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Christina ellwood
I am praying for the strength to fight the temptations of the dating scene.

I am a single 21 yr old college student moving on my own for the first time. I will be living alone in a new city. The loneliness just overcomes me sometimes and I find myself partying and doing anything I can to not have to be alone.

I am praying to the lord to help me keep the strength within me to fight the temptations of the dating scene. Sometimes it is so lonely when you are single in a new city and I need the strength of the lord to help me along. I pray that
I will be able to find good people to fellowship with and a good church with a strong congregation.
I hate the person I become when I drink lord and I am asking for your wisdom and strength to provide me with the ability to say no. I know that it is better to be alone then to go to the bars and Lord I pray that you will provide mw with a strong heart. I Feel so alone sometimes that I feel I will do most anything to take away that pain and I pray dear lord that you will open up my heart to your word so that I will turn to it instead of the wild college life.

Cheriphin -7/28/2001
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9/22/2001 02:37

As a divorced woman with children re-entering the dating scene, the fears and the loneliness are no different. All we can do is ask the Lord for guidance and the light to shine on the path. It is too easy to become caught up into the easy atmosphere of parties and forget the ethics and morals that we have followed all of our lives. Even at 43 yrs of age, those same temptations exist. I will include you in my prayers to focused on the path of reality.

9/25/2001 01:22

I'm praying I hear Jesus's voice when I meet the right one-and listen to him every step of the way...Amen

10/14/2001 00:01

I am praying to the Lord for strength and to understand why my relationships have not worked out. I pray for that special someone to come into my life who grow with, share with, and loves me as I love them. After so many years of being a lone I wonder if ther is someone out there for me. You all will be in my prayers.

10/15/2001 20:20

As a single mother of one, who is 40th!
The urge to do the wrong things, can take a toll on you! My advice is be strong and trust in the Lord1 He will
guide you in the right direction! May God Bless you!

10/17/2001 14:50

I am praying for God's will to be done in my life. I pray for wisdom & knowledge in making decisions based on what I feel GOD is leading me to do, NOT just what I want for myself. I am 32 years old & although MY LIFE'S DESIRE has been to be married & have a family of my own, I realize that it may not be what God has planned for me or maybe it's just not time yet. I have spent a lot of time trying to MAKE things happen the way I thought they should happen and now I am trying to just let go & let God guide me. In my heart, I have always known that if I would just trust God COMPLETELY & follow HIS will for my life- He would bless me & I'd be happier than I could have ever imagined, but I foolishly chose to do it MY way & here I husband, no children, no home of my own-I haven't accomplished any of the things I thought I'd have accomplished by this time in my life. Please just pray for me to have the strength to resist the temptation of trying to control things myself. May God bless you!!

10/24/2001 17:58

Father God, please help Christina resist the temptations and evils of the world. Only You know our hearts. Father, you know that I have been in a situation similar to Christina's, and how hard it is to be single in this world. Help her to find a church home where she will meet other young Christians who have the same desire to worship You and live their lives for You. That they surround her with support and Christian love. Father, in our hearts we know that the bar scene isn't the place to find someone with who we can be evenly yoked. Help her to stay strong in her faith and that you will provide a Christian marriage mate who will appreciate her for her integrity and faithfulness to You when she is through with her education and the time to marry comes. Help her when she stumbles, Father, as we all do, and help her to find peace within herself, that she may never feel truly alone. Father God, you know our hearts and you know that we all want to love You as You love us. In Christ Jesus' name, Amen.

11/5/2001 06:12

i pray to god to give me strength and patience in my relationship with my boyfriend, he is in the army and i haven't seen him in two weeks, please lord give me strenght to have patience with him. people say i should get someone else on the side while i wait on him to call but that is not in my heart to do that. in my heart, i don't want to be with anyone else. so my god give me strenght to be patient with my boyfriend and wait on him. my name is sandra

11/5/2001 13:07


11/13/2001 22:30

Father God, please continue to lead, guide and direct me in Your ways. Strengthen me so that I may not give-in and fall for the wrong man. Please quicken my discernment skills so that I can recognize my future husband when You send Him. In Jesus' Name. Amen

11/16/2001 15:02

Dear Lord, I know you know my heart. Sometimes I think you are guiding me but I am not always sure. I have someone in my life that has taken a special place in my heart. I just need to know if he is the one and if his heart feels something special for me. I beleive my heart is telling me so, but at the same time I am so confussed. Please help the both of us with our personal blocks and difficulties. Please help us to develope an understanding for one another and provide each of us with the tools necessary for a healthy, loving and lasting relationship. I ask all of this in Jesus name I pray Amen.

