanksgiving. I miss him so. He had an internal bleed and became brain dead. His wishes were to not remain on life support, so being his "power of attorney for health care" I removed him from life support. This was the most difficult thing I had to do. I watched him suffer for 4 days before he passed on. I am glad now that he is in the Lords hands. I love you dad.

10/12/2001 16:58

Dear Lord please heal this heart & remember all the good & the love. Amen

7/2/2002 10:16

god in the name of jesus i ask that u put good people in thes peoples path way that will help thes people.plz also help to help my new friend kim who lost her husben 6 monts ago,plz help her to stay on the right path way,plz pertict her,& her kids,plz help her to realze who is thir to help &who is tring to bring her down plz help her no to lose hart! thank u god bless all

10/29/2002 22:14

Creator, you took my mother home on February 21, 2001. I was with her when she left. She kept the faith, she fought a good fight, she won the race. You ended her pain and suffering from cancer by bringing her home to You. I miss my mother. Thank you that I had one good parent. I miss her. I think of all the things I wanted to do with her and could not, and now never will. I thank You that I will see her again in heaven. In Jesus' name, Amen.

10/29/2002 22:16

I pray for my ex-in-laws in the loss of their father, Agha-jun, who honored You as he knew You in all his ways. I pray that You count his continual remembrance of You as he knew You as faith and grant him eternity with You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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