11/20/2001 07:24

I am a 21 years old student.My problem might be similar to that of Christina.I'm single and inlove with a guy who happens to be preparing to get married.Well he asked marriage to me first but I was not ready then so he moved on.I found out later that Ilove only him and I think avout him all the time .I tried to get away just to forget him but in vain.I respect the fact that he met someone but I cant seem to stop loving him.I have asked Father to help me because I cant help myself and it kills me inside to love someone who is with somebody.I love the Lord very much but now I find myself drifting slightly away from Him because of this because I always go to Him with the same problem over and over again.Please sisters pray for me.

11/27/2001 19:31

angie8 really touched my heart. I have been praying for the Lord to send the husbands he has for my daughter, two of my friends and myself. It is hard to know what we want and what God has in mind for us. I will add you to my list. One of my friends is getting married on 2/2/02 to a man she didn't even know before we started praying for each other. Last Sunday the sermon was on Matthew 6 &7. Reread that and the anxiety will flee from your heart. God loves you.

12/7/2001 07:19

I am going through a lot of the same emotions as many of you all. I have been dating a wonderful man for four months now and I ask for God's guidance in our relationship. I ask God to guide me where he wants me and to give me the inner peace of knowing that it is in his hands. I look forward to marriage and having a family of my own. I pray that God will show me if this man is the one he has sent for me to spend my life with.

12/13/2001 01:27

I am single mom and I so want someone in our lives to make it a complete family. PLEASE pray with me and ask God to help me find the "right" man. I have been so very patient, and if God says no, then ask in Jesus name to help me to see why and accept it. I ask this all in Jesus name, I want to pray also for those of you who are in my same situation, I pray that God will send the right one to you also, let's all agree for this in Jesus name! Amen

12/14/2001 15:48

I am having trust in God to help me find somebody special whom i can trust have faith in and we can always encourage each other in times of difficulties i always know God is always on ma side He never lets me down whenever i ask, trust have faith, He will answer ma prayers oneday.i know at times being lonely gets more lonlier but with ma God am always happy, every single minute.

12/29/2001 14:05

I have never opened my heart to relationships outside my family.. maybe never fully to the lord. 21 months ago I found a wonderful christian man who opened my heart. I have fallen fully for Brent. These past few months I have been very stressed. I led a very full life and the stress affected our relationship badly and it ended earlier this month. My eyes have opened up and I have spent this month more in the word than ever before. I have decided to quit my job and take a year away from school to deal with my "stressful problems" and to develop a better relationship with the lord. However, I still cry every week 3-4 times because of losing Brent. Brent believes that lord wants it that way but I believe that the lord wants my eyes and ears open to him, I believe he wants me to do certain things.. I have began to do this and see great change in my attitude and capabilities to deal with things in my life but my heart hurts so much, I often find myself with thoughts of Brent. Can you please help me pray to the lord about Brent. Bless those who have passed through my life as reminders and help those heal that are meant to stay interwined with my life. I pray that the lord plans for us to be together soon. if you have any thoughts that may be helpful, it would be great.

1/3/2002 21:56

Father, You know what is in my heart & soul & how much I unconditionally the man I have given my heart to. Thank you for placing him in my life throughout the years & I pray that you continue to bless our lives by continuing to bless us with eachother.

I know in my heart that I believe he is my lifetime mate you have chosen for me & I believe that outside of his fear of being hurt that he feels the same. But Lord, sometimes I get scared & confused. Is what I believe and feel in my heart & soul your truth & your will for us? Lord,please continue to work with us within this relationship deepening what we already have. Help us to overcome our fears & help us to turn from temptations that would harm this relationship & bond that we have. When we loose site of the precious gift you have given please guide us back onto the right path that help us to build this relationship the way you want us to & in a way that will fulfill your will with eachother. I ask all of this in the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

1/6/2002 01:35

To Carrie Ann,
Your prayer touch my heart and I will dedicate the next two weeks to include this prayer in mine. Your words have brought tears but tears of understanding and compassion to me. Thank-you and may God Bless every part of your life and heal every part broken. I pray that the Lord's light consume you in every way.

1/7/2002 15:18

To Junebaby:
Thank you soo very much for your response, your kindness has touched my heart and I am blessed to have you praying for me and the man I am seeing!I have read your prayer requests and want you to know that I will be adding you and Brent to my prayers as well. Remember above all else as we struggle to not only have our relationships occur in a manner that is right in his eyes, but that God is there with us each step of the way even when we feel like our loved ones are no where to be found. Brent and the man I care for, as we all are, they are human and in human nature we sometimes pull away to protect ourselves, which may be what Brent is doing. Remember always that with God and through ALL things are possible, which includes success in our relationships. I lift Brent and you into Gods protective arms to guide and protect you both. May God bless you with eachother. My email address is on my profile, I would love to correspond with you :--) BTW: I am an avid believer in angels as you!

1/10/2002 13:11

Lord please open my heart to YOUR will and not mine, please make clear your plans for me and the one I love. Open his heart to me if this is the one YOU have chosen . If not please make it very clear for me to move on and give me strength to do so. Also please let me know what you want for my life as far as career. I beleive you will answer my prayers. In Jesus name. Amen.

1/13/2002 19:07

Lord I to like JuneBaby am suffering of a broken heart, but I know that your love and wisdome guide us through every step of the day no matter how painful those steps may be, Lord I ask you put your loving arms around Junebaby and anyone else who is suffering any kind of loss, and comfort them all in their time of need,...Amen

1/16/2002 02:34

Lord, I pray that You would bless me with someone who would love me sincerely & will be a good partner throughout my life. I know that you have better plans for me, that's why my previous relationship didn't work out. The pain is still here but with You, giving me strength & comfort, I know I'll survive. And when that time comes that I finally meet him, I know that You have answered my prayers. Thank you,Lord, for the blessing of family & friends who were there during the lowest point in my life. Pls. take good care of them and when troubles arise, give them comfort & strength, too. AMEN!

1/20/2002 20:18

I am a 21 year old college student. I am like many of you all, I am looking for my soul mate. I can really relate to Carri-ann. I have been dating a guy for almost 10 months. I love him very much. I do wonder often if he is "the one". He is a great guy but he is not saved. He believes in God, he is just not ready to give up the college life of partying. I really would appreciate any prayers for him to have the burdon to accept God as his personal savior. Please also pray that we will stay together if it is God's will. If it is not, that I will have the strength to know that something better is in store lease also pray for my faith. I am in college and do not always resist the temptation to party. I know this sounds like a lot but it all has been bothering me for a while. I will remember to pray for all of you. It really helps to know that other people feel the way I do. Jesus Loves You!!!

1/21/2002 08:48

KelAnB -
It is touching to know that you can relate to where I am at and I will include you in my prayers. I like you love the man I have given my heart to very very much and am seeking guidance for the path that God has chosen for us. I can relate to your situation with the man you are dating not being saved and my suggestion would be to pray that God brings him closer in relationship to him and that God wrap his arms around him tightly to protect and guide him. I pray for the same with the man I am with. I am also a college student, but I go in the evenings, so temptations to party are luckly not there for me, but Satan places other temptations within our relationships and tries to pull us down. I pray that God keep you safe and surround both you and the gentleman you are seeing, protecting you, steering you away from the temptations of partying, other people and surrounding you both with the things and people that will strengthen your relationship with God and with eachother. Thankfully, through the prayers of myself and others God has kept the man I love & I still in eachothers lifes, which I am very grateful for. I am still praying that God keeps us together and that he surround us with His guidance, love, and to surround us with the people and daily life experiences that will keep us together, growing together in our friendship, relationship, love and appreciation for eachother and prayerfully steering us clear of the temptations that would place us farther apart from eachother. I am prayerful that God will continue to bless our lives with eachother and I will pray the same for you. I pray all of this in the name of His son Jesus Christ - Amen.
P.S. My email is on my profile if you'd like to chat back and forth.

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